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Quantico – KUMONK (2×18)

Alex and company have finally figured out who the 8 most powerful players in the game are. But is that enough to take them down, seeing as their always 2 steps behind?

We kick things off with Alex keeping her promise to Owen, to help him get out of his head. Funny how the tides have turned and the teacher became the student. Alex is enjoying whipping his body and mind back into shape a little too much and he’s not used to seeing her call all the shots. I would definitely like to have her as my trainer at the gym, I’d have a summer body in no time.

But onto more pressing business – everyone is called back to The Farm after a cache has been accessed five times in five of the most divided cities in the US.The task at hand involves them figuring out which city to collaborators will use to stage the riot thus further proving that under President Haas’s rule, the country is more divided. Finally, a storyline we in the “real world” can relate to. It’s been fun to see Alex take on terrorism, but we have to be honest with ourselves, none of what happened in the first two seasons was believable. This however, riots and attacks being staged by our own government to make people believe there’s an issue where there was none previously, hits close to home.

When they get no where using rational thinking, Alex asks everyone to turn off their computers and stop researching. To beat the “collaborators,” they have to think like a terrorist. The answers aren’t going to be logical but they will be the ones that provide the best story and the one that leads back to Claire Haas. And that story is in Cleveland, where a husband shot an intruder who was raping and killing his wife with an illegal gun. It’s the narrative that sells, that’s something always worth remembering.

As Alex, Shelby and Raina gear up to make a pit stop in Cleveland, Clay continues to be skeptical and makes the decision to visit his mother to convince her to disband the team. That’s where he runs into a sombrero-wearing, drug-filled-pinata-smuggling, haven’t-seen-him-in-a-minute Caleb, who stopped by on his way from Tulum after receiving Shelby’s cry for help. The brothers aren’t pleased to see each and that is even more true when Claire suggests putting Clay in charge was a mistake since he’s so skeptical. Caleb offers to help out since the team is made up of all his Quantico friends and surprisingly, Claire doesn’t object. You’d think that after all the drama that happened with him, she’d be weary of her son dropping the ball but it’s a family business at the end of the day.


The ladies strut their stuff into Cleveland like the badasses they think they are only to come to a major roadblock – Miranda Shaw. Miranda is running things and orders them to be on their best behavior, since this is her attempt at making up for what she did at the G20 Summit. How the FBI still kept her on is beyond me.

Instead of listening to Miranda, they run their own investigation into every single juror, hoping to find the one that was being bribed to sway the vote into a “guilty” verdict. Much to Alex’s surprise, it isn’t the jurors being bribed by the AIC but the judge, who admits they threatened him. Before they can stop the plan in motion, the jurors voted guilty, much to the AIC’s delight.

While it took the ladies a bit to figure out what was really happening, Clay really took Alex’s one-step ahead of the terrorists pep talk to heart. He calls Felix (dude who betrayed him last week) and sets up a meeting with Rourke. It’s unclear if Clay is actually considering working for his camp but when he explains that he can’t support his mother because she wasn’t elected, it confirms his bid for Presidency. That’s when Clay puts his plan in motion, flying Haas out to Cleveland to be there in the middle of the verdict announcement and one-upping Rourke’s “shining” moment. He even used some of what Rourke said in their meeting in the speech Haas gave, proving that she’s worthy of leading the people and playing the dirty game just as much as the next guy.

Turns out, Rourke isn’t  all rainbows, sunshines and “more than two party America.” After being set up by Clay, he gives Felix an ultimatum – either he finds out what Clay and his “friends” are up to or he’ll get him deported. Now would be a good time to phone a friend Felix… get on the right side of history and all.

And while all of this is going on, Owen gets to prove that his instincts aren’t actually THAT off. Sebastian thought he could get away with breaking into the Farm and spying on them but he was quickly attacked by Owen. Boothe came in just in time for the questioning and just like him, we had a lot of questions, the first being where the hell is Harry.

You’ll be happy to know Sebastian seems to be a good guy and working solo to take down the AIC. To prove he’s trustworthy, he throws Owen and Boothe the names of a few additional conspirators, which essentially fills out their bracket. He let Harry go too, advising him to get as far away from all of this as possible. He could have ended up like Raina and Nimah.

Speaking of, it only took about a day and a half for the team to find out that the two had switched places. However, it was Miranda who immediately made the realization proving that while they may be inquisitive agents, they’ll never be as good as her.

As for Ryan, he made his appearance right as Owen kicked Sebastian’s ass. About time, you could hear me say but in his defense, he was playing a cat and mouse game with Sasha, the Russian girl you weren’t sure if he was really having feelings for or just into because he wanted to know what she was up to. In the end, she promises to be “on his side” and vows to come back after chasing down a “lead,” which ultimately gets her killed. I’d say the whole thing was pretty predictable – she figured out the whole AIC tree and called one of the dudes asking too many questions revealing her cover. It was only a matter of time.

And as sad Ryan is, there’s more at stake here. If these powerful people who basically run the world were onto her, what makes them think they haven’t figured out what’s happening at The Farm. Look how easy it was for Sasha. Plus, they probably have a tail on Ryan since he’s been around her place so much.

Despite that, the team takes comfort in knowing they won. And a small victory erases all their prior setbacks proving that the work they do is vital and important. With the right tools, they might be able to take these guys down.

For a bunch of FBI agents, it’s shocking how many of them go the “sex appeal” route to get what they want. Just as predicted, Shelby stopped by Clay’s place to tell him she’s proud of him. A poor excuse to see if she has any shot with him which would be alright except for the fact that he’s engaged and she slept with both his father and his younger brother. Much to her surprise, Caleb is at the house spending quality time with his bro and eagerly escorts her out of the house with a threatening message that basically translates to “if you don’t stop flirting with my brother, I’ll make your life a living hell.” Caleb for the win AGAIN this week. I’ve really, really missed him and his blatant sarcasm.

That sex appeal is also happening at the Golden Leaf with Alex and Owen, who yes, spend way too much time together. I guess he’s a good distraction for her so she doesn’t have to put forth energy into Ryan’s new fling (soon to be burned fling). She admits that he’s the only guy she ever trusted, which basically is an invitation to her bed right? You could cut the sexual tension with a knife here! Alex, get your head in the game – teachers have always been bad news on this show!

You think they’ll be able to take down the AIC or will the AIC get the best of them?


Quantico – KUMONK (2×18) Reviewed by on . Alex and company have finally figured out who the 8 most powerful players in the game are. But is that enough to take them down, seeing as their always 2 steps Alex and company have finally figured out who the 8 most powerful players in the game are. But is that enough to take them down, seeing as their always 2 steps Rating: 0
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