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Quantico – ODYOKE (2×17)

In moment’s of pressure, you see who you really are. At least that’s what Clay and Owen said on this week’s Quantico. Do you doubt yourself? Do you act? Do you rise above? The theme really resonated with the characters who found themselves under a lot of pressure after being called back into work at the start of vacation because of an emergency.

So that’s where we pick up – with everyone gearing up to finally take some time off. Clay is playing squash with Felix, a friend from boarding school and asking about a Muslim registry his party is trying to pass. Remember this, it will come in handy soon.

Shelby is looking forward to a massage and Ryan is excited to going skiing with his new asset Sasha, which Alex gets pretty jealous about. “He doesn’t ski,” she keeps repeating but she of all people should know that you don’t ever really know everything about a person. She decides to stay behind to check in with Owen and meet up with Nimah at the Golden Leaf, who she quickly realizes is actually Raina.

Raina is in trouble, which I feel is a very common statement in every single season. As breaking news appears on the bar TV screen, Alex immediately realizes her friend is about to be framed for a terrorist attack and she calls everyone back into work. Ugh, thanks a lot Alex.

Back at the Farm, Clay quickly puts the pieces together, beating himself up for not realizing it sooner. Rourke, Felix’s boss, wants the Muslim Registry bill passed so he had his people, stage a terrorist attack to ensue fear and guarantee the outcome.

Since Raina only trusts Alex at this point, she and Owen are assigned with figuring out who framed her. She admits that she was investigating the AIC after the G20 summit along with Leon Valez, so she assumes they’re being targeted. That’s when Alex realizes Leon was telling her the truth – someone was AFTER him. It’s a little too late of course because she soon gets the call from his landlord that he was found dead after committing suicide, which she immediately knows means he was murdered by the same people who are framing Raina.

The dynamic duo (because let’s face it, they are ALWAYS working together) take on this Vincent dude but he doesn’t really care to talk. Since he botched the mission and let Raina escape, the people he works for are coming to silence him. Like clockwork, a ton of bullets come flying at them and it seems like Alex and Owen are outnumbered.

As they try to come up with an escape plan, the teacher becomes the student. Owen, who was excited to get back in the field after being sidelined for years, realized that he’s not the man he used to be when he freezes. Thankfully Alex is there to bring him back and they find their way out, losing Vincent and any intel he had in the process. RIP man.

Back at the Golden Leaf, Owen asks Alex to help him find the man he was. I’m really not sure how he expects her to do that but I was getting some serious vibes. In fact, I’ve been getting vibes from these two this whole episode and it’s kind of making me uncomfortable. Alex and Owen…. he’s her teacher!

Meanwhile, the rest of the team heads to the Capitol in an attempt to sway the swing votes and stop the bill from passing. Ryan even enlists Sasha’s help, which reveals that she’s on the FBI watch list because she’s believed to be a Russian Spy. Yep, I knew she was bad news.

Ryan calls her out on it but she explains that she occasionally gives the FSB information to protect her parents. When she said “you don’t understand because you’ve never lived in fear,” I was about 100% certain she was feeding him some sob story and he was falling for it because he was smitten and wanted to believe her. However I underestimated him because after getting her guard down, he lures her into bed and then swipes a bunch of documents from her computer. Moral of the story – don’t ever lose faith in Ryan.

Though I am disappointed with the ‘tude he gave Alex. I know, she told him that they couldn’t be together but it’s still a low blow to see him move on so quickly and defend the girl that literally everyone is warning him about not only because they care about him but because they’re scared she’ll compromise them and everything they’ve been working for.

Clay seeks help from Felix, sure he’s going to give them the names of the swing voters. However, each representative they talk to is 100% set on voting for the bill. Clay realizes Felix set him up and as he’s kicked out of the Capitol, it’s up to Nimah and Shelby to save the day.

When it becomes apparent that they failed in their mission, Shelby realizes that there was a bigger plan in motion all along and the target has always been one person – President Claire Haas. These people knew that if the registry passed, she would automatically veto the bill, which would allow them to stage another terrorist attack and blame another innocent Muslim. The blood of Americans would be on her hands and she would be forced to resign and Rourke would take her place. With Rourke at the “top,” they would have secured all the power.

Back at the bunker, Clay tries to talk his mother into signing the bill but she doesn’t listen and vetoes it anyways. He’s upset with himself for almost caving and Shelby feels bad for him. There’s definitely some kind of flirting happening, which is weird because she dated every other man in the family, including Caleb who she calls because “his family needs him.”

I guess the only upside of his day is that he finally gets an apology from Felix who admits that even though he disagrees with what his boss is doing, there’s no way to stop him. He does however tell him that he’ll contact him with anything that can help him win the war but Felix’s word means nothing at this point so no thanks bruh.

Finally, Nimah tells Raina that she must stay in the bunker since her face is plastered all over the media as the person behind the attack. They know she’s innocent but the general public does not. When Raina blames all of her problems on her sister, she offers to once again swap places with her like they did in season one and turn herself into the police.

As they swap lives, she makes Raina promise that she’ll get her out. The interesting part – they once again aren’t telling anyone about the swap. Will their closest friends, specifically Alex and Shelby, be able to figure it out?

I have to say, this week’s episode finally made the bigger picture very clear. We know what the AIC’s goals are and we now know what it’s going to take to stop them. The question is – will Clay’s team figure it out? Will their be any casualties? Are you excited for the return of Caleb?

And lastly, what’s up with Sebastian Chen in the end? Last we saw he captured our dear friend Harry. Now he’s spying on Alex and Owen? Is he working with the AIC?


Quantico – ODYOKE (2×17) Reviewed by on . In moment's of pressure, you see who you really are. At least that's what Clay and Owen said on this week's Quantico. Do you doubt yourself? Do you act? Do you In moment's of pressure, you see who you really are. At least that's what Clay and Owen said on this week's Quantico. Do you doubt yourself? Do you act? Do you Rating: 0
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