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Quantico – RESISTANCE (2×22)



Things have finally come full circle with Ryan and Alex on Quantico after her dangerous plot to become a terrorist and take down the President of the United States. Was she successful? Let’s get to recapping!

This season, Quantico ditched the dual timelines, pleasing the majority of their audience, but there were still moments of utter “WTF-ness.” All of that was explained into the darkness as storylines were wrapped up in an episode that could have served better as a series finale than a season finale.

RESISTANCE started with our operatives pretending to be Team Roarke, while secret meeting up at the bar to find a way to convince the remaining 4 sway delegates in the convention to vote no. In case you forgot, or weren’t keeping up, Roarke was trying to turn the US into a military state, stripping people’s rights silently and for some reason the whole country was don for a constitutional convention, which would merge the FBI and CIA into one organization. His new world was being referred to as DISA.

The operatives really thought they were being sneaky, with Mirana even losing her tail during their weekly secretive meetups. But they forgot a crucial piece of information that surprisingly, Caleb warned them about – they can’t just want to beat these guys who have been planning this for years, they have to surprise them.

After Clay meets with Felix, who is getting ready to leave to Spain, he realizes that they were always listening to them. He heads to warn the team and arrives just as Fletcher barges in to tell them their plan has been foiled – they’d been watching through the newly installed TV screens the whole time. Just like that, everything they’d been working on for months went up in flames.

Clay decides to finally use the element of surprise, motivating everyone to use the final hours to really their advantage. He believes that if Peter Theo was spying on them, he’s probably also spying on Roarke and has “enough dirt to bury the President ten times over.” Cue in reinforcements Will Olsen and long-time-no-see Iris. Remember her?

Will and Iris go undercover as a couple that proposition Theo at a gay club. Back at his home, they hack into his computer system to steal files on Roarke, which Alex craftily hands over to the Russians. The plan is that the Russian’s will do their dirty work, forcing Roarke to change the language in a proposed amendment.

As Roarke kicks off the Constitutional Convention, Alex says one final goodbye to her freedom, which involves an “I love you” exchange between her and Ryan. As he notifies the delegates of a language change in an amendment, Alex’s face appears on a projector in the room and she outs the President for conspiring with the Russians. How is he the President of the people if he’s being told what to do by another country?

That’s not all though – Alex takes it a step further and says she’ll reveal all the surveillance she’s gathered on him to 100 law firms and civil liberty organizations. As Roarke’s security tries to track Alex down, she comes barging into the room, making sure her statement is heard loud and clear. Then, a gunshot rings out and Alex collapses to the ground, bleeding, as Ryan runs to her side.

At first, I really couldn’t believe that they were all stupid enough to let Alex walk into something like this without a bullet proof vest on. Then I realized, this was all part of the plan. Miranda shot Alex to make her statement all the more authentic and they purposefully left out a heartbroken Ryan to make it believable.

Alex has done a lot of questionable things for the country but being shot means she has to actually disappear off the radar this time. Owen hands her several passports to ensure that she won’t get caught up, says his goodbye and she boards her getaway plane. As she’s drowning her sorrows in glasses of champagne, Ryan sits down in the seat next to her and introduces himself, the same way he did when we first met them when their adventures started. Oh how far we’ve come. It’s a fitting full circle for the couple, who’ve been through hell and back but also for Alex, who was always destined to sacrifice for her country.

Clay catches up with Roarke after the incident and he’s feeling defeated. Clay believes Roarke understands his motives and no one is too surprised to hear a gunshot as he exits his office. He was beat and there was no way out of it – not with the American people and not with the Russians. Sometimes, the good guys win after all.

Shelby confronts Clay soon after and he’s optimistic about finally getting that date. Despite her feelings for him, she reveals that she bumped into Maxine before everything went down and found out that he’d actually broken up with her to “protect her name.” As much as she wants to pursue this relationship, she knows Clay is only doing it because he believes that Maxine is too good for him and Shelby’s already been corrupted enough. It’s not fair to anyone involved so she tells him to stop underestimating his ex and get her back. For that, I applaud her – she came full circle from the girl that slept her way into a family to the girl who knew she deserved better.

We then fast forward two months and everyone is back in the bunker. Clay and Maxine are back together and actually eloped, which Shelby, now an instructor at Quantico, pretends to be happy about. Owen did get his life back like he told Alex, serving as deputy director of the CIA. Even Nimah and Raina are kicking back with everyone, finally cleared of the terrorism charges. As they all catch-up and toast, they’re all missing one person that always kept them together – Alex.

Where in the world is Alex Parrish? That’s a game the news seems to be playing. With recent Alex sightings, people are wondering if she actually survived. Will this be the lead into the shortened third season? If people find out Alex faked her death, will it unravel everything they worked so tirelessly for?

Personally, I think this should have been a series finale. All the loose ends were tied up, everyone’s storyline was wrapped and Alex even got her fairytale ending. What more can we ask of her? How many more times can she save the world?

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Quantico – GLOBALREACH (2×20)



Quantico GlobalReach

As Alex Parrish put it on tonight’s Quantico, “time to be bad.”

We pick up pretty much where we left off with the country fully aware that Haas was running an undercover and illegal CIA operation on U.S soil and the collaborators are calling for impeachment, which will allow them to put Henry Roarke right where they want him.

Shelby and Ryan, who were called out in the media for working with Haas, don’t even manage to stay hidden for 24 hours before Clay calls them back to the bunker to let them in on one last mission – destroy Rourke’s credibility.

The man keeps spinning golden webs of lies and everyone believes him. Maybe it’s time the task force started playing dirty to try to beat him and the collaborators are his own game. After several attempts, their unable to find anything incriminating on him. The man is practically a saint right down to paying his taxes legally.

Raina offers up another solution – Felix. Clay is wearing of using his old friend, simply because he’s burned him too many times. And even though he “hates” Muslims, Raina trusts him. Call it gut instinct or naivety. When Felix finally reaches out for a meeting, Clay decides to give him one last chance and is surprised when Roarke meets him instead. The whole thing turned out to be a set up so that the media would believe Clay was actually working against his mother. As he left, furious for falling for yet another trick, he refused to listen to a thing Felix needed to say. I don’t blame the guy – even if your intentions are in the right place, who you work for says a lot about your integrity and beliefs.

As a last resort, Clay and Shelby decided to stoop down to the collaborators level. Their masterplan involves manipulating Raina to betray Felix, who promised to help her get intel on her sister’s whereabouts. If you don’t remember, they switched places because Nimah was being framed for a terrorist attack.

Through Raina, they believe they can funnel intel that only Felix would have to the Russians using Ryan’s late connection, then have him arrested for selling American secrets on Rourke’s behalf. This would force him to disappear and secure Haas presidency. Simple enough right? Even if it involves a few rounds of backstabbing.

The plan, unfortunately, goes South when Raina tips Felix off. She’s all for doing the right thing but not when it means destroying an innocent man to put the bad one away. Not even for the greater good. And I’ll admit, she is pretty naive when it comes to all of this. Like Shelby said, you can’t beat the bad guys with hugs, although it would make things less messy.

Speaking of messy, Alex has gone undercover and become part of the “winning team.” I always thought being undercover meant you infiltrated that life but still, she’s teetering on the line between both the collaborators and the task force.

In order to prove her loyalty, Alex is tasked with forcing Keyes to resign from his position, either willingly or unwillingly. She plays it off and makes it believable but you can tell it stings, especially when he tells her he regrets ever working with her.

Sometimes though, you have to do what’s necessary and that includes being the Trojan Horse. After her confrontation with Keyes, Alex assists Alice at the FBI headquarters where the collaborators use her to smuggle in a water bottle consisting of a deadly agent, that once airborne, can kill. In this case, their goal is to make it seem like Haas killer her enemy, Lowery.

When Alex figures out their plan, she attempts to stop the attack. Ryan, who traced her cell to the headquarters, offers up a helping hand but she decides against it when Owen tell her that if she doesn’t let it play out, the collaborators will know she’s using them and their cover will be blown. Then, they’ll have absolutely no in with the collaborators to stop them from what they’re eventually going to do; their grand finale. She can however try to lessen the blow by making sure people get sick instead of die.

It’s understandable that Ryan is upset with Alex but I swear, he’s the most overbearing human there is. Sure, Alex always gets in a bit of trouble but it’s always because she means well. She’s trying to save the world and he’s over here telling her that she should be embarrased by who she’s become. At this point, Ryan is on Raina’s morality train, although he shouldn’t be pointing fingers considering all he’s done this week. Thankfully, we’ve got Shelby and Alex who are willing to go to extremes to get things done.

Speaking of done, after unsuccessfuly beating Felix, Clay comes to the realization that he was in over his head to think that he could lead this task force. He apologizes to Owen, explaining that if he has any chess moves left, to play them. Then he says his goodbyes to Shelby and struts to the White House, where his mother gives her resignation, handing the metaphorical baton over to Rourke. It’s a hard scene to watch, considering you know that the right side of history is being pushed out for being moral and fighting the good fight.

As for Alex, she’s just getting started. After her little confrontation with Ryan, she gets the call from the collaborators that she’s part of the team. Will she be able to stop whatever they have planned for the “new America.”

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Quantico – MHORDER (2×19)



Quantico MHORDER


The task force has tried and failed to keep up with the collaborators, who are always a few steps ahead of them. On this week’s Quantico, Alex Parrish and team finally thought they had the upper hand, but were in for a rude awakening. One that shook up the structure of the series, upping the stakes for the remaining few episodes of the season. Put your bullet proof vest on, we’re going in.

When Clay gets wind that his former friend Felix tried to break into his personal email, everyone realized they had to stop trying to target the collaborator’s individually but rather, take them down as a whole by turning one of them against the group. Sounds easy? That’s what they all thought too.

First, they needed the perfect and inconspicuous setup. For the second time, that seemed to be infiltrating Clay’s personal life and throwing an engagement party for him and Maxine, to lure out all the suspects and pin them against each other. At first, Maxine was skeptical but she immediately found join in playing, as Clay called her, Mrs. Smith. And that’s where the “easy” stopped and the “too obvious” began.

Each agent was assigned one of the collaborators to persuade but despite each person having a ‘weak’ point or a selling point, everyone struggled – Shelby flopped with Peter Theo and Raina couldn’t budge Felix. They were all two steps ahead of them, even Rourke, who President Haas thought she was keeping occupied while they turned comrade’s against him and got intel to ruin him. In all honesty, it’s sad that the most powerful people in the world could outsmart the most powerful agents in the world, isn’t it?

It seemed like the only one making any headway was Ryan, who was working Alice Winter. In an attempt to sway her, he tried to pretend to turn against his team and it seemingly worked. Alice admitted to killing both Leon and Sasha on camera, which prompted him to serve her with an immunity deal. Going smoothly right? Wrong.

Apparently, the FBI/CIA never taught these agents, specifically Booth, an expertly trained one, that when you have someone in the corner, you don’t give them ‘more time’ in exchange for more names. Maybe he was desperate since he was personally involved with Sasha or maybe he just thought that he could be greedy and didn’t think it through.

Either way, when Alex heard about Ryan’s plan to meet up with Alice, who promised to bring two other collaborators with her, she knew it was a setup. Especially after her target, Fletcher, basically told her that he knew what she was up to and was here on the same mission, even offering her a position on the “winning team.”

However, Ryan didn’t want any negativity since he was convinced his tactic worked. Shelby agreed, because like I said, all their training just went OUT the door. Poof. As expected, when Ryan arrived at the specified meeting place with Alice, he’s approached by a reporter from the Washington Post and finds himself compromised. There’s even a video… you know it’s bad when they get a video. Seriously Booth, I know it gets hard to see Alex always right but dude, she’s ALWAYS RIGHT.

After the failed party, Clay asked Maxine to elope with him but she surprisingly turned him down. Even on her secret-agent rush, she knew that his job was coming between them, and quite possibly a new team member, and he was just asking out of fear. Another piece of advice – don’t get married cause you’re scared to lose the other person.

Clay then confronts Shelby, admitting that he’s falling for her. Of course, he doesn’t want that to happen because he loves Maxine so he asks her to help him get over her by making him hate her again. “I see what they saw in you,” he tells her, which probably isn’t easy to hear.  I don’t know what siren-magic Shelby has over these Haas men but damn girl, give me some. Shelby figures that the only way to help is to quit the team but Clay says no, obviously still wanting the cake and eating it too.

Shelby enlists Caleb’s help and the next day, when he’s over, the two fake hooking up so he can see. It works because Clay is definitely bothered by it and Shelby seals the deal by telling him that she thought she had feelings for him but she was just projecting what she felt for Caleb. I swear, it’s definitely not okay that every one of them, including the father, fell for her and willingly entered the relationship, yet everyone blames her. At this point, she’s the victim in the madness and it isn’t her fault that everyone is just drawn to her. Homegirl is just trying to get her career on! When all is said and done, Caleb says his goodbyes and leaves for school or Mexico or to do more heroine. Who knows. What’s obvious is that he’ll be dearly missed for the comedic relief he offers up.

During the night, someone breaks into the bunker, hacks all of their computers and deletes their information. The next day, everyone is convinced that it was Alice after Ryan gave her some pretty detailed blueprints about where their lair is.

As they turn on the TV, they realize that everything they worked for has been for naught – President Haas is being impeached for running an undercover and illegal CIA operation on U.S Soil. Both Boothe and Shelby are outed in the media and Clay basically throws his hands up in the air. Rourke and the collaborators won and they got everything they wanted.

While this came as a major shock to the rest of the group, Alex and Owen seemed to have figured out that their force was about to crumble and jumped ship, launching a, hopefully, indestructible plan of their own. It’s always Alex that saves the day, even if it means sabotaging your own people for the greater good.

After a pretty intimate goodbye session where both agents admit to nerves and trusting each other (seriously, who else was surprised there wasn’t a steamy kiss between them), Alex walks out and meets up with Fletcher, telling him she’s taking him up on that offer to join his team to be on “the right side of thing.” Then she hands him all the evidence and intel the task force collected.

Seems like the new plan is to infiltrate and take down from within. But can Alex and Owen really outsmart these guys after they publically exposed the President and the rest of their team? How will everyone else react when they find out?

Memorable Quotes

Clay: “Oh what, you’re sleeping with her too?” – Clay to Shelby about his mother, President Haas.

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Quantico – KUMONK (2×18)



Quantico KUMONK

Alex and company have finally figured out who the 8 most powerful players in the game are. But is that enough to take them down, seeing as their always 2 steps behind?

We kick things off with Alex keeping her promise to Owen, to help him get out of his head. Funny how the tides have turned and the teacher became the student. Alex is enjoying whipping his body and mind back into shape a little too much and he’s not used to seeing her call all the shots. I would definitely like to have her as my trainer at the gym, I’d have a summer body in no time.

But onto more pressing business – everyone is called back to The Farm after a cache has been accessed five times in five of the most divided cities in the US.The task at hand involves them figuring out which city to collaborators will use to stage the riot thus further proving that under President Haas’s rule, the country is more divided. Finally, a storyline we in the “real world” can relate to. It’s been fun to see Alex take on terrorism, but we have to be honest with ourselves, none of what happened in the first two seasons was believable. This however, riots and attacks being staged by our own government to make people believe there’s an issue where there was none previously, hits close to home.

When they get no where using rational thinking, Alex asks everyone to turn off their computers and stop researching. To beat the “collaborators,” they have to think like a terrorist. The answers aren’t going to be logical but they will be the ones that provide the best story and the one that leads back to Claire Haas. And that story is in Cleveland, where a husband shot an intruder who was raping and killing his wife with an illegal gun. It’s the narrative that sells, that’s something always worth remembering.

As Alex, Shelby and Raina gear up to make a pit stop in Cleveland, Clay continues to be skeptical and makes the decision to visit his mother to convince her to disband the team. That’s where he runs into a sombrero-wearing, drug-filled-pinata-smuggling, haven’t-seen-him-in-a-minute Caleb, who stopped by on his way from Tulum after receiving Shelby’s cry for help. The brothers aren’t pleased to see each and that is even more true when Claire suggests putting Clay in charge was a mistake since he’s so skeptical. Caleb offers to help out since the team is made up of all his Quantico friends and surprisingly, Claire doesn’t object. You’d think that after all the drama that happened with him, she’d be weary of her son dropping the ball but it’s a family business at the end of the day.


The ladies strut their stuff into Cleveland like the badasses they think they are only to come to a major roadblock – Miranda Shaw. Miranda is running things and orders them to be on their best behavior, since this is her attempt at making up for what she did at the G20 Summit. How the FBI still kept her on is beyond me.

Instead of listening to Miranda, they run their own investigation into every single juror, hoping to find the one that was being bribed to sway the vote into a “guilty” verdict. Much to Alex’s surprise, it isn’t the jurors being bribed by the AIC but the judge, who admits they threatened him. Before they can stop the plan in motion, the jurors voted guilty, much to the AIC’s delight.

While it took the ladies a bit to figure out what was really happening, Clay really took Alex’s one-step ahead of the terrorists pep talk to heart. He calls Felix (dude who betrayed him last week) and sets up a meeting with Rourke. It’s unclear if Clay is actually considering working for his camp but when he explains that he can’t support his mother because she wasn’t elected, it confirms his bid for Presidency. That’s when Clay puts his plan in motion, flying Haas out to Cleveland to be there in the middle of the verdict announcement and one-upping Rourke’s “shining” moment. He even used some of what Rourke said in their meeting in the speech Haas gave, proving that she’s worthy of leading the people and playing the dirty game just as much as the next guy.

Turns out, Rourke isn’t  all rainbows, sunshines and “more than two party America.” After being set up by Clay, he gives Felix an ultimatum – either he finds out what Clay and his “friends” are up to or he’ll get him deported. Now would be a good time to phone a friend Felix… get on the right side of history and all.

And while all of this is going on, Owen gets to prove that his instincts aren’t actually THAT off. Sebastian thought he could get away with breaking into the Farm and spying on them but he was quickly attacked by Owen. Boothe came in just in time for the questioning and just like him, we had a lot of questions, the first being where the hell is Harry.

You’ll be happy to know Sebastian seems to be a good guy and working solo to take down the AIC. To prove he’s trustworthy, he throws Owen and Boothe the names of a few additional conspirators, which essentially fills out their bracket. He let Harry go too, advising him to get as far away from all of this as possible. He could have ended up like Raina and Nimah.

Speaking of, it only took about a day and a half for the team to find out that the two had switched places. However, it was Miranda who immediately made the realization proving that while they may be inquisitive agents, they’ll never be as good as her.

As for Ryan, he made his appearance right as Owen kicked Sebastian’s ass. About time, you could hear me say but in his defense, he was playing a cat and mouse game with Sasha, the Russian girl you weren’t sure if he was really having feelings for or just into because he wanted to know what she was up to. In the end, she promises to be “on his side” and vows to come back after chasing down a “lead,” which ultimately gets her killed. I’d say the whole thing was pretty predictable – she figured out the whole AIC tree and called one of the dudes asking too many questions revealing her cover. It was only a matter of time.

And as sad Ryan is, there’s more at stake here. If these powerful people who basically run the world were onto her, what makes them think they haven’t figured out what’s happening at The Farm. Look how easy it was for Sasha. Plus, they probably have a tail on Ryan since he’s been around her place so much.

Despite that, the team takes comfort in knowing they won. And a small victory erases all their prior setbacks proving that the work they do is vital and important. With the right tools, they might be able to take these guys down.

For a bunch of FBI agents, it’s shocking how many of them go the “sex appeal” route to get what they want. Just as predicted, Shelby stopped by Clay’s place to tell him she’s proud of him. A poor excuse to see if she has any shot with him which would be alright except for the fact that he’s engaged and she slept with both his father and his younger brother. Much to her surprise, Caleb is at the house spending quality time with his bro and eagerly escorts her out of the house with a threatening message that basically translates to “if you don’t stop flirting with my brother, I’ll make your life a living hell.” Caleb for the win AGAIN this week. I’ve really, really missed him and his blatant sarcasm.

That sex appeal is also happening at the Golden Leaf with Alex and Owen, who yes, spend way too much time together. I guess he’s a good distraction for her so she doesn’t have to put forth energy into Ryan’s new fling (soon to be burned fling). She admits that he’s the only guy she ever trusted, which basically is an invitation to her bed right? You could cut the sexual tension with a knife here! Alex, get your head in the game – teachers have always been bad news on this show!

You think they’ll be able to take down the AIC or will the AIC get the best of them?


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