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New Girl

Raven’s Home – Baxter’s Back (1×01)



Baxter’s back, back again. And she’s got a house full of mini-me’s with her.

In a world of reboots, reviving a show after 14, almost 15 years is tricky and could go one of two ways. It could be a smashing success like Gilmore Girls, a few season flop like Girl Meets World (although I was sentimental and appreciated the lessons Corey Matthews taught our new generation), or it could be a super cheesy hit like Fuller House.

The verdict on Raven’s Home, the follow up to 2000s sitcom, That’s So Raven, is that it’s a worthy sequel.

Raven Baxter, who went from psychic teenager to psychic mother, has not changed one bit. I mean literally, the first episode almost seems as though you’re a pre-teen again. Except now, Raven’s a divorced mom to two kids,  Nia and Booker, who don’t know that she’s actually a psychic. And she’s not planning on letting them in on her mom power either since neither of them have displayed psychic abilities themselves… That is until the first episode. The show must have a purpose again.

And in order to be successful with the nostalgic adults and not just with a new generation of Disney kids, there have to be elements of the original. In this case, it’s Chelsea,  now a mother to super intelligent (it’s hard to believe I know) son Levi, who is also divorced and living with her BFF Raven. We have yet to meet Chelsea’s ex-husband but we do know Raven’s ex is Devon Carter, her high school crush. Disney Channel has always been known for it’s happy endings so it’s refreshing that they are actually acknowledging that sometimes, things don’t work out, especially between high school sweethearts. There’s also a beauty in Raven and Chelsea owning the fact that while their marriages fell apart, they are still strong, independent women.

But alas, just like in the original, Raven is up to her usual shenanigans. It seems like she hasn’t learned a damn thing since her younger years when it comes to misconstruing visions. Almost immediately, she gets a vision that Nia is going to realize that her favorite child is Booker. She goes through lengths to make sure that she shows her daughter a significant amount of love but Nia doesn’t really care. She’s more concerned with Booker’s claims that he’s getting psychic visions since he’s known to fabricate stories and exaggerate.

Surprisingly, everyone else – Levi and Tess, who is a little over exaggerated in my opinion – completely believe him. They brainstorm ways that he can convince Nia but it’s ultimately useless until Booker gets a vision of her getting hit by a punching bag in gym class and then it happens. Booker contemplates telling Raven but Nia assures him that “mom would never understand visions.” Oh, you’d be surprised.

And of course Raven went to gym class to prevent her vision from happening, only to contribute to it happening and instead of her kids getting suspended, she did.

The younger generation does a phenomenal job at matching the energy and up-to-no-good spirit of the season cast, who haven’t skipped a beat. The only thing I would change is toning Tess down a bit. That’s not to say her acting is bad, I actually enjoy her tomboy character but all the black slang will get old quickly.

It’s nice to see Disney Channel get some color again! Now don’t screw it up Raven… oh who am I kidding?!


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Dynasty – I Answer To No Man (1×11)



Dynasty I answer to no man

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Dynasty – A Well-Dressed Tarantula (1×10)



Dynasty A Well-Dress tarantula

Cheers to that epic takedown!

The midseason premiere of Dynasty kicked things off after Cristal and Iris’ explosive holiday fight.

With the revelation that Cristal killed Iris’ husband and Sammy Jo’s father, Alejandro, when he got violent with his sister back in Venezuela, no one had much interest in speaking to her.

Sammy Jo was pissed that she made him believe his father abandoned him, Fallon was planning her birthday extravaganza and enjoyed seeing Cristal suffer, while Blake slept in a separate bedroom because he felt lied to.

However, when a new business opportunity with Venezuelan company, Blake enlists Cristal’s expertise. She is the COO after all.

If you remember from the finale, the Venezuelan businessman was none other than Alejandra, who was somehow STILL ALIVE! After entering the meeting, Cristal is just as floored to see him. “How?” she wonders, but he explains that her biggest mistake was not sticking around to make sure he actually died. *Note to self*

Since Cristal’s betrayal, he has spent his time plotting to get revenge. When he finally saw her on the news, he realized that getting to Blake was his best shot.

Even more surprising — her sister Iris was working with him this whole time. When she came for the holidays, she’d snooped around in Blake’s office, finding the name for one of their employees who knew so much, he would guarantee that Blake ended up in jail for all his shady dealings if Cristal didn’t promise to land him the deal with Carrington Atlantic.

So once again, Cristal is put into a corner. If she tells Blake, the deal falls through and she dies. If she doesn’t, the company suffers and Blake eventually learns she lied again. There’s no win-win.

I was convinced that Cristal would try to pull this one off on her own and up until the end, it seemed like it. But seeing the whole family come together for this epic takedown was better than I could have ever imagined.

Even Sammy Jo and Fallon were in on it. Sammy Jo was the most surprising considering how hurt he was by Cristal’s lies and by how badly he always wanted to have a family.

Yet upon seeing his father, he realized that the Carrington’s were more of a family to him than his father and mother have ever been. Especially when he remembered how violent his father had been.

Sammy Jo played a crucial part in the takedown because he pretended to cozy up to his father simply to snatch his father’s phone and release the employee they had as leverage.

Fallon swooped in to distract Iris, while Blake and Cristal staged a fake-fight, with Blake revealing that he did some digging of his own and learned that the company was run by a mafia.

To make it more believable he called Cristal a gold-digging whore, pushed her and almost fought Alejandro, who warned that they would “regret this.”

Carrington’s = 1  Machado’s = 0

Oh, and Cristal stuck it to her sis, who literally betrayed her to take back her abusive ex, by telling her from this moment on they were no longer sisters.

However, their success will be short-lived when they realize in retaliation, Iris and Alejandro kidnapped Fallon.

Not only will Blake do anything to save his daughter, but she’s major leverage as she’s now worth a hefty penny thanks to her birthday inheritance.

Honestly, poor Fallon. She may have all the money in the world and a keen interest in private equity, but she’s never been genuinely loved by anyone in her life. Except for Culhane, but she pushed him away because she’s unable to commit to any type of feelings.

Her birthday ended with her getting kidnapped and she doesn’t know it yet but her relationship with Colby is based on a lie.

He’s using her in hopes of getting revenge on Blake, who is responsible for putting his father behind bars.

Buying her a car, telling her he wants to be exclusive, convincing her to invest her inheritance in their company is all part of his ploy to marry her and extort her millions. It’s actually the saddest part of the whole series.

Hopefully, Culhane was eavesdropping somewhere nearby when Colby made that enlightening phone call because I cannot see her get hurt in this way.

As for her relationship with Culhane, I wish they’d just allow them to be together already. Seeing him sleep with all of her friends is actually degrading considering he’s doing it to simply get back at her.

Maybe he’ll be the one to save her from the Machado/Silva’s.

Thoughts on the Dynasty premiere? 2018 seems to be the year the series picks up the pace and cranks up the draaaaama!

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Dynasty – The Best Things in Life (1×08)



Dynasty The Best Things In Life

The past catches up with Cristal on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 8.

Even though her Thanksgiving wish was to have a fresh start with Blake, Cristal just can’t seem to shake her past.

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