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The Resident The Elopement The Resident The Elopement

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The Resident – The Elopement (1×07)



If you ever get a doctor like Lane Hunter, I encourage you to elope!

The Resident continues down its path of making money-hungry oncologist’s the enemy and it seems like more and more people are picking up on Dr. Hunter’s tactics.

It’s truly disgusting to see that only the low-level doctors actually care what the patient’s want and have their best interests in mind. Surely this isn’t the case for every hospital in reality, but I can bet you there’s some truth to it.

Dr. Hunter realizes people are onto her, as well, and she’s tightening the ropes on her patients.

Nic isn’t allowed to deal with her patient’s anymore, Conrad isn’t allowed to give any recommendations and she cock-blocked Pravesh from writing a research paper to dive deeper into her treatments.

Without more information, Nic can’t report her to the state board, so Pravesh takes it into his own hands and slips the story to his journalist fiancee.

It’s risky because if she begins exposing Hunter and connects it to Pravesh, she could surely bring him down.

But, it’s worth it if you can save several hundred patients who are already almost out of hope.

Even though they knew the backlash would be terrible, Conrad and Nic couldn’t stand by and watch Daryl go through unnecessary treatments that would simply benefit the hospital and ruin a patients quality of life.

It was exhilarating to watch them encourage him to simply leave the hospital; they were like Bey and Jay-Z, on the run!

Conrad is partly motivated by ethics and partly by his love for Nic.

Everything he does is to for her or to defend her honor and yes, sometimes he takes it slightly overboard. Nic is a strong-willed woman who can save herself!

Although, I can’t knock a man for scolding another man about sending junk pictures. We need more men like Conrad out here in the streets.

Of course, money reigns supreme so everyone was furious at Conrad with Bell even placing blame on Nic for giving her number out in the first place.

Yeah, these guys have clearly been cooped up in the hospital for way too long and clearly missed the whole #MeToo movement that’s happening.

Conrad refused to feel bad for doing what’s right, so they took him off the case. Nothing new really, just another day at Chastain. It’s all accumulating until he finally gets pushed so far, he accepts his father’s offer from The Resident Season 1 Episode 6 .

Eventually, Nic handled Bobby Singer herself and threatened to send his pics to every gossip site the next time. He had it comin’.

Bobby went from living the good life with half-naked models hanging around his neck and aspiring to pitch at the World Series to finding out that his dreams have been shattered.

The Resident The Elopment

The Resident/FOX

And poor Pravesh had to tell Singer the bad news himself because Dr. Smooth, as they call him, didn’t have the cojones to.

I don’t even think it’s acceptable to put all that pressure on an intern, but given the lead surgeon decided to go home for the weekend on a Thursday and they removed Conrad from the case, Pravesh didn’t really have a choice.

And this hospital wonders why it’s fall off the Top 50 hospitals in America list.

Bell is the complete opposite of Conrad — he does everything wrong and never gets in trouble for it.

Not only did he challenge Claire during the investor meeting, he took private and sensitive information and used it to blackmail Mina.

When she accidentally took out the wrong organ from a patient because she was overwhelmed, Bell never covered for her. In fact, he placed the blame on her.

But now that he’s being tasked with performing such a major surgery, he knows he can’t do it without her so he’ll do anything to get her back, even pressure her into it.

Thankfully, Mina has is just as witty as she is talented and approached the board, along with Claire, to thank them for giving her another chance.

Claire is furious and informs Bell the only an attending can preside over the surgery of a VIP, much to his dismay.

How long will he be able to keep his debilitating disease a secret? He’s running out of time faster than some of those cancer patients they milk.

I’m not sure how word gets around at this hospital, but everyone knows that Conrad is sleeping with Noni, even Nic.

Yet she’s not nearly as jealous of her as Conrad is of Jude.

The reason he’s so harsh on his “army brother” is because he believes he’s stealing his girl.

Nic cleared it up by the end, right after Daryl and his wife said they make a cute couple, but there’s still no progression on the relationship front.

Like Jude said, Conrad’s still in love with her and she needs to figure out if she loves him.

And quickly people, my patience is wearing thin!

At least their talking about what’s really important and that is Nic’s skepticism of Hunter. Pravesh and Nic may not have anything to say about it but when Conrad is convinced, he’ll go to war with her.


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New Girl

Once Upon a Time – The Girl in the Tower (7×14)



Once Upon a Time Girl in the Tower

In an effort to stop the witch killer, Rogers agrees to a sit-down interview with Eloise Gardner, who we know is actually mother Gothel and probably responsible for all of this in the first place.

Weaver warns Rogers not to let her get into his head but then stands by idly as he tries to make him remember who he really is.

We know Weaver aka Rumpel is awake so why not just wake up Rogers as well? I can’t figure out what Rumpel is doing or what he gets out of keeping Rogers “asleep.”

And why does Gothel want Rogers awake?

First, she tells him to bring her his very first painting, which turns out to be a ship.

Then, she tells him to follow his heart and he’ll find the killer.

His “heart” leads him to the hospital where they find Tilly behind the baker’s murder. She’s in a manic state because she repeatedly tried to warn them that “something bad was going to happen,” yet they wrote her off and ignored her.

Well, Rogers did. It seems that Weaver knew or suspected that she was responsible.

Tilly seems to be mentally disturbed but I’m going to guess that Gothel is in her heard just like she was when “Alice” was a little girl trapped in the tower.

Rogers’ story arc in Hyperion Heights mimics Hook’s back in the Enchanted Forest. We know that he was tricked into sleeping with Gothel under the guise that she was actually Rapunzel.

Together, they had a baby named Alice, which allowed her to finally leave the tower and trapped her daughter instead.

Hook stayed behind with his daughter but when she began having reoccurring dreams about Goethel coming and throwing Hook off the tower, he decided to finally break her free once and for all.

He left the tower in search of Rumpel. Interestingly enough, both times, Hook and Rumpel’s paths have crossed. They’ve always leaned on each other for help.

Hook promised to let go of his need for revenge if Rumpel could help him break the spell and rescue Alice.

Since he was locked up as well, Rumpel had nothing to lose and told him to get find a Maui’s Fishhook.

The fishhook belonged to a man named Captain Ahab, who repeatedly took jabs at Hook for no longer being a pirate and losing sight of what was important.

Hook played a game of roll dice and won the fishhook fair and square, but that didn’t stop Ahab from following him back where he realized Hook was really making dealings with his enemy.

In order to defend his honor, Hook agreed to a pistol match at dawn and obviously won.

However, the moment he got back to the tower and hugged Alice, they were thrust to two separate sides of the castle.

Just like in her nightmares, Gothel appeared and told Alice that her papa failed the test. He promised he would come right back to the tower but allowed himself to get sidetracked to defend his name.

Apparently, in the witches eyes that meant Hook was an incompetent father. Realistically, she was a terrible mother who never stood by her daughter’s side and then purposefully prevented her father from breaking her free. But I digress.

We don’t know how Hook eventually freed Alice but we know he did.

Sadly though, they’ve been kept apart ever since, even in this cursed world. They are closer than ever but have no idea how much they really mean to each other.

Now the question is — why does Gothel want Tilly to kill witches? Where is Anastasia? Why won’t Weaver wake Hook?

Henry caught Regina doing the walk of shame, which may have been my favorite moment in this episode. If a Queen cannot avoid the shame of a 6 am walk home, no one can.

When he told her that Lucy tried everything to keep him away from her mother, Regina became suspicious.

Lucy eventually told her mother that she was shaken by her hospital experience and the death of her grandmother and didn’t want her mom to see “some guy” again.

Of course, it broke her heart to say that because she knows her parents are meant to be yet if they kiss, Henry will die.

She decides to tell “Roni” her concerns but is certain that she won’t believe her. But Roni does. She reveals that she’s actually Regina, Henry is, in fact, her father and she her grandmother and that she knows all about the curse, which together, they will stop.

The best part of this is that Regina and Lucy’s new relationship mirrors Emma and Henry’s back in season one, especially because they’ve kickstarted Operation Hyacinth together. I never knew I’d miss Operation Cobra this much!

Will Regina and Lucy find a way to break the curse? How will Regina’s relationship with Facilier work for or against them?

Will Jacinda stop seeing Henry because of her daughter?

Henry may be on the outs with Jacinda but he’s the only person Ivy can really count on. She’s conflicted about how to feel after her mother’s death as she always believed her mother hated her.

And she’s lost her identity — her whole purpose was to get revenge on her mother. She never really thought of a life after the curse. What does she do now?

Eventually, it dawns on her that she has to finish what her mother started and that means, getting Anastasia back. In order to do that, she needs the help of the truest believer. But given that Gothel is holding Ana, this mission is going to be dangerous.

Henry is floored when he hears there’s another sister. Of course, Jacinda believes Anastasia is dead so I’m not sure how they’re going to explain that.

Thoughts on Once Upon a Time?

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Dynasty – I Answer To No Man (1×11)



Dynasty I answer to no man

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Dynasty – A Well-Dressed Tarantula (1×10)



Dynasty A Well-Dress tarantula

Cheers to that epic takedown!

The midseason premiere of Dynasty kicked things off after Cristal and Iris’ explosive holiday fight.

With the revelation that Cristal killed Iris’ husband and Sammy Jo’s father, Alejandro, when he got violent with his sister back in Venezuela, no one had much interest in speaking to her.

Sammy Jo was pissed that she made him believe his father abandoned him, Fallon was planning her birthday extravaganza and enjoyed seeing Cristal suffer, while Blake slept in a separate bedroom because he felt lied to.

However, when a new business opportunity with Venezuelan company, Blake enlists Cristal’s expertise. She is the COO after all.

If you remember from the finale, the Venezuelan businessman was none other than Alejandra, who was somehow STILL ALIVE! After entering the meeting, Cristal is just as floored to see him. “How?” she wonders, but he explains that her biggest mistake was not sticking around to make sure he actually died. *Note to self*

Since Cristal’s betrayal, he has spent his time plotting to get revenge. When he finally saw her on the news, he realized that getting to Blake was his best shot.

Even more surprising — her sister Iris was working with him this whole time. When she came for the holidays, she’d snooped around in Blake’s office, finding the name for one of their employees who knew so much, he would guarantee that Blake ended up in jail for all his shady dealings if Cristal didn’t promise to land him the deal with Carrington Atlantic.

So once again, Cristal is put into a corner. If she tells Blake, the deal falls through and she dies. If she doesn’t, the company suffers and Blake eventually learns she lied again. There’s no win-win.

I was convinced that Cristal would try to pull this one off on her own and up until the end, it seemed like it. But seeing the whole family come together for this epic takedown was better than I could have ever imagined.

Even Sammy Jo and Fallon were in on it. Sammy Jo was the most surprising considering how hurt he was by Cristal’s lies and by how badly he always wanted to have a family.

Yet upon seeing his father, he realized that the Carrington’s were more of a family to him than his father and mother have ever been. Especially when he remembered how violent his father had been.

Sammy Jo played a crucial part in the takedown because he pretended to cozy up to his father simply to snatch his father’s phone and release the employee they had as leverage.

Fallon swooped in to distract Iris, while Blake and Cristal staged a fake-fight, with Blake revealing that he did some digging of his own and learned that the company was run by a mafia.

To make it more believable he called Cristal a gold-digging whore, pushed her and almost fought Alejandro, who warned that they would “regret this.”

Carrington’s = 1  Machado’s = 0

Oh, and Cristal stuck it to her sis, who literally betrayed her to take back her abusive ex, by telling her from this moment on they were no longer sisters.

However, their success will be short-lived when they realize in retaliation, Iris and Alejandro kidnapped Fallon.

Not only will Blake do anything to save his daughter, but she’s major leverage as she’s now worth a hefty penny thanks to her birthday inheritance.

Honestly, poor Fallon. She may have all the money in the world and a keen interest in private equity, but she’s never been genuinely loved by anyone in her life. Except for Culhane, but she pushed him away because she’s unable to commit to any type of feelings.

Her birthday ended with her getting kidnapped and she doesn’t know it yet but her relationship with Colby is based on a lie.

He’s using her in hopes of getting revenge on Blake, who is responsible for putting his father behind bars.

Buying her a car, telling her he wants to be exclusive, convincing her to invest her inheritance in their company is all part of his ploy to marry her and extort her millions. It’s actually the saddest part of the whole series.

Hopefully, Culhane was eavesdropping somewhere nearby when Colby made that enlightening phone call because I cannot see her get hurt in this way.

As for her relationship with Culhane, I wish they’d just allow them to be together already. Seeing him sleep with all of her friends is actually degrading considering he’s doing it to simply get back at her.

Maybe he’ll be the one to save her from the Machado/Silva’s.

Thoughts on the Dynasty premiere? 2018 seems to be the year the series picks up the pace and cranks up the draaaaama!

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