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The Resident The Elopement The Resident The Elopement

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The Resident – The Elopement (1×07)



If you ever get a doctor like Lane Hunter, I encourage you to elope!

The Resident continues down its path of making money-hungry oncologist’s the enemy and it seems like more and more people are picking up on Dr. Hunter’s tactics.

It’s truly disgusting to see that only the low-level doctors actually care what the patient’s want and have their best interests in mind. Surely this isn’t the case for every hospital in reality, but I can bet you there’s some truth to it.

Dr. Hunter realizes people are onto her, as well, and she’s tightening the ropes on her patients.

Nic isn’t allowed to deal with her patient’s anymore, Conrad isn’t allowed to give any recommendations and she cock-blocked Pravesh from writing a research paper to dive deeper into her treatments.

Without more information, Nic can’t report her to the state board, so Pravesh takes it into his own hands and slips the story to his journalist fiancee.

It’s risky because if she begins exposing Hunter and connects it to Pravesh, she could surely bring him down.

But, it’s worth it if you can save several hundred patients who are already almost out of hope.

Even though they knew the backlash would be terrible, Conrad and Nic couldn’t stand by and watch Daryl go through unnecessary treatments that would simply benefit the hospital and ruin a patients quality of life.

It was exhilarating to watch them encourage him to simply leave the hospital; they were like Bey and Jay-Z, on the run!

Conrad is partly motivated by ethics and partly by his love for Nic.

Everything he does is to for her or to defend her honor and yes, sometimes he takes it slightly overboard. Nic is a strong-willed woman who can save herself!

Although, I can’t knock a man for scolding another man about sending junk pictures. We need more men like Conrad out here in the streets.

Of course, money reigns supreme so everyone was furious at Conrad with Bell even placing blame on Nic for giving her number out in the first place.

Yeah, these guys have clearly been cooped up in the hospital for way too long and clearly missed the whole #MeToo movement that’s happening.

Conrad refused to feel bad for doing what’s right, so they took him off the case. Nothing new really, just another day at Chastain. It’s all accumulating until he finally gets pushed so far, he accepts his father’s offer from The Resident Season 1 Episode 6 .

Eventually, Nic handled Bobby Singer herself and threatened to send his pics to every gossip site the next time. He had it comin’.

Bobby went from living the good life with half-naked models hanging around his neck and aspiring to pitch at the World Series to finding out that his dreams have been shattered.

The Resident The Elopment

The Resident/FOX

And poor Pravesh had to tell Singer the bad news himself because Dr. Smooth, as they call him, didn’t have the cojones to.

I don’t even think it’s acceptable to put all that pressure on an intern, but given the lead surgeon decided to go home for the weekend on a Thursday and they removed Conrad from the case, Pravesh didn’t really have a choice.

And this hospital wonders why it’s fall off the Top 50 hospitals in America list.

Bell is the complete opposite of Conrad — he does everything wrong and never gets in trouble for it.

Not only did he challenge Claire during the investor meeting, he took private and sensitive information and used it to blackmail Mina.

When she accidentally took out the wrong organ from a patient because she was overwhelmed, Bell never covered for her. In fact, he placed the blame on her.

But now that he’s being tasked with performing such a major surgery, he knows he can’t do it without her so he’ll do anything to get her back, even pressure her into it.

Thankfully, Mina has is just as witty as she is talented and approached the board, along with Claire, to thank them for giving her another chance.

Claire is furious and informs Bell the only an attending can preside over the surgery of a VIP, much to his dismay.

How long will he be able to keep his debilitating disease a secret? He’s running out of time faster than some of those cancer patients they milk.

I’m not sure how word gets around at this hospital, but everyone knows that Conrad is sleeping with Noni, even Nic.

Yet she’s not nearly as jealous of her as Conrad is of Jude.

The reason he’s so harsh on his “army brother” is because he believes he’s stealing his girl.

Nic cleared it up by the end, right after Daryl and his wife said they make a cute couple, but there’s still no progression on the relationship front.

Like Jude said, Conrad’s still in love with her and she needs to figure out if she loves him.

And quickly people, my patience is wearing thin!

At least their talking about what’s really important and that is Nic’s skepticism of Hunter. Pravesh and Nic may not have anything to say about it but when Conrad is convinced, he’ll go to war with her.


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Making up for Lost Time (4×04)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm Making up for Lost Time

In this episode, we were provided a deep dive into Rebecca’s childhood through the eyes of her half-brother Tucker. Honestly, only the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend superfans might vaguely recall she has a brother. Anyway, Tucker chooses to put on the shoes Rebecca previously gifted him for his 13th birthday and makes a trip to visit her. Rebecca’s surprised by his appearance, but ultimately happy to try and make things right with the last person in her life she holds unfinished business with.

Soon after she’s surprised with another grand gesture, this time by Nathaniel. He tells her that he’s still in love with her and wants her back, but she refuses to accept his proposal. This is a huge step-up from what she would’ve done in the past, and it truly speaks to her changing for the better.

There’s definitely something slightly off about Tucker and we are given a sneak peek of him deceptively responding to Rebecca’s text meant for his mom and snooping through her childhood diary. No wonder he continues to steal the words right out of her mouth! Of course, there’s no way an early aged teen boy is going to be as perfect as he led on to be.

As Nathaniel is feeling the burn of his latest “rebection” he takes it out on Sunil and Mrs. Hernandez who are fighting over the most recent case. It’s obvious that Mrs. Hernandez is much more qualified for the case, but Sunil sets out to win the case by promising Nathaniel that he’ll win him back Rebecca.

Rebecca invites Paula and her boys over to hang out with her and Tucker, but it’s obvious that Tucker isn’t a typical teenage boy, nothing like Paula’s seemingly lumps-on-a-log sons, so Paula takes them to the escape room alone. I guess being stuck in a room together offers unique insight into a relationship, and Paula realizes she’s been so caught up in Rebecca’s troubles for the past few years that she knows nothing of what’s going on in her son’s lives.

Meanwhile, Rebecca takes Tucker on a trip to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they happen to “stumble” upon the location of an audition for Peter Pan,  of course, Tucker’s plan all along. Rebecca’s overtaken by the connection Tucker makes with her and her love for the musical Slumbered, so she takes him in for an audition.

Sunil stalks Rebecca and Tucker who have stalked the director of Peter Pan –dang is there a lot of stalking and sneaking around in this show. Sunil sees Tucker with Rebecca’s diary and reports back to Nathaniel, offering him the option of getting the diary so that he can finally understand the inner depths of Rebecca’s mind.

Nathaniel approaches Tucker and offers to get him the role of Peter Pan in return for Rebecca’s diary. This is some top-notch elementary-level drama!

Rebecca receives a call from the director of Peter Pan congratulating her that Tucker has received the part, and Tucker calculatingly suggests that they celebrate with some Rebetzels. As Nathaniel is on his way out he stops by and pulls out another “I love you” speech word for word from Slumbered. He’s a lawyer, he should know all about plagiarism! Tsk tsk, I would’ve expected better from you Nathaniel. Rebecca realizes that the only way he would’ve known that highly classified personal information was if he somehow had gotten ahold of her diary. She rightfully yells at him, and it doesn’t look like he’s any closer to winning her back.

Tucker and Rebecca have a real and heartfelt sibling bonding moment when Rebecca learns that although he may have been initially faking some of the similarities, they both came from the same deadbeat dad and Tucker too needs therapy. Additionally, she promises that she’ll pay for him to go to theater camp so that he doesn’t have to go through the long process of flying out and manipulating her just to start an acting career.

This episode really gave Rebecca a taste of what she’s been dishing out to others for the past few years. The manipulation, stalking, and overcompensation for insecurities. I can really see that this season is highly focused on her coming to terms with her past doings and making major adjustments to fix them and change. High praise for Rebecca and all that she’s been working through!

What’s next for Rebecca? I can’t imagine this being the last of Tucker we’ll see. And I wonder what Nathaniel will attempt to convince Rebecca that their mutual love for each other is the only thing that matters despite their difficulty and confusing history.

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New Girl

Famous in Love – The Good, the Bad and the Crazy (2×10)



FAMOUS IN LOVE the Good, The Bad and The Crazy

Without that wacky cliffhanger, the season two finale of Famous in Love would have been a fitting series finale. Not that any of us want that!

However, as of right now, the odds aren’t leaning in Paige’s favor. With weakening ratings, a season three seems highly unlikely. But if that’s the case, how will we ever find out who didn’t make it out of Tangey’s apartment?

My money is on Pablo. Jordan has killed someone before so, more likely than not, he’s got this whole defending himself thing down.

Tangey wasn’t anywhere near the two of them when they were throwing jabs and can be heard screaming last so I’m considering her safe.

And realistically, Pablo means the least to the series as a whole. The plot thickens if he doesn’t survive because once again, Jordan will be forced to stand trial for murder. How much can this man really take?

It’s a bit hard to believe that the chill producer went into full jealous mode over the girl’s ex but this is Hollywood and stalkers are aplenty. Though, did that iPad not have a time stamp on Tang and Jordan’s picture? How delusional was he?

And Jordan, you live in a hotel so why is your iPad not protected? This isn’t the first time someone robbed him blind!

They weren’t the only ones having relationship drama, however.

Paige and Jake weren’t on speaking terms after she confessed to cheating on him and I couldn’t have cared less. Jake is done in my book. He’s over.

Paige may have cheated on him physically because she was missing that connection but he cheated on her way before then and emotionally which is a hell of a lot worse. Everyone knows that! Everyone except for Jake, apparently, as he was annoyed that Paige had the audacity to blame him for the failed relationship.

At no point did Paige deny taking any blame for what she did. She owned up to it and explained exactly what led to it that night. But Jake is not blameless. In fact, he’s quite the coward in my book. A coward who couldn’t accept that he was part of the problem and also couldn’t acknowledge his feelings for Billy until Cassie pushed him in the right direction.

It’s unfortunate that Billy’s storyline is tied to Jake’s because I actually enjoy her presence. Him? Not so much. And that kiss wasn’t surprising. It’s been building up all season long and they finally gave into temptation.

His break-up with Paige, for a relationship that no one was rooting for, was the best thing to happen to this show.

Right after the split, I could actually feel this weight lifted from Paige’s shoulders. She could do anything she wanted.

And unfortunately, she chose to go back to school in Oregon. Seriously, did she bump her head on something? That’s not how any of this works.

Getting lost in the fame is understandable. I’m willing to bet every actor goes through it at some point. But you can’t lose sight of what you gained, of what the dream always was. For her, it was to become an actress.

I love how Marlene King utilized that full-circle moment bringing us to the private jet/paparazzi scene that we first saw when the series premiered almost two years ago. This really has been a wild journey, hasn’t it?

Paige’s acting dreams came true and yes until Locked comes out she’s only famous for being famous, but when people see the film, they’ll see just how talented she is! Even Nina said the studio loved it and her chemistry with Rainer, which is real, was also palpable.

Why throw that all away? And to pursue theater? It’s like becoming a doctor and then leaving after a year to go learn how to become a doctor. It doesn’t make any sense. Can someone explain that to her?

A year-long break might be just the thing to ruin her newly minted career!

And would she really be willing to walk away from Rainer? After that kiss? You know, the one we’ve been anticipating for quite a while now.

What I love most about Rainer and Paige’s relationship is how playful it is. They don’t pretend to be anything they aren’t with each other. They support each other, respect each other, stick up for each other and lift each other up.

They just work in ways that he and Harper and Paige and Jake never did.

When he kissed her for the first time without a million people watching, it was lighthearted and innocent. And so raw. Just a wonderful display of human emotions; the longing, the natural chemistry. There was nothing more to it than just two people who felt a connection and embraced it. Even the hardest critics couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Chances are Rainer will find a way to convince Paige to be his leading lady in Redemption Ridge.

Again, they are supposedly the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. The networks will do everything to capitalize on the Hollywood sweethearts appeal.

But when it came down to Rainer picking potential leading ladies, I couldn’t help but chortle. Are there really only six promising actresses in LA?

Cassie was a favor to Paige so I understand that.

And he promised Harper he’d let her audition even though she’s definitely been manipulating him to revitalize her own career. She claimed to be so worried about him when he didn’t return from New York but then she was just sunbathing. Funny way of showing it maybe?

Who knows if she’ll even make it to the audition since she apparently turned to her old habits once she lost her grip on Rainer. And by old habits I mean cocaine.

Alexis was the most surprising face up on the board though. Did Rainer just forget how much drama Alexis put him through this season?

And is he so out of it that he isn’t getting TMZ updates about her 72-hour psychiatric hold? Yes, Alexis may have been faking it to get out of her reality TV show contract but Rainer doesn’t know that. Is his best option for such a hit film a girl who just chopped her hair off and slept in some kids bunk bed? I have no words.

Pretending to be insane was something only an insane person could pull off but hey, that’s why we love her, right?

I let out a sigh of relief when she admitted the truth to Tangey thought; she really had me worried for a second with that terrible wig!

But is Sloane really in Alexis’ corner? This whole season, I got some shady vibes from her and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she “found the nurse” who then told Alexis she was going to be committed for at least three days pending further evaluation.

If I had to guess, I think Sloane is gunning for the spotlight and she helped remove Alexis from the narrative in one fell swoop.

Famous in Love isn’t going to win any awards but it has all the makings of a guilty pleasure. One that I hope we’ll be tuning in for the third season.

Given the premieres for both season 1 and 2, I’m willing to bet that if it does score a renewal, it too will premiere sometime next April. That means we have a long wait ahead of us!

Thoughts on season 2?

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New Girl

Once Upon a Time – Leaving Storybrooke (7×22)



Once Upon a Time Leaving Storybrooke

And they lived happily ever after. Although it wasn’t really an end, it was a second chance.

Once Upon a Time closed the final chapter in the fairy tale and everything came full-circle — but not everyone made it out alive.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t get their happy ending, though.

Rumpelstiltskin showcased a newfound bravery which we’ve never seen before. Becoming the Dark One stemmed from his cowardice, but he finally realized that his power didn’t equate bravery or strength.

Throughout his time trying to find his way back to Belle, he learned what it means to be a true hero which led to his selfless choice; the choice to sacrifice himself and give his heart to his former enemy, and now, truest friend, Hook. Or rather, Nook.

Personally, I like Nook a lot more than Hook.

There was no guarantee his death would reunite him with Belle but given that this is a fairytale, it was pretty obvious that heaven would be an eternity with his love who welcomed him with open arms in her iconic yellow dress.

Once may have lost its way on multiple occasions, but they’ve never faltered when it came to really great love stories.

Even though it may have been sad, Rumpel needed to die. It was his biggest fear, yet Belle always taught him that life was less about how much time you had and more about the moments and the sacrifices.

Admittedly, the timeline/realm situation was pretty confusing, and I wish we hadn’t wasted so much time focusing on Wish Henry’s redemption storyline. Out of all the characters, he never needed redemption because, well, he wasn’t the real Henry.

Yes, it speaks volumes to Regina’s character arc to give this Henry a second chance. Being ready to die to prove to her son, whatever version of him, that she loved him unconditionally is not something the old Regina would do. And if it hadn’t been a series finale that was tight on time, this would have probably been an epic storyline that showcased the power of true love.

I found that both the scene of her discussing her fate with Wish Henry before he takes her blood to doom everyone to their own personal hell in isolation and the duel between mother and lookalike son took up too much time. I would have preferred some actual screentime with Emma. Or even the old Henry for that matter. Let’s face it, the truest believer was never meant to be evil and he didn’t pull it off all that well.

Maybe it’s because deep down inside, even alter-ego Henry wanted to simply be loved?

When Regina decided to cast one last curse — one that would negate all the bad that she’s done and unite all the realms so they could all be together — she insisted that her two boys could finally be in one place together.

But what happened to that Henry and that Regina? When Robin and Alice took the yellow beignet truck to Storybrooke, they came back to when Robin was five-years-old.

Did Regina’s curse send them to the present and thus, that Henry was now Hyperion Heights Henry? It’s really confusing just trying to explain it.

I’m glad Regina finally got some closure with Robin Hood through the dream-scene, which apparently happened in reality since she woke up with a feather in her hand. I didn’t realize how much I missed them as a couple almost like I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed the quaint little town of Storybrooke.

Regina is right; their love story was short-lived but it doesn’t make it any less epic.

Still, I wish that Regina found her happiness like everyone else. I know that she was crowned the Good Queen which means her character development was complete, the people loved and accepted her, and she was surrounded by her closest friends and family, but something was still missing for her.

She always wanted true love and all of the men she did love — Daniel, Robin, Facilier — ended up dead.

Becoming Queen of all the realms is still a pretty badass feat and proves what they were fighting for in the Wish Realm; their stories aren’t set in stone. They ultimately control their destiny.

I do wish that Regina’s coronation doubled-up as Alice and Robin’s wedding. Given that the writers made it a point for Robin to ask Nook for his blessing for the marriage and then how she pointed out that he would walk his daughter down the aisle, I was betting we’d see it.

Understandably, a series finale is supposed to pay tribute to the key moments from the original and honor the original fans but with this revamped season, I’ve grown a liking for the new generation. It would have been a nice touch to honor both fans, old and new.

If they weren’t going to do it, why even bring it up?

Emma Swan arrived at the coronation a bit late with Hook and baby Hope in tow. The minute Snow mentioned that “the baby got fussy,” I hoped we’d see their little bundle of joy. Next to Regina, Emma has always deserved a happy ending.

And can you believe how big Neil is already?

The finale as a whole wasn’t gripping nor was it shocking but that was the whole point. We’ve had several seasons for the finales that made us cling to our seats and worry about the fate of these characters. This wasn’t the time.

These characters have told their stories, they’ve lived their adventures. Whatever happens now, I’m sure it will be as thrilling as it always has been but sadly, we won’t be a part of it.

There’s something comforting in knowing that the stories will keep on going and that really, there’s no happy ending; the happiness has always been within us.

And as we leave behind characters that are stronger and more resilient than ever, we say goodbye to curses and departed Storybrooke, a forgotten town tucked away somewhere in Maine where incredible things are happening, one last time.

Other Thoughts

  • I love how the dwarves and Granny attacked the intruders. They aren’t too welcoming around these parts of town.
  • The Blue Fairy has always been so underutilized. And even in her final scene, she was just a prop to showcase just how bad Rumpel’s new curse could be.
  • Why did Wish Henry want everyone to pay when his gripe was with Regina?
  • Maleficent’s baby daddy was Zorro. I don’t know why we needed to know that, but I’m a better person because I do.
  • Not only was Alice and Robin’s lovestory never finished, we never even got a proper sendoff for Henry and Jacinda. It’s as if they were pining for each other during the curse and had about 3% of chemistry and then after that, poof, it was all gone.

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