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Revenge- Union

“That’s why people like us fight. Because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away.”
The writers are really trying to spice things up and with good reason. The storytelling has gotten a little bland and quite soap-operish. You would think for a family with so many secrets, Ashley wouldn’t just be able to overhear information by standing in front of Grayson’s door. You would also think they wouldn’t just talk about all these crucial things out in the open. You would also think Emily would be more careful about hiding her secret weapons of mass destruction. 

The last 10 minutes of this weeks episode, were noteworthy. We were finally given a little peak into the very beginning of season two and the sinking ship. Amanda used Emily’s computer and all of Emily’s evidence to manipulate Conrad into giving Jack back all the ownership of the bar, which meant that he had to call off the deal he made with Nate about revamping the bar. Well, Nate isn’t the type of guy to take no for an answer and his only solution was to get rid of the Porters. Its not entirely clear what happens in the end when he cuts through the cord of a sinking ship that Amanda and Jack had sailed away on for a romantic honeymoon, leaving the baby with Declan and Charlotte, but my guess is that if those two don’t survive, we might just see young Dec and his gf raising a little baby. It was even a little foreshadowed in the beginning of the episode when Jack called Dec out on him and Charlotte having this whole parenting thing down. While the wedding was cute to watch, it was actually heart breaking to see a girl let the love of her life go because of this mission to clear her fathers name. While Emily has been holding it together for so long in the show, it was nice to see that she was actually sad about the way things were turning out. I honestly cannot wait until Jack finds out that Emily is the real Amanda, if he survives that is. 

Than theres the mystery of Helen Crowley. Its no secret, no one likes the manipulative woman. But its also not rocket science to think that SHE is the initiative. There must be more people working with her and for her, which becomes a complication for a couple of characters in the show. Aiden has his own beef with the initiative who has been messing with his head convincing him that his sister has been alive and that she was only killed 3 days ago because he didn’t shoot Victoria Grayson like they asked him too. Too soon the truth came out that his sister has been dead for six years. This sent Aiden on a bit of a downward spiral, pushing Emily away, but ultimately, he returned to be a better man and probably to come up with some kind of plan to punish the initiative. Well, now with Crowley dead, his revenge plot might never come to surface, but that also means a lot of unanswered questions. 

Crowley was also a problem for Padma and Nolan. Nolan had developed real feelings for Padma only to find out that she was working for the initiative to try to get the files for Carion. Although Emily told Nolan not to give off the impression that he knows anything, Nolan’s pretty bright and realized that there has to be a reason that Padma has been using him. Turns out that the initiative also has Padma’s father captive and to free him she must do everything that she is told, which in this case is to get close to Nolan and get the Carion program. But why does the initiative want the program? Their always one step ahead of everyone. 

Finally, Crowley was a major problem to Victoria as Victoria was going against the initiative and finally letting Daniel in on the secret of the company. When she exposed the files of the flight to Daniel, I felt like there was finally a moment where everyone was just laying things out flat, no bull, no lies. But of course, the initiative has everything at Grayson Global wired, which Victoria should have kind of known since she’s been dealing with these folks for quite some time. When Crowley came to the Grayson manor to tell Victoria to give bak the evidence or she will kill Daniel, Victoria did what ever sane person would do; she shot her. You all know you found yourself screaming, “Just shoot her” at the screen. Well, while that may have been the quick and easy answer, it poses a lot of complications now. First off, it started the demise of the relationship between Daniel and Emily. 

Emily is pretty out of the loop lately of whats going on with the Grayson’s. While she has been dealing with the disappearance of Aiden and the unfortunate turnout that has gotten her cellmate and identity impersonator marrying the love of her life, Jack, she has lost her only connection to getting revenge on the family that killed her father. Maybe Takeda was right when he tried to teach her to keep her emotions out of it. While she’s been dealing with personal things, she’s lost Daniel and the Grayson’s have become closer as a family. Secondly, it poses a huge problem for the Grayson’s because now the rest of the initiative is going to come looking for them and who knows if Crowley wasn’t just a puppet that was listening to a bigger leader. And what does all of this mean for Padma and Aiden? Are they just free from the initiatives plans? Whose going to take place of the big bad wolf? 

While everyone forms unions on this show, its difficult to call any of them perfect or even logical. The union formed between the Grayson’s and the initiative were all based on manipulation. The unions formd between Conrad, Victoria and Daniel are based on a lies and secrets that if surfaced would shake the world. The union between Amanda and Jack is based on a lie, or a scheme if you will, to protect them both. The union between Emily and Aiden is based on revenge and the union between Emily and Daniel is based on a the desire to have an in with the family that killed her father. All unions are based on lies and personal needs. Nothing is sacred and nothing is real. 

Memorable Quotes

  • Emily: In it’s purest form a union becomes sort of our essence.
  • Daniel: Say what you want about Emily, at least she had the courage to tell me the truth. Thats more than I could say about you.
  • Victoria: And fully clothed, how refreshing.
  • Daniel: Learning to forgive and forget is practically a survival technique in my family.
  • Jack: He’s got more money than god.
  • Emily: Is that what you think?  That I don’t feel. That I don’t miss my father every day? 
  • Nolan: Let’s just say put int he wrong hands Carion would have millions of innocent people wishing I hadn’t taken intro to Computers in 4th grade.
  • Amanda: If you’ve taught me one things its that everyone deserves love, hope and security. 
  • Victoria: You monster.
    • Helen: Takes on to know one huh?
  • Aiden: I won’t let myself becomes a casualty of these people. My sister deserves better. So do you.
  • Emily: In the moment we were born were drawn to form a union with others. To connect, to love, to bloom. 

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