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Riverdale – Anatomy of a Murder (1×12)

We finally learned the sticky, maple syrupy truth about Jason Blossom’s killer on Riverdale and I have to say, it was a sweet twist.


In the 12-episode span, we’ve considered every single character as the possible killer, right down to innocent little Betty Cooper. FP finally confessed to the murder after the Sheriff found the gun used to kill Jason inside his home and even gave a detailed timeline of events leading up to it – Jason came to him asking for help running away with his pregnant GF Polly, FP knew that he could get something more out of it so he kidnapped him after he crossed the river, when he ran away from the hideaway, he shot him in the head and then put his body in a freezer before dumping it in the river again. He even confessed to burning the car Jughead and Betty found while trying to solve the big mystery.

Still, something wasn’t adding up. Jughead knew it too after he visited his dad behind bars and was told never to come see him again. Juggy said FP was never a good liar, especially when he was determined to make his son hate him after trying so hard to repair the family.

Archie, Veronica and Betty convinced Kevin to question Joaquin, who admitted that he helped FP hide Jason’s body. As he skipped town, knowing the cops would search for him after finding another Southside Serpent dead, he led them to some evidence – Jason’s jacket. Inside, Betty found a flashdrive with footage of the actual murder. Turns out, FP may have helped hide the body but the Jason’s very own father Clifford Blossom pulled the trigger. Horrified, Betty calls Cheryl to warn her.

Now most girls would run out screaming after finding out that their father killed their brother. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be next right? Not Cheryl though. She’s a different breed and instead, she marched right up to the dinner table and eerily stated, “You’ve done a very bad thing Daddy.” To each his own right? Cheryl actually began suspecting that her parents might have been the ones responsible but it seems Clifford worked alone because even Penelope was distraught with the news.

While Clifford being the killer wasn’t obvious, it was pretty predictable that the police found him dead inside the maple syrup garage. As one mystery was solved, a second one was born. Why did Clifford kill his son? Why did he think he was unfit to run the business? Why did he cover it up? Is there more to maple syrup than we know? With all this hoopla, you’d think the sticky stuff was some kind of cocaine.

Thankfully, the Coopers were able to free their daughter from the Blossom’s grasp before all of this went down. That kind of stress would not be good for the twins. Although I can’t say she’s doing too well with the news that her babies are a product of incest. It does explain the hatred both families have for each other. Hal admitted that the grudge wasn’t just because their grandfather was killed by a Blossom, he was a Blossom who changed his name. The worst part – both sides knew it when Jason and Polly were romancing, which is why he offered to help her abort the babies. Seriously, so disgusting. And then Penelope had the nerve to claim that it just meant they’d be pure Blossom. What is wrong with this family?

While FP did everything to save his son, for the most part, the Sherrif didn’t clear him of all the other charges, including hiding a body. Do the crime, do the time. The good news is that he might have some insight into Clifford’s motives and Jughead will do everything to figure it out.

With Clifford named Jason’s killer, Veronica can go to bed knowing that her father played no role in any of this. He might be a bad guy but he wasn’t involved in any of the Jason Blossom drama, which means he’s also getting out of prison early. Expect this to bring new troubles to Riverdale, a town already plagued with so much.

Thoughts on the Riverdale reveal? Will Clifford’s death help bring together the Blossom’s and the Cooper’s? Will Hiram and Veronica mend their relationship?

Surprisingly, this series is shaping up to be one of the best on the CW and one with the most promising twists and turns. It’s a welcome change of pace.

Riverdale – Anatomy of a Murder (1×12) Reviewed by on . We finally learned the sticky, maple syrupy truth about Jason Blossom's killer on Riverdale and I have to say, it was a sweet twist. SPOILER ALERT - DO NOT READ We finally learned the sticky, maple syrupy truth about Jason Blossom's killer on Riverdale and I have to say, it was a sweet twist. SPOILER ALERT - DO NOT READ Rating: 0
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