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Roswell Don't Speak Roswell Don't Speak


Roswell – Don’t Speak (1×05)



Well, we have a killer.

Roswell’s mysterious mythology is getting more interested by the minute as it seems everyone has had some encounter with aliens though they aren’t necessarily up-front about it.

The town is thriving on secrets, but Liz Ortecho is here to unleash them all into the ether.

Doing so, she threatens to expose Max whom she’s clearly developing intense feelings for, especially after he saved her from Wyatt.

Let’s talk about Wyatt — I did not see that coming.

We all thought Wyatt was a racist who blamed the Ortecho family for his sister’s death but turns out he’s really woke about the existence of aliens.

I have so many questions beginning with how and why?

The resident conspiracy theorist, Grant, initially refused to talk to Liz about aliens because “people who talk end up dead” and sadly, he ended up dead at the hands of Wyatt.

The unraveling of this scene was unexpected and vague so the writers definitely have to expand more on this including how Wyatt is involved and who the men in black were that paid Grant off to stay silent. Were they Jesse Manes’ men?

Grant isn’t the first person to be silenced, and as the story progresses, we’ll learn more about the others who saw the same fate including Jim Valenti, Kyle’s father.

Speaking of Kyle’s father, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn’t having an affair with Rosa.

In a shocking twist, however, he turned out to be Rosa’s biological father which means Jim had an affair with Rosa and Liz’s mother. Talk about a bombshell.

Kyle now knows the truth, but will he tell Liz? She’s already in such a fragile place that this might ruin her.

I mean, she just doused with gasoline and almost burned for snooping around and wanting the truth.

Max came to her rescue, which led to Liz finding out the truth about who killed her sister. It wasn’t Max like she initially believed nor was it Micahel whose arm was in a cast at the time.

As suspected, Isobel is the culprit which is why her internal struggles are coming to the surface.

It first began when Isobel struggled with accepting that Rosa hated her. It’s also the reason why the trio made a pact never to talk about that night.

We still aren’t sure as to what happened between the girls and Isobel, but the brothers have lied to Isobel and everyone around them about the incident with Michael even taking the blame.

The mystery of who murdered Rosa is unraveling at a decent pace — it’s not being prolonged for the sake of the storyline and it’s also helping the story develop naturally.

With Rosa’s death almost solved, we’ll be able to focus on other Rosa’s paternity, Grant’s claims, and keeping Max, Michael and Isobel’s secret.

Will Liz be able to move on knowing that the man she loves also loves the woman who killed her sister?

It’s definitely a messy family dynamic, but something tells me Liz won’t be able to shake her feelings for Max even if she is kind of seeing Kyle.

The blackouts are also putting Isobel’s life in disarray.

Her husband, Noah, has become suspicious of her outings and how could he not? She’s always leaving the house and now, her brothers are lying that she’s doing “goat yoga.”

When he finally did find her, she was sitting at Michael’s in her night gown.

When he confronted her about her “alcohol” problem after finding empty bottles of nail polish remover all around the house, she couldn’t muster up any excuse and even told him she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Noah has every right to need some space. Isobel needs to decide if he’s the kind of guy who could accept her truth and most importantly, keep it.

As of now, Liz and Kyle are the only two people who know Max, Isobel and Michael’s secret.

As Micheal suggested telling their loved ones the truth finally, Alex found a piece of the hieroglyphic rock in Sheriff Valenti’s secret bunker.

Will he put the pieces together?

Thoughts on tonight’s Roswell? Are you surprised Isobel killed Rosa? What do you think went down between the fierce women?

And how are these secrets still a secret when so many people know the truth?

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Roswell – Tearin’ Up My Heart (1×03)



Roswell Tearin' Up My Heart

Given the title of tonight’s Roswell episode, you were probably a little miffed to find out there weren’t any Backstreet Boys appearances. So was I.

Though I will say that I am wholeheartedly invested in this series and the small town of Roswell, New Mexico.

Things got a little weird with a scavenger hunt, a drive-in, and a murder mystery, but the hour was well worth it.

Keep this momentum going please!

On “Tearin’ Up My Heart” they really ramped up the murder mystery by posing the question: who killed Rosa and making Max the number one suspect.

In retrospect, Liz’s assumption that Max killed Rosa was valid as she dug up evidence to what happened to her sister.

Max hasn’t been completely honest with her and she knows an alien was to blame for Rosa’s death.

There are only three aliens in town that could be to blame. If she wasn’t initially expecting Max, she was after her scavenger hunt led her to love letters presumably from Max to Rosa.

I am so glad they didn’t go down that route because man, love triangles, specifically with a dead girl, are not something any of us need to be involved in.

After Liz confronted Max, he confessed that he’s always loved her and Rosa knew about it. What is Liz going to do with that information?

Despite her anger and need for revenge, there is a chemistry between them that cannot be ignored.

And it seems like Rosa kept a lot of secrets before her death.

Also keeping secrets? Isobel.

Whatever happened during that movie night at the drive-in when she was trying to control Liz’s mind was reflective of a guilty conscience.

She kept seeing Rosa pop up for a reason. Michael is weary about Max’s relationship with Isobel, however, it seems like Isobel is the most concerned. It’s almost like she has the most to lose.

I definitely don’t think she’s being honest with Max about what happened the night of the murder.

It seems like Isobel and Rosa were close friends until something went wrong. But what is that something?

I was also surprised by how openly Isobel was using her powers in proximity to the Army and Jesse. If they are trying to go undetected, why the heck is she being so careless?

Max was also pretty careless when he agreed to let Liz run tests on him.

He made it clear that he didn’t want to be a test subject, and that’s exactly what he became. Love is blind, I know, but he shouldn’t be that naive.

Michael and Alex tried their best to make a relationship work, but we all knew it wasn’t ever going to.

At the core, Alex believes everything his father, Jesse, believes about Michael — that he’s a criminal who is never going to change.

He wants to be with him, but he’s also embarrassed of him, which means it won’t ever work out.

We cannot blame Alex for being at odds with himself because that ideology was instilled in him when he was growing up.

His father has a very old school and army mentality and believes Alex should act like the esteemed soldier that he is.

Thankfully, Jesse doesn’t know Michael is actually an alien as that’s probably the only thing he hates more than the LGBTQ community.

While he tried to manipulate Kyle into revealing the patient touched by the alien “hand,” he wasn’t successful as Kyle is loyal to Liz and realized that Jesse wasn’t being completely honest with him.

Yes, at this point in time, Kyle and Max are antagonists, but I’m willing to bet they will soon join forces to stop Jesse.

I wouldn’t mind that arc, though I would hope they’d refrain from once again introducing an unnecessary love triangle.

I’m turning it over to you Cravers!

What is Liz going to the with the newfound info that Max has always been in love with her? Are they destined to be together?

Who is responsible for Rosa’s murder?

And will Jesse find a connection to Max?

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Roswell, New Mexico – Pilot (1×01)



Roswell Pilot

Before I kickstart this review, let me just say that I never watched the original Roswell. Don’t feel bad for me, if I wanted to I could have, I just never got around to it.

Therefore, my reviews aren’t going to be critical of this reboot in terms of how it compares to the original because, again, I wouldn’t know since I didn’t watch it.

I will say, I was skeptical about the writers and producers of some of my favorite shows including The Vampire Diaries branching out into the alien universe.

Sure, aliens are still technically supernatural monsters, but it’s a whole different breed.

However, after the first episode, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself wanting to tune in again which usually doesn’t happen until about the third or fourth episode.

I did a bit of research into the original to find out how close the storyline remained and found that not much changed aside from the fact that the now sip on acetone instead of hot sauce. Truthfully, that sounds like a change for the worse.

Probably the biggest difference is the illegal immigration storyline as it pertains to Liza Ortecho and her father, Arturo. It’s extremely relevant in this Trumpian-era.

When Liz returns to Roswell, New Mexico, she realizes that her father is still targeted for being an undocumented immigrant.

It’s also the 10th anniversary of her sister, Rosa’s, death and tensions always escalate around this time as folks still blame the late teen for being the immigrant who drove drunk and killed her friends.

As she’s driving into town, Liz is stopped by border patrol who just so happens to be her old high school crush, Max.

And the journey begins.

Liz takes the night shift at her father’s alien-themed diner — aliens as in the supernatural creatures that reportedly crashed in Roswell in 1947, and not the “nickname” for illegal immigrants — when Max comes in for a shake.

As the two are catching up, someone shoots through the windows and hits Liza in the chest. In a panic, Max heals Liz with his powers, something he’s not allowed to do, and when she wakes up, he chalks it up to splattered ketchup.

Except Liz is smart, she’s a scientist, and she sees the hole in her uniform and later, a handprint on her chest.

She believes she’s going crazy and imaging things just like her sister Rosa so she goes to the hospital to get checked out by her ex and doctor, Kyle Valenti.

Later in the evening, she almost hooks up with Kyle but cuts it short when he notices said handprint.

However, Liz can’t shake what happened to her so she grabs Max’s straw for a swab of DNA and sure enough, finds that his genetic make-up is unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

Liza is a protagonist I can get behind. I already mentioned she’s book smart, but she’s also got her wits about her and she’s not afraid to get out there and get her answers.

She immediately confronts Max who comes clean despite objections from his brother, Michael, and his sister, Isobel.

You know the show is going to be good when the leading lady asks the guy “what are you,” like Elena did to Stefan on TVD.

The difference is that it took Liz half the time it took Elena to figure out everything wasn’t as it seemed.

Max brought her to the location of the crash and confirmed it wasn’t just a hoax.

He showed her the alien egg pods which he said kept him and his family alive until they woke up for 50-years after the crash in 1997.

Despite all the wild claims, Liz isn’t one bit scared, but Max informs her that the handprint has created a psychic bond between them causing her to feel an echo of what he feels.

He asks her to keep this between them because obviously, their fear is the science, so it’s hilarious that he’s entrusting a scientist with all of this.

The two head over to the high school reunion where Liz dances to Rosa’s favorite song with her best friend Maria.

Isobel makes sure to remind Max how dangerous this is especially because she can’t tell her husband who she really out of fear of getting exposed.

But, don’t worry guys, Max trusts her.

And listen, thus far, Liz hasn’t given him a reason to not trust him, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t in the future.

Max has always loved her so he just wants to believe in the goodness. I hope it won’t backfire on him.

There’s also a mystery surrounding Rosa as Max tells Isobel that despite Liz’s knowledge of what they are, she could never know about what really happened to her sister.

Did the three aliens play a role in her death? Was it not a drunk driving accident?

And how did they cover it up?

Elsewhere, Michael hooks-up with his former fling,  Alex Manes.

It seems like something he’s deeply embarrassed about as he’s an amputee military vet and his father wouldn’t approve.

Speaking of his father, Sgt. Manes, Kyle goes to him with news of the handprint because he remembers his delusional father muttering the mantra:  if you see the handprint, go to Manes.

Sgt. Manes informs him about Project Shepard and tells him that a handprint sighting means a “monster” survived the crash that night.

Will Kyle give up his patient?

What did you think about the premiere of Roswell?

Were you a fan of the original?

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