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Scandal – The Decision (6×10)

Well Gladiators, we’ve made it to the 100th episode. Congrats.

This very special episode imagined what it would be like if Liv never rigged the election so that Fitz would become President. She questions her decision after finding herself torn between her two ex lovers, Fitz and Jake, both of whom are aware of the “shady” stuff that’s been happening involving Marjorie Rurland. In case you forgot, Huck almost died! Fitz is done being manipulated and wants to clear Cyrus’s name while Jake believes that they should remain neutral and get Mellie into the White House, something both parties want. The decision, ones again comes down to Liv, just like several years ago during Defiance.

So what would have happened if she said ‘no’ and Fitz never won the presidency? Well for starters, they would have been together, at least according to Liv’s daydream, in which Fitz lost and two months later showed up at her door, stopping her from going on a date with Leo Bergen. Yes…. seriously.

Fitz tells her that he finally left Mellie and asks her to marry him to which she replies by closing the elevator door and then reopening and saying yes. Things move very quickly and before you know it, Liv is walking down the aisle escorted by Huck, wearing a really bad toupe. But we can’t really complain, we’ve been waiting for this moment for 5 years right? This is their Vermont finally.

As the episode continues, it becomes very obvious that clothing and demeanor play a huge role in making Olivia Pope. Without her designer purses, red bottom heels and OPA strut, she’s really just nobody trying to make it in DC, specifically passing a bill with Marcus. This is definitely not the same Liv we all know and love, but she does possess some of the same quirks, like determination and a drive to make her name known in the White House. Have to commend her for that.

The second shocking moment aside from the Fitz and Pope wedding – the Cyrus and Grant wedding. Uh yes, still not joking. It’s made clear that Cyrus is very much gay and very much in the closer and he chooses to exploit Mellie, who is still trying to pick herself up after losing Fitz, to get into the White House. They make a power team but he doesn’t’ waste time letting her know that this relationship is not about love and the fairytale, it’s about power. Also, it was really nice to see James again. I still wish he didn’t meet such a gruesome death.

The third most shocking moment? Quinn. Or should I say Lindsey D, contestant on the made up version of The Bachelor and self described small town girl looking for love. If this is what Quinn would have become if she hadn’t been reeled in by OPA then thank god Liv saved her. Huck, has a fascination with her on the show but it’s Fitz who has the sexual interaction with her and yes, it’s just as disturbing as it sounds.

You didn’t think that Liv and Fitz would just live happily ever after now did you? Nope. Regardless of whether or not she rigged the election, they would have struggled as a couple and that becomes blatantly obvious this week. With Fitz not being a powerful man, she begins to lose interest and feels like he’s given up on himself. He despises the fact that she’s so involved in her work and they begin to resent each other. The problem though – neither of them ever actually gave the relationship a chance. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

The good part about it? In the end, Fitz realized that Liv choosing not to rig the election meant that she was doing it in his best interest. That realization carried over from daydream to reality, where Liv knew that given a second chance, she had to do the right thing. She had to choose Fitz this time and make things right.

So while daydream Fitz and Liv gave their relationship another chance and bought a place in Georgetown, in real life, Liv marched up to Fitz and told him she was going to help him clear Cyrus’s name and get him into office. And for us loyal viewers, this could only mean that we’ll finally be getting more of their relationship again.

Admit it, while the love-story was getting melodramatic in season 3, come season 6, it was a void we needed to fill. And how GOOD was it to hear that Liv and Fitz LOVE music again?

Other Thoughts

  • No matter the path, some events were unavoidable like Liv and Mellie becoming friends. The latter finally realized that Fitz chose his mistress because she put him and what he wanted first.
  • Cyrus still outed Sally’s husband because even in this daydream vision, he was ruthless and set on getting ahead.
  • Papa Pope was still meddling despite not really having a reason to control his daughter.
  • Fitz finally admitted that being President wasn’t actually what he wanted.
  • Abbie and David were still together, which made me happy because #relationshipgoals.
  • This had to be Shonda’s funnest episode yet because logic did not apply here – logic never applies to visions and daydreams.

What did you think of Scandal’s 100th episode?!


Scandal – The Decision (6×10) Reviewed by on . Well Gladiators, we've made it to the 100th episode. Congrats. This very special episode imagined what it would be like if Liv never rigged the election so that Well Gladiators, we've made it to the 100th episode. Congrats. This very special episode imagined what it would be like if Liv never rigged the election so that Rating: 0
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