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Supergirl – We Can Be Heroes (2×10)

Three heads are better than one in most case but on Supergirl, three was just a crowd. At least to Kara.

Livewire made her epic return this week and I totally forgot how much I enjoyed her as a villain.

When Livewire “breaks out” of her high maximu prison, Supergirl is on high alert knowing this girl is the real deal. With the help of her new partner in crime, she attacks a police stake out and Supergirl is no match for the two electrical buddies.

Thankfully, she’s not the only hero in National City. Mon-El just finished up his training and leaped into battle with her. However when he saw that she was in danger, he disobeyed her orders of “helping the civilians” and ran to her aid. All those people he was supposed to protect would have been fried if it wasn’t for the Guardian, who arrived just in the knick of time. With everyone working for the same cause, Livewire and her buddy escaped.

With Guardian left unconscious, Supergirl was finally able to see who the hero under the mask was and she was horrified to find out it was Jimmy Olsen. Back at the DEO, things between them did not end well. He admitted that he wanted to tell her about his “calling” but she wasn’t having any of it, telling him that it was careless because he was a human and he would get hurt. Jimmy wasn’t listening to her though, explaining that he was going to continue fighting the good fight because he was never meant to live in her shadow.

There was also some friction between Jimmy and Mon-El. Jimmy was a bit jealous that Kara was so eager to train her other alien friend to be a hero, even though he had absolutely no desire to be one. As he pointed out, Mon-El only cared about himself, which is why he put all those civilians at risk.

Kara doesn’t want to believe it but confronts Mon-El and asks him why he decided to be a hero. “Is it because you like me,” she questions. Hearing the kindergarten-ish statement “do you like me” from a superhero is pretty comical, I’ll admit, but I guess a question that had to be posed. When Mon-El is unable to provide an answer, she brushes him off as the next hero, which doesn’t sit with him well.

Awaiting Livewire’s next move, Supergirl goes to be with J’onn and M’gann, who was basically dying after being “attacked” in her cell. J’onn initially refused to help the White Martian, unable to forgive her betrayal, but after some persuasion from Alex, he gave in and linked brains with her. There, he saw her sitting in the middle of the Martian war. She was so disappointed in the fact that she lied to him so she closed off and hid in her brain. J’onn forgives her and promises to be there for her and they both wake up. That’s when she admits that she was being attacked by her people, who are coming to get her. Could these be the same people looking for Mon-El?

While Kara was busy with J’onn, Winn gave Livewire’s location to the Guardian in hopes that he’d finally prove himself to Kara. Turns out, the Livewire attacking Supergirl and the police was actually a prototype created by a scientist who was holding the real Livewire captive and draining her powers. Guardian doesn’t stand much of a chance against the 4 of them and neither does Mon-El, who overheard the plan and came to help out.

Pretty soon, Winn is calling Kara to tell her that both “superheroes” were trapped and needed her help. At this point, I kind of understood why she was so annoyed with them – instead of making things easier, they were just extra people she needed to save.

Supergirl and the real Livewire put aside their differences to team up against the scientist who did her wrong. In fact, when they all came together, they were quite a powerful team. That wasn’t enough to convince Kara that Jimmy should be superhero so our favorite team finally parted ways. This will definitely cause a strain in their friendship and I’m sure negatively affect Kara. Plus, she’ll probably need Guardian’s help eventually, convincing her that he should follow his heart’s desires, even if she doesn’t agree with them.

We also haven’t seen the last of Livewire, who played nice with Supergirl and got a head start on running. Who knows, maybe she’ll even stay out of trouble and we won’t have to deal with her again anytime soon?

As for Mon-El, he finally fessed up that he does in fact “like” Kara. He fessed up to remembering kissing when he thought he was dying and explained it was because of her beautiful eyes that reminded him of comets. Kara didn’t say much back as he poured out his feelings making things a little bit awkward and he simply asked that they continue working together, which I’m sure won’t be easy considering she too has feelings for him, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Take some advice from Alex girl and just be happy!

I’ll put any money on the fact that Mon-El and Kara kiss on the Valentine’s Day episode. The couple that fights crime together, stays together… hopefully.

Supergirl – We Can Be Heroes (2×10) Reviewed by on . Three heads are better than one in most case but on Supergirl, three was just a crowd. At least to Kara. Livewire made her epic return this week and I totally f Three heads are better than one in most case but on Supergirl, three was just a crowd. At least to Kara. Livewire made her epic return this week and I totally f Rating: 0
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