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Supergirl – Damage (3×05)

Morgan Edge resurfaced on Supergirl for an epic takedown of Lena Luthor.

While Edge was a mediocre villain at best, it was really Lena’s show. Her whole life, she’s struggled to prove that despite her crappy genetics, she was a good person. And then, the one good thing that she thought she did ended up being her takedown.

Edge stirred the pot early on in the episode by giving a press conference in which he insinuated that Lena caused several children to fall ill as a direct result of the bomb she set off in the season two finale to get rid of the Daxamites. Not only was he slandering her name, he was doing it at her hospital. Sadly, lead contamination isn’t just a narrative pulled from comic books, it’s a real-life story that unfolded in Flint, Michigan, which Lena actually draws attention to. And unlike National City, Flint doesn’t have a Supergirl to save the day.

With the negative press affecting both CatCo and Luthor Corp, Lena made the decision to resign temporarily until her innocence is proven. A decision that Jimmy Olsen whole-heartedly supports.

Lena calls a press conference to tell the people, who are all chanting to “lock her up,” yet another real-life nod to Hillary Clinton’s press conferences.

Despite tests that Lena ran with Wynn before detonating the bomb, she can’t say with 100% certainty that Edge is lying. Before she can even finish apologizing, a scorned parent of one of the children fires his gun.

James takes the bullet for her – in the shoulder, so he’s fine – thus proving he doesn’t actually hate her as much as lets on. In fact, I think we might see a relationship bloom between these two!

The bullet may have missed her, but it left its mark emotionally. Maybe she just had to admit what was so blatantly obvious to everyone else – she was evil.

Personally, I was less invested in the self-loathing pity party and more so enjoying that she was getting sloshed off of wine and wearing a hoodie.

Lena may have given up but her friends Kara and Sam worked tirelessly to prove her innocence. Sam’s quick thinking skills of hacking into bank accounts led them to find a connection between all the children: a food truck.

The food truck was located near a pool, which was contaminated with a chemical found in the chlorine cans that mimicked the symptoms of lead poisoning. Lena recognizes the company, Acme Corp, immediately because it belongs to Edge. They always say, know everything about your enemy.

Edge was poisoning children on purpose to take a shot at Lena for buying out Catco from under him. Talk about petty.

Lena is pretty resourceful but confronting someone as dangerous and ruthless as Edge alone wasn’t the smartest. She’s knocked out by one of his goons, only to wake up in a warplane, which was being piloted by Edge and said goon.

Basically, the plane was filled with the chemical and no one else was on board so once it crashed, contaminating all the water, it would look like Lena was responsible.

Thankfully, her mayday call reached Supergirl, who came to her rescue and through an impressive use of CGI, broke the plane in half, salvaging the part with the chemicals and Lena. #SavedTheDayAgain

It’s unclear what Supergirl will do the bring down Edge, who seems to feel invisible because he knows caped heroes don’t stray from the moral path.

On the plus side, we finally saw the three ladies work together, but specifically Kara and Sam, who as we know, both hail from Krypton and will probably battle each other soon enough.

There wasn’t much insight into Sam’s transformation into Reign, at least nothing as drastic as the visions from last week, but she did realize that something is going haywire when Ruby pointed out a tear in her shirt with a bullet lodged in it. Then things got weirder for her when she remembers that the bullet from the press conference grazed her but didn’t even harm her.

I guess the episode was a bit of a let down for me because I’m so invested in seeing Sam’s transformation into Reign and the more they prolong it, the antsier I get.

However, the rest of the episode was dedicated to bidding adieu to #Sanvers, which was really a hard pill to swallow.

How did we get here? From having a blissful wedding shower one day to breaking up and moving out. It was heartbreaking to watch, especially because there is still so much love between these two women.

Unfortunately, love isn’t always enough. If both sides don’t make a sacrifice or come to an agreement, there’s no point in pursuing the relationship. At the end of the day, they wanted different things, I just wish that they hadn’t taken this couple so far, and made us fall for them, just to pull the rug up from under us.

Supergirl – Damage (3×05) Reviewed by on . Morgan Edge resurfaced on Supergirl for an epic takedown of Lena Luthor. While Edge was a mediocre villain at best, it was really Lena's show. Her whole life, s Morgan Edge resurfaced on Supergirl for an epic takedown of Lena Luthor. While Edge was a mediocre villain at best, it was really Lena's show. Her whole life, s Rating: 0
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