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Supergirl – Damage (3×05)



Morgan Edge resurfaced on Supergirl for an epic takedown of Lena Luthor.

While Edge was a mediocre villain at best, it was really Lena’s show. Her whole life, she’s struggled to prove that despite her crappy genetics, she was a good person. And then, the one good thing that she thought she did ended up being her takedown.

Edge stirred the pot early on in the episode by giving a press conference in which he insinuated that Lena caused several children to fall ill as a direct result of the bomb she set off in the season two finale to get rid of the Daxamites. Not only was he slandering her name, he was doing it at her hospital. Sadly, lead contamination isn’t just a narrative pulled from comic books, it’s a real-life story that unfolded in Flint, Michigan, which Lena actually draws attention to. And unlike National City, Flint doesn’t have a Supergirl to save the day.

With the negative press affecting both CatCo and Luthor Corp, Lena made the decision to resign temporarily until her innocence is proven. A decision that Jimmy Olsen whole-heartedly supports.

Lena calls a press conference to tell the people, who are all chanting to “lock her up,” yet another real-life nod to Hillary Clinton’s press conferences.

Despite tests that Lena ran with Wynn before detonating the bomb, she can’t say with 100% certainty that Edge is lying. Before she can even finish apologizing, a scorned parent of one of the children fires his gun.

James takes the bullet for her – in the shoulder, so he’s fine – thus proving he doesn’t actually hate her as much as lets on. In fact, I think we might see a relationship bloom between these two!

The bullet may have missed her, but it left its mark emotionally. Maybe she just had to admit what was so blatantly obvious to everyone else – she was evil.

Personally, I was less invested in the self-loathing pity party and more so enjoying that she was getting sloshed off of wine and wearing a hoodie.

Lena may have given up but her friends Kara and Sam worked tirelessly to prove her innocence. Sam’s quick thinking skills of hacking into bank accounts led them to find a connection between all the children: a food truck.

The food truck was located near a pool, which was contaminated with a chemical found in the chlorine cans that mimicked the symptoms of lead poisoning. Lena recognizes the company, Acme Corp, immediately because it belongs to Edge. They always say, know everything about your enemy.

Edge was poisoning children on purpose to take a shot at Lena for buying out Catco from under him. Talk about petty.

Lena is pretty resourceful but confronting someone as dangerous and ruthless as Edge alone wasn’t the smartest. She’s knocked out by one of his goons, only to wake up in a warplane, which was being piloted by Edge and said goon.

Basically, the plane was filled with the chemical and no one else was on board so once it crashed, contaminating all the water, it would look like Lena was responsible.

Thankfully, her mayday call reached Supergirl, who came to her rescue and through an impressive use of CGI, broke the plane in half, salvaging the part with the chemicals and Lena. #SavedTheDayAgain

It’s unclear what Supergirl will do the bring down Edge, who seems to feel invisible because he knows caped heroes don’t stray from the moral path.

On the plus side, we finally saw the three ladies work together, but specifically Kara and Sam, who as we know, both hail from Krypton and will probably battle each other soon enough.

There wasn’t much insight into Sam’s transformation into Reign, at least nothing as drastic as the visions from last week, but she did realize that something is going haywire when Ruby pointed out a tear in her shirt with a bullet lodged in it. Then things got weirder for her when she remembers that the bullet from the press conference grazed her but didn’t even harm her.

I guess the episode was a bit of a let down for me because I’m so invested in seeing Sam’s transformation into Reign and the more they prolong it, the antsier I get.

However, the rest of the episode was dedicated to bidding adieu to #Sanvers, which was really a hard pill to swallow.

How did we get here? From having a blissful wedding shower one day to breaking up and moving out. It was heartbreaking to watch, especially because there is still so much love between these two women.

Unfortunately, love isn’t always enough. If both sides don’t make a sacrifice or come to an agreement, there’s no point in pursuing the relationship. At the end of the day, they wanted different things, I just wish that they hadn’t taken this couple so far, and made us fall for them, just to pull the rug up from under us.

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Supergirl – In Search of Lost Time (3×15)



Supergirl In Search of Lost Time

Okay, there’s a reason Lena Luthor is a boss babe CEO of her own company at such a young age.

She’s a genius. When Sam confided in her about her blackouts, Lena told her that “she knew what was going on,” and she wasn’t lying.

Monday’s episode of Supergirl kicked off with Lena and Sam in her laboratory. Lena was taking notes on her findings: Sam was mutating into the “other.” Later on, she clarified to a disheveled, scared and irritated Sam that her DNA was changing on a cellular level and periodically, she’d turn into Reign.

When Sam didn’t believe her, Lena used Jimmy Olsen’s advice and “held up the mirror” for her. What are friends for if not to prove to yourself that you have a form of split personality disorder and the other half of you is actually an alien that’s terrorizing the city and killing innocent civilians?

On a brighter note, Jimmy wasn’t deterred by Lena’s absence at all and even stopped by to bring her some Chinese food for dinner! He has “powerful” friends so he gets that work can become, for lack of a better word, complicated.

And boy, things got kind of complicated at the DEO when J’onn brought in Papa Martian who was trying to salvage his memories in the face of dementia and inadvertently causing psychic attacks.

During these psychic attacks, no one in a nearby radius was immune, not even Supergirl. And since Papa Martian was frustrated with his onset illness his feelings were manifested onto everyone else.

Props to whoever came up with the idea paint a visual picture of the shockwaves, chaos and frustration enveloping our friends at the DEO. I really felt like I was experiencing it all with them during the trippy scene.

There was an epic showdown between Winn and Demos where, at one point, Winn pulled out a gun on him. Alex intervened to kick both of their asses.

And Kara took out her aggressions on Mon-El which was warranted but also a bit harsh. Talking it out would have had the same effect as the punches. However, I’m glad we finally addressed the big ole’ elephant in the room; Kara cannot keep pretending that she isn’t hurt by Mon-El’s return.

It’s like when you date a guy with so many flaws and then you guys break up and someone else gets this perfect version of him that you worked so hard to create. It’s unfair.

For what it’s worth, Mon-El finally apologized for being a jerk and disregarding Kara’s feelings back when he was a non-time traveler in the 21st century.

Also, Supergirl has her work cut out for her if she’s going to take on Pestilence. Those cape tricks are neat and all, but she’s going to need to work on her footwork and some strategy if she wants to stand a chance.

It may be quiet on the Worldkillers front, but Pestilence’s arrival is imminent. Pigeons falling from the sky seems like a clear sign of diseases and plagues which seems to be what her future form, Blight, stands for.

Other Thoughts

  • How did Sam not recognize herself as Reign? The mask isn’t THAT good.
  • Shouldn’t Ruby stay with someone other than a babysitter? That seems pretty temporary and my guess is, Reign will find a way out of Lena’s glass house because the Worldkillers have a mission.
  • Speaking of, when is Lena planning on telling her friends about Sam’s condition?
  • Mon-El and Supergirl are couple goals in their color-coordinated suits. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and it seems like feelings are starting to bubble up again. Imra, you better come home if you want to keep your man.
  • Seeing J’onn become the father and put his father in a figurative prison was heartbreaking. The burden of aging, losing your memory and or being forced to strip an elder of their independence is the same whether you’re a human or martian it seems.
  • His storyline nicely mimicked what Lena was going through with Sam; stripping her of her independence and dignity, but doing so to protect everyone around her.
  • Kara carefully unbuttoning her favorite shirt before leaping into action was hilarious. But really, what does she do with that suit if she needs to undress during a one-night stand? And how does she fit her skirt and cape into that tight clothing?
  • Will Supergirl reach out to Superman to bring down the Worldkillers? She does have a Legion of Superheroes at her disposal, but a helping hand of steel never hurt anyone.

I’m really digging the comedic tone and hope Supergirl doesn’t shy away from the friendly dynamics whenever the storyline permits.

You can watch Supergirl on The CW right here!

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Supergirl – Schott Through the Heart (3×14)



Supergirl Schott Through the Heart

Supergirl kicked things off on a really happy note so it was only a matter of time before the episode took a dark turn.

During karaoke night — where we learned absolutely no one at the DEA can hold a tune — Winn found out his father was killed in prison.

He tried to act like he wasn’t phased since his father was a terrible man but loss affects everyone, regardless.

Given that his father was the ToyMan, he had one last spectacle up his sleeve as he was being lowered to the ground.

His coffin exploded into tiny, little pieces which they later realized was part of a bigger plan to make good on his promise to Winn’s estranged mother (guest star Laurie Metcalf).

Who else was impressed with those flying monkeys that spelled out the ominous warning “Surrender Mary” in the sky.

Winn initially refused to forgive his mother for abandoning him 20-years ago and watching him re-live the night his mother never came for him when his father snapped was chilling. This was a side of Wynn we’ve never seen before. Jeremy Jordan is a superb actor; he needs to include that scene in his reel!

However, Mary had a solid reason for leaving: his father warned her that if she stayed, he would kill his only son.

And even from beyond the grave, he vowed to keep them apart.

Now, none of this excuses her estrangement but it does provide some context as to why she stayed away which changes things a bit.

You can’t be mad at someone who thought they were doing the best for you.

The two begin deconstructing the flying monkeys hoping it would lead them to the person carrying out Winslow’s wishes.

Mary figures it out first and heads over to the WWW toy factory where she finds Winslow’s apprentice, a woman who worked maintenance at the penitentiary and learned all of his tricks.

She promised him that after his death, she would make sure to kill Winn as Mary watched and then kill her as punishment for breaking the rules.

When Winn realizes his mother has been captured, he puts his hero pants on and heads over there with Supergirl, the Guardian and Mon-El by his side.

Surprisingly, he didn’t need any of them to defeat his father’s protege; he’s his father’s son so he knows a thing or two about the “tricks.” He just had a better head on his shoulders and used his smarts for good rather than evil which simultaneously put his mother’s worries to rest. He didn’t just survive without his parents, he thrived!

It was definitely fun to watch them take on villainous toys for a change — literal HOT wheels, an angry T-Rex and Supergirl being turned into an action figure!

After the threat had been neutralized, Winn even offered to get to know his mother which means Metcalf will be sticking around for awhile, hopefully.

Winn drama aside, Mon-El was following Kara around because he needed to “talk.”

Exes can be so clingy sometimes. I joke, obviously.

After his talk with Imra, he realized just how terrible it felt to be lied to and wanted to apologize to Kara. Furthermore, he needed to inform her about why Imra lied. Kara didn’t want to get involved in his marriage, however, the reason had less to do with love and more to do with Worldkillers.

Despite what they initially believed, the Legionnaires didn’t land on Earth by accident, Imra and Brainy did it intentionally and kept Mon-El in the dark because they didn’t think he’d want to come back.

What are they looking for? The third Wordkiller, Pestilence, which the DEA has yet to find. Apparently, in a thousand years, she evolves into Blight so finding and stopping her now saves everyone in the present and in the future. Win-Win.

Remember in Supergirl Season 3 Episode 10, Mon-El explains that they hid the secret for stopping a race of world-destroying creatures called the Blight inside their own DNA.

So now, the Legion and Supergirl are on the same side with a common enemy.

Will working together bring Mon-El and Supergirl closer together? There are obviously still feelings on both sides and I’m not sure how long Mon-El can continue on in an arranged marriage.

Alex and J’onn spent some time away from the DEA enjoying a family meal with M’yrnn.

While J’onn is oblivious to M’yrnn’s memory decay, Alex catches on fairly quickly as she once experienced this with her grandmother.

She tells M’yrnn that he has to tell his son the truth as he deserves to know, but M’yrnn doesn’t want to burden his son anymore. He also doesn’t want to force him to lose his father piece-by-piece again.

While his desire to protect his child is noble, dementia isn’t something you can deal with alone nor can you hide it for too long.

When Alex explains that she won’t lie to J’onn, M’yrnn angrily orders her to get out of his house. She honors his wishes by not saying a thing, but he eventually tells his son the truth, which obviously crushes him. Even aliens get debilitating diseases. It’ll be interesting to see how J’onn deals with all of this.

And finally, James Olsen spent most of the episode calling maybe-girlfriend Lena who was missing in action.

Given the climate they live in, I would have worried that she was kidnapped or something but eventually she called back blaming L-Corp meetings and such on her disappearance.

In reality, she’s running tests on Sam to figure out what’s been causing her blackouts.

Lena is one of the good guys so hopefully, she’ll report any findings to her group of besties.

However, I don’t think the tests will reveal much of anything because her brain is intact, she’s simply playing host to Reign, who only comes out to play when she needs to.

And that’s maybe how she’ll figure it out! Maybe, as she’s testing Sam, Reign will appear and she’ll put two-and-two together.



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Supergirl – Both Sides Now (3×13)



Supergirl/ The CW

Supergirl and the DEO are a step closer to the Worldkillers on this week’s episode of Supergirl but unfortunately, Reign is still one step ahead of them.

After pinpointing Julie as the Worldkiller thanks to her still-unexplained visions, Kara and team went to bring her in.

They were expecting a strong entity with powers similar to Reign’s but what they found was a girl sitting with her headphones on singing a song.

Julie got the shock of her life and begged Supergirl not to hurt her, which seemed a bit unusual to me. Why did she think the hero came to instill fear and pain?

When Purity sensed the danger, her switch flipped and those high-pitch shrieks and trembles knocked a few people to their knees.

J’onn was able to cuff her and bring her back to the DEO where Supergirl insisted to get through to Julie. She saw the switch flip but unfortunately, was met with backlash from Alex who wanted to “do it her way.”

Questioning Alex isn’t something I normally do. In this instance though, Kara seemed to have the better approach. Why was it so hard for Alex to believe that this creature wasn’t 100% evil?

Kara begins making headway until Alex ruins it all by angering Purity. When she reveals that they have her crystal upstairs, which will lead them to the Worldkiller’s headquarters, Purity freaks out utilizing her powers to break free from the DEO.

When the crystal is activated, Reign is summoned and informed about her “sister,” which unfortunately cuts into Sam’s mother-daughter bonding time with Ruby.

Lena thought she was doing Sam a favor by letting her take a mental health day and Sam thought she would make all the weirdness up to Ruby by allowing her to play hooky and go ice-skating. Instead, Ruby found herself deserted in the middle of the ice-rink after her mother just disappeared.

Ruby isn’t stupid; she knows something is up with her mother, but I’m surprised she called Lena over Alex. Mother’s can be so gullible sometimes. They think they are protecting their children and shielding them from the difficulties when in reality, Ruby is more aware of what’s going on than Sam is.

When Reign retracts, Sam rushes back to the office to confide in Lena: she has absolutely NO idea where she went after deserting Ruby. Not one single memory. Obviously, this has to be really frustrating. Medically, I’d probably diagnose it to some kind of early onset Alzheimers or bipolar disorder. This is especially true when she became furious when she found out Lena told her daughter that she was sick.

For a brief moment, Reign appeared through her before Sam fought back. Lena assured her she “knew exactly what was going on” and promised to help. What will her diagnosis be?

Honestly, if only Lena, Alex and Kara communicated on the regular. If Lena has told the ladies that information, they would be able to compare it to Julia and Purity.

In an attempt to take her down a second time, Winn located her riding the public transportation. Trust me, as someone who rides the Chicago CTA every day, Purity’s actions were relatively normal. That is until she started using her shrieking vibrato to take down the superheroes, which she found ineffective thanks to Winn’s earbuds. That’s how I tune out the ridiculous people on trains too, who would have guessed?

Stripped of her main power, Purity goes into distress, which becomes dangerous for the commuters. A fight ensues and it’s mainly Supergirl trying to take her down while the rest of the team focuses on getting people out of there.

Eventually, Alex realizes Kara was right this whole time; there’s a struggle happening within Julie. She’s trying to break through while Purity is trying to keep her grasp. The characteristic struggle of good vs. evil with good prevailing for the time being.

Just as they were able to reach Julie and bring her back, Reign crash landed and threatened to kill Alex. Julie, being the brave human that she is, offered herself in exchange for Alex’s freedom. Reign happily accepted since her whole mission was to save her “sister” and train her to be just as powerful.

While defeated all was not lost. The DEO now has a much better understanding of who the Worldkiller’s are and how they operate. The silver lining is that there are actually people inside. Maybe the goal isn’t to defeat them, it’s to save them.

We still don’t know who the other two are, but it’s only a matter of time before they rise.

The other big mystery this week involves Imra and Mon-El. She’s been absent from a few episodes and it’s because things have been a little rocky between the spouses. Everyone picks up on the discord but only J’onn really has the alien confidence to get the real scoop.

Mon-El is hesitant to open up at first but eventually gives us a deeper look at his relationship. His marriage to Imra was arranged. He wasn’t forced to marry her, per say, but he did it knowing that it would bring unity and peace between the planets.

This little fact changes everything for Mon-El and Kara shippers because Mon-El isn’t completely in love with his wife nor is over Kara. We knew that already, but it’s so nice to hear him say it.

Of course, he has respect for Imra and grew to love her but it isn’t on the level of deep, real and passionate as his feelings for Kara once were.

But because of that, he’s confused. He has a wife, but he also he might also have feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

Messy. J’onn agrees, but he gives him some solid advice: be honest. The key to marriage is honesty and Imra deserves to know what he’s really feeling.

He takes J’onn up on that advice and Imra is appreciative admitting that honesty is the on of the qualities she loves about him.

You know how I said mother’s think they’re doing such a good job of keeping secrets from their kids? Well, Mon-El really thought he was covering up his emotions well yet Imra knew exactly what the problem was. It’s obvious after all — any man would be conflicted if he suddenly RETURNED from the future and scored a second chance with the love of his life after thinking he’d never see her again.

He looks at Kara for a little too long, he’s too eager to talk to her and he’s always trying to save her. That man is in LOVE and while it hurts, Imra just knows their time is limited.

But, now that they’re being honest, Imra admits she has to tell him the truth too; the truth about why they really came on this mission.

What do you think she and Brainy are hiding from him? Was their goal always to reunite Mon-El and Kara? Did they need to return to help Supergirl stop the Worldkillers? We need answers Imra.

Naturally, since Mon-El is starting to have feelings again, Kara claims she’s getting over him. Will these two ever just be on the same page?

Haters can say whatever they want, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the romantic aspect of this series. It doesn’t have to be all about fighting villains — Supergirl is allowed to have a love life of sorts.

Alex is still wallowing in her break-up with Maggie, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just being dragged out. I don’t want Alex’s personal life to interfere with the DEO nor do I want her to become cynical. It’s okay to feel pain, to be hurt and to drink your sorrows in tequila, but then, it’s time to pick up the guns and fight the real fight.

Other Thoughts

  • Man, Mon-El looks GOOD in his tight suit.
  • Did anyone else pick up on some sparks between Imra and Winn? I’m shipping them when Mon-El’s marriage dissolves.
  • Julie’s freak out was epic and totally relatable on many levels.
  • Winn, J’onn and Mon-El talking about cars? Classic.

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