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Supergirl Dark Side of the Moon Supergirl Dark Side of the Moon


Supergirl – Dark Side of the Moon (3×20)



Dark side of the moon? More like dark Krypton.

The ultimate villain behind Reign was finally revealed on this week’s Supergirl when Kara and Mon-El took a trip into space to find the black rock, the only thing that could kill her.

We didn’t get much bonding time between the exes so those who were hoping that being trapped in a spaceship together would force Mon-El to tell her the truth about his feelings were left a bit unimpressed.

However, the two did stumble onto Argo, a new town formed during the destruction of Krypton. And Supergirl’s mother, Alura, was actually alive.

During a blissful and unexpected reunion, Alura told her that her father found a way to save them both and she’d been living on this new planet ever since. Since her pod got knocked off course, she assumed Kara never made it to Earth and was dead.

Reunion aside, Alura was also on the high council and arranged a meeting for her daughter to meet with them after she learned of what they needed.

Apparently, the dark rock was the only thing keeping their planet’s atmosphere hospitable and thus, they had none to spare.

It was a difficult task convincing the high council who no longer associate themselves with Krypton, therefore, they don’t want to clean up any of their messes.

However, the ultimate decision rest upon Selena’s hands. We’ve seen Selena before as the hologram figure that’s been guiding Reign. She ruled in Supergirl’s favor and sent the daughter of Krypton and the former Prince of Daxam, which Alura oddly recognized even though he would have been young at that time, back home with the black rock.

Will it work? It’s uncertain. It seems Supergirl played right into Selena’s hands and she’s actually double-crossing her and working with Reign.

Unless all of Argo is now evil which would mean that Alura is also working against Supergirl. I wouldn’t put it past her as I was getting really weird vibes from her and kept fearing that she would stab her own daughter in the back.

When Supergirl mentioned Astra’s death, Alura almost seemed pleased.

And when Kara said that she now knows it isn’t the last time seeing her mother, it seemed like she knew that they would never have another moment like this again.

Maybe what she meant by “learned from Krypton’s mistakes” meant that they would value sustainability above all else and wouldn’t let another planet take what’s theirs from them again?

Hopefully, the black rock doesn’t enable Reign more because they really don’t stand a chance against her powers at this point.

She was trying so hard to convince Lena to turn over to her dark side and just kill her. Personally, I think she should have done it because, from the way it stands, there is no stopping Reign unless you kill both her and Sam.

And in the grand scheme of things, one life, even if it is Sam’s, is a lot better than the whole world suffering.

While Supergirl was trying to clean up one of Krypton’s messes, Alex was dealing with an enemy from her past whose brother was killed after coming to Earth on Fort Rozz. Again, another one of Krypton’s unresolved issues.

Alex was quick to realize that someone was trying to kill her but it was obvious it wasn’t going to be anyone she suspected.

I expected the man who made parole to be the one who saved her from the killer but hey, I forgot that Alex Danvers doesn’t need to be saved.

The whole storyline served more as a ploy to set up the scene for when she becomes Ruby’s mother full-time.

It’s obvious that something will happen to Sam and Alex’s dream of becoming a mom will come to fruition.

It’s why she grappled with all these feelings of not being able to protect a child in her line of work. But what is every cop supposed to say?

As far as her relationship with Ruby goes, I find them to be pretty great together but love that they had her branch out and bond with other cast-members like Winn, especially because he understands dysfunctional families and parents.

Thoughts on this week’s Supergirl?

Should Mon-El have seen this secret world coming since he’s from the future? Is there a way to stop Reign without killing her?



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