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Supergirl Midvale Supergirl Midvale


Supergirl – Midvale (3×06)



When I first saw that Supergirl was doing a flashback episode, I thought it would be a complete filler.

And while I wasn’t completely mistaken, it was a heartwarming episode that really gave us some insight to who Kara and Alex were before all this DEO/superhero stuff.

Of course, back when razor’s were “in,” Kara Danvers was still a superhero, but she wasn’t encouraged to embrace her powers like she is now. I’m not really sure why that is; if the fam was so scared the FBI would become aware of her, why isn’t it a problem in the present? Is it because she’s old enough to wield her own powers and control them?

The Danvers sisters return to Midvale to refocus. Alex just broke up with Maggie and Kara figured going home would help her heal. It wasn’t appreciated at first — turns out, Alex is a mean drunk. Eventually, though, she realized Kara’s intentions were in the right place, as they always are.

These two are so close, it’s hard imagining a time when they hated each other, but it was a thing back when Kara was 15 and a fresh addition to the family. Alex resented her new sis because she blamed her for Jeremiah’s absence. I have to give props to the casting department — the resemblance between young Alex and Kara and the older version is almost uncanny.

We know that Kara’s arrival on Earth had something to do with it, but she wasn’t the reason why he was away from home that much.

Things for Kara weren’t much easier; she landed on a random planet, was forced into a new family and told to hide who she really was in order to fit in. Except she didn’t fit in at school, at all. And Alex didn’t do anything to ease that. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Alex was best friends with the “popular girl” and the jocks and tried to keep her distance from the lame new girl. So glad she grew out of that phase.

Alex and Kara’s love for being heroes and solving crimes eventually led to the start of their friendship. After seeing her friend Kenny Li dead in the forest, Kara took it upon herself to find his killer. Alex, who was too embarrassed to admit she was actually friends with Kenny, decided to aide her.

They found his laptop in the forest with a bunch of encrypted files. Kenny clearly saw something he shouldn’t have with his telescope and it got him killed. The first picture they are able to decode shows that Alex’s BFF Josie was having an affair with the teacher. She swears that he isn’t responsible and begs Alex to not to expose him but you know Alex, she’s a stinker for the truth.

Soon after, someone tries to run them off the road in an attempt to silence them. They believe it’s the teacher but Josie swears she was with him all night. She also officially defriends Alex because she landed her lover in jail for rape, obviously.

Kara gets a visit from someone at the FBI who informs her she’s raised some suspicion and she really needs to keep a low profile. The visitor is a dead ringer for her mother but they chock that up to coincidence. Turns out, it was shapeshifter and Green Martian J’onn Jones who did their mother a little favor. I love that he’s basically seen these ladies grow up; he really is like a second father.

Kara gives up the dream of becoming a superhero but when she realizes Alex is with the murderer, the town Sheriff who has been dabbling in the drug business to make some side cash, she says “screw it” and flies through town, busting through a wall to save her sister. It’s at this moment that they both realized they had something special; a ride or die bond.

Surprisingly, Kara never got in trouble for using her powers. In fact, as a thank you, Kenny’s mom gave them his beloved telescope. Additional decoded files revealed that Kenny, who had a massive crush on Kara, actually knew her secret. He was the first person aside from her fam that accepted her for who she was.

Did the story have anything to do with the present day? Not really. We know that Kara had a hard time adjusting to Earth but this tension between them was never mentioned. While it felt a little out of the blue, I guess it was meant to show us just how far these sisters have come and how bonded they truly are now, even suffering through heartbreak together, albeit Alex’s is a little fresher than Kara’s. It was also a point to mention that Kara, despite finding her footing again, is not 100% herself yet nor has she accepted that she’s lost Mon-El for good. (Or has she!?!)

It was hard to care about Josie hooking up with her teacher, Kenny Li, the corrupt Sheriff, pot smoking, and Alex almost getting killed twice, when you know it isn’t directly relevant to the story.

Still, with all the craziness that’s happened to Supergirl these past few seasons and all that’s still to come, it was nice to just take a moment and remember the innocence of it all. Next week, it’s back to business but this week, it was just a sweet escape.

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