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The Originals Don't It Just Break Your HEart The Originals Don't It Just Break Your HEart

The Originals

The Originals – Don’t It Just Break Your Heart (5×05)



The Nazi vampire storyline makes a lot more sense now and yes, Nazi vampires are just as scary as Nazi humans used to be.

Out of all people, Hope Mikealson needs to be really careful about who she trusts and opens up to.

But it may be a little too late for that.

Our predictions were right about who is responsible for Hayley’s disappearance but it boils down to another “always and forever” kind of family.

Oh, the things we’ll do for the ones we love.

This week’s The Originals takes us back to 1930s Germany and specifically, Klaus and Elijah’s escapades while trying to outrun Elijah.

The coin that Klaus found at the end of last week’s episode belonged to a mustached-villain by the name of August who in his heyday, you know, before Klaus killed him for slaughtering his kind, painted a swastika into his art.

August wasn’t really intriguing, but he is the basis of what happened to Hayley.

Turns out, we were right that Greta from the vampire faction was responsible as she was faithful to August’s faithful teachings. However, Klaus and Marcel were blinded by ego and one-upped.

Greta’s goal was simple – she wanted to rid the world of the abomination that was a hybrid.

Since Hope has the capability of creating them, which is what triggered Greta in the first place, she offered Klaus a deal: his baby mama in exchange for Hope snuffing out her werewolf side forever.

Klaus refused to even consider the options, yet Marcel went behind his back and relayed the message to Freya. Since Hope feels personally responsible for what happened to Hayley, she was eager to do whatever it took to bring her mother back.

But all of this was too predictable to Klaus who knows a thing or two about how his family operates. They’ve had thousands of years to figure each other out after all.

Klaus thwarts Freya’s spell and lashes out at Marcel but all of that is an afterthought when Greta chews up Josh and escapes.

Like I said, they underestimated just how strong she was. I felt bad considering Josh was trying to help her; he didn’t deserve to be almost mauled to death, though I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

It’s uncertain why Klaus tried to lie about the fact that he killed August and more of their ilk. Did he not want to be responsible for this when it so obviously was his fault?

Why was he so ashamed of this mass killing but none of the others?

Turns out, he did spare Augusts’ wife, daughter and Roman who turn out to be, you guessed it, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman.

Now, Roman and Greta I predicted but never in a million years did I see Antoinette being connected.

Just goes to show you, even when you don’t remember, others still do.

Antoinette came clean to Elijah about knowing him before they met. Again, we circle back to the 1930s where Elijah came to save his brother and convinced her to break free of her father whom she didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye when it came to ideologies. She claims that’s when she first fell in love with him.

Elijah is peeved, and I don’t blame him; she’s been lying to him this whole time and pretended that they fell in love by sheer choice.

What he doesn’t know is that, at this point, it looks like Antoinette saw the opportunity for revenge for her father’s death and took it. He may be a pawn in her long-term game.

Does she even love Elijah? Is she in this relationship for the right reasons?

It would pain me for him to be used in a greater plot to make his family suffer when he doesn’t even remember them.

Since he doesn’t remember her, he doesn’t know the backstory of what happened, but man, I hope Klaus remembers Antoinette’s face and goes to save his brother just like he saved him many times.

Maybe it’s because Elijah doesn’t remember or because he’s always meant well, but I don’t feel as bad for Hope who is getting played by Roman as I do for her uncle.

Although granted, Roman’s flirtatious ways and luring Hope in are always diabolical. She was right to question why he’s so into her.

When it comes to revenge plots, I never understood why people try to take it out on the innocent children. Hope didn’t choose who her father was which means she’s innocent in all of this.

Given how impressionable she is, I can see how Vincent claims she’ll bring the city to ruin. Imagine she finds ou that the person she shared her first kiss was behind her mother’s disappearance while she’s still unable to control her magic.

Everybody, run.

What do you think Greta and Roman’s overall plan is? Will they kill Hayley? Is Antoinette involved and using Elijah as leverage?

Then again, much like Elijah, she’s denounced her family so maybe these two will remain neutral in all of it?

Who would have thought Elijah’s new GF would be involved with the dissapearance of the love of his life.

The battle of the families — who will win? Can the Mikealsons be taken down?

Will the Salvatore School for Gifted include anyone else besides Hope and Roman?

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The Originals

The Originals – We Have Not Long to Love (5×09)



The Originals We Have Not Long to Love

The end is nearing but nothing is getting resolved in New Orleans.

The peace that Hayley, Vincent, Freya and Josh worked so hard to keep is no more and the factions are being turned against each other by purist vampires who want to go back to the top of the food chain like they were when Marcel ruled.

And worse of all, they want to wipe away all hybrids.

While most of New Orleans is gearing up for this battle, including Vincent who realizes that Emmett was testing him the whole time. Since he decided to side with the werewolves which is essentially the “wrong” side, he punished him by poisoning Ivy.

From the get-go, the writing was on the wall for a major death. The episode had that stench about it, and Julie Plec herself teased five major deaths before time is up.

Anytime I get even a whiff of possible happiness like Vincent and Freya sharing an intimate kiss before going to battle or Freya proposing to Keelin because they only have “one day” together, I know I have to expect the worst.

Ivy was at the bottom of my list for possible deaths, however, because I was sure Vincent was going to die standing up for what he believed in or that Keelin wouldn’t make it. And she almost didn’t when the bomb exploded as the witches geared up for Mardi Gras.

Is it bad that this is what I expect whenever there’s any happiness on a series? A painstaking death? You did this to me, Julie.

I’m not sure if Ivy’s death is going to send Vincent into a downward, vengeful spiral, but I’d put my money on it considering every woman he’s ever given the time of day ends up dead.

The supernatural community in New Orleans is getting out of control.

The Mikealson clan wasn’t even phased by what was happening in the French Quarter because back at home, Hope was being taken over by the Hollow.

I found it really funny that Freya was partially responsible for all of this and as Hope was running around trying to silence the voices, she was out getting engaged. Freya, darling, could you whip up some kind of spell to help this girl?

Hope’s teenage antics will be the death of me as she still hasn’t learned her lesson. She may be an almighty powerful vamp but there are other people in her family like dear old dad who can now be in the same room with her, that know just a bit more about everything.

Why would she try to take care of everything by herself when this thing she’s dealing with cannot be controlled by several powerful witches?

It seems the only thing that will silence the whispers is violence which usually would worry a father, but not Klaus. He’s actually proud of his offspring.

Most of Hope’s violence was directed at Elijah and no one blames her, not even Elijah. He’s responsible for her mother’s death; he’s the reason she’ll never be able to look to her mom for any supernatural advice. It’s unfortunate but as Klaus points out, it’s also not his fault. There’s a thin line between him deserving the punishment and him suffering enough already because he has to live with this guilt for the rest of his life.

I still think he’s going to be one of the five that dies because he won’t be able to accept that he killed the only woman he loved and the woman that trusted him. If anyone in the family has to sacrifice themselves to save Hope, it will be him.

Unfortunately, poor Declan was a witness to all of Hope’s wrath and he was really confused. He went through a range of emotions from pouring his heart out to Elijah to realizing Elijah was the man who broke Hayley’s heart to finding out he’s the one that killed her to seeing Hope do unfathomable things in retaliation.

Elijah eventually sat him down and gave him a quick play-by-play. Those stories about supernatural beings told to tourists? All true. Elijah knew Hayley would have wanted Declan to remain at peace and far away from all the senseless violence, so he compelled him to forget everything.

My guess is that Declan has been taking vervain and will pretend not to know anything while actually figuring it all out for himself. Do you really think Hayley would let him wander around without offering him some type of protection?

We know he’s related to Cami so that has to come into play at some point. Maybe he has all of her belongings which include artifacts that might help remove the Hollow from Hope before it completely consumes her?

Also, who else felt so terrible when he exploded on Freya for not with the funeral? No one even called him. I know it’s tough to explain everything to someone that isn’t informed about the “secret” world but human decency would have allowed her to handle it better. She could have done better than “the breaks gave out.” Like Declan said, that doesn’t happen anymore, and I’m sure there would be a record of it somewhere.

Do you care about the brawl brewing in the French Quarter? Which witch is helping Emmett and his purist vamps? Where is Roman? Where is Antoinette? Why did Rebekah and Kol just leave without offering to help find a cure for Hope?

With a handful of episodes left, we should be focusing on wrapping up all the Mikealson storylines and possibly giving them a happy ending, not a showdown between factions who have already learned to be peaceful.

My predictions for the other four deaths: Elijah, Vincent, Keelin, Roman

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The Originals

The Originals – The Kindness of Strangers (5×08)



The Originals The Kindness of Strangers

Most family reunions happen around a grill at a party or at some fancy celebration. But the dreaded Mikealson reunions happen when they are all trapped together in a supernatural prison.

This is the first time we’ve seen them all under one roof since they were inhabited by the Hollow and thrust to different parts of the Earth to keep Hope safe.

Initially, they don’t believe there’s a danger because they think it’s impossible for them to be physically in the same place at the same time, but the ominous weather outside is a sign of the final stage in the prophecy. You know, the one before all the firstborns die.

Since every Chambre de Chasse — and according to Rebekah, she’s seen her fair share in this lifetime — come with a life lesson, there is no way out until they all find hidden keys in meaningful places to the locked door in the replicated compound.

The scavenger hunt was easy for some (Kol), and a bit harder for others as it required a trip down memory lane which, obviously, requires one to have their memories.

Even though she doesn’t possess the Hollow inside of her, Freya somehow finds herself trapped in the compound and reveals that only someone close to the family would be able to construct something so deeply personal.

“Vincent,” Klaus mutters under his breath.

However, when Marcel lands in the supernatural prison, he makes a shocking revelation — Hope is behind all of this.

And so the deeply dysfunctional family begins their search. Klaus relives some memories from the first time he brought Hayley to the compound when she began bringing “love” into his life while she was pregnant with their baby girl.

Klaus initially tries to wash his hands of helping Elijah because they are “squared” following Hayley’s and Antoinette’s (almost) death, however, since they all must find the key, he has to take one for the team and reminds his brother that he was the one who came up with the name for his niece because she brought a renewed sense of “hope” into their lives.

Kol painlessly found his key in between some old books he gifted his niece for her birthday when it dawned on Marcel that Hope wouldn’t have the depth of memory  — those rooms were destroyed centuries before she was born — to recreate this fictional realm.

Who would have thought that Freya would be behind all of this and aiding Hope in removing the Hollow from them in order to put the family back together?

It was a shocking revelation but also, an important moment for Hope to finally prove that she wasn’t just a kid anymore; she’s an all-powerful witch! They keep reminding her of that so why not let her act on it?

Freya also has sound logic for letting Hope attempt something so dangerous — she’s more dangerous without both parents by her side. She needs her father, she needs guidance and love.

Klaus found his key amidst unopened letters that Hayley wrote to him while he Hope was growing up, while Elijah’s was pulled out from a coffin in the dungeon, signifying that Hope only sees her uncle as “death.”

Absolutely no one, even Marcel,, was going to argue with her. Man, even I wasn’t going to.

Elijah’s memories were gone when he let Hayley die but he still allowed it to happen. He has to accept responsibility for that.

During their imprisonment, Marcel also realizes that Elijah’s memories aren’t returning because he’s suppressing them. Vincent did everything right when it came to the spell.

And parts of those memories like the fact that he often referred to him as “Marcellus” have returned. But not the traumatic memories like Hayley’s death.

He admits to walking down a white corridor which led to the red door where he’s always hidden away terrible things he didn’t want to confront. As he reached for the door handle, he felts a searing sensation which Klaus pointed out was probably what Hayley felt when she burst into flames and died.

He’s suppressing killing the woman he loved!

When they use the keys to unlock the door, they find themselves in another prison… this one is much worse because it’s Elijah’s mental prison.

However, they can all exit through their respective doors, and Marcel and Kol don’t wait around much longer.

Klaus tries to leave as Elijah struggles to open his red door, but Rebekah stops him because the promise of “always and forever” requires them to forgive since they have all done questionable things.

Klaus knows that Elijah has to face the truth but he needs him by his side to do it so together, they run through the door.

Back in reality, Elijah is suddenly hit with all of his memories including the guilt of what he did to the only woman he’s ever loved. Like Rebekah said, Antoinette doesn’t hold a candle to Hayley. It just sucks that he couldn’t feel the power of that love when he chose to save Antoinette’s family instead of his own.

It was brutally painful to watch Elijah’s realization and his haunting wails; it was necessary but man, if I could spare him from that I would. Regardless, it’s nice to have you back!

And at least now he understands why everyone was so upset with him.

Much like Antoinette predicted, with his memories back, Elijah’s feelings for her were minimal. He gave her Klaus’ blood to heal the wolf bite and then asked for forgiveness as he went to properly say goodbye to the love of his life.

Anyone else really upset that we won’t ever get a proper Haylijah scene?

Kudos to Daniel Gillies for pulling off a powerful performance that showcased two very different people in one character.

Everyone played a part in this episode which made it a terrific ensemble piece.

Klaus was a wee bit harsh on Freya at the end for treating Hope like an adult and allowing her to make her own decisions.

It’s understandable, especially because if Hope doesn’t have a gameplan, having her wield the power of the Hollow in herself might actually lead to the prophecy. Still, Freya has done nothing but sacrifice for this family so cut her some slack and maybe muster up a quick ‘thank you.’ No wonder he has so many enemies.

Then there’s the other side of Klaus that mourns his baby momma and appreciates her for always believing in him and fighting for the family even when they couldn’t.

Oh, what a complicated soul you are, Klaus.

Despite all the family drama that’s expected when all four Mikealson’s get together, they even found some time to give us a little closure on the Marcel and Rebekah front.

Marcel broached the “why did you stand me up at city hall” question when they were stranded together clearly miffed by how happy Kol was with Davina.

Back at home, Rebekah reveals that she isn’t halting their happiness because of her family, she’s trying to save him from getting hurt and destroying him.

For as long as we’ve known her, Rebekah has had an existential crisis after being forced to become a vampire. She hates being one, wants to experience mortality, wants to grow old and wants to have children. All of that was stolen from her and she’s mad. And instead of getting over it since you know, she has an eternity, she’s allowing it to fester.

If she commits to Marcel for a lifetime, she’ll only infect him with her toxic and negative mindset.

In a way, it makes sense and stays very true to who her character has always been. Although, it’s a shame because they love each other so much.

It seems “always and forever” is just another term for “we make each other miserable.” Yet, no matter how dramatic things are when they are together, as we’ve seen, the Mikealsons are no better when they are apart.

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Did you feel for Elijah? Is this the last we’ve seen of Antoinette? Are Marcel and Rebekah really not getting their happy ending? Can someone find her the damn cure?

What will Hope do now that she possesses the dark magic of the Hollow inside her?

Will her anger towards Elijah who she clearly blames for her mother’s death cause her to enact the Hollow’s powers?

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The Originals

The Originals – God’s Gonna Trouble the Water (5×07)



The Originals God's Gonna Trouble The Water

You didn’t think Hayley’s funerals would go off without a hitch, did you?

The Original family isn’t new to heartbreak and on The Originals Season 5 Episode 7, they barely had a chance to grieve Hayley, the most beloved hybrid in New Orleans, before things went awry.

Her Second Line funeral, a traditional procession in NOLA, was crashed by Greta’s deranged Nazi-minions. It was to be expected.

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