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The Originals What Will I Have Left The Originals What Will I Have Left

The Originals

The Originals – What, Will, I, Have, Left (5×06)



Hayley’s death wasn’t exactly a shocker. Many of us knew considering someone once “accidentally” tweeted a picture filled with spoilers back in the day, but the reality of it wasn’t any easier to process. Death of a genuinely good character choosing to die for the greater good never really is. 

Hayley has been absent from much of the season which has been quite a disservice to fans since, arguably, she’s one of the fiercest and strongest characters on the show.

Her lacking presence meant that we didn’t really get to see her relationship as mother and daughter to an adult Hope and sadly, after this episode, we never will. 

We’ll simply have to cherish the few moments that they had together after Roman lured Hope into Shiloh House and she realized just how naive she’d been this whole time when she found her mother tied upon inside. 

Admittedly, for a teenage girl, realizing the boy you thought liked you back and wanted to help you probably hurt like hell. Especially because in the end, he’s one of the sole people she’ll blame for her mother’s death; for uprooting her whole life.

Yeah, Roman was being manipulated by Greta and was trained to be her little fighter, but he also had free will and could have set Hope and Hayley free at any moment including when he realized that things weren’t adding up as his mother had explained.

Unfortunately, his devotion was stronger than both common sense and his feelings for Hope. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. Given Hope’s super strength and powers, I would not want to be that guy right now. Especially without mother dearest to protect him.

Even though we didn’t spend much time with Hope and Hayley, it’s evident that she loved her daughter above anything else. There’s nothing like a mother’s love and when it came down to it, she did everything to protect her baby girl. It’s why she plunged to her death. It was her only choice to protect her daughter’s existence as a hybrid and her future from Greta who was set on eliminating her kind from this Earth for good. 

But that scene — watching Greta slowly rip out Hayley’s heart, Hayley coming to the realization that Elijah was not there to help her, and then making the ultimate choice to die — was gut-wrenching.

As was seeing Klaus, who has really worn his heart and vulnerabilities on his sleeve this season, break down as he helplessly watched it all unfold. It added another layer of pain to an already traumatizing scene.

Hayley and Klaus may have never gotten along but that was the mother of his child.

Hope is one lucky girl because she has two parents that love her unconditonally and are/were willing to do anything for her. 

Next to Hayley’s death, I’d say Elijah’s lack of interest or affection for his own flesh and blood was also tough to watch.

Much like Roman, his actions aren’t techincially his fault because he doesn’t have his memories but come on dude, that’s your family! Just the knowledge that you are hurting your own people should be enough to persuade you into saving them, not backstabbing them.

And there were moments where it seemed like he’d make a breakthrough, where he was trying to remember faces and remember how he felt about a certain person and he just couldn’t.

He’ll have to carry the guilt of single-handedly leading to Hayley’s death and enabling, not stopping it, forever.

And to add to the stinging, he told Klaus that Greta and the others were his family. The woman who probably would have killed him after she’d finished everyone else off! 

Maybe it really is better if he stays blissfully unaware of his true reality at this point. How could remembering help him?

It’s comforting that Antoinette wasn’t in on her mother’s plans because that means her relationship with Elijah was genuine.

She knew her mother was a radical but sadly, she didn’t realize the extent. It was only when Roman called her that she realized she’d sent Elijah into grave danger. 

I can’t help but wonder how she didn’t figure it out sooner. Since Klaus killed their whole family, it would be obvious that her mother would have a deep hatred for the Mikealson clan. It’s how she knew of Elijah, right?

And it’s no secret that her mother hated hybrids because they were an impure breed. Logically, she’d want to take out her biggest enemy. 

Did she just turn a blind eye to all of it while living blissfully in Europe?

And what happens to her relationship with Elijah now? When he remembers his past, he won’t be pleased. HE killed the love of his life and betrayed his family partially due to her and now, his family and the woman he loves are at war.

Freya and Vincent didn’t serve much of a purpose other than to make the connection that Hayley’s new BF Declan was the late Camile’s cousin. The series always finds interesting ways to keep past characters alive.

Now, the question is, will they ever tell him the truth about what happened to his cousin and his girlfriend? Or will they follow Vincent’s lead and shield him from the pain that Cami inveitably suffered by becoming involved in the supernatural.

He’s not stupid and he’s already picking up on the fact that everyone is hiding something.

My only caveat with the Declan storyline is that I wish we saw more of his and Hayley’s relationship before her dissapearance. How serious were they? Did they exchange “I love you’s?”

It never dawned on me that unlike the original siblings, Freya’s time on Earth was limited. And so is Vincent’s. They are wasting away their prime years trying to help immortal souls and none of it is to their benefit. Sure, they’ll prevent a city from imploding but at the end of the day, what will they have for themselves?

They really need to clean up this mess and leave New Orleans behind for good!

Caroline is always a welcome guest-star on the series.  The writers aren’t wasting any time bringing her and Klaus closer together and capitalizing on that one fling they had back in Mystic Falls.

On their way to find Hope, who “ran away” from school, Caroline indugles him about good girls falling for bad boys and how she never regretted her relationship with him. 

Klaus may be a lot older than she is but she’s definitely wiser and a good guide for him as he takes on the role of worried father. It seems to me like in Hayley’s absence, she’ll be a huge part of Hope’s life.

And the way Klaus looks at her could make any woman melt. Maybe this is proof that people can change? At least slightly!

If we don’t get at least one solid relationship, especially for Klaus, who has been craving some light and love in his life for thousands of years, I’m going to be gravely disappointed.

They already ruined my fairytale ending for Elijah and Hayley which in retrospect, was doomed from the beginning.

Will Hope be the peace-keeper and the unifier of all the supernatural factions that Hayley thought she would be? Or will losing her mother push her into a dark and vengeful place?

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The Originals

Legacies – Mombie Dearest (1×06)



Legacies Mombie Dearest

Alaric has faced dragons, gargoyles and dryads, but the most threatening and terrifying monster was his late bride.

No, not because Jo herself was scary but because whatever resurrected her was hoping to use human emotion to pry the knife from Ric.

Of course, Ric is a vampire hunter with years of experience under his belt so, despite the jarring visual of his late fiancee standing in front of him in her still-bloody wedding dress, he didn’t fall for it immediately.

I’m proud to say he initially pointed a crossbow at “that thing” before slowly warming up to the idea that maybe it was really Jo.

However, at no point did Ric let his guard down because he knew that eventually, the true monster would come to light.

And boy, the zombie did.

The zombie knew that there was no way it could fool Ric so it latched onto Josie, the twin most interested in connecting with her birth mother on her 16th birthday.

Josie, who is named after Jo, was drawn to her birth mother because as she mentioned, she’s never found much of herself in Caroline.

That isn’t to say that she doesn’t love her mom, but Lizzie has always been more like Caroline, which us OG TVD fans can attest to.

Thankfully, we also know that Caroline grew out of the insecure, mean-girl shenanigans so there’s hope for Lizzie. More on that later.

Sadly, Jo’s bonding time with her mother ended with her getting buried alive. Not ideal by any means, but at least her friends Penelope, Hope and M.J all came to the rescue.

They fought through what looked like an episode of The Walking Dead before M.J could hear Josie’s screams and dig her up.

Thankfully, she was wearing Hope’s necklace, one that makes quiet things loud.

It’s poetic actually to see how many people want to help Josie free herself from Lizzie’s shadow.

Despite Penelope’s toxic attitude, she really does have Josie’s best interests at heart and seeing how she almost lost her, the two reconnected romantically.

What does that mean for Rafael?

As for Lizzie, she needs a major attitude adjustment.

Yes, seeing your birth mother in the flesh may come as a surprise but her hostility was not necessary.

Admittedly, she was being protective in order not to get hurt, but there’s nothing to blame or hate your “bio mom” for. It’s not like she wanted to die and never be a part of your life!

Secondly, everyone is right — she’s a terrible sister.

Lizzie takes Josie for granted which was more noticeable on this episode than ever before.

Her only priority is herself; she wanted to get the guy, she wanted to be happy, and Josie was only deserving of the “consolation prize.”

She didn’t even notice Josie was missing from the party until Rafael hurt her by telling her that he wasn’t interested in a relationship with her despite their hook-up from the previous night.

And only after she felt hurt did she even notice her sister never showed up to the party!

With the Gemini Curse creeping up on them on their 22 birthday, these two really have to find some common ground otherwise Josie doesn’t stand a chance next to the dominant twin.

I know Penelope wanted to prove to MJ that Lizzie was a terrible person but until Rafael showed up, it seems like she was really going to give MJ a chance.

Unfortunately, it’s because of girls like her that the good guys never win. MJ was so smitten with her, he knew everything about her down to her favorite song yet she still chose the “good looks” over the guy who went above and beyond to treat her like a princess.

Now that Rafael was honest with her, she’ll likely pursue MJ, but I sincerely hope he treats her the same way she’s been treating him.

Thank u, next!

I’m glad Rafael had a heart-to-heart with Hope and admitted that he wasn’t completely over his girlfriend’s death.

It was a bit concerning that he just fell for Josie instead of mourning his girlfriend. However, his hook-up with Lizzie and his desire to “be there” for her now makes more sense.

He’s trying to ease his guilt.

Their friendship is surprising but when Landon’s personal life comes into play, specifically his connection to the knife, Rafael will be a good contact for Hope.

You could probably tell from my reviews that I haven’t really been too keen on Legacies. I just couldn’t get into it because it was lacking the magic that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals had.

They say it usually takes about four full episodes to really fall in love with a show. Mombie Dearest was the one that changed things for me.

It’s the most fun I’ve had watching an episode which I think mainly stems from the fact that it evoked so many of the emotions I’ve felt while watching the Vampire Diaries.

I was crying the same way I used to back in season one.

It could be because there were so many references to the sister shows — Jo, Caroline, the curse, Stefan Salvatore, the debutant ball, Hope’s aunt — but this episode just had the Mystic Falls vibe. The friendships are falling into place, the characters are being fleshed out and the main story-arc is promising.

I knew it was impossible for Jo to stay especially because she’s a witch who believes in the natural order of things, but I so hoped they’d find a way to keep her around.

It would have added so much to the show.

It was also hard to say goodbye to her again. I can’t imagine having to do that shortly after meeting your biological mom, but at least Josie and Lizzie got the opportunity.

As for Ric, it was definitely heartbreaking to see him lose Jo again, but the moment provided the closure he never had. After sixteen years, he was able to let her go knowing she was in a better place.

And I’m obviously still holding out for Caroline’s return. She’s bound to make a few visits considering, as we predicted, she’s traveling the world in hopes of finding the cure to break the Gemini Curse.

I wonder when they’ll tell the twins about that.

And if the knife possibly has something to do with it!

What are your thought on “Mombie Dearest?” Are you Team Josie or Team Lizzie?

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The Originals

The Originals – When the Saints Go Marching In (5×13)



The Originals When The Saints Go Marching In

The series finale of The Originals redefined “always and forever.”

And just like that, the whole Mikealson clan as we know it will be forever altered.

After I picked myself up and wiped away all the ugly crying tears, I had to take some time to make sense of it all. This isn’t how I wanted anything to end, but there is a beauty to the madness.

And to be completely honest, no ending would have been acceptable because it would have been just that — an ending.

Watching Klaus’s journey from diabolical monster to loving and selfless father has been a blessing with his brother by his side so the ending, though deeply upsetting, was the only one that made sense.

There is no Klaus without Elijah and no Elijah without Klaus. They co-exist and without each other, cease to.

Truthfully, I favored the more obvious theory that Elijah would take the Hollow’s darkness onto himself sparing his brother and giving him a chance to continue redeeming himself and watching his daughter grow up. And that, of course, would allow Elijah to get his happily ever after with Hayley.

I’m pretty sure the whole fandom is upset about the fact that Hayley and Elijah never met in the afterlife for that dance. It was teased so much, it’s actually a bit odd that Julie Plec and the writers would do a finale without it.

However, it fits into the narrative that Elijah’s soulmate was always his brother. We thought his greatest love story was Hayley but it was always Klaus and the promise of family. Family has, if you haven’t noticed, always trumped romance. Even in the afterlife, it would be them two against the world.

Klaus would be fine without his brother because he’d have Hope, but she would go on with her own life and there would be no one to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Elijah, however, couldn’t even see a future for himself without his brother. Everyone else in the group had bigger plans following the joyous funeral dinner but he simply wanted out of his misery.

I’ll agree with Klaus that saying goodbye to the Mikealsons and this whole story was not easy, especially since we’ll never see any of them again.

The writers delivered on the Caroline and Klaus front with him finally getting the chance to show her his beautiful city.

But Klaus made a fair point — if he wasn’t dying, would she have come out and taken him up on that offer? Probably not. Still, it was a beautiful moment that carried over what started on The Vampire Diaries into this world.

When fans first spotted Cami and Mikeal on the set of the final episode, I couldn’t figure out what capacity they would bring them back in.

Seeing Klaus completely inhabited by The Hollow made sense, though I felt Cami’s presence was sorely underutilized. Again, I would have loved to see them reunite in the afterlife.

She did remain the voice of reason, continuing to challenge Klaus to become the best version of himself that he could be.

Speaking of the O’Connell family, did anyone else feel like they left the story with Declan on a pretty empty note as well? He took over the human faction in the city and that’s all?

Rebekah finally decided to actively pursue her own happiness by proposing to Marcel. About time, am I right?

As always, her proposal came with a catch — she would live out the remaining 100-years (she does know those aren’t guaranteed, right) as a human because Caroline somehow scored her the cure.

Look, I’m not going to question how any of that was possible, I’m just going to celebrate that Rebekah got her hearts desire in the end.

Freya and Keelin are also on their way to happily ever after in their modern-family. Two witches and a werewolf sounds like a pretty decent spin-off if Julie Plec is looking for more ideas.

I hope in this process, Freya didn’t feel pressured to have a child simply to salvage her relationship with Keelin.

And of course, Vincent is now sticking around to be the father to a child he never thought was possible.

And lastly, Kol parted ways with everyone and presumably went back to Davina who oddly didn’t return for the final episode. You would think she’s at least be included in the final feast.

But all of this leads me to the next point — Hope is completely alone. Sure, she has her family to look after her but everyone is moving on and going after their own hopes and dreams. And she’s just orphaned at the age of 15. It seems a bit odd that this is how Julie and team wanted to end things.

She singlehandedly was able to accomplish what Elijah never could with Klaus and then she still lost him. I would be one pissed off teenager especially if my father never actually had to die.

She’s also the reason he openly admitted his love for his family and acknowledged that without them, he wouldn’t have survived all these  years. I wish we got to spend a little more time with this version of Klaus. I think this might be the first time we ever actually saw him laugh.

So just like that, five seasons of The Originals came to an end and the demise of the two most powerful and untouchable Mikeaslon vampires came at the hands of themselves in the same spot this whole journey kicked off in the first place. It’s actually quite poetic to know that this whole time, they were each others undoing.

And the episode title, “When the Saints Go Marching In” was a fitting touch as the theme song of New Orleans is commonly played at funerals… this one being the ultimate funeral the city has ever seen.

Thoughts? Are you upset we didn’t get that Haylijah scene? Do you think they both should have died? Will Hope still have the support of the rest of the family or will they be too busy?

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The Originals

The Originals – The Tale of Two Wolves (5×12)



The Originals The Tale of Two Wolves

All roads back to Mystic Falls.

I can’t even put into words how happy I was to be “home” again. To walk those streets again, grab milkshakes at the Mystic Falls Grill and wreak havoc during the charity car wash. I half expected Hope to follow in Bonnie’s footsteps and light a car on fire but freezing it until the windows blew out was also satisfying.

And best of all, to see brothers fight in the Salvatore family room — a room that has seen way too much brotherly anguish over the years.

The episode is how adults must feel watching their children grow up and go through the motions. It was a homecoming chock-full of nostalgia but also, with a hint of sadness as we remembered those who weren’t around to see all of it, Stefan being one of them. His diary got a nice shoutout from Hope, who claims to have memorized it by now, and Katherine’s painting found a permanent place on display near the villain’s section. Oh, the good days.

In a way, this episode was an extension of the TVD series finale. When that episode aired, they sped things up to show Elena and Damon in the afterlife. But in this timeline, it seems that Elena Salvatore — yes, she married Damon — is very much alive and running her own medical practice. Even Bonnie is mentioned as a possible solution for Hope’s Hollow problem, though they deem she’s not as strong as the siphon twins who as Klaus puts it, were literally born to do this kind of spell. He’s not wrong you know.

Also, can we just rejoice about the fact that we finally met Caroline and Alaric’s twins as young adults? I’ve been waiting for them to play some kind of role in all of this. And they were just what I imagined — a perfect blend of Caroline. One was an intelligent little feminist, the other was the more girly and spirited, and they both knew how to get exactly what they wanted out of a simple favor.

Caroline has always had a weak spot for the blonde-haired, blue-eyed monster which is something Alaric always had trouble accepting. Seeing them together, raising the twins actually made me sad. There’s a part of Ric that always yearned for Caroline’s love and though she agreed to raise these daughters with him, their relationship was always platonic. Aside from Stefan, her other great love has always been Klaus.

Now, Klaus gets a lot of flack from fans who think their relationship is out of character but when you think about it, nothing makes more sense. Caroline always had a thing for the bad boys, but she liked the bad boys who could be redeemed. She fell for Klaus because despite what his reputation was, she always saw the good and light in him. And that good was on full display when he asked her for help saving Hope.

After Caroline agrees, Alaric comes in cross bow’s blazing because he still doesn’t trust that Klaus around his daughters or that he’ll keep his word. “How many times have we tried to sink him in the bottom of the Atlantic,” he asks a naive Caroline. Sadly, he has a point. And while I understand that Alaric doesn’t want to go back down that road again, this just isn’t the character I remember —  the one that was best friends with Damon.

And it’s unfair to Klaus who is doing everything in his power to save his own daughter with his only hope being his own death.

Klaus may have started off as a villain, but his character arc has been inspiring and beautiful to watch. He’s gone from being selfish to selfless and this ask is one that will ultimately kill him and save his daughter. How can you stand there and tell the man who has come full-circle that you won’t help him? That you’ll let his daughter die? That your daughters are more important?

“We’ve defied the inevitable for thousands of years, I’m not about to surrender to it now,” Klaus states at the beginning of the episode and man, it feels like a good summary of the series.

They have gone through hell and back trying to stay alive and keep this family united. They absolutely cannot give up now, but the only solution seems to be death. That’s the only way you can destroy the Hollow for good.

Caroline is torn because, on one hand, she’s mad Klaus didn’t tell her the full extent of his plan which involves daggering himself with a white-oak stake permanently. On the other hand, she cannot be mad because this is the man she’s always wanted him to be — affectionate, caring, compassionate.

In previous episodes, I didn’t care too much about the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline. Now that this might be their final encounter, I’m seeing things a little differently, and I was really rooting for that kiss. Sadly, it was interrupted and after the spell was complete transferring the Hollow’s darkness from Hope to Klaus, she couldn’t even show up to watch him die.

There was a lot of suspense surrounding Klaus’s decision to sacrifice himself. Many people would have loved to see it happen back in the day, but now, it was bittersweet. He didn’t tell Hope about any of it because how do you tell a teenager who is about to turn into a wolf for the first time, who is on the brink of death, and who just lost her mother, that she’s going to lose a father too? Instead, he allowed her a day of happiness and then instilled some last minute wisdom before her big transition.

It was an important scene documenting just how much Hope needs Klaus in her life. Ideally, this her first transition would be accompanied by Hayley, but since she couldn’t be there, Klaus decided to help her in a way he knew Hayley would have wanted it to happen.

Compared to others turning for the first time — I’m looking at you Tyler — Hope didn’t seem to have too much of a hard time with it. Within minutes, she turned into a beautiful “little wolf” just like her mother once was. And just for a little, she was running wild and carefree.

It’s that spirit, her strength and her resilience that makes Klaus sure she will be fine without him. And we know she will be, but that doesn’t mean she should be.

It’s profound that Klaus figured he could leave her in Elijah’s capable hands. She may have forgiven him for unintentionally killing her mother, but he will never replace her father. This episode just proved he’s able to be the funny uncle that can occassionally offer some sound advice but he doesn’t really have the willpower to live without all those he’s always loved. Nor is it fair to ask this of him when he has spent so much time-saving Klaus throughout his lifetime.

When Hope said that Elijah “always protected” her father, it seemed like foreshadowing for his death. We know that Elijah is going to end up taking the Hollow’s magic and dying in an attempt to reunite with Hayley.

Not telling your daughter about your decision to sacrifice yourself is one thing, but not telling your brother is another. Obviously, Elijah figured it out and wanted it to be him. It was slightly heartbreaking that Klaus stole that from him. It was almost selfish because really, what else does Elijah have to live for?

Now, Elijah’s decision isn’t 100% selfless by any means. After Hope passed out for a little bit and saw Hayley in the afterlife where she was reunited with her parents and Jackson, she received a message for Elijah. Back in the real world, she chalked it all up to some hallucination but the message was only something that could have come from Hayley. Knowing she was still waiting on that dance from Elijah let him know that if he died, he would be reunited with his epic love.

And that’s the storyline I think most Originals fans are rooting for. So it was a damn shame that the completion of the spell put the Hollow’s darkness right inside Klaus. To make matters worse, Elijah arrive just as the transition was complete, and Klaus was getting ready to dagger himself to death. The episode ended with him exclaiming “don’t,” and we mean it Klaus, “don’t you dare.”

My guess is that Caroline will come at that moment for a final goodbye, and Elijah will reveal the “other way” that will allow him to finally find peace and reunite with his love while Klaus gets to stick around and watch his daughter grow up and become a beautiful woman. On Once Upon a Time, they always said that the villains didn’t get happy endings, but you have to wonder if they were really ever villains or if they only did what was necessary to survive and take care of their families.

I’m going with the latter in Klaus’ situation because everything he’s become was due to a dysfunctional family. He can’t leave Hope without her parents. Though I’m concerned because Legacies only features Alaric, not either of the Mikealson brothers or Caroline.

And do I even need to mention that Klaus getting a happy ending would also be finally getting the girl which would make Klaroline fans happy as well?

Other Thoughts

  • Is Logan going to be Hope’s new boyfriend on Legacies?
  • There is nothing cuter than Elijah being the funny uncle. When Landon called him Mr. Marshall, it was a nice little salute to Hayley. And also, we all need to take a few lessons on how to combat bullies.
  • Hope’s existential crisis was one we’ve been dealing with since her birth. She’s a miracle baby, but one that was never meant to exist. How do you instill the will to live in someone that feels like the world has always been against them?
  • Hearing Hope say that she killed her mother explained why she wasn’t as resentful of Elijah anymore. She’s the one that did the spell and got them in the mess in the first place so blaming anyone else just wasn’t fair. However, her mother forgave her.
  • It was so sad to see that scene between mother and daughter with Hayley telling her she wouldn’t be seeing her for a long time.

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