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The Resident

The Resident – After the Wall (2×10)



Man, it feels so good to have The Resident back.

In the final moments of the episode, as intense violin music played in the background, I found myself holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen next.

The gripping intensity is where The Resident has found most of its success.

The spring premiere reconnected with a storyline I thought we left behind in the series finale of season one.

In a twist that shocked residents and doctors alike, Dr. Lane Hunter was released from prison after making her $5 billion dollar bail.

Dr. Bell played a hand in her release and from the moment she waltzed right out of there, it was evident he underestimated her.

He definitely should have heeded his lawyer’s warnings.

Did anyone actually celebrate Lane’s return? Bell summarized it perfectly, she’s a “monster.”

There are the kind of villains that you love to hate, and there are the kind of villains whose demise you cheer for. Dr. Lane falls in the latter category.

While Dr. Lane was gloating in her newfound freedom without a care in the world, the brilliant minds and hands at Chastain were still repairing what she’d broken.

Conrad’s first patient, Natalie, was a former patient of Dr. Lane’s who was receiving Stage IV cancer treatment without actually having cancer.

She came in because of a fracture, was misdiagnosed so Lane could line her pockets, and now all of her organs are shutting down because of the damage from the chemo!

If that doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what does.

Saving Lane’s patient the day Lane gets out of prison is poetic.

But what we really need is poetic justice.

She didn’t learn anything during her stint in jail. It’s infuriating to watch her prance around without any guilt or remorse. In fact, she’s even viler than she was before.

We can all agree that she had it coming.

After Natalie successfully made it out of surgery, I noticed this alarming look on Roger’s face and made note of it.

When the doorbell rang to her hotel room, I wasn’t surprised to see Roger on the other side, nor was I surprised to see him pull out a gun and shoot.

He’s lucky it was actually Lane and not a lawyer or something.

Murder is never encouraged, but man, I understood Dr. Bell’s sigh of relief.

On my end, I was just happy justice was served, but Bell got rid of a much bigger problem. Lane threatened to expose his patient mortality rates and the fact that he solicited an undercover cop for sex and didn’t report it to the board.

Obviously, Bell is no angel, but seeing him write out a resignation the board because he couldn’t in good faith allow Lane to walk away from all the damage she’s done was a sign that Bell hasn’t lost his moral compass just yet.

In season one, he started off as the man everyone despised, but since becoming the CEO, he’s repaired his relationship with many people including Conrad and Marshall Winthrop.

He even saved Marshall’s life, which we’ll get to in a second.

Bottom line: Dr. Bell deserves another chance, Dr. Lane never did.

My palms were getting sweaty as I panicked that he would accidentally hit send. If he had sent it just a minute before, the board would have probably assumed the “mistake” was that he killed Lane.

During the winter finale, Marshall’s life hung in Dr. Bell’s hands. And, as you know, those don’t have the best track record.

Thankfully, after eight hours, the surgery was a success and despite Conrad’s anger that he wasn’t there for his father, he was able to save him by getting him off the oxygen that was choking him.

Since Marshall formalized things shortly after by telling Conrad not to prolong life by aggressive measures if this happens again, I am going to say that this father and son duo don’t have a lot of time to right the wrongs of the past.

Sometimes it takes losing someone to make you realize just how much you really love them despite their flaws.

It’s going to be hard on Conrad, but at least he will be able to say goodbye on good terms eventually as they both acknowledged they have a lot to figure out.

With so much happening, it’s easy to forget that Julian was run off the road by her boss, Gordon Page’s, goonies because she threatened to expose his shady business.

Oh, and Devon was now without a wife and without a home. Poor dude.

Mina was giving him such a hard time because he fell for another woman while being engaged, but honestly, Devon did the noble thing by calling it off before it was too late.

Sure, he could have said something before the wedding day, but at least he didn’t let it get to the altar.

And, as A.J pointed out — talking more about his feelings for Mina than anything else — the heart wants what it wants and it doesn’t listen to reason.

Devon became increasingly concerned with Julian’s silence. Everyone tried to tell him that she was just ghosting him, but Devon knew something else was up.

Sadly, trying to get in contact with her only angered Gordon who had Julian’s phone and had his goonies scrubbing her apartment.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but she’s definitely dead.

In order to keep the FBI off of him, Gordon tried to frame Devon for her disappearance by making the FBI think he was a stalker.

I don’t know how “we need to talk” messages are going to convince the FBI that he did something to her. Sure, an abundance of texts is a bit “stalker-ish,” but I doubt he’d be looking for her if he killed her.

Either way, it’s not looking good for Devon.

I don’t know who is more evil, Gordon or Lane.

Hopefully, justice will also be served for Gordon who is the epitome of what we all hate about salespeople.

Meanwhile, Nic was scouting doctor’s for the new clinic she’s working on with Mina.

Everyone was in it for the money, except for a local street doctor operating out of a med van whose main interest was the patients.

We all know Nic is persuasive and always gets what she wants so it wasn’t long before Dr. Shaw was on-board at the clinic.

Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely felt some vibes between Nic and Alec. I hope he doesn’t come between her and Nic, but man, he is charming.


Is The Resident finally putting Dr. Lane to bed? Will Devon go down for Julian’s murder?

Will someone figure out that Gordon Page is a sleazy dirtbag?

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The Resident

The Resident – Stupid Things in the Name of Sex (2×14)



The Resident Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

Can you feel the love tonight?

Most of Chastain could except for Pravesh of course who was still mourning the loss of Julian.

In fact, Pravesh was right in pointing out that it seems the only person who cares about Julian’s disappearance is himself.

The police don’t seem to care, her family doesn’t care, if it wasn’t for Pravesh it would be like she never existed.

Pravesh didn’t spend too much time moping around, however, because of Mrs. Gertie, Mina’s neighbor who passed away unexpectedly.

Both Mina and Pravesh dedicated much of their time to finding out what happened to Gertie as her self-absorbed, money-hungry niece only cared about the death certificate so she could score her aunt’s money.

But Mina and Pravesh’s vested interest actually saved the nieces life. A rogue autopsy performed by AJ led them to the discovery that Gertie had an aneurysm.

When they scanned her niece, they found the same aneurysm was causing her headaches and would have ruptured at any moment.

AJ is in love with Mina, that’s undeniable, but as I’ve said before, I love that he respects her relationship with Micah.

And because of AJ, Mina and Micah may be engaged!

That is is Mina accepts his cliche Valentine’s Day proposal. Micah’s a good guy and it’s clear Mina loves him, but I have a feeling she’s going to turn him down and that’ll lead to a break-up.

Seeing as Mina just watched Pravesh pull the plug on his wedding, I doubt she’s going to be gung-ho about getting into an engagement herself.

Plus, I don’t foresee her curbing her worries about Micah’s heart condition which isn’t healthy for their relationship.

Mina and Micah’s break-up will then allow for some sparks between Mina and AJ. Though, at this point, I’m content with their friendship remaining strictly platonic.

Jesse went to rehab which is a good sign for her relationship with Nic.

Nic made good on her promise to be there for Jesse if she agreed to get help and thus, she had to spend Valentine’s Day at rehab’s family night.

I’m still confused as to Conrad and Nic’s fight from two episodes ago when she made it clear she wasn’t interested in moving in with him yet, however, it seems like these two are going strong.

A Valentine’s Day date with mozzarella sticks and sparkling water is honestly better than any fancy dinner. Good job, Conrad.

Even the cases of the week were romantic in nature.

Conrad’s patient was a man suffering from dementia brought upon by years of alcohol abuse. As his memory was withering away, his husband made a conscious choice to exist with him in this new world even if it wasn’t what they’d planned on.

Dr. Kitt’s patient may have been the funniest as he was looking for love in all the wrong places and positions.

Seriously, car sex seems really dangerous.

Though Kitt’s lecture about all the germs in the hospital was laughable as I think every couple has hooked up at Chastain at some point, including Irving and Jessica.

I wouldn’t be surprised if pretty soon Bell and Kitt hook up in some spare closet or something.

Their relationship is bound to happen and I’m not complaining, Kitt brings out a gentler side of Bell that’s going to be good for Chastain.

As for Irving and Jessica, well, it’s about time they made things official.

I don’t exactly understand why Irving felt it was necessary to keep their relationship a secret or why he needed to see another woman become interested in him to realize Jessica was the one, but hey, at least it happened.

Thoughts on tonight’s The Resident?

All the love delivered a slower-paced episode but sometimes, that’s exactly what you need before things really heat up.

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The Resident

The Resident – Virtually Impossible (2×13)



The Resident Virtually Impossible

What an intense episode.

Pravesh got closer to solving Julian’s disappearance, Nic stopped enabling her sister and the Raptor’s “hands” performed nothing short of a miracle.

Nic’s storyline tied in closely with Dr. Hawkin’s and Kit’s patient, Eloise, a med student who needed a lung transplant.

Eloise’s donor, Lenny, turned out to be Jess’ friend from high school who had overdosed on opioids.

As the parents told Nic they’d ignored the signs that Jess was using again, Nic began to realize she’d been doing the same with her own sister, who arrived at Chastain a little too happy and was indifferent about being late for her job interview.

Sadly, when she arrived at the house, she found pills in Jess’ purse proving that she was using once again.

Jess tried to place the blame on Nic by saying that she was so overprotective, she needed to take the pills to deal with her.

At this point, Nic did something that was long overdue — she stopped being the enabler.

She told her sister that she was either going to rehab or she was getting out of the house. And though it was the hardest thing Nic has ever had to do, Jess needs that tough love if she’s ever going to get better.

Cleary, Nic’s overprotective worrying didn’t do anything for Jess because she figured her sister would always be there for her.

It’s only until she hits rock bottom that the wake-up call will hit. She’ll either voluntarily enter rehab and work on getting clean or she’ll overdose and end up like Lenny.

Nic, she’s stronger than she looks.

I was surprised to see her cuddled up with Conrad after their fight last week. Did they just kiss and make-up? Are they pretending none of that ever transpired?

I’m not complaining considering I never wanted them to break-up in the first place, but it was a weird thing to gloss over on the writers’ part.

Julian’s car was pulled out of some swamp and as we all guessed, her body was nowhere to be found.

Now, that doesn’t mean she’s still alive.

Gordon Page doesn’t seem like he’d leave any loose ends, which also leads me to believe that he’d have his goons displace Julian’s body so it would never be found.

And that, friends, would probably be worse torture for Pravesh than actually finding out she was murdered.

Pravesh began to put two-and-two together on this week’s episode, and after sneaking into Julian’s apartment and realizing the last person she spoke to worked for the FDA, he’s more convinced that Quo Vadis played a role in her disappearance.

It’s nice to see that someone cares enough to find out what happened to her.

With all the evidence stacked against Quo Vadis at this point — the defected heart valves, Bradley’s death as a result, the news that the last person Page did business with is dead — it seems Chastain’s employees might go after him.

It’s a good thing they all have a vested interest in taking Page down because after Bell’s call to remove the valves from his hospital shelves, Page will undoubtedly declare war and try to retaliate.

If only Bell could just pay off the debt he owes Page. Lesson learned.

It sure seems like Bell is making a comeback as a good guy and more importantly, good surgeon.

Even Kit is noticing and really liking what she seeing. Look, Bell’s bound to get a love interest sooner or later. If it’s going to be anyone, it may as well be the woman that brings out the best in him. Lord knows he needs that after all the bad seeds — cough Lane cough — he’s been with.

And lastly, that miracle of surgery.

Despite initial hesitation from the board, Chastain went ahead and performed, no, scratch that, they perfected, a triple surgery.

The odds weren’t in their favor but with such a brilliant team of surgeons, one could even say that best of the best, they managed to succeed with minor hiccups.

I got chills when the whole class watching the live stream cheered.

I’m hoping Eloise’s mother makes a full recovery for her selfless sacrifice. A mother’s love is unparalleled.

This whole storyline was proof that not every story has to have a tragic ending at Chastain.

They aren’t miracle workers but sometimes, luck is on their side.

Not only is the Raptor back on his feet, but his feelings for Mina aren’t going away anytime soon.

I know he’s giving her space and trying to let things fall into place, but he can’t keep ignoring this for much longer.

The way he looks at her makes me melt but she’s with Micah. The series has been focusing more on AJ, but we can’t forget that Micah is still there.

What do you think is going to happen?

Will Jess leave Nic alone for good? Will she go to rehab? How far will Page go to get revenge on Bell? And how will Chastain take Page down?

Sound-off in the comments, Cravers!

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The Resident

The Resident – Fear Finds a Way (2×12)



The Resident Fear Finds a Way

If you weren’t a germaphobe before this episode, you definitely are now.

The Resident’s “Fear Finds a Way” was basically a PSA for flu-season.

However, in addition to the regular flu, there was an outbreak that had most of the doctors at Chastain stumped.

You knew the woman Dot Jones and Michael Rady made appearances, they were going to play a major role.

Jones served as the prison guard who had a soft spot for Nic after she served some time there.

Rady played a man struck by cupid’s arrow after one date with his soulmate, Sue.

Now, given the emphasis the series placed on Sue, it was only a matter of time before she was pinpointed as the origin for this infectious disease that caused Chastain to take containment measures much to Bell’s displeasure.

Man, it’s always money with that dude.

He didn’t want an ER full of flu patients because it would deter other patients with money from coming to the hospital. What a guy.

When Jones began aspirating on her own phlegm, Nic broke protocol to save her and thus, exposed herself to the unknown virus.

There were many times that Nic’s behavior was questionable, but it all leads back to the house hunting with Conrad at the beginning of the episode.

Most women would be thrilled if their longtime lover brought up the idea of moving in together, but Nic treated it like the worst thing in the world.

While I wasn’t really a fan of how their confrontation at the end went down, I do believe Conrad has a point in that Nic doesn’t want to take the next step because there’s nothing left to be fixed.

She’s a fixer, people are her projects, and now that Conrad has taken all of her advice, the relationship is beginning to feel too real.

There’s also the Alec factor. Those two have warmed up to each other rather quickly. We saw the trio working together to find a cure for Jones and Rady, but in general, Alec is definitely smitten with Nic.

If things were to go south with Nic and Conrad and she decided to give Alec a real shot, things would get messy because he’s already engrained himself in the Chastain culture.

He speaks Bell fluently, I’d argue even better than Conrad.

Bell realizes he’s in a lot more trouble than he initially believed.

You’d think that he’d research the hospital Chastain previously had dealings with beforehand, but he was so eager to capitalize on the “flawless” product, he signed without doing his due diligence.

Now, finding out that the former CEO that Gordon was involved with was found “dead” doesn’t exactly evoke optimism.

Wait till he finds out about Julian.

I knew Gordon Page was a bad guy, but it seems like he has more blood on his hands than initially believed.

He even manipulated A.J’s mentor into vouching for the company.

A.J may have been off of his game thinking the only way to become that great surgeon he initially believed himself to be was by humbling himself, but Mina knew that A.J’s ego wasn’t at fault for killing Bradley.

I’m not sure why no one tested these devices the way Mina did or why the nurse helping her claimed that they’d be in so much trouble.

It seems like the right course of action if you’re trying to see what really killed a patient, doesn’t it?

Mina’s hunch was right — Quo Vadis’ heart valves weren’t strong enough to handle the heart of a young patient.

Operator error, as Gordon Page put it, was not the reason Bradley died, but a faulty valve, like A.J originally argued, definitely was.

A.J initially didn’t want to believe Mina thinking she would say anything to get her mentor back, but a bit of digging revealed his mentor’s motive — a giant million dollar sum.

A.J was a straight up boss in the scene where he confronted his mentor and basically told him his opinion was no longer valid.

However, Gordon Page is a dangerous adversary.

How is Chastain going to go against him and not lose face?

If only someone could prove that he was a murderer… oh wait.

Lastly, I really enjoy A.J and Mina’s scenes together because they balance each other out so effortlessly, but I don’t want the series to kill off Micah to make room for this couple. Is there a better way around it?

Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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