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Timeless – Karma Chameleon (1×13)



Timeless went back to the 80s this week but it wasn’t for a work assignment.

Wyatt convinced Rufus to help him steal the time machine so that he could go back and prevent his wife’s killers parents from meeting. Sound messed up? That’s because it is. He literally went to prevent two people from hooking up at a bar because their future baby would be a serial killer. Chills.

He took a play from Flynn’s book and pretended that he “forced” Rufus to pilot the ship by holding a gun to his head, similar to how Flynn stole one of the ships. However we know Rufus went willingly because Wyatt even stopped by Lucy’s place in the middle of the night to tell her about his plan.

“Why does it feel like we’re saying goodbye,” Lucy asked him with tears in her eyes. That statement held more weight than the scene gave away, especially because she has real feelings for Wyatt and he’s so focused on getting his wife back. If he succeeded, there would be absolutely no option for them to ever be together and that was unsettling. Maybe some things are meant to be in the past? Maybe fate is real, no matter how hard Wyatt tried to deny it.

Anyways, the two time traveled to that day and Wyatt assured Rufus he did “all his research.” That was a lie. He did some research and knew what he was looking for, but he never thought to check the weather, which apparently played a HUGE role that night.

Wyatt and Rufus track Claire down at the bar, attached to a hotel where she’s spending the night. When they arrive, she’s already chatting up Joel, the bartender they need to keep her away from. Things seem to be working out for them at first until a trooper walks in to inform them that no one can leave the bar because of a tornado. How are they going to keep two people away from each other when they can’t leave the room? Flirting.

Wyatt does his best to keep Claire interested but that goes south when he flight attendant friends enter the bar and reveal that they saw him at the airport and he claimed to be her friend from high school. “We just met,” Claire said and Joel came to her aid, kicking Wyatt out of the bar.

With all the variables changing, Wyatt asked Rufus to lure Joel out the kitchen so that he could pretty much kidnap him until Claire’s flight left the next day. Of course his plan got foiled by some douchebag who he punched out and he ended up getting arrested by the trooper, who spotted his gun.

That’s when they had to turn to extreme measures. Rufus helped Wyatt break out and he barged into Claire’s room where she’d already been hooking up with Joel. Talk about cock blocking. He pushed Joel outside but when he fought back, he accidentally hit him too hard and he cracked his head on the cement. Yep, despite promising Rufus not to hurt anyone, he actually killed his wife’s killers father. Hey, at least he got what he came for right?

On their way back to the present, Wyatt was an emotional wreck overcome with guilt for what he’d done to this innocent man and ecstatic to finally see his wife again. When they landed, Lucy told him the bad news – the other two women killed by Wes were still alive. But Jessica was still dead and her killer was “never found.”

“That’s not possible” a crazed Wyatt yelled as he was arrested and taken away. How was it possible? Wyatt didn’t just take Flynn’s word for it… he actually visited the guy in prison and got a confession. So was Wes not his wife’s murderer? Did Flynn lie to him and pay the guy to admit to a murder he didn’t commit? And if so, what’s the purpose? To break up the A-team so that he could finally complete his mission in taking down Rittenhouse?

This really raises the stakes. We saw Rufus and Wyatt travel somewhere without Lucy’s expertise and saw the dynamic change completely. Will we now see Lucy and Rufus team up without Wyatt? How will their dymanic change after losing a critical part of their team?

Speaking of Rittenhouse, we finally got a little more insight into the organization. Anthony went behind Flynn’s back and called Mason Industries with a proposal for Rufus. Since he was on a rogue mission, Anthony settled for speaking with Lucy. After making sure she wasn’t wired, he told her that he felt Flynn’s plan was too dangerous and the longer these time traveling machine’s were around, the more opportunities Rittenhouse had to go back and alter history completely so they could take over the world.

His proposition – blow them up and end this once and for all. Lucy was skeptical, as she should be, but he promised that by the end of the day, she’d be informed of an explosion, which meant he went through with his plan. Oh there was an explosion alright but the time traveling machine wasn’t destroyed. Flynn must have caught onto Anthony’s plan and eliminated him before jumping again. At this point, I’m starting to think Flynn is just as dangerous as Rittenhouse.

Lucy and Agent Christopher seemed to bond a bit this week since she was left behind while the boys did their thing. Christopher was mad about Wyatt’s stupid decision but Lucy totally understood. They were people who were given all the power to change the past, yet they felt completely helpless because they couldn’t change things that mattered to them. They couldn’t bring back loved ones, they couldn’t fix society… it was damaging to them. In fact, she was surprised Wyatt didn’t go through with the plan sooner.

Then she confided in Christopher everything she knew about Rittenhouse and discovered that Mason’s partner-in-crime and leader of everything was actually her DAD! She finally got up the nerve to go confront him and the meeting was more pleasant than expected. In fact, her father said she could never run from Rittenhouse because it was in her blood. Lucy is one of them, whether she likes it or not. Will this be her push to join Flynn’s cause and help him defeat her own dad? Or will she betray Rufus and Wyatt? Up until now, neither her nor Wyatt were personally involved with this agency. Rufus was being manipulated by them and Mason but now, Lucy is wholeheartedly invested. How will this sway her decisions?

Thoughts on this week’s Timeless?

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Timeless – The Kennedy Curse (2×05)



Timeless The Kennedy Curse

The bunker is getting pretty crowded!

We spent most of the time in the present on this week’s Timeless, and it was still just as suspenseful as when we traveled back to the Salem Witch Trials.

Okay, Lucy didn’t almost die at the hands of her mother this time around but still, bringing back a young JFK to the present to prevent Rittenhouse from killing him was pretty out-of-this-world.

Rittenhouse is trying to create their perfect world and they are willing to eliminate anyone that stands in their way or is counter to their goals, even some of history’s greatest President’s. They also have no qualms about actually changing history completely.

While our time-traveling trio doesn’t prioritize preserving history much anymore, they know that without JFK, the world would be a vastly different place.

So, when they traveled to Connecticut 1934, they decided to bring back John in the time machine.

What they didn’t anticipate is that John would be suspicious of their bunker hospitality and find a way to escape into the modern world full of technological advances that made his head spin.

John runs to the nearest gas-station and befriends a group of teens traveling to Palo Alto. One of the girls obviously can’t resist his charms so she asks him to tag along, even though he kind of seems a bit crazy.

Meanwhile, inside the bunker, Lucy is recovering from her 17th-century diseases and trying to avoid Jessica at all costs.

In case you forgot, Rittenhouse brought back Wyatt’s wife from the dead and in an effort to save his marriage, he opted for full transparency which meant informing her all about his mission and the fact that time-travel is 100% real.

To be honest, she’s handling it like a pro.

What Wyatt didn’t tell her about is his dalliance with Lucy. It seemed like Lucy was “cool” with his wife’s return but since she almost died, she’s been a little on edge about the whole thing.

Still, after JFK escapes, there’s really no time to dwell on it. Wyatt offers to go look for him and Jessica offers to join.

Lucy decides to third-wheel the whole thing and it’s just as awkward as it sounds. It also makes Lucy realize that Wyatt really only has eyes for his girl; they have so much history together, history that doesn’t just date back to the start of their missions.

Jessica is a bit too overconfident in my opinion. If I had just resurrected and my husband was on this mission, I wouldn’t try to assert myself in any situation. But that’s exactly what Jessica does. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s just a bit too forward and proves that three’s a crowd. She’s ruining the great dynamic that Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus have built up!

Both sides are on the hunt for John and both Lucy and her mother, Carol, quickly realize that JFK must be at the hospital. It’s a plus that both of them are historians that know facts regular people don’t for example that John had several health issues that would have probably flared up from all the stress of traveling to “the future.”

Somehow, Emma is able to locate the hospital quicker than Lucy, Wyatt and Jessica who are in the area. When they arrive at his hospital room, he’s no longer there but they come face-to-face with Emma.

A fight between Emma and Wyatt ensues and well, both of them can hold their own. Lucy and Jessica try to offer assistance but that simply allows Emma to get Lucy in a chokehold.

“Does she mean less now that you have your wife back,” Emma asks him as she holds a knife to her throat. Now, this obviously means Rittenhouse has some major plans for Jessica. Emma also just revealed that Lucy and Wyatt have history which Jessica hadn’t picked up on.

“Do it,” Lucy says assuring him Emma is Rittenhouse’s only pilot.

Since Wyatt is a good guy, allowing Emma to run free wasn’t surprising. What was shocking was that Emma finally had a chance to kill Lucy, which is what she’s been counting on since she took over the mission from Carol, yet she let her go. Why? Did she know it was only a matter of time before security came and she wanted to get away?

Does she enjoy this back and forth with Lucy? I’m really confused as to what fueled her decision.

Jessica obviously noticed the way Wyatt looked at Lucy when her life was on the line and figured that maybe Wyatt’s second chance wasn’t with her, it was with Lucy.

She was really willing to walk away from all of this and even asked Lucy to tell Wyatt “goodbye.” And Lucy could have just let her walk, knowing she’d get Wyatt back all to herself but realistically, she couldn’t do that to him.

Wyatt may have feelings for Lucy but he’s in love with his wife; his whole life’s purpose was dedicated to bringing her back.

No one foresaw her return when the slept together in Hollywood, but now that she is back, he needs to make it work with her and Lucy needs to let go.

It’s a difficult realization but it makes so much sense. Lucy would never want to be the woman to get in the way of true love.

However, I don’t think Jessica and Wyatt are going to experience many sunny days ahead because like I said, Rittenhouse definitely has a plan for her. She may be Rittenhouse and simply not know it.

And obviously, now that Jessica knows all about their mission, they can’t just let her walk out into the real world. She could expose them and become a real threat.

I really thought that Agent Christopher would suggest that Jessica take Lucy’s spot in their missions considering her less-than-friendly meeting with Carol.

Carol definitely cares about her daughter, but Lucy is an adult and you can just keep her off these missions, especially because she really wants to stop Rittenhouse. And threatening other people’s children is honestly such an asshole move. Come on, Carol, you’re better than this!

Agent Christopher and Connor should just take their kids down into the bunker to keep them safe. I mean, it’s the only way at this point.

Lucy, Wyatt and Jessica finally found JFK at a house party. They got to him before Emma this time which was a good thing, however, he had already used to internet to find out that he’d become President, that his siblings would die because of the “Kennedy Curse,” and that he’d also die a few years into his term.

How do you go back to regular life knowing all of that? Everything could have happened now because he knew about it.

Rufus tried to help him changed his fate by telling him to avoid going to Dallas on November 22 but when he returned to the future, he found out JFK was still assassinated in a different city.

This goes back to Jiya’s visions — it seems some people’s stories are just meant to be no matter how much they try to change it.

Do you think Carol will kill Christopher and Connor’s families to send a message? Will Jessica join the time-traveling missions? Someone mentioned they are looking to add more seats in the lifeboat.

Will Lucy and Flynn develop a romantic relationship? He overheard Lucy and Wyatt talking about what happened between them and then inserted himself by offering her a beer. I really hope the writers don’t go down that route because much like Wyatt, Flynn’s motives behind taking down Rittenhouse have also been to bring back his wife and children.

What did you think of the episode?

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Timeless – The Salem Witch Hunt (2×04)



Timeless The Salem Witch Hunt

Timeless traveled to my favorite time, albeit scariest, time in history — the Salem witch trials.

When I saw the title, I couldn’t contain my excitement because I’m just so obsessed with what happened in 1692, and the idea that men killed powerful women who were different simply because they intimidated them.

My excitement was quickly overshadowed by a feeling of terror and concern. What would our time-traveling trio endure while in colonial Massachusetts? Realistically, it wasn’t a safe period for women or black men.

And they didn’t even have Wyatt as a back-up because he was busy catching up with Jessica, his newly resurrected wife.

Lucy was understandably shocked by the news, as any sane person would be, but she wanted to be supportive and understanding so she was all like, “we don’t need you back for this mission. No worries, we’re only going to be hung from a tree. Jessica being back is great news, it’s not like I’m in love with you or anything.” And Liam was all like, “Cool. thanks, bruh.”

Seriously, I know this is the one thing he’s always wanted, to have his wife back, but given the severity of their missions, you would think he would prioritize his team and not send them out there alone. Especially since he’s really the only one who knows how to use a gun.

Finding a replacement for Wyatt wasn’t something everyone easily agreed on. Considering Garcia Flynn is deemed a terrorist and was locked up until recently, their hesitation was warranted. What if he turned his back on the agent while in a different time period? What if he stole the time machine and left them stranded? All possibilities we have to consider. Rufus was perturbed riding in the ship with Flynn but realistically, they had no other options.

In fact, Lucy is the only one championing for Flynn and supporting him, which is probably why he hasn’t turned on all of them yet.  I’d have to agree with Lucy here as they are both playing for the same team. He was a danger to them in the beginning but now, they are allies and they need all the help they can get if they want to stand a chance at defending Rittenhouse. Why do you think they wanted to get rid of him in the first place? He knows too much!

Why would they ever let Flynn go into dangerous territory without a gun? I know he’s not exactly trustworthy but let’s look back at how many times guns helped them in their time traveling efforts. Oh yeah, every single time!

Lucy’s faith in Flynn is also what saved them during the Salem witch trials, which they inconveniently became a part of thanks to Lucy’s mother.

Carol was the sole Rittenhouse agent leading the mission in Salem. There was no sleeper agent, she simply pretended to be one of the town folk and accused Abbie Franklin of witchcraft. Based on the last name, you can probably figure out Abbie is the woman that would later become Benjamin Franklin’s mother. And if she gets killed, he’s never born and the American people are never encouraged to challenge their leaders and the status quo. Rittenhouse wants people to be a bunch of sheep, falling in line to whatever the government tells them. I guess it’s easier to control everyone that way, right?

However, being asked to “take care” of your daughter isn’t something a mother can easily do. And as such, Carol’s allegiances are wavering a bit. She may be fully invested in Rittenhouse’s cause but she didn’t pass Emma and Keynes’ test in Salem to see if she could sacrifice the person she loved most.

After accusing her, Carol snuck into the “jail” to give her daughter a way out. She tried to convince her once more to join Rittenhouse, but Lucy is strong-willed and she told her mom she’d rather be hung here with all the women she truly admired. Gutsy.

I think Carol is beginning to realize that Rittenhouse doesn’t truly have her back and if she’s not 100% with them, she’s against them. It’s only a matter of time before she ends up in the FBI underground bunker assisting Lucy and her team on how to stop Rittenhouse. They don’t stand a chance without someone who was deeply ingrained in the beliefs; Flynn can only tell them so much. You can tell there’s even some beef between Carol and Emma as she realizes Emma is polluting Keynes’ mind with ideas and even he’s decided to turn his back on his great-granddaughter.

I didn’t expect much logic from this time period when it came to judgment but seeing a white man in the same dire situation as Rufus still look down on his because of skin color made me laugh. What a ridiculous mindset that I’m glad we as a civilization, for the most part, have overcome.

Much of season one’s focus was on Lucy and the team preserving history. In season two, that all went to hell. They’re changing things left and right. The biggest change came during the witch trials when Lucy and Rufus freed all 11 of the accused. That action alone completely erased the Salem witch trials from the history books, and who knows what other ripple effects it caused.

And this brings me to my next point. If we’re fudging up the past and the present, how will the people in the bunker, Agent Christoph, Jiya and Connor Mason, remember what “really” happened. Will they simply rely on the trio + Flynn to fill them in every time?

Lucy went through an emotional and physical beating this week. Not only did she find out her only happiness was squashed with the return of her lover’s dead wife, she almost got killed in one of the most brutal executions in history, and it was all because of her mother. To top it off, she arrived back in the present to find herself face-to-face with Jessica… in the bunker!

Wyatt usually makes the practical decision but when it comes to Jessica, he loses all rational thought.

Upon their initial meeting, I assumed Jessica was married to someone else because she didn’t seem too pleased to see him. Turns out, they are still together, their marriage is simply crumbling because, for the past two months, Wyatt hasn’t even returned her calls. Eh, he’s been a little busy, you know. And also, you’re supposed to be DEAD!

She tried to be understanding because he’s in the army, but eventually, she just got fed up, hence why she blindsided him at his rented motel with divorce papers.

It dawns on him that maybe their relationship wasn’t the fairytale romance he always thought it was, but he’s getting a second chance now so there’s no way he’s going to waste it.

He tries to convince her that they’ll work it out but she’s heard it all before. How many times can someone say they’ve changed? But the thing is, he has changed.

When Jessica says she can’t be married to a state secret anymore, Wyatt’s solution is to eliminate the secrecy by showing her the bunker and the time machine.

Realistically, if you got the love of your life back again, you’d do anything to keep them.

I personally cannot get invested in their marriage because we haven’t even seen any flashbacks of them as a couple so Jessica simply feels like a stranger rather than an old friend who returned.  She’s a brand new character to us so we’re naturally going to feel for Lucy and hope they get back together.

Christoph is beyond herself when she sees them sneaking in. Instead of talking somewhere more private, they decide to have a full-on argument while Jessica is just hanging around and she overhears Wyatt say “my wife just came back from the dead,” which understandably freaks her out. In her world, she was never dead and only 2-months passed by. In “reality,” she’s been gone for roughly six-years.

But again, none of this would make sense unless she believed in time travel, which no regular person believes in. So, she sticks around and actually watches the ship zap back from the hellish past.

Throwing Jessica into the mix and explaining everything to her definitely spices things up in the show. It was fun to watch them show off the possibility of time-travel to a stranger because we’ve become partially immune to the novelty. However, will she believe them? Will she buy Wyatt’s story? It takes a lot of courage to believe someone when they recall your murder and your funeral.

Women also aren’t stupid and it’s only going to take her a minute to realize that there is something more than friendship between Wyatt and Lucy. It was beyond obvious when Lucy deboarded the ship and threw him the look. And he’s guilty about it because well, no one thought that she’d ever be alive again.

Since Wyatt isn’t even the same person anymore, will his chemistry with Jessica be completely different? And will he be okay with letting her go if it the spark just isn’t quite there? After all this time, they are two different people.

And of course, we have to assume that Rittenhouse purposefully traveled to San Diego to bring Jessica back. Did they think without Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus wouldn’t stand a chance at taking them down? Maybe Jessica is part of Rittenhouse?

The also raises a new concern for the series since now we know it’s possible to toy with someone by hopping into the past and erasing their existence or the existence of a loved one.

I can’t really place what’s going on with Jiya’s visions. She finally decided to tell Rufus about them and he, of all people, laughed them off. The man who travels through different moments in history couldn’t believe that prophetic visions were possible.

However, I agree that Jiya should keep them to herself because after she told Rufus what she saw, most of what happened in Salem occurred as a result of him knowing. It’s almost as if he made the vision come to life and I wonder had he not known, would the result be different?

It also brings up a neat point about changing history. I mentioned before they saved about 8 additional women that should have died that night. But even though the man with the scar didn’t die of a gunshot wound, he was still destined to die and thus, got hit by a carriage. It’s the same concept as in final destination — you can’t cheat death. Then, did those women who seemingly got a second chance also perish shortly after?

Jiya’s visions will definitely play a key role in stopping a Rittenhouse-led world.

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Timeless – Hollywoodland (2×03)



Timeless Hollywoodland

When Rittenhouse said it was putting sleeper agents throughout history, they really weren’t joking.

This week’s Timeless takes us to Hollywoodland in 1941, where a Rittenhouse agent left his son, who spent 15-years waiting to be activated. During that time, he became a major film and TV director working right out of Paramount Pictures. These guys have even infiltrated the movie business.

Once again, Lucy cannot connect the time period and location to anything significant in history so they turn to Flynn Garcia. But this time, he’s not willing to give up his knowledge without something in return. Since he’s being treated for a stab wound inflicted by a Rittenhouse agent that broke into the prison to kill him, Lucy promises to help him escape, overriding what Denise says. The truth is, they need Flynn alive if they stand a chance at beating Rittenhouse.

While they are in 1941, the trio drives out to the prison where Flynn is being kept and leave him a key, a gas mask and an FBI id. Back in the future, he follows the note Denise leaves him, picks up the belongings and when the fire alarms go off, walks right out of there and into the FBI hide-out.

But before they get any of that, they follow Flynn’s chicken scratch to the Paramount studios.

They’re able to sneak past security but once inside, they realize they have no idea what they are actually looking for. And they definitely can’t pick out a Rittenhouse agent that’s hiding in plain sight.

When a guard catches them trespassing, Rufus pretends he’s Langston Hughes and secures a meeting with the head of Paramount. I guess in a time when the world wasn’t run by internet and cellphones, it’s likely that someone wouldn’t know what the prolific writer looked like. While they’re pitching the idea of Hamilton the musical and a Rittenhouse spy-thriller to him, they overhear that someone stole the only copy of Citizen Kane. That definitely seems like Rittenhouse’s doing so they pursue it.

Given that Citizen Kane focuses on a reporter and a newspaper magnate, Rittenhouse knew what they were doing to achieve their main goal — gain control of information.

In exchange for the film, Rittenhouse wants a weekly column in Hearts’ papers.

Back in those days, Hearst’s papers were hugely influential and whoever controlled what was printed could essentially rewrite history and spread propaganda. You can see why the original “fake news” could have been dangerous.

Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy are able to stop the sleeper agent and return the only copy to Hedy Lamarr, a beautiful and brilliant actress/scientist.

Hedy lent the trio a helping hand throughout their entire mission. She wasn’t phased when Rufus wasn’t actually Langston Hughes and called him out on his rendition of “Fresh Prince.” I love their use of modern-day projects/art to fool those in the past who simply don’t know any better. She even helped Rufus listen in to Heart’s conversation with the agent. If he didn’t have a girlfriend, he’d definitely hit it off with Hedy.

In turn, he recommended she get a patent that doesn’t expire and when he arrives in the future, he realizes she’s made more money than Bill Gates. Now, that’s what I call girl power.

1940’s Hollywood is a lot more romantic than anything in the present day, including their underground bunker, so it’s no surprise that Lucy and Wyatt felt sparks fly and finally acted on their feelings. Rufus’ face, as he walked in on them in bed together the next morning, was priceless. Busted! But who didn’t see it coming? Rufus was the first to point out that Wyatt was “in love” with Lucy.

I’ve been rooting for these two since the middle of season one but when they finally kissed, it occurred to me that the next logical problem they would face as a couple is the return of Wyatt’s late wife, Jessica. I didn’t think it would happen as soon as they got home, but when Wyatt got a worrisome text message and sprinted off, I knew it was bad news.

Wyatt broke out of their underground lair thus exposing them all to Rittenhouse just to make sure that his wife was actually alive. What did the text message say? How did he know she was alive?

This was one of their least dangerous mission — they didn’t even come in contact with the sleeper agent — so what could they have changed in history that brought her back? Or has she been back for awhile and he just realized?

From the looks of it, Jessica isn’t too happy to see him. She’s also wearing a ring on her finger, which tells me she’s engaged and Wyatt likely isn’t the guy since he’s been cooped up with his team trying to stop Rittenhouse from ruining the world.

While her return is definitely something to celebrate, at least for Wyatt, it’s upsetting because in this new reality, their love story never happened.

And it obviously puts a strain on Lucy and Wyatt’s new relationship. Will he be able to puruse her when he knows his wife is finally back? He’s wanted this for so long. And will Lucy willingly get in between their love story?

And if history is changing at such a rapid pace, what happens when one of them suddenly disappears? If Rittenhouse really thought this through, the easiest way to get rid of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and their team is to go back in time and erase their existence!

Denise finally found out about Jiya’s fainting and seizures and called in a doctor. Given that her symptoms are an after effect of time travel, I don’t think your regular internist is going to have the proper diagnosis. Jiya, who didn’t want to see a doctor because she’d rather not know what was wrong with her, was shocked to find out that she was healthier than ever. Even her childhood heart murmur was gone.

Yet Connor Mason knew that things were going to take a bad turn because he’d seen it happen with two of his other agents who ignored the rules of time travel. One was being treated for schizophrenia and the other died. Will Jiya meet the same fate? It’s not surprising that he hasn’t told Jiya and Rufus — can you imagine how panicked they would be? Especially Rufus.

While we don’t know how much time Jiya has, she’ll be useful considering her visions are a look into the future. Quite possibly a post-Rittenhouse future.

Thoughts on Timeless?

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