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Timeless – Karma Chameleon (1×13)

Timeless went back to the 80s this week but it wasn’t for a work assignment.

Wyatt convinced Rufus to help him steal the time machine so that he could go back and prevent his wife’s killers parents from meeting. Sound messed up? That’s because it is. He literally went to prevent two people from hooking up at a bar because their future baby would be a serial killer. Chills.

He took a play from Flynn’s book and pretended that he “forced” Rufus to pilot the ship by holding a gun to his head, similar to how Flynn stole one of the ships. However we know Rufus went willingly because Wyatt even stopped by Lucy’s place in the middle of the night to tell her about his plan.

“Why does it feel like we’re saying goodbye,” Lucy asked him with tears in her eyes. That statement held more weight than the scene gave away, especially because she has real feelings for Wyatt and he’s so focused on getting his wife back. If he succeeded, there would be absolutely no option for them to ever be together and that was unsettling. Maybe some things are meant to be in the past? Maybe fate is real, no matter how hard Wyatt tried to deny it.

Anyways, the two time traveled to that day and Wyatt assured Rufus he did “all his research.” That was a lie. He did some research and knew what he was looking for, but he never thought to check the weather, which apparently played a HUGE role that night.

Wyatt and Rufus track Claire down at the bar, attached to a hotel where she’s spending the night. When they arrive, she’s already chatting up Joel, the bartender they need to keep her away from. Things seem to be working out for them at first until a trooper walks in to inform them that no one can leave the bar because of a tornado. How are they going to keep two people away from each other when they can’t leave the room? Flirting.

Wyatt does his best to keep Claire interested but that goes south when he flight attendant friends enter the bar and reveal that they saw him at the airport and he claimed to be her friend from high school. “We just met,” Claire said and Joel came to her aid, kicking Wyatt out of the bar.

With all the variables changing, Wyatt asked Rufus to lure Joel out the kitchen so that he could pretty much kidnap him until Claire’s flight left the next day. Of course his plan got foiled by some douchebag who he punched out and he ended up getting arrested by the trooper, who spotted his gun.

That’s when they had to turn to extreme measures. Rufus helped Wyatt break out and he barged into Claire’s room where she’d already been hooking up with Joel. Talk about cock blocking. He pushed Joel outside but when he fought back, he accidentally hit him too hard and he cracked his head on the cement. Yep, despite promising Rufus not to hurt anyone, he actually killed his wife’s killers father. Hey, at least he got what he came for right?

On their way back to the present, Wyatt was an emotional wreck overcome with guilt for what he’d done to this innocent man and ecstatic to finally see his wife again. When they landed, Lucy told him the bad news – the other two women killed by Wes were still alive. But Jessica was still dead and her killer was “never found.”

“That’s not possible” a crazed Wyatt yelled as he was arrested and taken away. How was it possible? Wyatt didn’t just take Flynn’s word for it… he actually visited the guy in prison and got a confession. So was Wes not his wife’s murderer? Did Flynn lie to him and pay the guy to admit to a murder he didn’t commit? And if so, what’s the purpose? To break up the A-team so that he could finally complete his mission in taking down Rittenhouse?

This really raises the stakes. We saw Rufus and Wyatt travel somewhere without Lucy’s expertise and saw the dynamic change completely. Will we now see Lucy and Rufus team up without Wyatt? How will their dymanic change after losing a critical part of their team?

Speaking of Rittenhouse, we finally got a little more insight into the organization. Anthony went behind Flynn’s back and called Mason Industries with a proposal for Rufus. Since he was on a rogue mission, Anthony settled for speaking with Lucy. After making sure she wasn’t wired, he told her that he felt Flynn’s plan was too dangerous and the longer these time traveling machine’s were around, the more opportunities Rittenhouse had to go back and alter history completely so they could take over the world.

His proposition – blow them up and end this once and for all. Lucy was skeptical, as she should be, but he promised that by the end of the day, she’d be informed of an explosion, which meant he went through with his plan. Oh there was an explosion alright but the time traveling machine wasn’t destroyed. Flynn must have caught onto Anthony’s plan and eliminated him before jumping again. At this point, I’m starting to think Flynn is just as dangerous as Rittenhouse.

Lucy and Agent Christopher seemed to bond a bit this week since she was left behind while the boys did their thing. Christopher was mad about Wyatt’s stupid decision but Lucy totally understood. They were people who were given all the power to change the past, yet they felt completely helpless because they couldn’t change things that mattered to them. They couldn’t bring back loved ones, they couldn’t fix society… it was damaging to them. In fact, she was surprised Wyatt didn’t go through with the plan sooner.

Then she confided in Christopher everything she knew about Rittenhouse and discovered that Mason’s partner-in-crime and leader of everything was actually her DAD! She finally got up the nerve to go confront him and the meeting was more pleasant than expected. In fact, her father said she could never run from Rittenhouse because it was in her blood. Lucy is one of them, whether she likes it or not. Will this be her push to join Flynn’s cause and help him defeat her own dad? Or will she betray Rufus and Wyatt? Up until now, neither her nor Wyatt were personally involved with this agency. Rufus was being manipulated by them and Mason but now, Lucy is wholeheartedly invested. How will this sway her decisions?

Thoughts on this week’s Timeless?

Timeless – Karma Chameleon (1×13) Reviewed by on . Timeless went back to the 80s this week but it wasn't for a work assignment. Wyatt convinced Rufus to help him steal the time machine so that he could go back a Timeless went back to the 80s this week but it wasn't for a work assignment. Wyatt convinced Rufus to help him steal the time machine so that he could go back a Rating: 0
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