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Timeless – The Murder of Jesse James (1×12)

Murder should not be as easy as it is for Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy but unfortunately in their line of work it is.

This week our trio took on the Old West working side by side with the characters they’d only heard about in the Lone Ranger – the Johnny Depp starring film.

We kick things off with each character facing their own crisis, one they’ll have to continue facing throughout the episode. Lucy has a nightmare about her sister – she calls her out for “enjoying” time traveling and not focusing on getting her back. Heck, she even forgot her birthday. Wyatt pays his wife’s killer a little visit and forces him to fess up to the murder. When he wishes he could change things, Wyatt coyly states, “not unless I had a time machine.” I see what you did there. Rufus comes to work thinking he scared the coats off of Rittenhouse only to find that Connor Mason in fact did pick a side and it wasn’t his. Jiya shares her excitement about being trained as the next Lifeboat pilot, which would make him “expendable” when she finally gets the hang of it. This is by far the most intriguing because it’s a direct result of Rufus’ actions from the day before – finally standing up to Rittenhouse and dangling the “I’m the only pilot” scenario in their face. Could they really kill off Rufus within 6 months?

Without wasting anytime, Flynn makes his “daily jump” and they cowboys have to suit up and follow along. They quickly realize Flynn wasn’t in the mood for preserving history, sparing Jesse James, who should have been killed while dusting a painting. What does Flynn want with a famous killer and where did they go? Knowing they can’t track him down without someone that knows the lay of the land, they turn to Lucy who for a brief moment, snaps out of her funk to help the boys out, bringing them to the best Sheriff in town – the Lone Ranger aka Bass Reeves. “The Lone Ranger is black?” Rufus asks. “Awesome.”

With the historical equivalents of The Lone Ranger and Tonto, they embark on a mission to track down Flynn and James, an unlikely pairing but one that made sense considering in order to destroy Rittenhouse, he has to take out the bad guys and become one himself. Seeing Flynn, who is never scared of much, actually intimidated by Jesse, especially when it came to not knowing if he could be trusted was refreshing and changed up the roles a bit – it’s usually the trio scared of Flynn’s unpredictability.

The big bloody journey ended up being for a woman… isn’t it always? But not just any woman – the OG Lifeboat pilot named Emma, who had faked her own death and hid out in the Old West in her little cabin to escape Rittenhouse. What a satisfying turn of events. At first she’s weary of Flynn but realizes he means no harm, especially since he too had been taken advantage of by them. He convinces her that she has to help him beat them and together, they travel back to the present… but not before giving James a high powered gun. Seriously, who does that? Sometimes, I’m really disappointed in Flynn. He teeters on the good and bad line, but I know that he’s in this for the right reasons. Why does he have to make it so difficult for everyone?

When the crew arrives at the cabin, they are shocked to see it’s filled with 2000-esque technology, which bewilders Reevs and Tonto. Before Rufus is able to process that Emma is in fact alive, they’re shot up by James, who is having way to much fun using his high powered gun without supervision. Tonto is hit by a bullet and dies in the process but even that isn’t enough to make the Lone Ranger crack. As soon as he realizes that Wyatt is about to break his promise, he orders him to put the gun down. Wyatt knows that killing him is technically the right decision considering he should have died earlier in the day. Surprisingly, it’s Lucy who comes with the assists, making her first kill for the greater good.The Lone Ranger is disappointed that they killed someone that was “surrendering” but if he only knew.

I’d say Rufus had a point in saying “good men” shouldn’t kill that easily, but only if they were killing innocent people. So far, the only times Wyatt or Lucy pulled the trigger was really to take out someone that deserved it – Jesse James, H.H Holmes, etc.

Back in the present day, Rufus watches Connor train Jiya, who thankfully isn’t as unaware as we thought. I mean she doesn’t know the depth of how messed up this place is and is totally clueless about Rittenhouse but she does know that Mason is a sketchy man. He did threaten her after all when she hacked into his system and stole logs from previous flights, stumbling upon intel that the first pilot, Emma, died on a mission.

The fact that she’s alive probably should have been kept a secret but Rufus was quick to let the higher ups know that she escaped with Flynn. I found this strange considering he didn’t know if she was actually still alive when Flynn got to her. What if she was dead?

And if Rufus wasn’t struggling enough with all the death, time travel and blackmail, Wyatt asked him to help him steal the time machine and kill his wife’s killer. We’ve been leading up to this for a while now but I never thought Wyatt would be crazy enough to go through with it. Not only could they get in serious trouble, their taking a big risk because what if this doesn’t guarantee Jessica stays alive? And what about his feelings for Lucy? Echoing Bass Reeves this week, “who the hell ever said easy and right were the same thing?”

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

Timeless – The Murder of Jesse James (1×12) Reviewed by on . Murder should not be as easy as it is for Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy but unfortunately in their line of work it is. This week our trio took on the Old West working s Murder should not be as easy as it is for Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy but unfortunately in their line of work it is. This week our trio took on the Old West working s Rating: 0
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