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timeless the murder of jesse james timeless the murder of jesse james


Timeless – The Murder of Jesse James (1×12)



Murder should not be as easy as it is for Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy but unfortunately in their line of work it is.

This week our trio took on the Old West working side by side with the characters they’d only heard about in the Lone Ranger – the Johnny Depp starring film.

We kick things off with each character facing their own crisis, one they’ll have to continue facing throughout the episode. Lucy has a nightmare about her sister – she calls her out for “enjoying” time traveling and not focusing on getting her back. Heck, she even forgot her birthday. Wyatt pays his wife’s killer a little visit and forces him to fess up to the murder. When he wishes he could change things, Wyatt coyly states, “not unless I had a time machine.” I see what you did there. Rufus comes to work thinking he scared the coats off of Rittenhouse only to find that Connor Mason in fact did pick a side and it wasn’t his. Jiya shares her excitement about being trained as the next Lifeboat pilot, which would make him “expendable” when she finally gets the hang of it. This is by far the most intriguing because it’s a direct result of Rufus’ actions from the day before – finally standing up to Rittenhouse and dangling the “I’m the only pilot” scenario in their face. Could they really kill off Rufus within 6 months?

Without wasting anytime, Flynn makes his “daily jump” and they cowboys have to suit up and follow along. They quickly realize Flynn wasn’t in the mood for preserving history, sparing Jesse James, who should have been killed while dusting a painting. What does Flynn want with a famous killer and where did they go? Knowing they can’t track him down without someone that knows the lay of the land, they turn to Lucy who for a brief moment, snaps out of her funk to help the boys out, bringing them to the best Sheriff in town – the Lone Ranger aka Bass Reeves. “The Lone Ranger is black?” Rufus asks. “Awesome.”

With the historical equivalents of The Lone Ranger and Tonto, they embark on a mission to track down Flynn and James, an unlikely pairing but one that made sense considering in order to destroy Rittenhouse, he has to take out the bad guys and become one himself. Seeing Flynn, who is never scared of much, actually intimidated by Jesse, especially when it came to not knowing if he could be trusted was refreshing and changed up the roles a bit – it’s usually the trio scared of Flynn’s unpredictability.

The big bloody journey ended up being for a woman… isn’t it always? But not just any woman – the OG Lifeboat pilot named Emma, who had faked her own death and hid out in the Old West in her little cabin to escape Rittenhouse. What a satisfying turn of events. At first she’s weary of Flynn but realizes he means no harm, especially since he too had been taken advantage of by them. He convinces her that she has to help him beat them and together, they travel back to the present… but not before giving James a high powered gun. Seriously, who does that? Sometimes, I’m really disappointed in Flynn. He teeters on the good and bad line, but I know that he’s in this for the right reasons. Why does he have to make it so difficult for everyone?

When the crew arrives at the cabin, they are shocked to see it’s filled with 2000-esque technology, which bewilders Reevs and Tonto. Before Rufus is able to process that Emma is in fact alive, they’re shot up by James, who is having way to much fun using his high powered gun without supervision. Tonto is hit by a bullet and dies in the process but even that isn’t enough to make the Lone Ranger crack. As soon as he realizes that Wyatt is about to break his promise, he orders him to put the gun down. Wyatt knows that killing him is technically the right decision considering he should have died earlier in the day. Surprisingly, it’s Lucy who comes with the assists, making her first kill for the greater good.The Lone Ranger is disappointed that they killed someone that was “surrendering” but if he only knew.

I’d say Rufus had a point in saying “good men” shouldn’t kill that easily, but only if they were killing innocent people. So far, the only times Wyatt or Lucy pulled the trigger was really to take out someone that deserved it – Jesse James, H.H Holmes, etc.

Back in the present day, Rufus watches Connor train Jiya, who thankfully isn’t as unaware as we thought. I mean she doesn’t know the depth of how messed up this place is and is totally clueless about Rittenhouse but she does know that Mason is a sketchy man. He did threaten her after all when she hacked into his system and stole logs from previous flights, stumbling upon intel that the first pilot, Emma, died on a mission.

The fact that she’s alive probably should have been kept a secret but Rufus was quick to let the higher ups know that she escaped with Flynn. I found this strange considering he didn’t know if she was actually still alive when Flynn got to her. What if she was dead?

And if Rufus wasn’t struggling enough with all the death, time travel and blackmail, Wyatt asked him to help him steal the time machine and kill his wife’s killer. We’ve been leading up to this for a while now but I never thought Wyatt would be crazy enough to go through with it. Not only could they get in serious trouble, their taking a big risk because what if this doesn’t guarantee Jessica stays alive? And what about his feelings for Lucy? Echoing Bass Reeves this week, “who the hell ever said easy and right were the same thing?”

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

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Timeless – The King of Delta Blues (2×06)



Timeless King of Delta Blues

And we’re off to San Antonio, Texas in 1936.

What’s there? Father of Blues Mr. Robert Johnson and his producer, Don Law.

But what would Rittenhouse want to do with a blue’s player from the 30s?

As Lucy theorizes, without Johnson there would be no rock n’ roll, no cultural revolution and no fall of Nixon.

The time-travelin’ trio + Flynn gear up but Agent Christopher has something else in mind for Liam.

Instead, she sends Connor Mason who is drunk and having a pity party for himself because today officially marks the end of Mason Industries.

And yes, while to the world, Mason looks like a complete failure, the important thing is that he isn’t. His invention, well one of them, may have ended up in Rittenhouse’s hands, however, it’s also being used by the good guys to thwart their missions.

Plus, they need him to go because he’s a huge fanboy of Johnson while no one else really knows much about him. Historical knowledge can only get them so far.

There’s just one problem — Mason may have created the time machine but he’s never actually jumped. Yeah, imagine everyone’s outrage when they realize they’ve been risking their lives in a machine the inventor never even test drove.

“It’s bloody dangerous,” he tells them which honestly, doesn’t make anyone feel more confident.

The team shake-up is quite refreshing. I love our dedicated trio but well, we’ve kind of been conditioned to know what to expect from them.

With Mason, we’re seeing everything for the first time, through a fresh pair of eyes, similar to when Jessica first was accepted into the circle of trust.

“How do we begin,” Mason asks. “Get some clothes, steal a car,” they say nonchalantly. To them, it’s a new day, same mission.

A lot can be said for becoming accustomed to jumping to different time periods and aren’t phased by meeting your historical heroes.

At the Gunther Hotel, Johnson and Law are gearing up to record a series of albums.

Before the even begin, Rittenhouse agent busts in to take out Johnson but Flynn gets there in the nick of time and shoots the agent.

At this point, Johnson is so shaken up thinking this is just another side-effect of making a deal with the devil, he backs out of recording the album for good and heave ho’s out of there.

Through some persuasion, Flynn and Lucy convince Law to give Johnson a second chance.

Meanwhile, Rufus and Mason are tasked with tracking down Johnson who is going to his sister’s house.

One horrible part of being separated in the olden days? No way of communicating. Seriously, you have no idea how much easier cellphones have made things until you find yourself in a situation where they don’t exist.

It almost seems like things are over for good when Johnson tells them he’s walking away from the guitar for good but thankfully, that never happens.

Even though Law ends up getting killed by his sleeper agent wife — Flynn and Lucy didn’t see that coming — they still arrive at his sister’s place just in time.

Mason ponies up and kills the sleeper agent thus saving Rufus’ life.

However, he’s still hesitant about his place in the world and tries to leave back to the present, but Rufus tells him they don’t have time for a midlife crisis. They need that album to be recorded.

For someone who is that powerful and smart, he sure second-guesses himself a lot.

“Fanboys don’t save the world,” he tells Rufus but Rufus doesn’t believe it.

Why? Because he was Mason’s fanboy once and look at him now; they’re working side-by-side to save the world!

Following an inspirational pep-talk where Rufus tells him it’s his turn to inspire him, Mason produces Johnson’s album the way it was always intended to be. His excited shriek even makes the final version which he plays back in the present.

Meanwhile, Liam is on a mission to, as Christopher puts it, “take out Rittenhouse for good.”

Since Liam is the only agent she trusts, she decides it’s a good idea to send him in on this mission completely alone.

Doesn’t sound dangerous at all, right?

He raids the warehouse where Christopher met up with Lucy’s mother on Timeless Season 2 Episode 5. Guess Carol didn’t think her ambush all the way through.

The place is completely empty, but after taking down one agent, he finds a key FOB with a serial number on it that eventually leads them to Rittenhouse headquarters.

At this point, Christopher has completely lost it because she thinks Liam can take on everyone. Wouldn’t they have agents? You never send in one man without backup, I don’t care how good of an agent he is!

Once Rittenhouse becomes aware that they have an intruder, the alarms go off and everyone begins destroying evidence.

They were definitely prepared for an attack.

Wyatt comes face-to-face with Carol and Christopher orders him to take the shot but he can’t do it which speaks to his immense feelings for Lucy.

She gets away which incites both a sigh of relief and breath of discouragement.

If he took the shot, Lucy would never forgive him even though Carol technically deserves it — she almost got Lucy killed during the Salem Witch Trials!

Grandfather Keyes runs in guns a blazing, but thankfully, Wyatt emerges unscathed as they all jump into the Motherboard and jump, presumably to a second HQ.

However, Christopher and her team now have a lot more to work with. What new intel will they find once they search the place?

During their time together, Flynn leveled with Lucy when he brought back the book that she reportedly gave him in some future mission.

“I know better than you know yourself,” he tells her which is actually a really interesting statement. Does he hold all the answers to Lucy’s future in that book?

And did the book mention Jessica’s return? Has this always been in the works and we just didn’t know it? Because that would be so meta!

I’m not opposed to Lucy and Flynn bonding, however, even Wyatt sees that there is something happening between them.

Both of them have experienced loss and heartbreak and Lucy needs to find some comfort. Maybe she finds that in Flynn? Maybe, they end up together and that’s the reason she gave him the book in the first place! I shudder at the thought.

It’s also interesting to see Wyatt feel hurt that Lucy isn’t giving him the time of day. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Wyatt.

It’s funny that before, he was so wrapped up in Jessica’s return, he didn’t care how it made Lucy feel. But now, when he’s beginning to realize that Lucy might be moving on, he’s hurt again.  Men, always trying to suck you back in when they think you’re finally letting go.

What do you think happened between Lucy and Flynn when she went to his room? I really hope it was innocent!

As for those prophecy’s that Jiya wasn’t supposed to tell Rufus about… well, she had no choice since she just saw him DIE! Is it their next mission?

Will the team really loose one of their original three?

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Timeless – The Kennedy Curse (2×05)



Timeless The Kennedy Curse

The bunker is getting pretty crowded!

We spent most of the time in the present on this week’s Timeless, and it was still just as suspenseful as when we traveled back to the Salem Witch Trials.

Okay, Lucy didn’t almost die at the hands of her mother this time around but still, bringing back a young JFK to the present to prevent Rittenhouse from killing him was pretty out-of-this-world.

Rittenhouse is trying to create their perfect world and they are willing to eliminate anyone that stands in their way or is counter to their goals, even some of history’s greatest President’s. They also have no qualms about actually changing history completely.

While our time-traveling trio doesn’t prioritize preserving history much anymore, they know that without JFK, the world would be a vastly different place.

So, when they traveled to Connecticut 1934, they decided to bring back John in the time machine.

What they didn’t anticipate is that John would be suspicious of their bunker hospitality and find a way to escape into the modern world full of technological advances that made his head spin.

John runs to the nearest gas-station and befriends a group of teens traveling to Palo Alto. One of the girls obviously can’t resist his charms so she asks him to tag along, even though he kind of seems a bit crazy.

Meanwhile, inside the bunker, Lucy is recovering from her 17th-century diseases and trying to avoid Jessica at all costs.

In case you forgot, Rittenhouse brought back Wyatt’s wife from the dead and in an effort to save his marriage, he opted for full transparency which meant informing her all about his mission and the fact that time-travel is 100% real.

To be honest, she’s handling it like a pro.

What Wyatt didn’t tell her about is his dalliance with Lucy. It seemed like Lucy was “cool” with his wife’s return but since she almost died, she’s been a little on edge about the whole thing.

Still, after JFK escapes, there’s really no time to dwell on it. Wyatt offers to go look for him and Jessica offers to join.

Lucy decides to third-wheel the whole thing and it’s just as awkward as it sounds. It also makes Lucy realize that Wyatt really only has eyes for his girl; they have so much history together, history that doesn’t just date back to the start of their missions.

Jessica is a bit too overconfident in my opinion. If I had just resurrected and my husband was on this mission, I wouldn’t try to assert myself in any situation. But that’s exactly what Jessica does. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s just a bit too forward and proves that three’s a crowd. She’s ruining the great dynamic that Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus have built up!

Both sides are on the hunt for John and both Lucy and her mother, Carol, quickly realize that JFK must be at the hospital. It’s a plus that both of them are historians that know facts regular people don’t for example that John had several health issues that would have probably flared up from all the stress of traveling to “the future.”

Somehow, Emma is able to locate the hospital quicker than Lucy, Wyatt and Jessica who are in the area. When they arrive at his hospital room, he’s no longer there but they come face-to-face with Emma.

A fight between Emma and Wyatt ensues and well, both of them can hold their own. Lucy and Jessica try to offer assistance but that simply allows Emma to get Lucy in a chokehold.

“Does she mean less now that you have your wife back,” Emma asks him as she holds a knife to her throat. Now, this obviously means Rittenhouse has some major plans for Jessica. Emma also just revealed that Lucy and Wyatt have history which Jessica hadn’t picked up on.

“Do it,” Lucy says assuring him Emma is Rittenhouse’s only pilot.

Since Wyatt is a good guy, allowing Emma to run free wasn’t surprising. What was shocking was that Emma finally had a chance to kill Lucy, which is what she’s been counting on since she took over the mission from Carol, yet she let her go. Why? Did she know it was only a matter of time before security came and she wanted to get away?

Does she enjoy this back and forth with Lucy? I’m really confused as to what fueled her decision.

Jessica obviously noticed the way Wyatt looked at Lucy when her life was on the line and figured that maybe Wyatt’s second chance wasn’t with her, it was with Lucy.

She was really willing to walk away from all of this and even asked Lucy to tell Wyatt “goodbye.” And Lucy could have just let her walk, knowing she’d get Wyatt back all to herself but realistically, she couldn’t do that to him.

Wyatt may have feelings for Lucy but he’s in love with his wife; his whole life’s purpose was dedicated to bringing her back.

No one foresaw her return when the slept together in Hollywood, but now that she is back, he needs to make it work with her and Lucy needs to let go.

It’s a difficult realization but it makes so much sense. Lucy would never want to be the woman to get in the way of true love.

However, I don’t think Jessica and Wyatt are going to experience many sunny days ahead because like I said, Rittenhouse definitely has a plan for her. She may be Rittenhouse and simply not know it.

And obviously, now that Jessica knows all about their mission, they can’t just let her walk out into the real world. She could expose them and become a real threat.

I really thought that Agent Christopher would suggest that Jessica take Lucy’s spot in their missions considering her less-than-friendly meeting with Carol.

Carol definitely cares about her daughter, but Lucy is an adult and you can just keep her off these missions, especially because she really wants to stop Rittenhouse. And threatening other people’s children is honestly such an asshole move. Come on, Carol, you’re better than this!

Agent Christopher and Connor should just take their kids down into the bunker to keep them safe. I mean, it’s the only way at this point.

Lucy, Wyatt and Jessica finally found JFK at a house party. They got to him before Emma this time which was a good thing, however, he had already used to internet to find out that he’d become President, that his siblings would die because of the “Kennedy Curse,” and that he’d also die a few years into his term.

How do you go back to regular life knowing all of that? Everything could have happened now because he knew about it.

Rufus tried to help him changed his fate by telling him to avoid going to Dallas on November 22 but when he returned to the future, he found out JFK was still assassinated in a different city.

This goes back to Jiya’s visions — it seems some people’s stories are just meant to be no matter how much they try to change it.

Do you think Carol will kill Christopher and Connor’s families to send a message? Will Jessica join the time-traveling missions? Someone mentioned they are looking to add more seats in the lifeboat.

Will Lucy and Flynn develop a romantic relationship? He overheard Lucy and Wyatt talking about what happened between them and then inserted himself by offering her a beer. I really hope the writers don’t go down that route because much like Wyatt, Flynn’s motives behind taking down Rittenhouse have also been to bring back his wife and children.

What did you think of the episode?

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Timeless – The Salem Witch Hunt (2×04)



Timeless The Salem Witch Hunt

Timeless traveled to my favorite time, albeit scariest, time in history — the Salem witch trials.

When I saw the title, I couldn’t contain my excitement because I’m just so obsessed with what happened in 1692, and the idea that men killed powerful women who were different simply because they intimidated them.

My excitement was quickly overshadowed by a feeling of terror and concern. What would our time-traveling trio endure while in colonial Massachusetts? Realistically, it wasn’t a safe period for women or black men.

And they didn’t even have Wyatt as a back-up because he was busy catching up with Jessica, his newly resurrected wife.

Lucy was understandably shocked by the news, as any sane person would be, but she wanted to be supportive and understanding so she was all like, “we don’t need you back for this mission. No worries, we’re only going to be hung from a tree. Jessica being back is great news, it’s not like I’m in love with you or anything.” And Liam was all like, “Cool. thanks, bruh.”

Seriously, I know this is the one thing he’s always wanted, to have his wife back, but given the severity of their missions, you would think he would prioritize his team and not send them out there alone. Especially since he’s really the only one who knows how to use a gun.

Finding a replacement for Wyatt wasn’t something everyone easily agreed on. Considering Garcia Flynn is deemed a terrorist and was locked up until recently, their hesitation was warranted. What if he turned his back on the agent while in a different time period? What if he stole the time machine and left them stranded? All possibilities we have to consider. Rufus was perturbed riding in the ship with Flynn but realistically, they had no other options.

In fact, Lucy is the only one championing for Flynn and supporting him, which is probably why he hasn’t turned on all of them yet.  I’d have to agree with Lucy here as they are both playing for the same team. He was a danger to them in the beginning but now, they are allies and they need all the help they can get if they want to stand a chance at defending Rittenhouse. Why do you think they wanted to get rid of him in the first place? He knows too much!

Why would they ever let Flynn go into dangerous territory without a gun? I know he’s not exactly trustworthy but let’s look back at how many times guns helped them in their time traveling efforts. Oh yeah, every single time!

Lucy’s faith in Flynn is also what saved them during the Salem witch trials, which they inconveniently became a part of thanks to Lucy’s mother.

Carol was the sole Rittenhouse agent leading the mission in Salem. There was no sleeper agent, she simply pretended to be one of the town folk and accused Abbie Franklin of witchcraft. Based on the last name, you can probably figure out Abbie is the woman that would later become Benjamin Franklin’s mother. And if she gets killed, he’s never born and the American people are never encouraged to challenge their leaders and the status quo. Rittenhouse wants people to be a bunch of sheep, falling in line to whatever the government tells them. I guess it’s easier to control everyone that way, right?

However, being asked to “take care” of your daughter isn’t something a mother can easily do. And as such, Carol’s allegiances are wavering a bit. She may be fully invested in Rittenhouse’s cause but she didn’t pass Emma and Keynes’ test in Salem to see if she could sacrifice the person she loved most.

After accusing her, Carol snuck into the “jail” to give her daughter a way out. She tried to convince her once more to join Rittenhouse, but Lucy is strong-willed and she told her mom she’d rather be hung here with all the women she truly admired. Gutsy.

I think Carol is beginning to realize that Rittenhouse doesn’t truly have her back and if she’s not 100% with them, she’s against them. It’s only a matter of time before she ends up in the FBI underground bunker assisting Lucy and her team on how to stop Rittenhouse. They don’t stand a chance without someone who was deeply ingrained in the beliefs; Flynn can only tell them so much. You can tell there’s even some beef between Carol and Emma as she realizes Emma is polluting Keynes’ mind with ideas and even he’s decided to turn his back on his great-granddaughter.

I didn’t expect much logic from this time period when it came to judgment but seeing a white man in the same dire situation as Rufus still look down on his because of skin color made me laugh. What a ridiculous mindset that I’m glad we as a civilization, for the most part, have overcome.

Much of season one’s focus was on Lucy and the team preserving history. In season two, that all went to hell. They’re changing things left and right. The biggest change came during the witch trials when Lucy and Rufus freed all 11 of the accused. That action alone completely erased the Salem witch trials from the history books, and who knows what other ripple effects it caused.

And this brings me to my next point. If we’re fudging up the past and the present, how will the people in the bunker, Agent Christoph, Jiya and Connor Mason, remember what “really” happened. Will they simply rely on the trio + Flynn to fill them in every time?

Lucy went through an emotional and physical beating this week. Not only did she find out her only happiness was squashed with the return of her lover’s dead wife, she almost got killed in one of the most brutal executions in history, and it was all because of her mother. To top it off, she arrived back in the present to find herself face-to-face with Jessica… in the bunker!

Wyatt usually makes the practical decision but when it comes to Jessica, he loses all rational thought.

Upon their initial meeting, I assumed Jessica was married to someone else because she didn’t seem too pleased to see him. Turns out, they are still together, their marriage is simply crumbling because, for the past two months, Wyatt hasn’t even returned her calls. Eh, he’s been a little busy, you know. And also, you’re supposed to be DEAD!

She tried to be understanding because he’s in the army, but eventually, she just got fed up, hence why she blindsided him at his rented motel with divorce papers.

It dawns on him that maybe their relationship wasn’t the fairytale romance he always thought it was, but he’s getting a second chance now so there’s no way he’s going to waste it.

He tries to convince her that they’ll work it out but she’s heard it all before. How many times can someone say they’ve changed? But the thing is, he has changed.

When Jessica says she can’t be married to a state secret anymore, Wyatt’s solution is to eliminate the secrecy by showing her the bunker and the time machine.

Realistically, if you got the love of your life back again, you’d do anything to keep them.

I personally cannot get invested in their marriage because we haven’t even seen any flashbacks of them as a couple so Jessica simply feels like a stranger rather than an old friend who returned.  She’s a brand new character to us so we’re naturally going to feel for Lucy and hope they get back together.

Christoph is beyond herself when she sees them sneaking in. Instead of talking somewhere more private, they decide to have a full-on argument while Jessica is just hanging around and she overhears Wyatt say “my wife just came back from the dead,” which understandably freaks her out. In her world, she was never dead and only 2-months passed by. In “reality,” she’s been gone for roughly six-years.

But again, none of this would make sense unless she believed in time travel, which no regular person believes in. So, she sticks around and actually watches the ship zap back from the hellish past.

Throwing Jessica into the mix and explaining everything to her definitely spices things up in the show. It was fun to watch them show off the possibility of time-travel to a stranger because we’ve become partially immune to the novelty. However, will she believe them? Will she buy Wyatt’s story? It takes a lot of courage to believe someone when they recall your murder and your funeral.

Women also aren’t stupid and it’s only going to take her a minute to realize that there is something more than friendship between Wyatt and Lucy. It was beyond obvious when Lucy deboarded the ship and threw him the look. And he’s guilty about it because well, no one thought that she’d ever be alive again.

Since Wyatt isn’t even the same person anymore, will his chemistry with Jessica be completely different? And will he be okay with letting her go if it the spark just isn’t quite there? After all this time, they are two different people.

And of course, we have to assume that Rittenhouse purposefully traveled to San Diego to bring Jessica back. Did they think without Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus wouldn’t stand a chance at taking them down? Maybe Jessica is part of Rittenhouse?

The also raises a new concern for the series since now we know it’s possible to toy with someone by hopping into the past and erasing their existence or the existence of a loved one.

I can’t really place what’s going on with Jiya’s visions. She finally decided to tell Rufus about them and he, of all people, laughed them off. The man who travels through different moments in history couldn’t believe that prophetic visions were possible.

However, I agree that Jiya should keep them to herself because after she told Rufus what she saw, most of what happened in Salem occurred as a result of him knowing. It’s almost as if he made the vision come to life and I wonder had he not known, would the result be different?

It also brings up a neat point about changing history. I mentioned before they saved about 8 additional women that should have died that night. But even though the man with the scar didn’t die of a gunshot wound, he was still destined to die and thus, got hit by a carriage. It’s the same concept as in final destination — you can’t cheat death. Then, did those women who seemingly got a second chance also perish shortly after?

Jiya’s visions will definitely play a key role in stopping a Rittenhouse-led world.

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