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Timeless – The War to End All Wars (2×01)



Before I start, can I just say how thrilled I am that NBC gave Timeless a second chance? I LOVED the first season and when I started watching this episode, I felt this excitement come over me; I wasn’t even aware of how much I missed this show, how much I wanted to know what happened after Lucy found out her mother was a part of Rittenhouse.

Well, that’s exactly where we pick up. Almost. There’s a brief moment where we see France in 1918. The war is happening and one soldier is looking for his Captain, who he thankfully finds alive. Said Captain pulls out a little a bag from underneath another slain soldier and takes out his modern day cellphone! How would they have brand new iPhones in 1918 when I was shelling out texts on a Nokia in 2002. You know our time-travel adventures are about to get really interesting!

So, back to Lucy finding out her mother is a Rittenhouse ally. She’s floored by the revelation and it seems like a fight ensues. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Rufus are waiting for her at the headquarters all decked out in their 80s gear, hoping to travel and find her sister. Wyatt begins to think something is very wrong when Lucy fails to pick up the phone for the umpteenth time and in the last moment, notices a bomb. Yep, Rittenhouse blew up Connor Mason Industries.

Caught your breath? Okay, good! Thankfully, our beloved time-traveling buds made it out alive, as did the time machine. Well, relatively unscathed; it doesn’t fully work. We jump 6-weeks forward and they — Wyatt, Rufus, Jiya, Agent Christopher, and Connor Mason — are all off the grid. Wyatt, who suffered some injuries in the blast, is testy because he feels like a prisoner who isn’t able to find Lucy. Everyone keeps telling him to chill out because Rittenhouse will kill him immediately once he leaves the bunker and there’s no “guarantee” Lucy is still alive.

It’s difficult because they really have no idea what happened to Lucy and the chances of her being dead are greater since they don’t know her mother is Rittenhouse and thus, Rittenhouse royalty.

There’s definitely some PTSD at play here for Wyatt. He’s experiencing the same emotions as he did when his wife died — he didn’t know what happened to her and he couldn’t help her. And even though everyone around his is completely aware that he’s in love with Lucy, he’s in denial.

Good news for the viewers; Lucy is alive. And she also has no idea if her friends survived the blast. Truthfully, it’s probably more likely that they all perished.

She’s getting ready for her next mission with mommy-dearest and for a minute, it seems like she’s actually been brainwashed to be with Rittenhouse. “You’ve come so far these past few weeks,” her mother tells her.

“Let’s change history,” she retorts reluctantly. Yep, the real Lucy is still there and simply playing along in the name of survival!

Lucy, her mother and Emma, the Rittenhouse spy, all travel to 1918 where they’re tasked with finding Nicholas Keenes. Obviously, he isn’t from the history books because Lucy has never heard of him and Emma doesn’t trust her enough to disclose why he’s important.

Carol (Lucy’s diabolical mother) informs her that this trip is a test — can she prove her loyalty to Rittenhouse? The organization is looking more and more like a cult with each additional episode. I’m not a know-it-all on cults, but do they kill royalty when it betrays them?

The first test Lucy is tasked with is killing an innocent man, who sees them trying to save Keenes with a defibrillator. While she’s an inherently good person, if she’s really on their side, she’ll do whatever it takes, even kill. She knows this so she takes the gun and shoots the man, then pretends she’s completely unphased.

Emma, who is operating on Keenes, says she needs an X-Ray machine and Lucy knows just who to find: Marie Curie. Is this just another attempt at bringing in a known-historical figure to up the ante? Most likely, but it works. Lucy is reluctant to bring Marie back with them in fear of her getting hurt or killed and altering history forever.

Yet, her mother tells her they really have no choice. Lucy agrees, then runs off to “get some water,” which is code for “I need grenades to blow this shit up.”

While she’s stealing hand grenades, Wyatt sneaks up on her. Thank god! I was really beginning to feel uneasy about Lucy doing this thing solo!

Turns out, Jiya and Rufus found a way to fix the time machine using some quantum-psychics-lingo that I’ll never in my life be able to repeat.

There’s not much time to catch-up but Lucy gives them gist; her mom is Rittenhouse, she was stealing grenades to blow up the mothership, thus leaving herself stranded in 1918 and hoping to kill Nicholas. Now that they’re back, she tasks them with the blowing-up part, while she returns to make sure Marie is safe, while Nicholas isn’t.

With all of Rittenhouse aware of who Wyatt and Rufus are, it isn’t easy for them to blend in, even in another time. They’re immediately spotted by the Captain from the beginning of the episode and some other dude we saw aiding Emma. A fight ensues and Wyatt saves them by taking everyone out. You’d think by now Rufus would have a handle on defending himself. They find the Captain’s cellphone and are stunned. Who was this dude?

The phone reveals years and years on transcripts, which means the guy has been here for quite some time and has been working up the ranks!

Meanwhile, Lucy returns to the cabin with her mother, Marie and Marie’s daughter. Since Marie was one of Lucy’s hero’s, she’s intrigued to learn all about the X-Ray machine and see it in person. Unfortunately, the machine is acting up and Marie chalks it up to some kind of interference, which is basically her cue to head home. The interference in question is the actual TIME MACHINE, y’all, and they can’t have someone of her caliber seeing that.

TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Kim Bubbs as Marie Curie, Susanna Thompson as Carol — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

The results from the X-ray are enough for Emma to remove all the shrapnel. Lucy finds a moment when Nicholas is unaccompanied and tries to smother him with a pillow.

She’s unsuccessful because her mother was onto her. She expresses her disappointment and hopes that Lucy would see that joining Rittenhouse was the right side of history. Lucy is unswayed.

I too am disappointed in Lucy; how did she not realize her mother suspected she was faking it? The woman was able to keep this huge secret from her for her whole life, meanwhile, Lucy has never been good at lying about anything.

“I’m still the same person,” her mother says, which stings more than it should because of the realization that she was never actually a good person to begin with. Her whole life? A complete LIE!

There isn’t much time to dwell on it because Nicholas is ready to be moved to the mothership. Yes, the plan this whole time was to bring this man to 2018! Who is this man and why is he so important?

As they’re transporting him, they stumble upon Marie and her daughter swirling around the mothership. You really thought a physicist who pioneered research on radioactivity would just mosey on home when something greater than she’s ever seen was screwing up her machine? Nah!

Emma draws her gun to shoot Marie, but Lucy protests. And for good reason! Without Marie, the discovery of polonium and radium would be thwarted. Her death, here and now, would set the world back immensely and make a hug dip in history.

“If you die, your work dies with you,” her daughter exclaims. It’s amazing how this woman could figure it out yet someone who has seen Marie’s contributions in the modern world couldn’t!

Carol sides with her daughter, ordering Emma to put the gun down. Unfortunately, her efforts are without effect because Emma was told to get rid of Lucy if she posed any issues and Carol’s word would be overwritten as she wouldn’t remain partial.

“Someone who is willing to die fighting against us will never fight for us,” Emma says, thinking she’s wise AF.

Say it loud for the people in the back girl; LUCY is not a traitor, even when her mother tells her to be!

As always, Wyatt and Rufus are her knights in shining armor. The analogy applies more to Wyatt but whatever, Rufus is there too so let’s give him credit.

TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan, Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

“We can each walk away with the person we came for,” he tells Emma pointing a gun at ‘zomboy’s’ head.

Emma reluctantly hands over Lucy, who once again tries to convince her mother to do the right thing and come with them.

I truly feel sorry for Lucy; she’s been thrust into this life she never wanted and the only relationship she has left is being torn apart. Now, she has to fight against the only woman she’s ever loved. And on top of it all, she finds out her mother was behind her sister’s disappearance and Emma even traveled to different times to make sure she could never come back.

How could a mother be content with getting rid of one daughter? Did Amy know too much? Could they only keep Lucy because she’s a “pure-bred” and thought she would join the cult?

The trio, finally reunited, returns home and everyone in the bunker is shocked, albeit happy, to see Lucy.

She has trouble adjusting to her new reality; the bunker isn’t the problem though, it’s everything else, including the fact that she killed a man.

Wyatt tries to cheer her up and they ALMOST kiss. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for through a half-assed show cancellation and Jiya interrupts it!

I’d be mad but she had a good reason — Connor was able to pull up the flight manifest for the mothership for the past six weeks. Turns out, the ship traveled quite a lot to 10 different destinations. Or as Wyatt calls them “pressure points,” key moments in history that would allow them to change the present.

According to Rufus, Rittenhouse’s mission is to create a perfect world — somewhere between Hunger Games and Handmaid’s Tale — controlled entirely by them. If you think that sounds scary, you’re absolutely right.

They believe Rittenhouse planted several agents in history who have worked their way up, built up trust and have been silently waiting to be activated for the full takeover.

And what’s worse is that the manifesto Rittenhouse has been following, found on the Captain’s handy-dandy cell? It was written by Nicholas Keenes.

If you’re still like WHO THE HELL IS KEENES, keep reading.

According to Carol, who is too excited for Keenes to wake up in the present-day, he’s their savior, their creator, their fearless leader.

He had an idea in the 1900s about time travel and Rittenhouse has been following his ideologies ever since.

“I’m your granddaughter,” she tells the confused young man.

Okay… jaw meet floor.

His granddaughter? How the? What the?

Let me get this straight; Keenes was unknowingly the founder of Rittenhouse. He technically died in 1918 France, which is how Carol knew to find him there. But since she exists, he had to have had a wife and a child back at home.

This whole time, they’ve been trying to bring him to the future so he could lead them? But how does that not alter the timeline? Someone who should have been dead cannot just appear in the present day? Or can they? I really need a handbook on time travel as it pertains to Timeless.

Regardless, this revelation means that Lucy is more of a Rittenhouse royal than she ever even thought possible. And as such, I’m sure they cannot just kill her, even if she is their biggest obstacle, which at least guarantees her safety.

The surprises keep coming, however. When Agent Christopher cannot figure out some manuscripts, she turns to the only man who may have more insight into this organization than they do: Garcia Flynn.

Look, I know he was technically up to no good, but at this point, he’s definitely not a threat. Why is he still locked up?

Understandably, Flynn isn’t pleased to see Christopher and says the only person he’ll talk to is Lucy. That’s surprising since last we saw, he thought she ratted him out.

All I can say, it’s a good thing they brought her back when they did.

As for Jiya, she continues having debilitating visions. Will she prove to be an asset to the team? Is she seeing the future?

Thoughts on the season premiere of Timeless? Is it even better than you expected/remembered?

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Timeless – The Darlington 500 (2×02)



Timeless Darlington 500

In the second installment of this season’s Timeless, our time traveling trio goes to the 50s to save racing legend Ryan Millerson.

But Millerson doesn’t need saving. In fact, he’s one of the few hundred sleeper agents planted by Rittenhouse to change history. In this case, to singlehandedly destroy the American car industry.

And once again Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus thwart their attempts upsetting Emma, who tells Carol that she should have killed her daughter when she had the chance.

This concept is rather difficult to grasp sometimes. Since Wyatt knew about Ryan, you’d imagine that this person has always existed. Yet further investigations reveal that by placing these agents, they’ve altered history without anyone even noticing. So before they place Millerson there, Wyatt was never actually a fan. And those memories he has of being a fan as a child, well, those are recently made up. It can get difficult to follow as you try to remember what’s real and what’s been altered.

Emma arrives at the Darlington 500 with one of her henchmen to make sure Milleron’s mission goes off without a hitch. She’s surprised that someone on a suicide mission would have decided to fall in love and have a baby. Millerson admits that he’s still dedicated to the cause and that his wife, who is madly in love with him, was just a fun way to pass the time. But it quickly becomes obvious that he has some hesitations about blowing himself and his vehicle up during the race.

To make certain he follows through, she threatens to kill his wife who will be sitting next to her at the race. Thankfully, Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy don’t allow that to happen.

After realizing that Millerson was part of Rittenhouse, they befriend Wendell Scott, one of the first African-American drivers in NASCAR. Wyatt is a huge fan, which helps the group out since he’s not too keen on Rufus’ bro-nod. I guess it hasn’t caught on just yet.

Wendell helps them escape the Darlington and eventually, sneaks them back in with Lucy and Wyatt hiding out in the trunk’s secret compartment. This is the second time they’ve been alone together and had the opportunity to kiss and both times, they are interrupted.

At this point, everyone knows they have a thing for each other so why not just go for it? Stop dragging it out because pretty soon, the audience is going to get VERY annoyed.

Wyatt, who we find out is a big racing fan, finally gets his moment of glory when they shoot Millerson and steal his race car with a bomb inside. The scene that follows is honestly an ode to my love for this show. Do you think three people from 2018 ever imagined they’ve been trying to outrun the cops in the ’50s while driving a race car with a ticking time bomb that could go off whenever they hit a bump? Probably not.

Thanks to Wyatt’s talents, they successful got away from the cops and hid out in Wendell’s garage. He was so impressed with Wyatt, he offered to race sometime, which is, unfortunately, an offer he’ll never be able to take them up on.

Part of traveling in time is meeting historical figures that you’ve always been fond of and seeing their eagerness for the future and not being able to tell them that things may not work out the way they’d hoped. In this case, Wendell had such an optimism for winning his first race but they knew damn well when that would happen, NASCAR would never give the trophy to a man of color. How do you tell a man that he’s going to get robbed of the very glory he’s been working for his whole life because of skin color? Thankfully, they didn’t have to because Wendell wasn’t naive.

Back in the present, Jiya realized her vision was actually a glimpse of the future to come thanks to the burn Rufus returned with. And if that’s the case, those visions of San Francisco looking like a post-apocalyptic world are true.

Connor Mason continues to struggle with the demise of his career. He scores and invite to speak at some symposium and attends, ignoring Agent Christopher’s warning. Well, it seems like he learned his lesson as she embarrassed him in front of his competitors by having him arrested.

No one can leave this underground bunker, got it?

Imagine if Rittenhouse actually figured out where they were hiding!

Speaking of Rittenhouse, remember Keenes, the OG founder of Rittenhouse and Carol’s grandfather? Well, they are waiting for him to give them some kind of direction and instead, he’s asking for record players and deviled eggs.


But there’s a method to his madness and they realize it when they see the mural he painted, which apparently serves as some kind of roadmap.

His vision, Rittenhouse’s vision for the world: to take what’s best of the human culture and get rid of the worst. In other words, until all that’s left is perfection.

“We will save the world,” he tells his sheep.

Funny enough, both sides think they are doing just that — saving the word.

Most people would agree that for there to be order, we need a balance of good and bad. Focusing solely on perfection takes away the well-roundedness of the world which we need to function as a civilization.

Will they need to forgive Garcia Flynn to stand any chance?

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Timeless – The Red Scare (1×16)



Timeless The Red Scare

Timeless hasn’t received an official renewal from NBC but it better not be running out of time given that cliffhanger.

As I watched the season 1 finale, I couldn’t help but realize how much I really connected with the show. Often times, you get a series where you don’t care what happens to the characters, you’re just along for the ride. But I truly wanted to know how Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus would break free from Rittenhouse’s hold without actually killing everyone like Flynn planned.

As the episode progressed, I kept thinking that things were getting resolved; loose ends tied up. This had to mean that the show wouldn’t return for a second season. But then came the jaw-dropping, game-changing cliffhanger. More about that later!

We’re on high alert when the episode kicks off with Agent Christopher bringing Jiya to the hideout to see Rufus, who just manned the ship while bleeding out from his gun shot wound. He’s seriously grown into such a badass! Knowing they couldn’t risk taking him to a hospital or they’d get caught by the cops, Lucy calls her “fiancee” aka the guy she really doesn’t know, to fix him up. He’s all like “your mom and I are worried about you” and “why are you dressed like Jackie Kennedy” and she’s all like “oh shit, I didn’t change” and “I’m not the same person you fell in love with… literally, I don’t even know who you are.”

So, Lucy breaks it off with him and tells him to get going because it’s dangerous. She wasn’t exaggerating either. A few minutes after he leaves, Flynn jumps to 1954 D.C, the day of the huge Rittenhouse summit, and as they jump with a 4th person on board – Jiya to man the ship while Rufus recovers – the NSA comes storming in to arrest Christopher.

Upon arrival in 1954, Wyatt and Lucy attend to matters of stopping Flynn while Rufus and Jiya stay back to just catch up. You’d think it would be super low key but Rufus can’t help but freak out that they took an extra person on the ship that was only designed to carry 3. It doesn’t seem like a HUGE deal until Jiya’s eye turns bloodshot. Then she faints and starts having seizures… and Rufus can’t reach anyone for help.

Understandably so, Lucy and Wyatt are kind of busy. Flynn sold them out as communist spies in order to get the address of the summit. Wyatt’s not one to be held down and before you know it, he’s there to rescue Lucy, his damsel in distress. With the government agents on to look out for them, they must find a new way to sneak into the summit and Lucy knows just the person – Ethan Cahill, her anti-Rittenhouse grandfather.

They follow him to what they think is the meeting only to make a large realization – Ethan’s hanging out at a gay bar. In the 50’s being gay was punishable by death so really, it’s no surprise he’s not keen on the idea of chatting with a bunch of strangers who know his name.

Eventually, they made their way inside the basement of the summit and just as Wyatt was about shoot Flynn, Lucy stepped in between. Killing all of Rittenhouse, including Ethan, would eradicate her. She knew a way to stop them without actually having to hurt anyone or change the course of history.


They went back to the ship, where Lucy told Ethan the truth – they were from the future, she was his granddaughter and they needed his help stopping Rittenhouse. They asked him to lead a double life, going undercover and collecting all and any information on the society. Lucy then promised to come find him in the present day, which she did and Ethan was shocked to see that she still looked the same. Perks of time travel.

What’s fascinating to me about the show is the idea of actually being able to travel through time and meet people when they were younger and they’d still remember the occurrence in the present day. Ethan admitted that he was hesitant, sometimes questioning if he’d imagined the whole thing but was convinced when his son Ben Cahill told him he bore a daughter whose name was Lucy. He then gave them an address to an apartment with files upon files of information on Rittenhouse members.

Agent Christopher was never tried by the NSA because Conor Mason helped her escape. Turns out, he wasn’t the bad cop after all but simply pretending in order to get what he wanted – a way to track every single human in the world. With that, they were able to start taking out Rittenhouse member after Rittenhouse member.

Then, the timeline sped up. It actually seemed like the crew was going to get a happy ending – for the most part. To put things in perspective, happy here is not having Ben Cahill kill all of Rufus’s family.

Rufus was at the hospital with Jiya and the doctors couldn’t explain what happened to her. She thought she was fine until she had some kind of seizure/vision which brought her between a good San Francisco and a completely destroyed one. She couldn’t explain the out of body reaction – was it a disease she got in 54? Was it injected to her in Mason Industries? Was she seeing life with Rittenhouse and life without it?

Wyatt was getting ready to head out for another mission but decided to stay in town for awhile. He wasn’t completely over his wife’s death but time traveling helped him realize one thing – he couldn’t live in the past. He had to stop wishing that things were different and instead, made the moments in the now count. And in the now, he didn’t want to leave Lucy and that meant something right? I was desperately hoping these two would finally lock lips but props to the writers and director for holding out on it. It shouldn’t be rushed, not for these two.

Flynn was going to use lifeboat one last time to go save his wife and children after Lucy gave him the names of the Rittenhouse members. Unfortunately, he was never able to execute his plan because Agent Christopher had Lucy tailed and arrested Flynn, who was not pleased to be betrayed. “He’s still a terrorist,” she told Lucy. Personally, I think she could have just given it a break – she’s not an angel herself and in the end, they were both fighting on the same side, even if their motives differ; his was getting revenge for his family, hers was saving the world.

Since there was no more chasing Flynn, there were no more missions and therefore, no reason for the time machine. Mason was going to have them destroyed, right AFTER Lucy took one last trip to bring back her sister. Before she departed, she went to say goodbye to her mother and have a heart-to-heart explaining everything – that she’d been MIA because she was time traveling, that her sister’s existence was real and that she would try to save her, despite her mother being very ill in the different “timeline.”

Her mother embraced her and then responded, “Rittenhouse would never let that happen.”

Our jaw’s dropped just like Lucy’s. “What,” everyone asked.

“How do you think I met your father?” Carol says. “We both come from good, strong Rittenhouse families. And that almost makes you royalty.”

The way she said royalty sent chills down my spine.

The ultimate betrayal is finding out your dear mother, the one you loved and trusted ALL YOUR LIFE, was actually part of the society you were trying to dismantle this whole time. How much did she know? Did she know what Lucy was up to this whole time? Did Rittenhouse erase Lucy’s sister on purpose? How did Ethan not collect info on her mother?

Something tells me, that journal she gifted Lucy definitely had something to do with all of this. Now that it’s back in Lucy’s possession, maybe it can lead us to more answers, given the show gets renewed.

And how could it not? We were so close to finally just being “free” and then in one second, our whole stomach sank as the realization that we were right back at the beginning set in.

And if that wasn’t enough, the time machine’s weren’t destroyed, they were taken over by Emma, Flynn’s “aid” and Rittenhouse’s mole. This however doesn’t make much sense considering we found her hiding out in the 19th century. Maybe Emma killed the Rittenhouse mole after catching onto what they were planning?

As far as performances go, this was the strongest we’ve seen, with every single character contributing powerfully to the episode. Now all that remains is seeing what’s next but I for one am ready to make the jump again and again.


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Timeless – Public Enemy No. 1 (1×15)



Our 3 time jumpers are now fugitives as Timeless raises the stakes.

The new boss, Agent Neville, orders Rufus and Lucy to travel to 1962 and murder Flynn’s mother in cold blood. He’s tired of always being one step behind Flynn and playing catch up to him every time he takes out the ship. Understandably, Rufus and Lucy balk at the idea but are told that a trained assassin will go with them to finish the job. If they refuse to go, they’ll be tried with treason.

Left with no choice, the team jumps and then takes a lesson from Wyatt’s book, taking out their bodyguard with a tranquilizer. Then, they jump back to present day, with Rufus crashing the system at Mason Industries to ensure that they aren’t tracked. They land back in the present day, this time, at Wyatt and Agent Christopher’s hide out garage.

Rufus tells them they only have a few hours before Mason and his team are able to get the computers back up. At this point, Wyatt persuades the team that their first task should be getting Lucy’s sister back. It’s only fair since much of this mess was created because he selfishly took the ship out to try to save his wife.

Unfortunately, at that moment, Flynn decides to take the mothership out to 1931 and saving Lucy’s sister is put on the back-burner, since you know, Flynn could destroy the whole world if they aren’t trailing closely behind him.

Upon arrival, they find out that Flynn has somehow, probably using his incessant charm, inserted himself into Al Capone’s circle, thus making him innocent and changing history.  Why is it that the way to taking down Rittenhouse always involves history’s sociopaths?

Looking for a way to locate Flynn and Capone, they team up with Capone’s biggest enemy, Chicago lawman Eliot Ness. They tell Ness they’re private investigators hired to look into Flynn, a notorious gangster in San Fran. While they’re plotting Capone’s take down, one of his men comes up and shoots up Ness’s hideout, killing the self-proclaimed “untouchable.”

Lucy decides to contact Capone’s secret brother Jimmy Capone, who now goes by the name Richard Hart. The prohibition officer refuses to help them at first but as we know, Lucy can be very persuasive. When they get to Capone, they’re a bit too late as Flynn has departed with what he wanted – mayor of Chicago, William Hale Thompson, who is also a high-ranking member of Rittenhouse.

All that work to get to one man, I wondered? Well Flynn left with a key piece of advice –  the date of a meeting in DC between all of Rittenhouse’s biggest names. Methinks that’s where we’re all traveling next.

Capone’s meeting with his brother goes south quickly when he tells him the only other reason he’s there was to arrest him. And we obviously can’t meet with a mafia mobster without an epic shootout! Capone tells them that Flynn ordered him to kill “the black one” and as he shoots Rufus, Jimmy shoots and kills him.

Rufus, who has been the heart, brains and soul, of the show and their operations is losing a lot of blood. Not to mention, he’s their only chance at getting out of this place – neither Lucy nor Wyatt know how to pilot the ship. They do their best to get him back in the machine but just as things start whizzing, Rufus passes out.

Back at Mason Industries, Conor is furious that Rufus pulled something like this. He punishes Jiya because “their sleeping together” and even though its unfair to assume she’d help her boyfriend get away with this, she does. The minute he’s able to get the systems back up, she takes them down once again. This would be the saving grace that our trio needed however Rittenhouse is planning to use NSA intelligence to expand their surveillance so that they can track anyone at any single moment time – past of present. Sounds scary? Well it is.

What do you think the season finale will bring? Will Rufus survive?

Do they make it back? Will they be able to travel to 1954 and stop (or aid) Flynn in a massive history altering decision? Will we get a season 2? I’m really hoping so because this show has been nothing short of a thrilling ride, even if story-lines sometimes gets lost in Capone’s crossfire.

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