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Once Upon a Time – Awake (6×17)

In every story, we always reach the final chapter… the ending if you will. Things are no different in this fairytale.

Storybrooke is gearing up for the final battle and that could possibly mean, the end of the Saviour. With a revamp in store for the show’s 7th season, could they really get rid of the woman who broke Regina’s evil sleeping curse and saved the town? Highly likely.

And speaking of a sleeping curse. As Emma prepares for battle, Snow and Charming search for a way to break the Evil Queen’s “one parent must be asleep at all times so they’re never together” curse in order to be there for their daughter this time. Despite all the catching up they’ve done since season 1, they still harbor a ton of anger for letting her down during the Evil Queen’s first curse. And yes, I’m sure they are aware that she turned out just fine but parents will be parents, regardless if they’re in the real world or a fairytale.

Through a series of flashbacks, we find out that Snow is even more upset because she had the ability to prevent this final battle by choosing Emma when she and Charming originally broke the sleeping curse, 18 years before Emma was of age to be the Saviour. The fact that this was 18-years prior to everyone waking up for good when she arrived to town is vital because otherwise, you would have been as confused as I was. Long story short, Snow and Charming try to get answers about their daughter from Rumpel knowing that of all people, he would never allow himself to be put under the curse. When Charming mentions his daughters name, Rumpel is finally awoken but it doesn’t take long before he tells them that the right thing to do is “go back under” and let Emma’s time come. If they were to go and save her this early, the curse would never be broken and everyone in Storybrooke would remain asleep forever.

While that doesn’t sound like Snow and Charming’s problem, may I remind you, these are the most selfless people and no matter how hard the decision, Snow knows that she would never let anything bad happen to her people. Plus, it isn’t fair that they would seemingly get their “happy ending” with their daughter while the rest of the townsfolk would never reunite with their loved ones. So instead of putting their daughter first, Snow and Charming drink the potion and go back under the “dark curse.”

Back in the present, Snow declares that she will never put her daughter second again and that ultimately fuels every single one of her actions during the episode. At first, they entrust Regina with removing the curse from both halves of their shared heart but it fails because obviously the Evil Queen put a fail safe on it. In fact, the spell backfires and begins weakening the heart ensuring that both will be asleep by days end.

David notices pixie petals in one of Snow’s videos to him and explains that the first time they were awoken, it was in the presence of one of the pixies. While that’s optimistic, pixie petals appear only in the presence of great evil so however Emma is about to face in the final showdown is apparently already in Storybrooke. She comes face to face with her nemesis, the Black Fairy, while trying to pick the petals.

Everyone is shocked to see the originator of everything evil in town and for a moment, no one is sure how she got there until it dawns on them that she’s been working with Gideon. He’s been her minion this whole time and finally, Rumpel figures out the truth – she has his heart. She insists that her son will join her side when the darkness arrives but really, I wouldn’t underestimate him. If there’s anything Rumpel has learned in these last few episodes is that family trumps magic and darkness anyday. And the idea of family will be key in defeating Mother Monster… not Lady Gaga obviously.

But family doesn’t always have to your mom and dad. It can be your soon-to-be-fiancee too. About Hook. As you remember, he’s still stranded in the worst place in the world – Neverland. The Lost Boys are hunting him as revenge for Pan’s demise and he seeks out help from Tiger Lily, who is adamant on getting a weapon back to the Savior that can help her destroy the Black Fairy. We learn that she used to be a fairy but when she failed to put an end to the evil one, she gave up her powers. Hook risks everything to draw out his shadow self and send Emma what she needs to defeat her.

Like I said earlier, Snow is putting her daughter first and tells Emma that she needs Hook now more than ever. Instead of using the one pixie petal Gideon left behind when he betrayed his “mother” to wake her parents, she uses it to find her true love. As Snow falls into a deep slumber next to Charming, Emma opens up a portal to Neverland, hops through, saves Hook just as the ruthless Lost Boys are about to sacrifice him and brings him back to their world. I guess Gideon’s spell was no longer relevant when she used pixie petals?

Before Hook gets kidnapped again, he gets down on one knee and properly asks Swan for her hand in marriage… again. She says yes but the joyous moment is cut short when they realize both of her parents are still under the sleeping curse and no one even remembers they have a fricking toddler to take care of. I’d say it was selfish of both Emma to take her parents away from their second child. I mean, they didn’t do right by her and now they’ve abandoned a second baby. But I guess everyone knew that Emma and friends would, like always, find a way.

Regina’s plan is far fetched but it just might work. The curse her evil half created was meant for two people but if they all drink it, it might dilute the power. I still don’t know how she had any of the potion left but I guess we’re just overlooking that fact. At first, the townspeople are hesitant but when everyone realizes just how much Charming and Snow sacrificed for them, they agree. As everyone drinks a sip, they fall to the ground while Snow and Charming wake up. Since the curse was diluted everyone wakes up a mere seconds later so real harm has been done. Once again, just going to look the other way at this because I’m sure it breaks a lot of magical rules.

But with her fiancee, her parents and everyone in Storybrooke, including Rumpel and Gideon it seems, backing her, Emma is confident she can win this thing against the Black Fairy. And it seems like the Black Fairy is realizing the true power of being a hero and having family when she finds out Gideon betrayed her, even though she has his heart.

Who do you think will win the battle?

I have to be honest, I’m kind of tired of all the curse stuff and the flashbacks. I’m ready to move forward with the storyline and I’m hoping Emma and Hook’s wedding will be the fresh start we all desperate need. Who knew Storybrooke could be so suffocating?

Once Upon a Time – Awake (6×17) Reviewed by on . In every story, we always reach the final chapter... the ending if you will. Things are no different in this fairytale. Storybrooke is gearing up for the final In every story, we always reach the final chapter... the ending if you will. Things are no different in this fairytale. Storybrooke is gearing up for the final Rating: 0
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