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Once Upon a Time – Greenbacks (7×05)

There’s a new villain in Hyperion Heights and she might just be running the show under Victoria’s very nose.

Two major revelations come out in this week’s episode.

  • Ivy is also “woke” and in cahoots with the witch in the tower.
  • Regina finds a photo of her and a random kid, which Henry points out is him. Well, this is awkward, especially after that “mama bear” comment.

When Regina realizes that Henry and Ivy are getting closer, she becomes a little overprotective. It seems like she’s not sure where it’s stemming from but she knows that Ivy is bad news so she wants to protect him from making a mistake. And she doesn’t necessarily trust that Ivy wants to help them bring down Victoria so she goes to investigate.

What we didn’t realize until later is that Roni’s actions are feeding right into Ivy’s plan. She spied her mother going to the tower where the witch resides, and took Roni up there, which is where she found that picture. It’s unclear if she wanted her to find it but why would she want these two knowing that they have history that they don’t remember. Unless Ivy wants them to wake up as well?!

As much as I don’t like Ivy aka Drizella, she’s a much more compelling villain. We feel bad for her because of how Victoria treats and degrades her, but behind her back, she’s the one manipulating people, running the show and working with a powerful witch. Will the two destroy Victoria?  So far, Victoria has been pretty one-dimensional and everyone is seeing right through her “torture tactics” so Drizella is a welcome change, especially because she’s much more reminiscent of the Evil Queen in season one.

But what is she plotting with the witch that she needs them all to trust her? Was she always “woke?” Did she cast the curse?

Sabine’s storyline mimics her origin story as Princess Tiana.

Back in the magical realm, Tiana and her mother were having a property sale to make some money following their father’s death. Apparently, even taxes are a bitch in a fairytale (thanks a lot, Trump!)

Her mother tells her that she needs a prince to save them, which is pretty terrible advice no matter how beautiful your ballgown is because feminism. Tiana, girl, you do not need a man to save you, make you rich or tell you your worth. Thankfully, she figured all that out on her own and so did her mother, who apologized, but not before seeking out advice from Dr. Facillier, a Voodoo sorcerer from New Orleans, who tricks her into thinking that she’s going to meet her Prince at a bar.

Following his advice, she does meet a lovely man named Robert, who is dressed like a Prince but disappoints, as they all do, when steals her father’s, Firefly Ruby. Turns out, Facilier promised to release Robert’s lady love, which he turned into a frog, if he stole the ruby.

Once Tiana realizes that her father’s legacy lives on inside her, she returns to face Facilier, give him the ruby in exchange for the frog. If you hadn’t noticed, he dabbles in magic and the ruby, much to her surprise, is filled with magic that her father most likely used to go from poor to rich. Hey, we’d all do it given the chance. He disappears in a cloud of black smoke, she takes the frog and reunites her with Robert, who upon kissing his love, turns into a frog as well. A reversed love story is sweet, nonetheless.

Back in Hyperion Heights, Victoria admits she’s raising Sabine and Jacinda’s rent. If she can’t destroy Lucy’s belief, which is the only way she can get her daughter Anastasia back from the dead, she needs to uproot it by slowly taking what Lucy loves most.

Being the dreamer and thinker, Sabine decides to sell her famous beignets at Mr. Cluck’s to make a little extra cash. The pop up is a wild success because who doesn’t love beignets? Even Victoria seems to enjoy them; briefly, because she’s evil, remember?

And since she’s evil, she cannot let Sabine succeed so she sends one of her guys to burn Mr. Cluck’s to the ground, which drives a wedge between Jacinda and Sabine. I tried to like Jacinda a lot but really, she’s just the worst. No wonder Henry hasn’t made his move, all she does is whine and complain and say things for people like her will never change. Of course, they won’t if you constantly accept defeat, even when your daughter and your best friend are trying to be helpful. What a martyr.

As always, Lucy talks some sense into her mother, who apologizes to Sabine and gifts her with a food truck that Det. Rodgers helped her score for cheap.

This really is the romantic introduction for Rodgers and Sabine; turns out, she found her Prince Charming after all. But, she didn’t need his saving! Well, he does tell her that the fire was deliberate, which really means it’s not bad luck, it’s all Belfrey.

Rodgers also inched a bit closer to finding Eloise Gardner, the girl who was missing for 10 years, when a man with a tattoo similar to the one she drew in her notebook is booked at the station. The perp admits that he just got the tat to ward off evil in prison but then revealed it might mean more by saying he’d hate to see what evil the girl was facing.

And in a pretty predictable twist, he was actually the guy involved with Eloise’s disappearance cause he makes an ominous call to someone to let them know that someone’s “looking for the girl.” Who do you think Eloise is in the magical realm?

To sum it all up, we still don’t know who the locked up witch is but at least she’s got an ally in this fight, Rumpel, Drizella and Lucy are all “woke,” Henry and Regina have #TBT pictures together, and Henry may be involved in some love triangle with two step-sisters. And the evil step-sister might actually be the better choice over the bratty and pessimistic one.

Once Upon a Time – Greenbacks (7×05) Reviewed by on . There's a new villain in Hyperion Heights and she might just be running the show under Victoria's very nose. Two major revelations come out in this week's episo There's a new villain in Hyperion Heights and she might just be running the show under Victoria's very nose. Two major revelations come out in this week's episo Rating: 0
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