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Once Upon a Time Wake Up Call Once Upon a Time Wake Up Call

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time – Wake Up Call (7×06)



Where there’s a curse, there’s someone who started it and those who are ready to break it.

On this week’s Once Upon a Time another original character was “woke,” but this time, not of her own free will.

It was actually all a ploy of Ivy’s aka Drizella in the other realm and she is much more wicked than she’s lead us to believe. For starters, those who assumed she was the one who cast the curse were right. As we dug a little into her backstory at the less-loved child, we found out she had a specific connection to the town’s bartender aka the Evil Queen Regina.

Pre-curse in the other realm, Regina was feeling a bit unimportant after realizing that Henry is grown and no longer needs his mommy to help him and fight his battles. As she searched for purpose, she stumbled upon Drizella, who seemed to be in need of some motherly guidance. Having plenty of that to offer, Regina took to the girl and helped her tap into her inner magic, which Lady Tremaine had suppressed all these years.

During their lessons, they stumbled upon Rumpel who told Regina all about his long and fulfilled life with the late Belle. I guess I missed it last week but they lived in a place where time essentially stopped so while a lifetime went by, it was only a mere few moments in Storybrooke hence why no one else aged. Time really is a fickle thing.

Rumpel immediately realized that Regina wasn’t just helping a lost girl, she was feeding right into Tremaine’s plan. Would this evil queen really have no idea what her daughter was doing? Heck no. Turns out, she wanted Drizella to unleash her magic because then she could use her pure and full of belief heart to awaken her precious Anastasia.

Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Drizella who vowed to destroy her mother. Regina tried to stop her knowing that going down an evil path would never bring her happiness but it was too late; she’d planted the seed of victory in Drizella’s mind. So she brought her “prince” to the castle and killed him in order to turn her heart black. That way, she would be of no use to her mother. And by that smile on her face, you could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regina once again tried to foil the plan but Drizella credited her with finding the perfect plan to make her mother suffer eternally — yet another curse. As we know from the Evil Queen’s curse, these things can get messy and heroes always have a way of figuring them out. With that tidbit in mind, Drizella said she’d find a way to create a curse that would be unbreakable.

I guess there’s a reason why Drizella looks like a young Regina. The only difference is that she has no redeeming qualities while Regina, despite all her flaws, did. Maybe if Drizella finds love?

Which brings us to present day Hyperion Heights. Roni is mulling over the picture she’d found in Victoria Belfrey’s secret tower. They believe the photo must be photoshopped since there’s no way (or is there?) that it could be real. Lucy gets wind of the photo and is ecstatic, claiming that it proves her theory that they are mother and son. Based on their behaviors even under this curse, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch.

Roni decides to help Lucy investigate the truth so that she could give up her delusion once and for all while Henry goes to make a move on Jacinda, who has been icing him out ever since Ivy posted pictures of her and Henry from their “drunkoween.” Girls will be girls.

Henry chooses the “Breakfast Club” approach; he arrives holding a boombox as Jacinda is fixing up her food truck. He blurts out some stuff about not being able to get her off his mind and so they have their first date right then and there. At this point, I’ve stopped rooting for them simply because I don’t like Jacinda’s off-putting attitude. She acts like the whole world owes her something because life has been hard for her.

Meanwhile, Roni and Lucy get to business. They head over to Weaver’s and ask for a favor. Because this might be a cursed neighborhood but Weaver aka Rumpel is still in the business of granting favors. He agrees to look up if a Regina Mills ever adopted a child in Boston under the condition that Roni “owes him one.” It’s a risky deal but one she makes because I think she too is a bit curious to find out the truth.

We know Rumpel is “woke” so he knows who Regina and Henry really are. I was surprised that he didn’t foil the results and gave them to her untouched. Was he hoping someone else would finally see through the curse?

Roni is floored and confused by the results. Regina’s signature is identical to hers. But she doesn’t remember any part of this. She doesn’t have much time to ponder it though because in waltzes Ivy, who has been glowing about the fact that her mother was suffering from a migraine today. She drugs Roni’s drink and the first assumption is that she’s going to kill her. After all, these two didn’t get off on the right foot pre-curse and Roni is so close to figuring out the truth.

But death is the easy way out and as we know, Drizella wants everyone to suffer, including Regina. The drink floods her mind with memories of the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke. And now that Regina’s back, Drizella tells her the truth about the curse: if it’s broken, everyone she loves — Henry, Jacinda, Lucy, Hook 2.0 — will die.

So basically, Regina is woke only to sabotage Henry and Jacinda’s relationship. Since they’ve been heating up, it’s only a matter of time before they kiss and true love’s kiss is the way to break any curse. How did we seriously not think of this six episodes back? That’s fairytale rule number one. How did Lucy not think of it? We could have saved so much time although maybe it’s better this way because if they did break the curse, they would have died.

The last scene with Regina and Henry together was heartbreaking; she now remembers that he’s her son but he has no clue about any of it, nor can he.

Hook 2.0 or should I say Detective Rogers continues his search for Eloise Gardner with a little help from Tilly/Alice. Who wouldn’t want a little of her wacky wisdom to solve a case? Using a bit of a riddle, she tells him to tap into the clues he already has, which leads him back to the dude with the rune tattoo. Except that seems to be a dead end because the guy is deader than dead. And it probably has something to do with the fact that he warned someone that Rogers was looking for the girl. Things aren’t looking good for Eloise right now.

Are you happy with the twist that Drizella is behind all the madness and not Lady Tremaine? I think she makes a much more compelling villain than her mother, who is just a cold hearted woman who wants her daughter back. But did Drizella always want her mother to be “woke?” Or did that part of the curse mess up? And who is the enchantress in the tower?

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Once Upon A Time

5 Major Moments from Once Upon a Time “The Guardian”



Once Upon a Time The Guardian

Rumpelstiltskin faced a bit of a setback on this week’s Once Upon a Time when he couldn’t bring himself to push the Dagger upon The Guardian who just so happens to be Nook’s daughter Alice aka Tilly.

Here are 5 major moments from the episode below!

  • Rumpel’s distaste for Facilier goes back to Storybrooke when they exchanged words Belle’s shrine. It was evident Rumpel was running out of time to find the Guardian as his scaley crocodile skin was slowly spreading. In order to make sure Tilly was the one he was looking for, he had to test her.
  • Nook was all “don’t go near my daughter.” What else would you expect? Rumpel disregarded his warning and visited Alice anyway informing her that he had a way to break the curse and reunite her with her father. He forced her to remove Facilier’s heart and crush it but Alice was too pure and couldn’t do it.
  • Back in the present, Rogers and Weaver found Hansel deader than dead in the cell. Weaver figured out that it had to be Facilier’s doing and when he went to his secret compartment, the dagger was gone. Most of the episode focused on him chasing down the dagger which he eventually found in Tilly’s backpack. She was “keeping it safe” since you know, she’s the guardian. And that explained all the noises she’d been hearing while on her romantic date with Robin/ Margot.
  • Henry just couldn’t shake what Hansel showed him back at his apartment. He persuaded Rogers to take him back there to fetch the document. After he confirmed it’s authenticity, he brought it to Jacinda explaining that Lucy was right about him being her father. But how is that even possible, he wonders. And if she was right about that, could she be right about everything else?
  • Rogers chases down Prince Naveen/Devon who tells him that Samdi killed Hansel. When the autopsy comes back, it’s revealed the cause of death was stabbing through the heart from the inside. Again, Rogers is dumbfounded and wonders how this could be. Well, what had happened was…

We’re nearing the final chapter of the book and rapidly tying up storylines.

How will this fairytale end? Who will get a happy ending?

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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time – Chosen (7×17)



Once Upon a Time Chosen

Our time in Hyperion Heights is nearing an end and Henry is *this close* to breaking the curse on Once Upon a Time.

Honestly, I thought with Hansel’s talk of fairytales, something would jolt Henry’s memory since he’s the truest believer and all of his memories would come flooding back in.

Thankfully, Henry is still as much in the dark as he has been this whole season. It seems like only true love’s kiss could wake him up from his slumber. And as long as Lucy is around, that isn’t happening anytime soon.

So, what were the best moments from the episode that saw Zelena coming face-to-face with the Candy Killer? Let’s look at them!

  • The Wicked Witch TRIED to be a good person back in Oz when she was rescued by Hansel and Gretel’s blind father. When he showed her hospitality, she went back to the gingerbread cottage to save the children only to find that they were gone. She assumed they were dead but when she arrived at the cottage with vision for the father after blinding the witch, her biggest adversary, she realized the kiddos were back home and they told their father everything. He rejected the “eyes” so she threw them in the fire furiously into the fire and made Hansel pay by burning his arms.
  • Hansel has been attacking witches in the coven because obviously, they are the reason his sister is dead, but he still blames Zelena for Gretel’s death because she wanted to be exactly like her. Oh, get over it Hansel!
  • Zelena really loves Chad and when Hansel threatened to hurt him, she really put up a good fight.
  • She then told Chad everything about Zelena, minus the magical parts, and he accepted her for who she is because her decision not to kill Nick proved to him that she was really a changed woman. Ah, true love can overlook murderous claims; the Wicked Witch gets her happy ending after all.
  • Zelena and Chad are going back home to San Francisco which means this is likely the last we’ve seen of them. Unless there’s a wedding that we’re all invited too!
  • Margot is staying behind, however, because of a cute blonde girl by the name of Tilly.
  • Facilier is the one who woke up Hansel because he needed him to kill Mother Gothel, the other person vying for the Dark One’s dagger.
  • Prince Naveen has earned Sabine’s trust and is given the special recipe for her beignets, which Facilier uses for his voodoo doll.
  • That voodoo doll then kills Hansel after a tussle between him and Facilier ensues. Oh, and Facilier is the one who woke him up so that he would kill Mother Gothel who is also after the Dark One’s dagger.

Thoughts on this episode? Was the showdown between Zelena and Hansel everything you hoped it would be? Or a letdown?

Will Regina find a way to save Henry and break the curse?

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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time – Breadcrumbs (7×16)



Once Upon a Time Breadcrumbs

Well, Henry finally figured out who the killer was. Unfortunately, the killer made him his prisoner. So now, in addition to worrying about the curse, Henry also has to survive being held captive.

On the bright side, we finally saw the moment that Henry proposed to inexpressive Jacinda in the Enchanted Forest. Like most Jacinda-skeptics, I didn’t find anything romantic about the moment.

In both the magical realm and in Hyperion Heights, Henry was looking for his great adventure. Only one of those ended with him getting the girl.

In the Enchanted Forest, Henry turned to Hook in hopes of having his own story worthy of impressing Cinderella. It’s hard living up to your grandparents when they are Snow White and Prince Charming and have a love story for the ages!

Hook suggests they sneak onto the Jolly Roger, which has been taken over by Blackbeard, and find Davy Jones Locker. However, his plan falls through when Henry realizes the whole thing has been staged. The idea that Nook (new Hook) was so desperate to help Henry the way Hook always had, he went to such great lengths was admirable, but the storm that his plan summoned was not.

After trying to outrun to the eye of the storm, they realized they were being chased and Henry knew this was a magical side-effect to stealing the treasure. Once he climbed the ship’s mast and threw the ring back into the whirlpool, the storm diminished and everything went back to normal.

And although he now had a pretty heroic tale to his name, Henry realized that he simply wanted to have a great life with the woman he loves. Plain and simple, just like the ring, just like the proposal. Or you can call it bland because that’s Cinderella’s who appeal.

Back in the real world, Henry received a call from some New York media company who wanted to offer him a job producing podcasts. H-Town may be a hit amongst the locals but really, is it that good? This definitely smelled like a set-up by Nick who seemingly wanted Henry out of town so he could target the remaining witches Kelly (Zelena) and Roni (Regina).

Henry told Jacinda the good news, half-hoping she would beg him to stay. I personally thought they would kiss goodbye and break the curse that way but thankfully, despite their affection, they didn’t give into temptation.

Weaver interjected Henry’s plans of heading to the airport after he found his storybook at the scene of the crime. Turns out, the Candy Killer was obsessed with Henry’s writing which made Henry the only person who could read through his notes and figure out his identity.

I definitely feel for Henry because he’s walking so close to the edge of truth but is still beyond confused when it comes to his identity. He’s constantly in a foggy state of mind especially when it comes to his own writing, which is his only claim to fame.

Some encouraging words from Weaver and soon enough, Henry figured out the breadcrumbs left behind in his book — the killer thought he was Hansel and was trying to avenge his sister’s death.

Obviously, that didn’t mean anything to Henry because he didn’t believe in fairytales but for Weaver, it’s a huge clue. He’s awake so he can likely narrow down his suspects.

Given that he’s Henry’s grandfather, Weaver tried to steer him in the right direction and away from New York. After all, his whole family is right here in HH.

On his way to the airport, Henry got a flat tire and when he saw that it was caused by a “glass slipper,” he knew it was fate and that he had to go back for Jacinda. Conveniently, Henry’s car stopped right in front of the troll, which we know from last week’s episode, is equipped with security cameras. And conveniently, Nick arrived to “offer” Henry a ride.

Henry accepted thinking nothing of it but that soon changed when Nick began asking questions regarding the Candy Killer case. The more Henry told him, the tension escalated until Henry saw the scars on Nick’s arm. The Candy Killer made it very clear in the book that he has an obsession with scars.

Before Henry could even devise an escape plan, Nick injected him with some the muggle-world alternative of a sleeping curse. When he woke up, he was tied up in Hansel’s apartment and unapologetically plotting to kill again.

I think Henry will be woken from the curse not by true love’s kiss but by the realization that his stories are actually real and Hansel really is who he says he is.

His next victim? Zelena. While making up with her daughter Margot (aka Robin in the Enchanted Forest) she revealed that she misses her real-world fiancee Chad. Margot assumed the box of chocolates addresses to her mom were from him but we all know better. Honestly, if your daughter is also a half-witch and comes to town, wouldn’t you let her know that there’s a killer hunting victims with boxes of chocolates?

Let’s hope someone checks the footage from the troll cam because it’s very likely that no one will notice Henry’s disappeared because they’ll believe he went to New York.

Do you think Regina was missing because she used the magic Facilier gave her to track down whatever ingredients she needed to complete the potion to free Henry from the curse?

Aside from all this witchcraft-murder-mumbo-jumbo, Tilly and Rogers’ story succeeded in being the most endearing. They have a connection, but much like Henry and his fairytales, they don’t understand why. Rogers can’t figure out why he’s so drawn to Tilly and why he wants to help get back on the right track. Oh, just wait until it all starts to make sense, you guys!

Tilly proved that she can find her way by having a successful first day of work at Sabine’s beignet food truck. Who knew Tilly was a sales rockstar?

I love that these delicious beignets are what’s going to bring Sabine and Rogers together and also, Tilly and Margot. Do you think Tiana and Nook were together in the other realm? They are so drawn to each other here, there was to be some history.

Thoughts on this week’s Once Upon a Time? We’re nearing the end but we’re no closer to resolving this curse mystery. And honestly, Hansel taking Henry as his prisoner made this whole witchhunt arc worthwhile because otherwise, no one really cared about Hansel’s vendetta. Since Hansel and Henry were buds in the other realm, was he always evil?

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