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This Is Us – Three Sentences (1×13)

The Big Three and Big Daddy celebrated their birthday’s on this week’s This Is Us and gave us our first look at Jack’s death, which Kate relived during her first day at “fat camp.”

In flashbacks we see Rebecca and Jack struggle with the idea that their kids are growing up. Kevin and Kate ask that for their 10th birthday, they each have separate parties, an idea that Randall is pretty indifferent about. His only request is that his party gets a magician. Hey, no one said having three would be easy.

Being the good parents that they are, Bec and Jack agree to host a total of 40+ kids at their house for the celebrations. Kevin throws a Princess Bride themed party, while Kate’s friends come over to vogue, courtesy of the “it” girl Madonna.

The parties don’t go off without a hitch. Only a 3 friends show up to Randall’s party despite a mass invite to the whole class. When Rebecca asks why, he explains that none of them are his “real friends” and he’d rather have quality over quantity. Smart kid… almost smart enough to convince Rebecca to have another kid with Jack.

That desire goes away quickly when they realize that all of Kate’s friends are more interested in hanging out with Kevin, specifically her best friend Sophie. In the beginning of the episode we don’t think much of this but as it progresses, we realize that Sophie wasn’t just his 10-year-old love… she ended up being his EX wife.

In the present day when Kate goes away to fat camp she asks Kev to hang out with Toby, who doesn’t really know anyone in the city. Kevin takes his soon-to-be brother in law out to a club but isn’t into the whole “meet a girl, make small talk, hook up with her” stuff because he’s mending a broken heart after losing both Sloane and Olivia. How can one man love two women? He can’t. Toby soon makes him realize that he doesn’t want either of them… he actually wants his ex-wife who he hasn’t seen in 12-years, Sophie. Now, we don’t know what went down with them but from the three really long sentences, it seems he really messed something up and pushed her away. Not surprised. Can’t wait to watch that play out.

Meanwhile, Kate’s fear of getting surgery right after Toby had open heart surgery causes her to postpone the gastric bypass. Instead, she settles for a visit to “fat camp.” She goes in there expecting to be surrounded by skinny trainers and hardcore workouts but realizes, she was wrong about the whole thing. Instead of focusing on how to shed all the weight in a short amount of time, this retreat teaches you to look at what’s underneath all the weight. And unlike Kate explained, it isn’t just more weight. Personally, I think Kate has been eating her feelings for quite some time. She always struggled with being heavier but when she finally opens up in class, you can see that the loss of her father really impacted her. (She also meets a man who thinks she’s “really sexy” and he comes on strong, telling her that “this is going to happen.” I hope it doesn’t because I wouldn’t want her to betray Toby!)

Yes… they finally showed us that dreaded moment – Jack’s funeral. The thing that sucks most about this is that Jack was a GOOD dad. Hell, he’s the best TV dad out there. And now we have to see his incredible family lose him. Thankfully, it will come in pieces and this weeks were very brief because I could not have physically and emotionally been able to sit through a whole funeral.

We don’t know how Jack died yet but we do know it happened when the kids were teens. Some theories suggest it was due to surgery, which is why Kate was so affected by it. Others believe he may have died during 9/11, which is why the kids are so scared of planes. At this point, I don’t think any death is ideal, knowing he was taken so soon and none of them every really got over it.


Randall will be losing his second and biological father soon, which will be a tough pill to swallow. You never really get used to losing those closest to know. I don’t know about you but I got personally invested with William. In fact, I kind of like him. He marched into Randall’s office high on energy after being taken off the chemo and asked his son to cross off a bunch of things off of his bucket list. At first, Randall was annoyed knowing he just challenged his co-worker to a huge project but eventually realized that spending these last few moments with his father were more important. He even taught William how to drive, making his wish of driving around the neighborhood in a nice car, with expensive shades and his favorite drink, like the man he once idolized as a kid, completely possible. So. Many. Feels.

Thoughts on this week’s episode?

This Is Us – Three Sentences (1×13) Reviewed by on . The Big Three and Big Daddy celebrated their birthday's on this week's This Is Us and gave us our first look at Jack's death, which Kate relived during her firs The Big Three and Big Daddy celebrated their birthday's on this week's This Is Us and gave us our first look at Jack's death, which Kate relived during her firs Rating: 0
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