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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry- Young & Pretty Woman (2×09)



EEEEEK! Gabi and Josh sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Seriously, I’ve been waiting for this episode since the season started!

Gabi finally chose Josh over Cooper, but a lot happened for her to actually get there. We picked up after last weeks moment of clarity- Josh realized he’s been sleeping around with half the city because he actually loves Gabi. He decides to head over to her place to let her know before Cooper gets back from Japan. When he arrives, Cooper is already back and Gabi is totes excited about it, even rocking a barely there nightgown. Awkward. As she’s changing Coop reveals that he knows Josh loves Gabi but that she chose him anyways.

Josh leaves, but eventually blurts out “I love you” when Gabi is bringing him lunch. It’s definitely not the best timing but it had to be said. I’m so glad that after weeks of tiptoing around the fact, Josh finally got the balls to tell her the truth. Obviously, Gabi doesn’t take it well and her emotions range from acceptance to questioning ‘why now’? Honestly, guys have a radar and just when your getting happy they decide to screw it all up. It’s a proven theory.

She gets home and tells Sofia that she doesn’t feel anything for Josh, so obviously, both Cooper and Sofia think they’re off the hook in telling Gabi that Josh actually came to tell her weeks ago before she went to Japan. But… suddenly Gabi begins having dreams of Josh and she’s not certain what they mean.

A sit down with Elliots bea Alan tells her what she needs to do- she has to find out which kiss makes her toes curl. She marches over to Josh’s and kisses him. And cue the best moment in Young & Hungry history. He runs after her, pushes her against the wall and makes out with her. And obviously, Gabi is as giddy as can be because duh, she really loves Josh. She turns to Yolanda for advice, but all she tells her is follow your heart and ride the washing machine… which actually isn’t horrible advice.

At the opening of Alan’s karaoke bar, he proposes to Elliot and he thankfully says yes. Woot woot, Elliot is engaged! This makes Gabi realize that she loves Josh and she tells him inside the sound system booth. And in the most cliche way, everyone hears her choose Josh because she “accidentally” turned the speakers on. Cooper doesn’t take the news well, ratting Josh out to Gabi. He tells her that Josh also loved her a couple of weeks ago, but got over it and made everyone- Yolanda, Elliot and even Sofia lie to her. This seems a little extreme however. Cooper made it sound like Josh has been indecisive and jumping in and out of feelings for Gabi, but it’s not like that. He had everyone keep it a secret because she was happy and he didn’t want to ruin it. He was scared, he didn’t know if she’d like him back and the timing was off. It wasn’t because he suddenly didn’t love her.

But, of course, Gabi is upset that everyone kept this from her… especially her BFF Sofia. Now that’s betrayal. So until next week, Josh and Gabi aren’t on speaking term. I’m sure that will change though the minute she realizes Josh’s good intentions. I’ve got to say, I’m so glad we’re finally getting rid of Cooper. He was so boring and never stood a chance!

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Amnesia (5×10)



Young & Amnesia

After seeing Josh and Sofia kiss on the promo for Young & Hungry’s season finale, I turned into Karen from Will & Grace. Honey, what’s going on, what’s happening?

In the grand scheme of things, it made sense. The ‘will they or won’t they’ dance came to a monumental end, but not before Josh completely forgot who Gabi was thanks to a concussion caused by a squirrel in his apartment. To be honest, throughout the whole episode I kept wondering if Josh was playing a practical joke on Gabi… I wouldn’t put it past him.

Josh remembered both Yolanda and Elliot but had absolutely no recollection of Gabi ever working for him. The last thing he remembered was that she’d come by to audition to be his chef… which was about 2 years prior. And if he loved her, he’d remember her right? Josh seems to think so, which upsets Gabi even more because that means that the night she finally told him she loved him, he was going to tell her he didn’t love her.

The episode was frustrating to watch as Gabi was told not to remind Josh of his past so he doesn’t have a psychic break. Instead, she was supposed to allow him to remember “naturally” so she re-auditioned for her job by wearing the same outfit and cooking the grilled cheese he loved so much, only to have him hate it. Then he hired the other chef in the running, making Elliot very pleased. That is until he realized this new chef was “no bull” and called both him and Yolanda out for “not doing anything.”

That’s when they both realized they had to help Josh remember Gabi for their own sake. Yolanda brought him over to the apartment hoping that maybe his childhood blanket that Gabi made for him would spark his memory. Instead, Josh thought he was in love with Sofia and planted a big smooch on her as Gabi (and I) watched in horror. Seriously Josh, never do that again.

Finally, Gabi, who was suffering a psychic break of her own, decided to just tell him everything. “I believe you,” Josh told her knowing that the love story was too bizarre for anyone to make up. But still, he didn’t remember and he wasn’t sure if he ever would. That sent Gabi packing for Aspen, to attend her uncle’s wedding while crying the whole ride there. When Josh finally heard Tegan and Sara’s “Closer,” all of his memories came rushing back and he jogged all the way to the train stop where he told Gabi that he loves her too. FINALLY. And who do we have to thank for the romantic reunion? Elliot! Despite his “evil” facade, Elliot is a complete sweetheart who

When Josh finally heard Tegan and Sara’s “Closer,” all of his memories came rushing back and he jogged all the way to the train stop where he told Gabi that he loves her too. FINALLY. And who do we have to thank for the romantic reunion? Elliot! Despite his “evil” facade, Elliot is a complete sweetheart who insults Gabi out of love.

Til next season – here’s hoping they don’t break up again!

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Bridesmaids (5×07)



Young and hungry Young and Bridesmaids

Gabi and Sofia let their competitive flags fly free this weekend because they were in dire need of a vacation.

After their plans for a stay-cation were ruined by garbage trucks and storm clouds, the two scheme up a plan to befriend their high school frenemy and weasel their way into the bridal party. Did I mention the Lizette is a millionaire off of lipsticks and the trip to the destination wedding in Punta Cana is paid for, complete with a private jet.

When Lizette informs them that there’s only 1 spot left on the jet, they try to play it cool but the situation takes a competitive turn. Sofia writes emotional vows, while Gabi bakes finger-licking cakes. Ultimately, it’s Sofia’s bilingualism that saves the wedding and lands her a spot on the winning side.

Gabi isn’t one for losing so she tells Josh about her dilemma and considering she’s his punchcard hook up, hooks her up with his frequent flyer miles to go on the trip. Instead of being happy that she also gets to attend, Sofia throws a fit about how Gabi couldn’t stand that she lost and had to go crying to her rich boy toy. She does have a point you know.

But in true Young and Hungry fashion, neither of the girls get to go on the vacation after seeing Lizette’s fiancee make out with another girl. Sofia, set on making the trips, refuses to tell her about the affair but Gabi knows in her heart that they have to come clean.

Instead of being mad at the act itself, Lizette is fuming because a marriage with 2 people cheating simply cannot work. Yeah, why did Gabi ruin the trip for this girl?

When Gabi finds out that Sofia’s work crush got engaged at the office, she does what any best friend would do and offers her the ticket Josh paid for. But even though Sofia wanted to badly to go on vacation, she knew it would be no fun without her best friend… especially when her Uber drivers name was Anal and she had no one to laugh about it with. Seriously, why don’t they just ask Josh to pay? It seems like he’ll do anything for his friends – he’s THAT rich.

Speaking of Josh, he had to deal with Elliot, who was gearing up to give a graduation speech at his old high school when he realized he wasn’t a successful publicist, he was simply Josh’s bitch. Yolanda advised him to pretend like he’s looking for other jobs to make Josh jealous and value him more but that quickly backfired went Elliot went overboard and threw a fit, explaining some huge millionaire wanted to hire him.

Turns out, Josh was good friends with said millionaire and caught Elliot in the lie. It all worked out in the end with Josh promising to hire someone else to run his personal errands.

Will they really add a fourth character to the Kaminski household? Will that shake up the dynamic?

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Young and Hungry

Young & Hungry – Young & Softball



Young & Hungry Young & Softball

This week’s Young & Hungry took everyone back to their younger years, specifically Sofia and Josh.

We kicked things off with Josh struggling to form a relationship with his father and blaming it all on Gabi, who once again did what she does best and butted in during their father-son picnic. Josh said his father faked a “business meeting” because she wouldn’t stop talking while she swore she kept interrupting because all Josh could do was brag about himself. Clearly he figured if he talked himself up, his father would be impressed.

Instead of backing off and letting the relationship run its course, Gabi butted in and asked Josh’s dad to stay and attend a softball game that Josh agreed to play in to help Elliot out. He agreed and told Gabi that during their initial hangout, Josh kept bragging so he figured he was fine without a father, proving Gabi to be right for the first time ever.

Things took an unexpected turn when Josh made a grand slam and all the rainbow flags went up. His father’s immediately assumed that Josh arranged this meeting to show him his true, gay self and Gabi agreed, seeing how happy it made him. When she told Josh, he didn’t take too well with her meddling. When his dad confronted him about it, he didn’t deny it though, rather riding the wave and hoping for the best.

Faking gay actually allowed them to connect and for a moment, Josh was actually fine pretending to be gay and keeping up the rouse on holiday’s if it meant having a real relationship with his father. That is until his father walked in on him trying to hook up with Gabi. His first thought wasn’t that his son was lying or he was bi, it was surprise that Gabi was a man. Seriously, sometimes this show really makes me laugh out loud.

Josh finally came clean about being straight and his father had a fit about being lied to. As he grabbed his things, Josh told him to do what he’s always done best – leave.

The next day, Gabi tried to apologize for meddling and making things worse by extending an olive brunch, which was interrupted by his father, who also came to make things better. Both said their apologies and then decided to spend a day really getting to know each other. Their activity of choice? Seeing Wicked again. Oh Josh.

Meanwhile, Sofia channeled 9-year-old Lil Soso to sell cookies as a fake Squirrel Ranger so that Yolanda could sell the most boxes and win the trip to the Bahamas. Why they don’t just ask Josh to pay for their trip beats me – he clearly has a helicopter and a vineyard, two things which we’ve yet to see him use to impress and seduce Gabi, might I add.

Sofia’s selling skills were so on point, especially when she was able to swindle the high tenant several times but they got caught when the boss came to deliver the tickets and saw a “nine year old” drinking tequila.

The arc didn’t do much for the overall story but it was nice to see Yolanda cause mischief with someone other than Elliot and Sofia is such a brilliant actress that we never get tired of watching her.

As for Elliot, he was too busy prancing around the city wearing his softball costume and enjoying all the attention it brought him. When he was finally called into the game, he surprised himself by hitting the ball out of the park. Who knew he was such an athlete?

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