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Younger – Gettin’ Hygge With It (4×02)

No one was in their comfort zone on this week’s Younger despite trying to get hygge with it.

In addition to being forced to show off her two-step with Josh (who knew Kelsey was originally from Texas?), Kelsey was also trying to navigate her new world, which was flipped upside down when Liza dropped this truth bomb on her.

Her new normal went from having a work and real life BFF to contemplating how foolish she was to believe that the BFF, a woman who doesn’t even know what a meme is (does anyone really was), was actually a millenial. The one plus side of Kelsey finding out Liza’s secret is that we can now watch her see Liza with fresh eyes. Or in the wise words of Josh, they should have known all along because Liza = Lies. Uh. Drunk mind speaks sober thoughts.

Unsure of how to cope with the betrayal, Kelsey went looking for reassurance in all the wrong places, starting with Colin, who inserted himself right back into her life after his book received negative reviews. That coupled with a huge bathroom fight with Liza, who was just trying to give her some friendly, yet unwanted, advice, forced her to retreat back to Josh’s where they danced away the pain together.

I kept cringing every time these two got a little too close, mainly because the promos lead me to believe that they were going to hook up. It seems like the thought also crossed Liza’s mind because let’s face it, why wouldn’t two attractive and young people who were nursing broken hearts and harboring a secret only they knew about, get together?

One thing about promos? They are purposefully deceiving. Kelsey might be finding some “hygge” with Josh when it comes to dealing with Liza’s lies, he’s moving out of his comfort zone and pursuing a blonde named Montana.

No, not Hannah Montana but the coffee shop girl that Maggie mistakenly tried to make a move on back at the apartment. Apparently, her gaydar was very much off as she mistook adoration for flirtation. While Montana wasn’t into Maggie like that, she was still eager to stir her paint or stretch her canvas or whatever which is obviously a set up for her to befriend Maggie and Liza while dating Josh at the same time without a clue that there is this deeply twisted history. I do feel like Maggie’s character gets a little cheated though just for the sake of the storyline. Can we please get her a real love interest? Preferably someone fun like Lauren?


Kelsey and Josh’s struggles are nowhere as serious as Liza’s though. While they feel betrayed, Liza feels abandoned and shunned. There’s not much she can do to remedy it though, especially because coming clean to those that trust her the most is out of the question since she has to keep up appearances at work for the sake of Millennial.

And even though she’s hurt because she’s (temporarily) lost both the people she cared about, she’s experiencing mixed feelings because she’s also smitten with Charles and completely unaware. How you could be that unaware of sexual tension is beyond me. I almost felt like Kelsey was going to walk in on Liza massaging out Charles’ kink and figure out that their relationship was the reason that Josh’s proposal fell through. And that knowledge might give her the power to pursue the relationship without feeling guilty.

It’s clear that we’re at a pinnacle with Younger. It’s getting harder and harder for Liza to keep lying to her loved ones and keeping up the charade. How many times did she almost spill the beans about her ex-husband?! She’s guilty and it’s all going to erupt one day, unexpectedly, in the messiest of ways. That will set a whole new tone and dynamic for all the relationships moving forward. We already see it with Josh and Kelsey, Kelsey and Liza and Liza and Josh, but how will the rest of the characters take the truth? Will they be understanding? Will they fault her?


Other Thoughts

  • I love Lauren but for the second week in a row, she’s delivered questionable lines/advice. This week, but her encouraging Kels to bring Josh to the event was terrible friend advice. Is she really that indifferent to Liza, who she knows is Kelsey’s other best friend? No fake friends.
  • As “fake” as Liza was to Kelsey, she’s been nothing but a real friend, even trying to give her sound relationship advice. And coming from a woman who’s been there, done that, I’d take it. The way their friendship started may have been a lie but everything else was genuine.
  • There is nothing I love more than something punny and getting hygge with it was literally everything that I needed on this Monday-est Wednesday ever. That was almost as good as Liza flirtatiously trying to massage out Charles’ spasm in his office. Seriously, Empirical is a NSFW workplace.

Younger – Gettin’ Hygge With It (4×02) Reviewed by on . No one was in their comfort zone on this week's Younger despite trying to get hygge with it. In addition to being forced to show off her two-step with Josh (who No one was in their comfort zone on this week's Younger despite trying to get hygge with it. In addition to being forced to show off her two-step with Josh (who Rating: 0
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