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TV shows to watch for teens and tweens TV shows to watch for teens and tweens


11 Best TV Shows to Stream With Your Tweens and Teens!

Credit: Netflix and Disney+



Finding the right show for pre-teens (tweens) and teens isn’t always easy. 

There’s a lot of content on network television and streaming services, but a lot of it doesn’t always fit the bill. Young adults also fall into this specific age range where they’re too mature for kid shows, but they aren’t ready to take on the more mature, adult shows being offered.

Instead, they’re wedged right into the middle craving shows that not only teach a lesson or send a positive message, but also explore the dynamics of relationships — both romantic and platonic — while remaining entertaining. 

It’s a tall order, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of shows that fit the bill and give teens a good dip before taking the full plunge into adult content when the time is right.

Not only will the young adults in your family love these shows, but as an adult, you’ll like them too. Fun for the whole family is what it’s all about!


Baby-Sitters Club – Netflix (7+)

Netflix revived an oldie and a goodie — a book series you likely grew up reading and a movie you likely watched way too many times. You know and trust the series, which makes it the perfect starting point for our list. The series has kept up with the times by updating parts of the series that were outdated to young adults growing up in 2020. Throughout season 1, there’s great character development as each Baby-Sitter learns to find her voice, and the lessons on friendship and work ethic carry remain a welcoming constant. 


The Expanding Ashley Garcia – Netflix (12+)

The Netflix series is about a 15-year-old Latina robotics engineer with a Ph.D. who scores a job at NASA and moves into her uncle. Ashley Garcia can build a robot in her sleep, but she struggles with navigating the teenage experience and turns to a group of friends for help. The groundbreaking series embraces diversity and Paulina Chavez’s character is a prime role model for young women everywhere. 


Fuller House – Netflix (11+)

There’s a reason Netflix tapped into a Full House spinoff, and its because they don’t make wholesome family television the way they did back in the 90s. While Fuller House is a bit edgier than Full House ever was — a sign of keeping up with the times — but the series never strays from the cheesiness or the familial themes. This is a show that lays it on heavy when it comes to the life lessons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Locke & Key – Netflix (it depends but between 13+ or 15+)

With some horror-scenes, violence, and cursing, the supernatural series is definitely better suited for a more mature audience of 13+. The show is best for those looking for a thrill and an adventure, as the series is about three siblings who move into an abandoned house following their father’s murder and find a series of magic keys that unlock different possibilities and dimensions. There are themes of loss, fear, and bullying, plus, they’ve got to ward off the evil that lurks nearby.  



The Healing Powers of Dude – Netflix (7+)

The series, which focuses on an 11-year-old boy with an anxiety disorder, does a great job at tackling mental health from an early age. As Noah starts middle school, he gains strength and confidence with his best furry friend, Dude, who seems to be able to read his mind and knows exactly what his human needs at any given moment. It’s an uplifting show that touches upon empathy, kindness, and inclusion. 


Alexa and Katie – Netflix (8+)

Alexa deals with issues that many kids her age don’t — cancer. The story follows her adjustments to high school while undergoing cancer treatment. She’s able to have a positive outlook on life and remain enthusiastic thanks to her best friend, Katie, who is always by her side. If you’re looking for a show about true friendship and the power of being there for those you love, this is it. 


Raising Dion – Netflix (10+)

Dion is a second-grader who discovers he has superhero powers. His single mother tries to help him navigate the powers while shielding him from those who want to exploit them. As she learns about her husband’s death, she begins to investigate the origins of the powers. It’s a superhero show, so you’re in for some CGI fight scenes, but there’s no gore or blood! If you and your kid appreciate sci-fi, give this a whirl. 


Diary of a Future President – Disney+ (11+)

Female empowerment is at the core of this series as it teaches young girls they can be anything they want to be — even the future President — with a little perseverance and dedication. The focus is on 12-year-old Elena, a Cuban-American, who experiences the ups and downs of middle school, which is the start of her journey to presidency.


Carmen Sandiego – Netflix (5+)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? If you remember playing this game back when you were in middle school then you already know it follows the global escapades of the superthief. In this version, she encompasses a more Robin Hood-esque, heroic persona as she steals and returns objects to their rightful owners. Her adventures are exhilarating and there’s a geography lesson packed into every episode! 


Family Reunion –Netflix (9+)

Moving to a new city is hard, and this series tackles that right from the getgo as the family moves from Seattle and settles into life in Georgia. From there it deals with themes of culture shock and Black experience in the past and present from the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter. 


HSM The Musical Series – Disney+ (11+)

Yes, the series is loosely based on High School Musical, but it gives off Glee vibes as the series focuses on members of the drama club who are preparing for the school’s first production. There are definitely more mature themes including romantic drama and classmate rivalry, but that’s high school for you!  

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TV Shows and Movies to Watch During Women’s History Month



TV Shows and Movies to Watch During Women's History Month

March is not only Women’s History Month, but March 8 is also International Women’s Day. 

To celebrate, Philo put together a curated collection titled “Celebrating Women ” to honor the fearless, passionate, and hardworking women in your life.

Per the release, the collection will include “movies and shows that magnify female experiences, explore narratives centered around women, and commemorate their vital role in today’s society.”

Here are some titles to check out:


Liza Miller is a forty-something-year-old who pretends to be half her age to rejoin the world of publishing. She never expects that lying about her age could open up a world of possibilities not only in her career but also in love! 



Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama follows a group of single black women as they navigate the ins-and-outs of life like careers, friendship, and more.



Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie star in a film about female empowerment in the #MeToo World. In this drama based on a real story, three whip-smart women go from reading headlines to becoming the headlines when they expose the man who made them famous.


Killing Eve

Eve, a gifted MI5 spy, and Villanelle, a talented killer, play a game of cat and mouse as they obsess over each other.


Queen Sugar

Ava DuVernay and Oprah join forces behind-the-scenes of this drama, which brings the Bordelon siblings back together to run the family’s struggling sugar cane farm.


Golden Girls

The classic 80s sitcom finds four women living together in Miami through what can only be described as the ups-and-downs of their “golden years.”

The long-running British drama focuses on an extraterrestrial Time Lord that travels through time and space via TARDIS to solve problems. The 12th season welcomed the first female doctor with Jodie Whittaker taking on the iconic role.


High-powered attorney Patty Hewes gets embroiled in a custody case and goes above and beyond to prevent her protege from taking the stand and exposing all of her secrets.

Shailene Woodley stars as Tris in the post-apocalyptic franchise about a society divided into five factions. When she learns that she doesn’t fit into just one faction, it puts everyone she loves at risk.

You can find the full collection at

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7 Most Anticipated Shows Coming in the Spring of 2021



7 Most Anticipated Shows Coming in the Spring of 2021

As the days get longer, snow begins to melt, and flowers begin to bloom, you’ll likely find yourself emerging from a winter slump and ready to warm up your soul. 

And what better way than with some exciting television blooming this spring?

While there’s plenty of shows returning from hiatus (you can find all the must-watch shows and movies premiering in March right here), there’s also a slate of new shows hoping to melt your cold exterior and warm their way into your heart.

Here’s everything that we’re looking forward to watching in the spring of 2021:

15 Exciting TV Show Reboots & Spinoffs Coming in 2021

Debris – March 1 (NBC)

Network television loves its sci-fi! Debris finds two agents, one from the CIA and one for MI6, teaming up to travel the U.S. looking for remnants of an alien spacecraft to find out where it’s from, what it wants, and what it’s effects are on the human population. Think X-Files meets Fringe meets Extant


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – March 19 (Disney+)

Disney+ is expanding the world of Marvel with yet another addition to the small screen. Following Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a six-episode comedy about Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), who is now Captain America, and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), which picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame


The Irregulars – March 26 (Netflix)

You know the story of Sherlock Holmes, but do you know the story of Dr. Watson and the Baker Street Irregulars? All you need to know is that it’s a gang of street teens manipulated into working for Watson to protect London from supernatural elements. 


Law & Order: Organized Crime – April 1 (NBC)

The series marks Elliot Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) overdue (due to COVID-19) return to television and the Law & Order franchise. Stabler stars up again with the NYPD and even reunites with Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in the spinoff drama! Thursday’s just got so much better!


Cruel Summer – April 20 (Freeform) 

Hailing from producer Jessica Biel, this psychological thriller – that’s also a ’90s throwback – examines the lives of two young women, one of whom mysterious disappears. Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt, “Cloak & Dagger”) is a popular girl who goes missing, and Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia), is the girl deemed responsible.


The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – March 26 (Disney+)

Polish those skates, because the Mighty Ducks spinoff is skating to the small-screen. When the powerhouse team turns away 12-year-old Evan, a potential new member, he and his mom Alex (Lauren Graham) decided to build their own team. The 10-episode series marks the return of Emilio Esteves as Coach Gordon Bombay. 


Shadow and Bone – April 23 (Netflix)

Set in an alternate version of tsarist Russia called Ravka and based on the hit fantasy book series, sinister forces plot against a young soldier after she is found to have magical powers that may help unite the world.

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Batwoman Review – Can Ryan Wilder’s Kryptonite Infection Be Cured? (2×06)



Batwoman Review Do Not Resuscitate Season 2 Episode 6

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6, Ryan Wilder could no longer hide the fact that her kryptonite wound was slowly killing her. 

Talk about a painful death. 

And despite all of it, she never let the people of Gotham, or her Bat team, down. As Luke pointed out, if that isn’t a hero, I don’t know what is. 

Luke felt pretty terrible about the fact that he was the reason that Ryan kept her injury on the down-low and suffered in silence, but the moment also made him realize just how dedicated Ryan actually is to being Batwoman. She’s taking this seriously even if there’s a chance it’s only a temporary gig. 

Of course, with no actual cure for kryptonite, this makes the hunt for the Dessert Rose that much more pressing. 

Everyone wants a piece of Coryana’s miracle cure. And based on how they’re all behaving, I’m not surprised Safiyah has kept the location of the island under wraps. 

Just imagine if it got into the wrong hands… say the rogue doctors at Hamilton Dynamics that stole the map from the Crows because they want to replicate it and get rid of the diseases. And while there’s nothing wrong with trying to find a cure for virtually every disease (although, I’m sure the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t be pleased, unless the idea is to charge a high premium for the drug once it’s available), the approach was quite problematic.

He had no problem testing on patients as if they were lab rats and didn’t care how many of them died. He then sent Aaron, an unhinged patient with spontaneous rage issues, to kidnap Mary and Jacob Kane in order to get information, and then he and his men ambushed the Crows and stole the map from them!

Here’s my issue with that whole scene – after managing to get the map from two of Gotham’s most violent criminals, Ocean and Alice (without backup, might I add), Sophie somehow thought it was a good idea to bring it with her to a hostage situation.

Sure, she wanted to save Mary and Jacob, but how would anyone know if she swapped it with a fake?

What a fail on her part.

Despite Batwoman’s disdain for Sophie (whom she hilariously refers to as “Crow-phie”), she couldn’t gamble with her life and handed over the map.

That means Batwoman wants the Dessert Rose to heal herself, Hamilton doctors want it to create an all-encompassing cure and The Crows, Mary, and Luke want the map so that it can lead them to Kate, who is allegedly still alive. 

A lot of people with a lot of motivation! 

Ocean, who was confirmed to be the one growing the psychedelic mushrooms for Snake Bite, had the map to Coryana (hidden under the real Napier painting) this whole time, but never told Alice it was a map that could lead them to the one woman who not only wants him dead, but also erased all of his romantic memories with Alice.

There’s a chance he didn’t know about the map, but how would he know to burn it when Sophie caught them?

And if the Dessert Rose is all he’s after, why didn’t he just follow the map back to where it all started in the first place?

What are we missing about Ocean?

Though, admittedly, I’m really into this partnership. Ocean seems like Alice’s equal only slightly deranged, and seeing Alice in love has plenty of potential.

It’s unclear why Coryana wants Ocean dead, but Alice made the right choice by sparing him because that’s clearly leverage to get her sister back. Plus, pretending to “kill him” will help her back into Safiyah’s good graces, and hopefully, we’ll learn more about their previous relationship.

It looks like there was a time that Alice wasn’t a complete psycho, and while it’s delicious to watch her torment the innocent souls of Gotham, it would be fun to explore a different side to her that’s less vindictive. 

I’m a little upset that the series brought Angelique and Ryan back together just to rip them apart again. The relationship was doomed from the start since they never confronted what went wrong the first time around, and instead, jumped right back into a relationship that was previously plagued by bad decisions and addiction. 

Angelique may be clean now, but she’s still dealing and has no plans to stop. That’s problematic for Ryan, who went to prison for her and wanted her to make the best of this second chance.

The reality is that no matter how much they love each other, they don’t see eye-to-eye. Sophie may not always have Ryan’s best interests at heart, but she was right for calling out Ryan for returning to the same lifestyle that previously got her in trouble. 

If she wants to be the hero, she can’t also be dating someone that’s on the opposing team.

Ryan got upset with Luke after finding out he was in cahoots with Alice to find Ocean, but if you think about it, Angelique is working with Ocean, who now has a very “complicated” connection with Alice. That’s a big red relationship flag!

Jacob Kane also needs to learn how to be a father. Mary finally told him about her underground clinic, and while it wasn’t by choice or the way she wanted to do it, it was a weight lifted off her shoulders that she could finally be honest with him. 

And instead of embracing her or trying to understand it, he told her he was shutting it down. 

His logic didn’t even track. After finding out that his wife and Mary’s mom, who was previously CEO of Hamilton Dynamics, gave the green light for human trials, Jacob figured he had to intervene in Mary’s life before she followed the same trajectory. 

There’s no way to justify the logic, especially since Mary has helped so many people that couldn’t afford healthcare and was doing it for the right reasons and not for the money.

Jacob’s problem is that he continues to alienate all of his loved ones without realizing that he’s the biggest problem right along with his corrupt Crows. He could get so much more done if he just worked with Batwoman and Mary instead of riding his high horse and thinking he’s better. 

And then he’s surprised that he’s blindsided by everyone’s secrets when he doesn’t even try to get to know his daughters, and when he does pay attention to them, he takes away the things that make them who they are. 

What did you think of the episode? Will Ryan find the Dessert Rose in time?

What are your thoughts on Alice and Ocean?

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