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TV shows to watch for teens and tweens TV shows to watch for teens and tweens


11 Best TV Shows to Stream With Your Tweens and Teens!

Credit: Netflix and Disney+



Finding the right show for pre-teens (tweens) and teens isn’t always easy. 

There’s a lot of content on network television and streaming services, but a lot of it doesn’t always fit the bill. Young adults also fall into this specific age range where they’re too mature for kid shows, but they aren’t ready to take on the more mature, adult shows being offered.

Instead, they’re wedged right into the middle craving shows that not only teach a lesson or send a positive message, but also explore the dynamics of relationships — both romantic and platonic — while remaining entertaining. 

It’s a tall order, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of shows that fit the bill and give teens a good dip before taking the full plunge into adult content when the time is right.

Not only will the young adults in your family love these shows, but as an adult, you’ll like them too. Fun for the whole family is what it’s all about!


Baby-Sitters Club – Netflix (7+)

Netflix revived an oldie and a goodie — a book series you likely grew up reading and a movie you likely watched way too many times. You know and trust the series, which makes it the perfect starting point for our list. The series has kept up with the times by updating parts of the series that were outdated to young adults growing up in 2020. Throughout season 1, there’s great character development as each Baby-Sitter learns to find her voice, and the lessons on friendship and work ethic carry remain a welcoming constant. 


The Expanding Ashley Garcia – Netflix (12+)

The Netflix series is about a 15-year-old Latina robotics engineer with a Ph.D. who scores a job at NASA and moves into her uncle. Ashley Garcia can build a robot in her sleep, but she struggles with navigating the teenage experience and turns to a group of friends for help. The groundbreaking series embraces diversity and Paulina Chavez’s character is a prime role model for young women everywhere. 


Fuller House – Netflix (11+)

There’s a reason Netflix tapped into a Full House spinoff, and its because they don’t make wholesome family television the way they did back in the 90s. While Fuller House is a bit edgier than Full House ever was — a sign of keeping up with the times — but the series never strays from the cheesiness or the familial themes. This is a show that lays it on heavy when it comes to the life lessons, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Locke & Key – Netflix (it depends but between 13+ or 15+)

With some horror-scenes, violence, and cursing, the supernatural series is definitely better suited for a more mature audience of 13+. The show is best for those looking for a thrill and an adventure, as the series is about three siblings who move into an abandoned house following their father’s murder and find a series of magic keys that unlock different possibilities and dimensions. There are themes of loss, fear, and bullying, plus, they’ve got to ward off the evil that lurks nearby.  



The Healing Powers of Dude – Netflix (7+)

The series, which focuses on an 11-year-old boy with an anxiety disorder, does a great job at tackling mental health from an early age. As Noah starts middle school, he gains strength and confidence with his best furry friend, Dude, who seems to be able to read his mind and knows exactly what his human needs at any given moment. It’s an uplifting show that touches upon empathy, kindness, and inclusion. 


Alexa and Katie – Netflix (8+)

Alexa deals with issues that many kids her age don’t — cancer. The story follows her adjustments to high school while undergoing cancer treatment. She’s able to have a positive outlook on life and remain enthusiastic thanks to her best friend, Katie, who is always by her side. If you’re looking for a show about true friendship and the power of being there for those you love, this is it. 


Raising Dion – Netflix (10+)

Dion is a second-grader who discovers he has superhero powers. His single mother tries to help him navigate the powers while shielding him from those who want to exploit them. As she learns about her husband’s death, she begins to investigate the origins of the powers. It’s a superhero show, so you’re in for some CGI fight scenes, but there’s no gore or blood! If you and your kid appreciate sci-fi, give this a whirl. 


Diary of a Future President – Disney+ (11+)

Female empowerment is at the core of this series as it teaches young girls they can be anything they want to be — even the future President — with a little perseverance and dedication. The focus is on 12-year-old Elena, a Cuban-American, who experiences the ups and downs of middle school, which is the start of her journey to presidency.


Carmen Sandiego – Netflix (5+)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? If you remember playing this game back when you were in middle school then you already know it follows the global escapades of the superthief. In this version, she encompasses a more Robin Hood-esque, heroic persona as she steals and returns objects to their rightful owners. Her adventures are exhilarating and there’s a geography lesson packed into every episode! 


Family Reunion –Netflix (9+)

Moving to a new city is hard, and this series tackles that right from the getgo as the family moves from Seattle and settles into life in Georgia. From there it deals with themes of culture shock and Black experience in the past and present from the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter. 


HSM The Musical Series – Disney+ (11+)

Yes, the series is loosely based on High School Musical, but it gives off Glee vibes as the series focuses on members of the drama club who are preparing for the school’s first production. There are definitely more mature themes including romantic drama and classmate rivalry, but that’s high school for you!  

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6 Sexy Shows to Watch for Valentine’s Day



6 Sexy Shows to Watch for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in all sorts of different ways. 

Some people bake cookies, others go out for a romantic date, while some do a fun activity with their significant other. 

However, this is the first Valentine’s Day under COVID-19 restrictions, which means that you likely don’t have as many fun and romance-filled options as in years prior. 

That’s where TV comes in! Regardless if you’re spending February 14 with a significant other or your besties, these are some of the sexiest and steamiest shows to watch on the day that’s all about celebrating L-O-V-E (for friends, family, significant others, and, most importantly, yourself!) 



Romance, scandal, drama… Bridgerton has it all! Dubbed the Regency-era Gossip Girl, Netflix’s smash hit and most-watched series is a brilliant and entertaining period piece with enough sex scenes to make you blush. And Regé-Jean Page isn’t bad on the eyes.


Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris, which was just surprisingly nominated for a Golden Globe, hails from Sex and the City creator Darren Star. It’s an airy flick about a millennial named Emily who travels to Paris for a dream job and becomes enamored with the City of Love and the men that want to show her all that it has to offer. 


Modern Love

Falling in love requires you to be open, honest, and vulnerable. The American rom-com anthology web series, based on a weekly column published by the New York Times, explores themes of love (romantic, platonic, friendly) with a star-studded cast. The 30-minute episodes are standalone and easily digestible, which makes them the perfect viewing on a night like Valentine’s Day. 



What happens when Liza, a 40-year-old single mom, decides to be 26-years old in order to re-enter the working world and falls in love with not one but two very different men? An exciting journey through the world of publishing and heartbreak. As Liza tries to find herself, she does everything in her power to hide her true self from those she’s become most intimate with. It’s another whip-smart Darren Star creation!


Good Girls

Two sisters, Beth and Annie, along with best friend Ruby find themselves embroiled in a dangerous life of crime after robbing a grocery store. Beth, specifically, falls victim to a crime of passion with one sexy “gang friend” that pulls her further and further into his world. 



If Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars had a baby, it would be this Spanish-language drama. A private school becomes the scene of a murder after a clash between the rich and poor students. There’s plenty of sexual tension and unexpected turns as detectives try to narrow down the list of suspects. 

** Article originally published in February 2021**

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The Resident

Is Bruce Greenwood Leaving ‘The Resident’?



After The Resident Season 6 Episode 9, many fans have been wondering if Bruce Greenwood, who plays Dr. Randolph Bell, is exiting the FOX medical drama.

While there has been no official word about a potential exit, it’s a fair question to ask considering the nature of his most recent storyline. 

In the latest episode—which aired on November 29—Bell, who found himself as the target of Governor Betz’s smear campaign, finally admitted to himself, and to his wife, Dr. Kitt Voss, that his MS is progressing. 

After Bell exposed Betz’s corruption while trying to secure funding for Chastain, Betz decided that the only way to teach him a lesson and make an example out of him was through revenge. Betz ordered a hit piece on Bell that painted him as a dangerous doctor to Chastain, which, in turn, tainted the hospital’s image. 

Of course, while some parts of it were true at one point in Bell’s career, it was largely exaggerated and sensationalized to paint him in a bad light, and it didn’t take into account all the work Bell has done to become a better man and doctor.

The stress of all the negative press caused Bell’s MS to flare up, triggering a variety of symptoms like a high-pitched ringing in his ears, seeing double, and dizziness, which made him realize that he was pushing off the inevitable.

This time around, instead of operating when he shouldn’t, he acknowledged that he no longer felt confident in his abilities, nor did he trust himself to perform any future surgeries. When he told Kit that he needed to go back to the clinical trial, it was a shock, but ultimately, she was supportive because she knew that’s what he needed. 

But what now? How will The Resident keep incorporating Bell’s character into the storyline? Will we just see him communicating with Kit from the trial in the same way we did earlier this season? Or will he slowly get phased out and written off? 

The trial could prove to be successful again, and all of Bell’s worries could have been for nothing. After he prioritizes his health and the whole thing with Betz blows over, it’s possible we could see Bell return to surgery for many more years—back to his previous glory. 

Losing Greenwood would be a huge blow to the series, especially since he’s been part of the series since its inception, however, it remains unclear which direction The Resident will go with this storyline.

Hopefully, we’ll find out in the upcoming season 6 finale, which is set to air on December 6, but as of right now, there’s no indication that Greenwood is exiting the drama.

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What to Watch

Madelaine Petsch’s ‘Hotel for the Holidays’ Is a Gem Among Cliché Films



Madelaine Petsch's Christmas Movie 'Hotel for the Holidays' Is an Absolute Gem Among Cliche Films

There are a lot of Christmas movies out there, which is why it’s important to make the right choice this holiday season. After all, no one has the time to waste over two+ hours on a bad movie. 

At the top of your list should be Hotel for the Holidays, a rom-com that offers a refreshing take on a festive genre that oftentimes lacks creativity simply because the forces behind the scenes know it will make money regardless as everyone longs for a slice of familiarity and comfort around the holidays.

There’s plenty of Christmas magic (it must’ve slipped through the cracks) in Hotel for the Holidays, and it sneaks up on you—and Madelaine Petsch’s character, Georgia—in the best possible way. It’s Amazon Freevee’s first original holiday flick, and hopefully, not the last. 

The plot is rather simple on the surface, but it isn’t predictable as with other holiday rom-coms.

Here’s the gist: Georgia is a young and ambitious hotel manager at the historic Hotel Fontaine (it gives The Plaza Hotel vibes from Home Alone 2), which attracts an eclectic bunch of guests, including some heartbroken singles, an infamous popstar, a European ex-prince looking for a taste of the real world, and more. They all arrive in New York City for the holidays looking for an escape from the norm, and Georgia is determined to give it to them. However, she also has her own plans and goals that get her into a bit of a love triangle with the hotel’s chef, Luke (Mesa Massoud from the live-action Aladdin), and the ex-prince, Raymond (Max Lloyd Jones from Book of Boba Fett). It also stars Kayleigh Shikanai (American Gods) as Pandora, Jami Belushi (According to Jim) as Kiki, Neil Crone (It) as Milton, and Jayne Eastwood (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) as Florence.

Madelaine Petsch's Christmas Movie 'Hotel for the Holidays' Is an Absolute Gem Among Cliche Films

Credit: Amazon Freevee

Pretty early into the film, it’s obvious how Georgia’s romantic life will resolve itself, which allows the film to dig into other captivating subplots that are positively unexpected. Unlike other holiday films, Georgia values herself beyond a romantic partner, which, right off the bat, is a breath of fresh air. 

The supporting cast plays an integral part in the film, right down to the chef’s best friend/fellow chef and the janitorial staff. They may not be the sole focus of the series, but the team behind the rom-com found a way to involve them in a way that’s natural and easy to keep up with. Pretty soon, you find yourself rooting for the happiness of everyone at Hotel Fontaine—the staff and the guests.

The acting is also great. It’s just the right amount of feel-good so it never feels forced, nor do the character’s choices seem questionable. It’s all believable within the world they’ve created, aside from the scene where they are dining on a rooftop in the dead of a New York City winter without jackets or even sweaters. How are they not cold? As for the few over-the-top performances and characters, well, they also work—the prince’s bodyguard (AJ Zoldy) is a delight.

If I’m being perfectly honest, the magical thing about the film is that it’s a love letter to the community of people you surround yourself with: your found family.

The film doesn’t just settle for telling a story about two people who finally admit that they love each other because that’s tired and expected. Instead, it recognizes that romance comes in all shapes and sizes—in romantic partners, in co-workers, in friends, and even in new acquaintances that pass through your life for a brief moment (or stay awhile). 

Madelaine Petsch's Christmas Movie 'Hotel for the Holidays' Is an Absolute Gem Among Cliche Films

Credit: Amazon Freevee

The storylines come together seamlessly, and the themes of belonging and acceptance—in addition to staying true to yourself, finding the inspiration to pursue your goals and ambitions, and acknowledging that it’s ok to move and find happiness on your own terms, even if it doesn’t always please everyone—help the film stand out among the other cliche seasonal offerings.

Most importantly, Petsch shines… and it’s so deserved. The film allows her to show off her range of acting chops that, sadly, get stifled on Riverdale. The CW series may have been her mainstream big break, but it stopped working in her favor a long time ago, so it’s exciting to see her take on new projects and characters. 

Of all the Christmas films that I’ve seen in 2022 thus far, Hotel for the Holidays is one of the best. 

Check it out for yourself when it premieres on Dec. 2 on Amazon’s Freevee. 

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