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4 Major Moments From The Season 2 Premiere of ‘This Is Us’

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1. Let’s Talk About Jack Baby

We fell in love with the Pearson’s on This Is Us because they are your family next door. They love each other, they are there for each other and their family dynamic is one we can relate to. But we have to be honest, we’ve been trying to figure out how Jack died since the storyline was first hinted in season 1.  We didn’t know much about his death, sans a quick scene at his funeral, but as promised the first bread crumbs were laid out in the season 2 premiere.

After taking a “brief break,” Rebecca came running to Miguels’ to reconcile with Jack. She regretted leaving him and not working things out immediately. Unfortunately, she was blindsided by Jack’s confession – he was an alcoholic and he’d been hiding it from them for months now. Jack has always been the ideal husband and father so seeing him fall so low was devastating but Rebecca promised to be there for him every step of the way. As she packed him up in the car, she envisioned a day that things would go back to normal.

Sadly, the next scene gave us a grim account of Jack’s future. Rebecca is driving home distraught as a plastic bag of Jack’s belongings sits on the seat next to her – belongings they give you after someone has passed. As she pulls up the front of the Pearson house, we realize that it’s completely burned down.

Did Jack die in a fire? Did the fire have something to do with the night he did? Why weren’t his belongings burned? Why was she wearing a Steelers jersey? Was she at a game before things took a turn for the South? Why did Randall and Beth “fake” smoke during the episode? Is it because he has something against cigarettes because they remind him of the fire? Why is Kate always blaming herself for her father’s death? I’m sure these are all clues and as we put them in their right places, we’ll eventually see the whole puzzle.


2. The Big Three Have Some Issues

Understandably. There are many things from their childhood that are still affecting them. As they celebrate their 37th birthday, the death of their father is still front and center. As we mentioned, Kate feels personally responsible for Jack’s death for reasons unbeknownst to us. But this time, even Kevin admitted that he relies so much on Kate because she was the one who broke the news of their father’s death to him.

Kate also continued to deal with her weight. After seeming fine with going down 2 pant sizes, she skipped her audition because she was intimated by a bunch of skinny girls. Her journey with accepting her weight is far from over but it’s important that the series pointed out that everything that happens to her isn’t caused by a number on the scale. She was empowered so she returned to the audition and got dismissed, not because she was fat but because she wasn’t a good enough singer. It’ll be interesting to see how she continues on following her passion now that she knows she has a chance.

Kevin on the other hand finally realized that his conceited attitude and grand gestures were a cover for his lack of confidence. Usually, those who try the hardest are actually trying to make up for not being good enough and even though he just scored a major role in a Hollywood production, he didn’t feel like a good actor.


3. Randall’s Baby Fever

Randall’s birthday brought back feelings of abandonment and second chances. He had sever baby fever, which would have been cute had it not been motivated by a desire to honor his fathers’ Jack and William. He was so focused on trying to imitate what his parents did for him when they adopted him that he didn’t even care about how all of it made Beth feel, or if she even wanted another child. Still, their relationship is very understanding, much like Rebecca and Jack’s so they both settled on a compromise – they would adopt an older boy who no one else wanted to take in and help him live a better life. Sure, everyone loves an innocent baby boy but if he really wanted to return the favor, he had to go all the way. Once again, it’s so important for the series to highlight that there are kids other than newborns looking for a home, loving parents and a second chance.


4. Toby’s Suits Are Fun But He Isn’t 

What happened to that fun loving Toby from season one? Aside from his shiny suit, Toby was a drag in the season premiere. I understand Toby wants the best for Kate but other times, he’s overbearing and pushy. That was the case this week as his jealousy of Kevin’s relationship with Kate got the best of him. No one likes a jealous boyfriend, especially when he BF is jealous over the TWIN BROTHER on their shared-birthday!  For someone who doesn’t have siblings – and I’m not sure if Toby does – it can be difficult to understand the connection. Sure, Kevin can be a bit much but he’s always been the insecure dude who looks to Kate for solutions to every single problem in his life. And she’s there to give them to him. When Sophie couldn’t make it out to LA, he tagged along on their date night because after all, it was still their birthday. Toby really wants to be the main man in Kate’s life but I think that’s impossible. Hopefully the heart-to-heart with Kev helps him realize some boundaries and Kate begins to feel more comfortable relying on Toby without any judgements or criticisms. We can make this work guys, I know we can!


Emoji Grade = 😭😭😭

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NBC’s groundbreaking family drama This Is Us will end with a sixth and final season, per The Hollywood Reporter 

The series was renewed for three seasons — up until season 6 — back in 2019. 

NBC has not officially commented on the news. The network is expected to make the announcement on Friday when it unveils the upcoming 2021-22 fall schedule.

This Is Us Season 5 will air its finale on Tuesday, May 25 at 10/9c. 

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This Is Us Review – Follow Your Passion (5×14)



This Is Us Review The Music and the Mirror Season 5 Episode 14

After yet another brief hiatus, This Is Us returned to deliver some grounded, emotional storylines. 

As the coronavirus raged on, Beth was forced to close her dance studio as membership dwindled even through Zoom class. 

Watching her dream go down the drain for the second time was heartbreaking, but it’s hard to feel for her completely when we’ve seen the future and we know she eventually opens up a prestigious dance school. 

As they say, after the rain, there’s always a rainbow. Plus, Beth has overcome failure in the dance world before as we saw her dreams of becoming a dancer and getting cast in the production of Swan Lake dashed in flashbacks to when she was in college. 

In both the past and the present, Randall was there for Beth in the way she needed him to be. As Deja pointed out, he tends to be quite a lot, but there’s a beauty in just supporting someone and not always being the hero. 

Beth and Randall have always been couple goals (next to Rebecca and Jack), and they continued to give us relationship aspirations as they shared a romantic dance to “All My Life” by K-Ci and Jojo. I know I wasn’t the only one singing my heart out during that scene! 

Madison, Rebecca, and Kate went wedding dress shopping for the upcoming big day.

Madison found her dream dress, but found herself feeling slightly disappointed when her father informed her that he wouldn’t be making it to the wedding due to a “work emergency.”

What a lame excuse.

This Is Us Review The Music and the Mirror Season 5 Episode 14

THIS IS US — “The Music and the Mirror” Episode 514 — Pictured in this screengrab: Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth — (Photo by: NBC)

Thanks to Rebecca’s speech (that would make Jack Pearson proud), Madison felt like she was part of a family for the first time ever.

However, after Kevin ran into Zoey, she mentioned that he was a people pleaser, which made him think about whether or not he was getting married to Madison because he wanted to or because he convinced himself he wanted to. 

Zoe wasn’t wrong — Kevin is a bit of a “yes, man,” but in this case, it’s been a decision that has been great for his personal life. 

Madison is an awesome woman, a great mother, and she brings out the best in Kevin. This is the most put-together and levelheaded he’s been in quite some time, and it’s been some positive character development for him. 

Making Kevin question his whole future with his family based on something an ex-girlfriend said jeopardizes all the progress he’s made. I don’t want to see his storyline take a turn for the worse, again. 

From the upcoming promos, it looks like Kevin will start to fall into old habits and pine for Sophie, which is also annoying. We’ve been there, done that several times. Sophie was his one true love, but the timing never worked out. They had their shot, and it didn’t work. Let’s not try to go back to that over and over again. 

Madison deserves so much better; she deserves a man that’s going to fight for her and choose her, not someone who is going to question every decision in his life. 

After seeing how great Rebecca was with Madison, Kate thanked her for being such a good and supportive mom, even though she didn’t always deserve it. 

And there’s no denying that Kate was a difficult teenager. But she had her reasons, too. 

When Jack died, so did her passion for art school. It may have taken her a few decades to find something she was passionate about again, but I’m so glad she did and that she shared it with Rebecca.

Toby continues to struggle with being a stay-at-home dad. He’s embarrassed by the fact that he lost his job and even more embarrassed by the fact that he can’t help but feel jealous about Kate’s new gig. 

Instead of opening up about it, he’s bottled it all up inside. And you know that means he’s going to burst — just like the water pipe — eventually. 

Hopefully, hearing his dad acknowledge that he comes from a family that opens up about their problems will encourage Toby to speak up and share his troubles with Kate. It’s the only way to ensure a healthy relationship. 

And I hope that they find a way for Kate to continue working because, as I mentioned, she’s finally doing something she enjoys. You can see it based on how her face lights up. I just wish she could be able to share it with Toby.

What did you think of the episode?

Are you glad This Is Us is back? Will Toby confide in Kate or will this tension hurt their marriage?  Will Kevin go through with the wedding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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This Is Us Review – Kevin and Randall Tackle the Ugly Stuff (5×13)



This Is Us Brotherly Love Review Season 5 Episode 13

Kevin and Randall finally found “brotherly love” after all these years, but it didn’t come easily.

The duo tackled the elephant in the room — their explosive fight during which plenty of hurtful words were exchanged — on This Is Us Season 5 Episode 13. 

As the two worked towards making amends, they aired out all the “ugly stuff” and it got pretty heated in certain moments. 

The episode allowed audiences to see their different perspectives on the same situation with the key takeaway being: You just don’t see it the way I do. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean either of their experiences was wrong, they’re just different.

Kevin kicked things off with a bit of a half-assed, scripted apology, which Randall compared to a “rehearsed monologue.” Throughout it, he barely took any of the blame for his role in how “othered” he made Randall feel throughout the years when all he wanted to do was blend in. 

While it was great that Kevin acknowledged that he should have done more to combat the racism Randall faced from people like his prom date’s father, he didn’t actually own up to his actions.

Throughout a series of flashbacks, which also included new actors playing the boys in the past (or at least I believe they’re new since I don’t recall seeing them before), we see Randall and Kevin’s relationship unfold through the years. 

As toddlers, Jack takes them on a “boys weekend” to a live-taping of Mr. Rogers where Kevin becomes jealous of Randall’s “special treatment.” During their teenage years, Kevin gives Randall a fake I.D. of a “Black man” and tells him it’ll work cause he’s Black. 

This Is Us Brotherly Love Review Season 5 Episode 13

THIS IS US — “Brotherly Love” Episode 513 — Pictured in this screengrab: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Justin Hartley as Kevin — (Photo by: NBC)

During the present, Randall recalls all of these moments, most of which were subconscious on Kevin’s part, to inform his brother that he always felt singled out because of his Blackness. Kevin would make fun of him for not knowing rap songs, call him Carlton, and make other racially charged comments that he thought were innocent and funny. 

As Randall put it, Kevin’s black blindspots showed how wilfully in the dark he was, which hurt more than someone doing it purposefully and with malice. 

Kevin doesn’t admit his fault initially, but eventually, he realizes that his jealousy of Randall was directly associated with his Blackness.

Kevin also called out Randall for being ungrateful about being adopted into a caring and loving family, but again, Randall didn’t harbor any resentment towards the Pearsons. 

Instead, he opened up about his internal struggle of always wanting to find his birth parents, making up his Ghost Kingdom where the Black weatherman was his dad and the mail carrier was his mom, and also appreciating the life he was handed thanks to Rebecca and Jack. 

It was a condensed glimpse of Randall’s journey that fans have been seeing unfold throughout the season.

There’s nothing wrong with Randall dreaming about what could have been if the events of his birth were slightly altered, while still being grateful for what could’ve been. 

It’s an inner turmoil Randall has dealt with his whole life. He even admitted to feeling so guilty about his Ghost Kingdoms because of how great his real family was, so it’s not surprising that he’s tired of people telling him how he should feel about it. 

Randall also apologized for always making Kevin feel “less than,” which included an apology for the cheap shot comment of Jack being ashamed of him. 

While both of the guys will continue to see things through their own lenses, they’ve at least dipped their toes into each other’s perspectives for a moment.

With everything laid out on the table, a once-fractured brotherly bond is starting to rebuild. 

There was nothing groundbreaking about the episode, but the breakthrough for Kevin and Randall was nice to see.

They’re finally starting to hold each other accountable for their actions that have spanned decades instead of bottling it up inside and resenting each other. 

It takes true love and respect to have conversations this real and raw. Despite their flaws and quibbles, Randall and Kevin have always had each other’s backs, so I’m glad they’re back on track!

Plus, it might be the most honest and transparent conversation Randall has ever had with anyone in the Pearson family! That’s progress. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below! 

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