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4400 Review The Kaminski Experiment Season 1 Episode 8 4400 Review The Kaminski Experiment Season 1 Episode 8


4400 Review -The Kaminski Experiment (1×08)

4400 -- “The Kaminski Experiment” -- Image Number: FFH108fg_0018r -- Pictured (L-R): Cory Jeacoma as Logan and Brittany Adebumola as Shanice -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



The final 4400 episode of 2021 took things up a notch by showing the world they were right to fear the returned. 

Despite everyone’s best efforts to portray the 4400 as innocent humans and victims of an unexplainable situation, their powers were made public in a very intense way. 

Shanice, Keisha, and Jharrel figured out that the government’s plan — with Bill Greene at the helm — was to use the press event to reveal their powers in an attempt to trigger their conservatorship. 

If the public thinks that the 4400 are dangerous, they’ll support keeping them under the watchful eyes of the government, right?

By figuring out the plan, they were also able to shake things up. By the time the camera was rolling, Bill couldn’t find his fire starter anywhere, while the Rev was enlightened by Shanice’s revelation that the contracts he was encouraging his followers to sign were the equivalent of a trap. 

Once the Rev assured the public that they were harmless, Logan’s family took center stage to showcase that the 4400 and the non-4400 can live side-by-side as a normal and blended multi-cultural family. 

It was going well until Mildred decided she was going to teach Bill a lesson. 

Her powers got the best of her, and poor Bill went flying right out the window.

 Thankfully, the Rev got to her and talked her down before she could smash a levitating ceramic vase over Bill’s face. 

And yep, all of this was caught on live television. 

Bill’s plan didn’t pan out as expected, but the end result — aside from his concussion (I don’t think she killed him?) — was even better than he expected. 

Mildred’s anger did the opposite of what everyone wanted for the 4400; in exposing their powers, it made the public think they are complete monsters. 

The Rev was somehow able to mute her powers, which might be the first display of his powers this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to explore them further because he told her to “run,” thus proving that he is definitely on the side that could be trusted. 

There’s already plenty of paranoia and hatred aimed at the 4400, so it’s hard to see this pan out in a way that doesn’t negatively impact them. 

It’s hard to blame Mildred, however, as she’s seen the very worst of humanity. She was locked up, prodded, and experimented on. She’s seen unimaginable things, so it’s not surprising that she wants to get revenge. 

4400 Review The Kaminski Experiment Season 1 Episode 8

4400 — “The Kaminski Experiment” — Image Number: FFH108fg_0021r — Pictured: Autumn Best as Mildred — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

However, it is concerning that she’s not able to stop herself or think things through. She seems consumed with rage, which begs the question — are the 4400 dangerous?

When pushed into an uncomfortable situation could their powers become weapons?

Noticeably missing from the “happy family” dynamic was Shanice. Yet her relationship with Logan was devastatingly at the heart of the episode.

We got a glimpse of the pain and suffering Logan went through when Shanice disappeared. His life fell apart and he struggled to pick up the pieces in the aftermath while being a father to a baby girl. 

Mrs. Grover helped as much as she could, but she also encouraged him to move on and live his life, which is something he avoided for a really long time. 

Through Shanice’s powers, we also saw the moment the cops gave him her note about leaving. It’s at that moment that Logan realized that Shanice’s disappearance may have been planned. 

The more complicated a situation becomes, the better it is for television. 

Shanice and Logan’s situation is as complex as they come. 

Logan was trying to navigate his feelings and emotions; her return is a moment he has only ever dreamt of hundreds of times. 

And, as Keisha and the grief group pointed out, it’s a second chance — something so many people hope for every single day. 

But too much time has passed and the damage has already been done. 

Logan and Shanice can’t erase these past 16 years no matter how much they want to. 

Logan moved on, remarried, and started a family. It wouldn’t be fair to Bridget, himself, or Mariah to implode that now, especially because Bridget is being verrrrry understanding about everything. 

Therefore, while every bone in my body wants Logan and Shanice to get back together, realistically, they can’t. 

Instead, he accepted that his second chance comes in the form of closure. He’s able to forgive Shanice, accept what happened, and say goodbye. 

And he’s being pretty cool about it by allowing Shanice to be so involved in Mariah’s life. It definitely helps that he now knows that Shanice never meant to leave him. 

It’s an unfortunate situation because it also doesn’t prioritize what Shanice needs or wants. Logan gets the final say, but he never acknowledged just how hard the situation is for her. 

For her, it’s only been a few weeks. He’s had 16 years to process his grief, but she woke up one day holding a newborn and in a happy relationship, and the next day, she met her teenage daughter and found out her husband remarried. Telling her to move on as if that should be so easy seemed insensitive. 

Her whole life was flipped upside down, and I wish Logan considered that before informing Shanice that their second chance was closure when all she likely wants is a sliver of normalcy. 

She’s likely grateful to have her daughter back, but it still feels like she’s the one losing the most.

The 4400 are all just doing the best they can with their new reality, which means finding comfort in each other. 

Shanice found a comforting soul in Andre, so the two are pursuing “the vibes” even though it’s obvious Logan still has her heart. She would’ve ended things with Andre if Logan suggested they give their relationship another shot. 

But I’m glad that didn’t happen because Andre is quite the romantic. I mean, taking Shanice “back” to the 1920s voa drinks and dancing was immensely sweet, even if it was overshadowed by a scandal that likely puts Andre under a conservatorship and Shanice fighting to protect him.

You have to find the good in the little moments. 

Andre also teamed up with Jharrel to find the rest of Manny’s work at Claudette’s apartment, which brought him and LaDonna (off-screen) closer to the COBOL code. Will they find some answers in Manny’s work? Did the same thing happen to Manny? Because if so, that means there are more 4400 out there! 

Will there be another “event”?

Other Musings

  • Andre calling out Jharrel for being with Claudette, and, in turn, Jharrel telling Andre to mind his own business was hilarious. 
  • Does anyone else miss LaDonna?
  • Andre signing the contract to protect the 4400 and offer them non-government medical care is why he’s the MVP of the series. 
  • Logan is a great dad. He said all the right things to Hayden who was terrified that he would be given up because of his powers. 
  • Will Logan’s view of Shanice change now that he knows about the powers? Will he be more inclined to be involved in her life?
  • How awkward was it when Mariah said “mom” and both Bridget and Shanice responded?

What did you think of the 4400 midseason finale?

The series returns January 17, 2022, so we’ll see you then, Cravers! 

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    4400 Review – Great Expectations (1×09)



    4400 Review Great Expectations Season 1 Episode 9

    The 4400 hit the ground running after the winter hiatus. 

    Jharrel got fired, Keisha quit, and Soraya seemingly betrayed Andre and partnered up with Jess — all in one hour!

    4400 Season 1 Episode 9 picked up with the aftermath of Mildred’s outburst that saw Bill plummeting several stories on live television. 

    The narrative was pretty clear: the 4400 have powers, so that makes them a threat to the public. 

    We’ve seen this narrative play out countless times throughout history typically with minorities, but now we’re seeing what fuels the fire and ignites the flames. 

    This is exactly what the government wanted. They wanted to instill fear so that they could justify stripping the 4400 of their rights and keeping tabs on the all in the name of public safety. 

    And the paranoid public was all for it. In fact, they eagerly called the tip line to report any suspicious behavior. 

    We saw firsthand the dangers of a tip line as the security guard Steve got mistaken for a 4400 and his whole persona was destroyed online simply by a false report. 

    And while you would think that Steve, who has experienced discrimination and unjust profiling because he’s asian, would know better, Soraya explained that he was also acting from a place of fear and self-preservation. He didn’t want this situation to harm him or his family, so he chose to side with the security guards who felt as though “round them up” was a sound idea. 

    It’s honestly a vicious cycle. Hate breeds hate and fear.

    It’s incredibly heartbreaking, but it’s wonderful that the 4400 has found a way to put a spotlight on these issues while still sticking to their core plot and providing entertainment. 

    And just when the 4400 thought they won by gaining refugee status as time travelers, they unearthed a world without the government’s protection.

    It’s a lose-lose situation, honestly. With the government poking and prodding, they were nothing more than prisoners, animals, and test subjects, but without the government, they have become exposed to the world’s wrath. 

    Of course, in the final moments, we find out that this is yet another step in the governments big plan. 

    The idea here is that the 4400 will experience all the hatred of the world and round themselves up, ergo, doing all of the heavy lifting before the government swoops in once again.

    Plus, they already have a handful of the returned that they are running their tests and experiments on.

    It’s comical to think that a skinny white woman in a pantsuit and heels is one of television’s biggest villains, but then again, it also kind of tracks. 

    And she is. Jess is pure evil. I don’t know why Keisha wasted any of her time and energy trying to find the good in Jessica because it was clear that it didn’t exist. 

    Jess prided herslef on making the 4400 targets; she truly believes they are evil people and that the government is protecting the vulnerable public. 

    I found myself simultaneously cheering and wondering “what’s next” when Keisha quit. She and Jharrel have been on Team 4400 since the beginning, however, with Jharrel fired, she was the only one on the inside. 

    Now that they are both gone, they won’t be able to have any inside intel, which seems like a disservice to the people they are trying to protect. 

    Of course, there was bound to be a breaking point where Keisha was going to have to choose sides rather than straddling the middle line. 

    4400 Review Great Expectations Season 1 Episode 9

    4400 — “Great Expectations” — Image Number: FFH109b_0036r — Pictured: TL Thompson as Andre — Photo: Sandy Morris/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Jess’ power moves extended beyond Jharrel’s firing as in the final scene, he is arrested for stealing government property.


    Why do Jess and Bill have it out for him? The poor guy is just trying to find his missing brother, Manny. 

    I’ll be honest, I think Jharrel is onto something with the idea that Manny is trying to send him a message. Manny is the glue in all of this.

    Though, I can’t figure out if he’s sending this message from the future or if his power is invisibility. 

    Either way, I think it’ll be up to Keisha and Claudette (where has she been?!) to solve this mystery as he deals with the government. 

    With the reality so wacky, why wouldn’t Keisha even consider the possibility that Jharrel is onto something with his Manny theory?

    It’s not that far-fetched when you have a bunch of time travelers with super powers surrounding you. 

    I need Keisha to get on board and help Manny out! 

    If he is from the future, his information could be crucial as he can help them stop the events from happening and change the course of history. 

    Could you imagine what a win that could be for the 4400?

    Another character whose actions were a complete letdown? Soraya.

    Much like Steve, Soraya has felt like a target numerous times, including when she the government suspected her of leaking LaDonna’s video.

    It’s not entirely surprising that she would now do anything the government wants in order to protect herslef, however, I can’t see her just betraying them by turning over all the stolen files from Ypsi Med.

    Soraya strikes me as someone that’s trustworthy and wants to be on the right side of history, so it’s one thing to say no copies of a flashdrive were made, but it’s another thing to actually follow through on it.

    She’s a tex-pert — there’s no way she just turned over crucial information to the government, especially when it contains information about ZMT, the anomaly found in all of their blood. 

    My guess is that Soraya is keeping her friends close and her enemies closer. And with Jharrel and Keisha on the outs, she’s going to be the one with one foot in at all times. Her intel is definitely going to come in handy.

    Otherwise, if I’m wrong about her, that’s the ultimate betrayal and my heart can’t take it. 

    We got to see a more human side to the Rev finally. It’s easy to be mad at him for having all of the returned sign a contract that basically gave the government conservatorship over them, but it’s another to hear him out as to why he did it. 

    And the sad truth is that he trusted the wrong people. He thought he was helping his people and doing right by them, but instead, he led them right into the lion’s den. 

    What’s important is that he truly tried to make up for it by working with Shanice to find a way out for everyone. 

    He also admitted that he didn’t think he could be the leader anymore because his power was that he could strip the returned of their powers. It didn’t seem right for someone who champions the powers given to them by god. 

    However, Shanice helped him reframe his thinking by showing him that he’s giving the returned something they never had. 

    And her choice was that she no longer wanted to be burdened by these invasise powers. 

    Do you think the Rev really took her powers away? Or was it a temporary fluke?

    Is Soraya going to betray Andre? Will we ever see LaDonna again? What’s Jharrel’s next move? What does he know tha the government wants? How is Manny involved? And what is he trying to tell his brother?

    Who is patient 48 that Bill is referring to? Is it Soraya? Or Keisha’s sister? And what is Jess’ plan with the Ypsi Med files?

    What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below! 

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    4400 Review – Gin and Sin (1×07)



    4400 Review Empowered Women Empower Women Season 1 Episode 7

    Love blossomed on the 4400 Season 1 Episode 7.

    Three ships made it official official much to the delight of fans all around. 

    Andre and Shanice explored their feelings for each other, after he apologized for using Mariah as a getaway car during the Ypsi Med heist, Soraya and Keisha got together after a few drinks following Keisha’s breakup from Jess (bye, girl. She was only useful for information and she barely gave us any of that), and Jharrel and Claudette locked lips after he helped her get her first real job. 

    That’s a lot of progress for one hour, and puts the 4400 — who are more than just a number — on the same side officially as their case workers. 

    This also sets the stage for the battle between team 4400 and the government. You know it’s bad when government workers no longer trust the people that employ them and side with time travelers who may or may not be human.

    Soraya, Keisha, and Jharrel have all done something the “higher powers” haven’t — they’ve gotten to know the 4400. 

    While they might have powers, powers that are potentially dangerous, they are so much more than that. 

    They are people with feelings, emotions, and a world of backstory. 

    Claudette’s backstory was explored, which helped paint a better picture of the woman who spent most of her life saying “yes” and “sorry” to a misogynistic, narcissistic husband. 

    While others called her a lucky woman for being married to the man of a leader of the revolution, he was the lucky one to have been married to a woman with such a spark. 

    And yet, he tried to silence her spark. When she finally spoke up and suggested taking the fight to the white devils, he scolded her for being out of line and called her a divergent woman. 

    He tried to get her committed, which is when the green light came to the rescue. 

    We’re seven episodes in, and aside from wondering what the 4400 are, the big question has been “why them.”

    It’s at this moment that I thought of my latest theory — they are all connected because they all needed to be saved. 

    They all needed an out from the lives that they didn’t want to lead. 

    4400 Review Empowered Women Empower Women Season 1 Episode 7

    4400 — “Empowered Women Empower Women” — Image Number: FFH107b_0005r – Pictured (L – R): Derrick A. King as Rev. Johnston and Crystal Park as Ji-Eun — Photo: Sandy Morris/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Claudette was about to be committed and stripped from her freedoms, La Donna was falling to her death after being trapped in reality TV show hell, Andre almost lost the love of his life after getting her into what he hoped was a groundbreaking trial, the Rev was torn between choosing his family/the church and the mother of his future child, and Hayden was in a place just like Ypsi Med after his mother’s death. 

    They all needed a second chance, and it’s hard to deny that 2021 has been just that. 

    Of course, Shanice’s story doesn’t actually fit the narrative because she had just welcomed a baby with Logan and was returning to work from maternity, however, she did have a moment of weakness where she wrote a letter about leaving, so maybe there’s still something to this theory. 

    Either way, it has been a second chance, for better or worse. 

    Claudette made the most of her second chance thanks to Jharrel. She got an apartment, which previously belonged to his missing brother Manny, and decided she didn’t want to rely on anyone else for money, so she got a job at a bar. 

    And she was damn good at that job. 

    The difference between Claudette and Barney was that she cherished the job as if it was the most glamorous gig in the world. 

    She knows what it’s like not to be able to have the freedom to work, so she took joy in the things that other employees scoff at including cleaning and taking out the trash. 

    Claudette got a slice of freedom. And when she found out her friend, Barb, because the leader of the Black Panther movement following her disappearance, well, that empowered her to take a stand against Barney. 

    She exclaimed that the years may have changed but times didn’t, but she was wrong. It may still be difficult being a person of color — especially a 4400 of color as that’s double the fear for the white man — but at least women have a voice. 

    And Claudette found hers with the backing of her returned friends. 

    Barney’s bigotry was put on full display, and he was quickly stripped of that job. Good riddance. 

    The series focused on Barb’s obituary and noted that she died in 2005, so there’s a chance that Claudette’s husband, Jimmy, is still alive. 

    I hope, for her sake, that she tracks him down and finally gives him a piece of his mind. 

    She deserves it for all that he put her through and wanted to do to her. 

    As for the powers, her healing abilities also seem to be connected to the injury she sustained right before disappearing. 

    However, Andre’s powers were explored on a deeper level as he became violently ill following the episode at Ypsi Med. 

    As a refresher, he accidentally healed a guard that Mildred was taking her frustration out. 

    Up until now, Andre has always been a healer, but that healing was making him sick. The next person he touched — which just so happened to be that arrogant guard — was injured in the same way the Ypsi guard was. 

    Andre and Shanice later tested the theory and proved that Andre heals the injured and then becomes violently ill himself until he passes on the injury to someone else. 

    I don’t know what the purpose of that power is, but it proves that he, and likely the remainder of the 4400, are able to cause a lot of pain when in distress. 

    Keisha, Jharrel, and Shanice also dug deeper into the contract allowing the 4400 to stay at the hotel if they so chose. 

    There was something seriously “sus” about the contract as the 4400 weren’t encouraged to read it on a deeper level, and by the end of the episode, we found out why — it was the groundwork for a conservatorship (yes, like Britney Spears)!

    Anyone who signed it could legally be stripped of their rights and freedoms. 

    The worst part is that the Rev was in on it. We know he talked to Bill Greene, so my guess is he made some kind of deal with the devil. Shanice always suspected that the Rev couldn’t be trusted, but I wonder what Greene promised him in return for helping him secure souls. 

    The Rev has to know that the government cannot be trusted. 

    If everyone else figured out how they are mistreating patients at Ypsi, I don’t believe for a second that he’s blind to the truth. 

    He’s leading his flock to damnation, which might be worse than what his father was doing by lying and abusing the trust of his congregation.

    Elsewhere, LaDonna also got a call from her father and decided to leave. I truly hope she’s not gone for good because she was such a force of nature. She shook up the 4400 in the most positive of ways. 

    And I was really looking forward to her friendship with Claudette blossom and the whole “wonder triplets” situation.

    What did you think of the episode? Will Shanice feel guilty about getting with Andre since her marriage to Logan is still so fresh?

    Is Jessica going to retaliate against Keisha? What does she know about their bloodwork that she claimed they weren’t human?

    Are you enjoying The CW version of the 4400? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below! 

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    4400 Review – If You Love Something (1×06)



    4400 Review If You Love Something Season 1 Episode 6

    That was one intense prison break on 4400 Season 1 Episode 6. 

    But it was necessary. Scary things are happening at Ypsi Med. Jharrel and Keisha, who are aware that the 4400 have superpowers, were trying to find a way to connect with them and protect them from being found out by the government, but it’s much too late for that. 

    Ypsi Med — likened to Hawkins National Laboratory — sealed off a wing of the hospital in order to run experiments on their “subjects.”

    After breaking in, LaDonna, Hayden, and Dr. Andre found that had specialized cells to keep the prisoners and cuffs to dampen their powers. 

    Among the prisoners were Mildred and Noah, who sparked the whole rescue mission, a “bird lady” with impressive wings, and a man who was literally on fire. 

    As Andre later pointed out, it’s clear that the government has a plan for them beyond just setting them free, and with Jharrel and Keisha on the inside, it’s important that they find out everything they can.

    Keisha was pretty shocked to hear about what was going on inside Ypsi Med considering Jessica works there. Could her girlfriend be such a soulless monster?

    Or is she clueless about what’s happening as well?

    Mildred was definitely channeling her inner-Eleven, and while her anger was justified, it was also very clear that she was no longer the same girl at the Bois Blanc Hotel.

    She was forever changed by her experience and the tests that they conducted on her.

    And that’s why despite putting himself in the line of danger to save her, Hayden had to let her go.

    I love that through this rescue mission, he found his power and he found a way to advocate for himself.

    Hayden was a leader and a hero, but he also knew that asking Mildred to stay would be selfish and only best for him and not necessarily for her.

    4400 Review – The Way Were Were (1×05)

    The present-day tied into Hayden’s backstory beautifully as we learned a little bit more about the sensitive boy from the 1930s.

    In flashbacks, we saw that Hayden’s mother, Ruth, was a gentle soul who loved her sweet boy and did her best to help him cope with his anxiety. 

    When he had a panic attack, she calmed him down and found a way to channel his energy into something more positive. 

    She was always working on coping mechanisms in order to ensure that Hayden was set up for success in the event that she wasn’t around. 

    And he was. In the present day, Hayden used all the tools his mother gave him to believe in himself and stand on his own. 

    His backstory was heartbreaking, however, as we saw that his insistence on getting Mildred and Noah out of that place stemmed from his own experience. 

    After his mother passed, Hayden’s uncle — who previously called him an “odd duck” and used violence against him — had him committed to a ghastly and dark place just like Ypsi Med that conducted experiments on him.

    The poor kid was traumatized and saw the “green zap” as a saving grace rather than an unwelcome intrusion.

    The episode also honed in on seeing things from someone else’s perspective. 

    While Shanice and some of the other 4400 were thrilled to be getting released, the same couldn’t be said for the Reverand or Andre as they didn’t have anywhere to go. 

    Even with a stipend and some housing, they were in a world all too unfamiliar to them without any friends or family. 

    The Reverand explained to Shanice that at the hotel, they created a family of people who are “the same” and going through the same experiences. 

    4400 Review If You Love Something Season 1 Episode 6

    4400 — “If You Love Something” — Image Number: FFH106a_0277r — Pictured: Autumn Best as Mildred — Photo: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    It only made sense that they would want to stick together with their community. 

    Of course, Shanice offered up a brilliant solution to turn the hotel into a place of worship therefore legally allowing them to stay as long as they like. 

    I don’t think Mr. Greene expected the 4400 to be as quick-on-their-toes, but I think he appreciates whenever an opportunity presents itself. 

    The Reverand is not only power-hungry, but he loves a theatrical spectacle. These are the same qualities I see in Mr. Greene, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if they struck up a deal. 

    Shanice also had some drama with Andre when she saw into his memories, particularly when he covered her with a blanket and she called him Logan. 

    Things got even more awkward when Logan got roped into the rescue mission because of Mariah and defended the 4400 for their bravery instead of scolding them as Shanice did. 

    I get that Logan wants to stick it to Shanice and keeps mentioning that he raised Mariah instead of her, but he has to eventually come to the understanding that Shanice was robbed of being a parent. 

    She didn’t willfully walk away and give up raising her daughter; she never had the chance in the first place. It’s disgusting to throw that back in her face even if he doesn’t agree with how she’s handling a situation. 

    With each passing episode, things for the 4400 are growing more and more dangerous, but at the very least, they have each other and a solid team of allies. 

    Will they find a way to rescue Noah? Will Andre explore his healing powers, which are so fitting for a doctor who has always wanted to heal the sick?

    Will they get out into the real world? Or will the mystery continue to haunt them? And also, how great was it that LaDonna basically shape-shifted into anyone she wanted to be? I could see that coming in handy on many occasions! 

    Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 

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