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7 TV Nurses We'd Trust With Our Lives 7 TV Nurses We'd Trust With Our Lives


7 TV Nurses We’d Trust With Our Life

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Nurses are pivotal in the healthcare industry. 

The job requires you to be strong and selfless to a fault, which means not everyone is cut out for the gig. 

Nurses take care of patients, give extra love and attention, and are oftentimes the first to diagnose a symptom that may have been otherwise missed by overworked doctors. 

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing nurses to work in overtime, they deserve all of our love, respect, and gratitude. We honor them on Nurses Day, but they deserve to be praised everyday. 

These real-life heroes have inspired many of our favorite TV characters.

These are the nurses we’d trust with our lives. 


Nicolette Nevin – The Resident 

Nic Nevin is the smiling, comforting face patients see when they walk through the doors of Chastain. She’s dedicated her life to helping those who rely on her and takes her job seriously. Even when she’s off duty, she’s eager to leap into action and help. And she doesn’t wince at the thought of tackling corrupt doctors. 

The Resident Family Affairs

Credit: The Resident/ FOX

April Sexton – Chicago Med

Nurse Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) works in the ED. She has a natural intuition that drives her choices and decisions. She’s loyal to her patients and fights for them when she doesn’t believe they are getting the right course of treatment. 

Chicago Med Lemons and Lemonade

CHICAGO MED — “Lemons and Lemonade” Episode 308 — Pictured: (l-r) Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning, Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Eli Lloyd – Grey’s Anatomy 

Lloyd (Daniel Sunjata) is completely devoted to his patients and fights for their care in every situation. We admire his brains and how he leads with heart. 

Credit: Grey's Anatomy/ ABC

Credit: Grey’s Anatomy/ ABC

When we say nurses are superheroes, we mean it quite literally for Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) whose superpowers are the reason he’s such a caring and reliable hospice-nurse-turned-paramedic. He’ll stop at nothing to help and save people. 

Carol Hathaway – E.R. 

Things weren’t always easy for Nurse Hathaway (Julianna Marguiles) but she never let it bring her down. She became nurse manager and infused the position with heart, grit, and strength to guide those who relied on her while never letting patients down. 

Credit: E.R.

Credit: E.R.

Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) tends to break the rules in order to give her patients the care they need and deserve. She risks her life and her profession daily to help those in need and goes above and beyond for her colleagues. 
Credit: Hawthorne

Credit: Hawthorne


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Big Sky

Big Sky Review – I’m the Bad Guy (1×15)



Big Sky Review Bitter Roots Season 1 Episode 15

Cassie and Jenny may have been responsible for the Kleinssasers’ undoing, but that family was always capable of destroying themselves all on their own.

Blood was spilled on Big Sky Season 1 Episode 15 as we saw the demise of Rand and JW. 

And it was a long time coming. 

After the Kleinsasser family caught Cassie, Jenny, and Gil on their property, it was every man (and woman) for themselves.

And thankfully, they all made it out alive. 

The same couldn’t be said for Rand and JW, who deserved everything they got.

When Rand tried to run Cassie over, she shot out his wheels ensuring that he crashed. The next morning when Rosie found Cassie unconscious, they found Rand bleeding out inside his cabin.

He survived long enough to see his mother one last time before bleeding out.

JW died not long after his psychotic brother. Cassie and Cheyenne found him just as he was gearing up to take out Jenny. A wrestling match ensued and his little sister pulled the trigger.

While Cheyenne definitely knew that her family was disturbed and wanted to break free from them, she wasn’t all that different from them either. 

She wanted the same thing JW and Rand did — she wanted the ranch for herself. And she wanted to be free from the control of the deranged men in her family. 

And she got it. With JW and Rand eliminated, the ranch now belonged to Cheyenne. 

We never saw Horst pay for his sins, but considering that Cassie and Jenny had a sample of the toxic chemicals on his land, it’s safe to assume he was held accountable for all the skeletons on his property. 

Does anyone else feel a little cheated for getting invested in Margaret’s storyline only to see nothing come of it? If anyone deserved to kill anyone, it should’ve been Margaret killing Horst. 

Cassie and Jenny made sure justice was served on all fronts by taking down Sheriff Wagy, who admitted on video to plotting to kill Cassie. 

With the Kleinsasser family taken care of, Cassie and Jenny are free to return to their biggest problem: Ronald/ Arthur. 

I’m much more invested in all the Ronald developments than I ever was in the Kleinssaser mystery, which made it feel like a completely different series. 

It would’ve made more sense if Ronald was somehow connected to the Kleinsasser’s, but instead, we’ve just been following two separate storylines about people who are all too comfortable with killing for their own benefit. 

I’m glad to be circling back to the former one. 

The episode kicked off with Arthur burying Mary’s body and getting caught by Phoebe. 

It was tense as he explained he was burying a dead deer, and then contemplated bashing Phoebe’s skull in with a rock. 

I’m really glad he didn’t. Phoebe didn’t seem to buy Arthur’s story either — she’s a smart kid and knows that something is definitely up, which is why she lied to her mother.

Even when Arthur tried to remain normal, he gave off creep vibes. 

Arthur was terrified of what would happen if Scarlet found out about his past, but much to his surprise, she didn’t even care. 

Big Sky Review Bitter Roots Season 1 Episode 15

BIG SKY – “Bitter Roots” – When Scarlet gets an alarming call that her sister is missing, Ronald realizes just how twisted his situation has become and must decide his next move. Meanwhile, Cassie, Jenny, Gil and Rosie find themselves in a whole mess of trouble on the ranch, forced to face off against the worst of the Kleinsasser bunch. But this team is tough and even the strongest family trees can fall on “Big Sky,” TUESDAY, MAY 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman)

It’s unclear how long Scarlet knew about his real identity, but I think that she knew the whole time Mary tried to warn her and just hoped Ronald would get rid of her sister. 

She even seemed less concerned about what happened to Mary and more concerned with authorities finding Steve’s body.

Yep, turns out Scarlet was the one that bashed in her baby daddy’s skull (with a screwdriver!) as Mary helped her hide the body. 

Scarlet explained that Mary held the crime over her head all these years, but obviously, this made Mary an accomplice. 

Wouldn’t it just be easier to let the authorities believe Mary was the murderer? After all, the body was on her premises!

And Steve is the least of their worries since they’re really after Ronald!

However, Scarlet revealed she was cool as a cucumber with Ronald’s past crimes. In fact, she was even more attracted to him, which meant Ronald somehow met his perfect match.

If you didn’t think soulmates existed before, you definitely do now. 

Scarlet may be even more deranged than Ronald since she owns up to what she’s done and is more than happy to give into her urges whereas he tries to tame them and is ashamed of them. 

Having someone who shares his “interests” is bound to make Ronald much more dangerous. 

Scarlet’s confidence likely won’t have a positive influence on him. 

Will he go full-on psycho? And what does this mean for poor Phoebe?

Lindor and Geri — who is hellbent on revenge even if it might get her killed — were closing in on them, but Ronald’s storyline is far from over. 

As the teasers for next week’s Big Sky Season 1 finale reveal, Ronald is going to get caught, and it will likely unearth something much more sinister than we ever anticipated. 

Will Ronald take them to where all the bodies are buried? 

What else was he involved in? And why do I have a hunch Scarlet will help him escape again?

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Big Sky Review – Curse of the Town (1×14)



Big Sky Review Nice Animals Season 1 Episode 14

Things in Lochsa are getting messier and messier by the minute. 

Jenny Hoyt wanted to know why everyone was scared of the Kleinsasser’s, and when Rand drove the truck into the motel, I think she finally got her answer. 

Not only does the family have blood on their hands — including Blake’s — but the body count is rising by the minute. 

And the worst part is that they feel absolutely no remorse about it. 

It’s not even what they’ve done, it’s how unhinged they all are. 

They take toxic to the next level. 

Rand’s out here talking about opening some kind of torture haunted maze because he enjoys seeing people be afraid, Cheyenne’s out here threatening to expose her brother’s for what they’ve done, and Margaret flat out said she will kill her husband and then sealed it with a kiss. 

But that didn’t stop Jennny and Cassie! 

Jenny escaped from the motel attack unscathed, but the same can’t be said for Angela. She tried to help and ended up dead, which seems to be the trend. 

You’d think Jenny would take the hint and stop asking other people to put their lives at risk, but not a chance! Instead, she tries to convince Gil, Rosie’s father, to tell her what the K family has been up to all these years and why they have so much pull. 

By speaking out and taking Jenny and Cassie to the back pasture where they unearthed the poisoned land (along with more corpses), he sealed his fate. 

It’s kind of a lame reveal, to be honest. Yes, it’s terrible that they’ve been dumping chemicals and poisoning the land, but this is their big bad secret?

And is that what Cole Danvers found out and died for?

Big Sky Review Nice Animals Season 1 Episode 14

Credit: Big Sky/ ABC

Jenny should take a cue from Cole’s demise. What’s the point of learning the truth if you don’t live long enough to report it?

She’s in way over her head here, especially now that they’ve been spotted snooping around the land. 

As someone who has been watching Big Sky from the beginning, it’s clear the series isn’t afraid to take risks. 

However, I’m less interested in the mystery of the Kleinsasser’s and more concerned about how Arthur (fka Ronald) is trying to navigate his new life while taming his urges.

I mean, he didn’t do such a hot job considering he killed Scarlet’s sister, Mary, which exposed him.

I’m not saying Ronald deserves a fresh start, but since he’s already started a new life, he could’ve just lived peacefully without raising any flags. 

Instead, he’s on the run again, but this time, he’s taking Scarlett and her daughter, Phoebe, for a ride. 

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to buy a truck again since that’s exactly what Cassie and Lindor are going to be looking for. 

This guy just can’t help himself. He’s his own worst enemy. 

And truly, I still can’t figure out how Ronald managed to escape with Mary’s body when Cassie and Lindor were inside. Sure, they went into the basement, but that’s a close call. 

Then again, Ronald is used to close calls. He had several with Scarlett and Phoebe throughout the episode when he saw blood pouring from Mary’s body while they were sleeping right next to it (ew!), when he was almost caught moving her bagged up body through the woods, and finally, when Phoebe saw him digging up a hole in the middle of the night. 

I’m genuinely concerned for Phoebe. Ronald has never seriously injured a child (though he’s come close), but we know he’ll do anything to protect himself and his secret. 

His little freaky spiel about nice animals being taken out by violent animals proves that he’s willing to do anything to protect himself because that’s life! He really tried to use the analogy to justify his actions. What a creep. 

And while you might think Scarlett and Phoebe are safe because he “loves” them, that didn’t work out so great for his mother. 

Plus, he already took out the taser when they almost caught him moving Mary’s body. 

However, if he wants to preserve what he has with Scarlett, he can’t kill Phoebe as it would put too much heat on him.

Maybe he’ll tell her that he found a violent animal and killed it to protect them?

We know Ronald’s all too good at spinning a lie when necessary. 

There’s also the mystery of Steve Lahren’s death. They found Phoebe’s father stuffed in a freezer in Mary’s basement, which likely means she’s the one that killed him with an ice pick. 

But Scarlett was also confident that Steve was never coming back to bother her and her daughter. Did she have something to do with his death? Does she know what her sister did?

And if so, would she be fine with Ronald’s, er, pastime?

One thing’s certain: both Ronald and the K family are the “curse” of Montana. 

 Other Thoughts

  • Sheriff Wagy seemed to want to cut ties with the K family, but then he reported Jenny, Cassie and Gil sniffing around the property. Come on, man. I guess it’s everyone for themselves here. 
  • Cheyenne is a mystery, but Britt Robertson is putting in the work to make this character multi-dimensional. She’s one of the highlights of the season. 
  • Can we get some backstory on Denise?

Big Sky has been renewed for a second season with a brand new showrunner. Since the show has taken on more of a anthology vibe with each season focusing on a new mystery, it’s safe to say we’ll wrap up all the drama with the K family by the mid season finale. 

Will the hunt for Arthur remain ongoing and bleed into season 2?

My only hope for the second season is that there’s less mysteries to focus on. Between the drama with the K family and Arthur, adding in the mystery of what happened to Cole and Steve is too much. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments! 

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All the Baby Yoda Merch Every ‘Mandalorian’ Fan Needs



Baby Yoda Merch

Since The Mandalorian picked up steam in 2019, Baby Yoda has been all the rage. Some might even say that the force is strong with this little green one. 

Fans have been waiting for Baby Yoda merch since the premiere, but since the alien, known as The Child, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Yoda thus earning him the name, was such a huge secret, merch hasn’t been available until now! 

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We may be in quarantine, but at least you can re-watch the series in your Mandalorian swag!

Or, if you have a big fan in your life, you can buy them something from this list to cheer them up! 

Check it out below… and if you can’t wait for season 2, here’s everything we already know about the upcoming season

Disclosure: We may get a commission from retail offers.


Baby Yoda Funko Pop

A Baby Yoda collectible Funko Pop? All Star Wars and Baby Yoda fans need this. Add it to your collection. Pre-order now. It will be available May 15.

Credit: Amazon


Mattel Baby Yoda Plush

Do you have the urge to just hold Baby Yoda tight and never let him go? Same. And you can with this 11-inch plush! Get him now!

Credit: Amazon



Okay, so Baby Yoda might not be on the bedding per se, but if you’re a fan or have a child that is, how can you resist this spread? Let the force be with you day, night, and when you take a nappie. Get the bedding now!

Credit: Amazon


Baby Yoda Backpack! 

Take Baby Yoda wherever you go with this slick backpack that’s ready for any adventure! Grab the backpack now

Credit: Amazon


Trading Cards

Are you even a real fan without trading cards? These cards are made just for a Baby Yoda fan and follow the journey of The Child! Buy trading cards now

Credit: Amazon


Lego Brickheadz! 

These Lego Brickheadz give you Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian. You’ll be able to create an authentic display complete with signature weapons! Get your Brickheadz now!

Credit: Amazon


Baby Yoda Whiskey Glass

Okay, so this one isn’t for kids, but hear us out — Baby Yoda is technically 50, so a whiskey glass dooooes sort of make sense. Buy it now

Credit: Amazon


Collectible Figurines

Hasbro has several different Baby Yoda figurines with various poses including reaching (for the radio controls), eating a frog, sipping his tea, and more. The release date is May 25! Find out how to purchase

Credit: Amazon


Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s nothing more enjoyable during quarantine than doing a jigsaw puzzle with a Baby Yoda smiling back at you. Grab your puzzle now

Credit: Amazon


Precious Cargo Tee

This T-shirt isn’t joking, you’ve got precious cargo in your pocket… it’s Baby Yoda! Grab the tee now

Credit: Amazon


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