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Dead To Me Season 2 Biggest Twists & Cliffhanger Dead To Me Season 2 Biggest Twists & Cliffhanger

Dead to Me

8 Major Twists & Revelations From Dead To Me Season 2 Including The Cliffhanger

Dead to Me/ Netflix



Netflix’s Dead To Me returned for its second season and wasted absolutely no time elevating the twisted drama and darkness surrounding Judy Hale and Jen Harding.

The episodes found a way to make you feel bad for and cheer on the murderers as they cover up the murder of Steve Wood while also are making you feel the same guilt and anxiety they feel as they sink under the weight and pressure of their lies and get uncomfortably close to being caught

Here are the 5 biggest twists from the Dead To Me Season 2! (

Spoilers if you continue. Recap Dead To Me Season 1 now


Steve Has a Twin Brother Named Ben

When someone who looked like Steve Wood showed up at Jen’s house at the end of Dead To Me Season 2 Episode 1, our go-to was that Steve was somehow alive. We’ve been conditioned to live and breathe by the “no body = no death” rule, but in this case, we saw a body kept in the freezer and buried in the forest, and we still thought he was going to come back to get revenge. This just goes to show you we have absolutely no trust when it comes to television writers — we expect them to pull one over on us. 

However, instead of bringing Steve back from the dead, the writers utilized the cliche twin trope by introducing Steve’s semi-identical and polar opposite brother, Ben, a chiropractor who has the hots for Jen. I’d complain that the show is better than this, but I can’t because Ben was dorky, dweeby, and danced a lot, plus, his involvement will carry over the drama into season 3 (more on that in a minute). 

James Marsden is exceptional at weaving in and out of these two varying characters that it was hard to believe it was the same actor at times. And I still thought there was a .01% chance he would turn out to be Steve pretending to be Ben. 

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Dead To Me, Netflix, Season 1. James Marsden as Steve Woods.

It Wasn’t Self Defense 

Steve spoke out what Jen feared — that she pushed her husband away and was so unbearable that he wanted to die — which is why she clobbered him over the head and killed him. It was a moment in which she found herself consumed with rage. She was too embarrassed to admit it, so she lied about what happened to herself and to Judy. She allowed her friend to believe that Steve was trying to strangle her and thus, deserved to die. 

While no one deserves to die, I would argue that it was a form of self-defense. Jen told him to leave her house, but he refused and the verbally abused her. That’s just as threatening as anything else, which is why Perez let her off the hook. Jen’s anger may have gotten the best of her, but she was also protecting herself, Judy, and her children from a man who had a history of being emotionally manipulative and abusive. Who knows what he would’ve done if he found Judy after she stole all his money and turned him in for money laundering?

Dead To Me Season 2 Recap: The Morning After (2×01 and 2×02)

Judy Hooked Up With Perez’s Girlfriend

I can’t be the only one who thought the biggest twists of the season was that Michelle, Judy’s new friend and love-interest, was Perez’s ex-girlfriend. Talk about messy. Perez couldn’t shake Judy, which is one of her greatest qualities. To echo Jen, she’s like a baby, you can’t help but love her. 

Personally, I would’ve liked for Judy’s relationship with Michelle to complicate things more with Perez. It was underwhelming to have her be so messed up with a woman whose ex was the FBI agent that was trying to incriminate her and have it not affect the storyline much at all. 


The Chief is The Greek

One of the reasons Perez let Jen go because connected with a mother protecting her children from an abusive situation. However, it worked out perfectly because, at the same time, Judy gave them dirt on the Captain, who was also part of the Greek mafia that Steve was working with to launder money. I expect Perez had her suspicions but never had the proof until that moment.

We know the misogynistic Captain went to federal prison, and it’s likely they pinned Steve’s death on him or will now that Daisy found the body in the woods.

However, it was too perfect, which makes me think the Greek’s are going to come for Judy and Jen at some point. The money Judy had stashed away in the paintings likely belonged to them, and they’re going to want it back! 


Steve’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant

This seemed like a bigger revelation that again, should’ve held more weight, but it didn’t. It merely served as a reminder for Judy that Steve was a tool who never cared or respected her. It was also a representation of what she couldn’t have with him — a child — and showed that she truly had a heart of gold and could forgive anyone even the woman who was screwing her man. 

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Credit: Dead to Me/ Netflix

Jen Comes Clean

Jen’s “aha” moment came when she realized the secrets and lies were making her ugly and hurting everyone around her. She couldn’t go on like this and thus, she decided to turn herself in and leave Judy to take care of her boys. It was a big realization considering how far they both went to cover up what they did, but in this case, living with her secret was worse than paying the price in jail. 

However, she caught Perez off-guard, couldn’t find Steve’s body, and showed genuine remorse, plus, Perez had a soft spot for abuse situations, so coming clean earned her back her freedom without any capital punishment. 


Charlie Figures It Out

Charlie was able to crack the case quicker than the Laguna PD and FBI. When he saw a picture of Steve’s car at the vigil, he realized his mother was involved in some way and pieced together that she had gasoline when she came to pick him up, which meant she burned the car. When he confronted his mom about it, she admitted she was scared because Steve was involved with some very shady and dangerous people, which bought her some time. 

And then, Charlie found the letter his mother left for Judy. While we don’t see if he opens it, my guess is that he does read it and learns the truth about his father’s death. 


Ben’s Drunk Driving

Judy fought long and hard to get a stop sign an intersection known for speeding and just when her wish was granted — BAM — she got T-boned while driving the brand new car she and Judy bought for Charlie. They both survived, thankfully, but it leaves us with the perfect segway into season 3 as the driver of the car that hit them was none other than Ben, Steve’s twin and Jen’s sort-of-lover, who, upon learning that they found Steve’s body, drank himself into oblivion, and got behind the wheel. 

Still in a fuzz, Ben drove away from the scene of the accident clearly not aware he hit his “realtor friend.” Jen kept a secret from Ben about his brother and now, Ben’s likely going to keep a secret from her.

Will she be as forgiving as she’d want Ben to be?


What did you think of Dead To Me season 2? Were you a fan of the season? Sound off in the comments!  

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Dead to Me

Dead To Me Season 2 Recap: The Morning After (2×01 and 2×02)



Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Season 2 of Dead to Me picks up right where season 1 left off. It’s the very next day after Steve Woods was left floating in the pool.

Beware – spoilers below! Stop reading if you haven’t watch Dead to Me Season 2! 

Episode 1: You Know What You Did

“We should talk about what we shouldn’t talk about before we don’t talk again,” Jen says to Judy, making it clear that she cannot go to the police because her sons Henry and Charlie need her. Judy reluctantly agrees, torn between wanting to care for her friend and knowing how heavy the weight of guilt can be.

Judy is dropped off at the assisted living facility where she works as an arts and crafts teacher. The two plan to never speak again. Unfortunately, Judy is now without a home. In season 1 she lived with her now-deceased ex-boyfriend Steve Woods and then moved in with Jen Harding whom she befriended at a grief group after she killed Jen’s husband Todd Harding in a hit-and-run accident. What a strange way to spark a friendship. Of course, Jen was unaware of Judy’s actions until later in the first season.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Credit: Dead to Me/ Netflix

“You Know What You Did” leaves Judy Hale right where she started — alone, living in a car that was left to her by Abe, her elderly friend who passed away. She dodges repetitive calls from an unknown number but answers one from a name she recognizes. “Didn’t think you’d answer,” Jen said. “Didn’t think you’d call, ” Judy said.

Jen was spooked by nosy neighbor Karen while dismantling her security cameras in the backyard. The cameras are not the problem, it’s the footage of what happened the night before that has to be dealt with. Jen finds out that there are more electric eyes in the neighborhood than just her own. Eyes with higher resolution, eyes that can see all the way down the street. Eyes that don’t just record but store everything in the iCloud for safekeeping.

It’s not long before Judy and Jen are together again watching Facts of Life. This time though, it’s a role reversal as Judy is unaware that when Jen killed Steve, it was not self-defense and it was not with a gun. It was a vicious beating. Just as in season 1, Jen did not know that Judy was the one who killed her husband. Episode 1 ends with a knock at the door from an expected guest.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap

Dead To Me, Netflix, Season 1. James Marsden as Steve Woods.

Episode 2: Where Have You Been

Apparently, Steve has an identical twin brother that Judy forgot to mention-semi-identical-Judy corrects, a detail Jen has zero patience for after opening the door to the same face of the man she beat to death. The shock was enough to make her faint.

Twin brother Ben revealed that Steve has been missing and the FBI is looking for him. Jen starts preparing for worst after finding out that Judy turned Steve in for money laundering and also never told her that he was “peripherally” involved with the Greek Mafia. The FBI raided Steve’s office and confiscated his computers. Jen updated her will in case anything happens to her. Stress continues to mount and her insomnia worsens.

There is a brief reprieve from the tension when we the cutest puppy ever and then a more skeptical Detective Perez who showed up at the house with the restraining order against Judy that Jen requested.

She is confused by the sight of them together again, living in the same house, when the other day Jen had yelled in her face that Judy killed her husband, something they sheepishly brushed off as a misunderstanding.

The Dad Bird as little brother Henry Harding calls the bird that visits him gets trapped in the garage. Ben offers to climb on the freezer to get him but Judy is the one who does. Episode 2 ends with the reveal of Steve’s body in that freezer.

Watch the full season now streaming on Netflix.

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Dead to Me

Dead To Me Season 1 Recap: Shocking Twists to Remember Before Binge-Watching Season 2



Dead To Me Season 1 Recap

Last we saw Christina Applegate as Jen Harding in the first season of Dead To Me (2019) she was trashing Judy Hale’s room to the upbeat tune of ‘It’s A Good Day’ by Peggy Lee.

Recap Season 1 Before Watching Season 2 Now

In the last episode of the season, “You Have To Go,” we go between two different church experiences, both carrying the theme of making amends. Jen says, “she killed my husband, and then she moved in with me.” Judy, the murderer, shows up at the mansion Jen is showing to potential buyers. Judy says she’ll take the worst of the consequence of killing Ted. Enraged that she would show up after everything, Jen said, “you hit my husband and left him to die.” Judy begs to make amends, saying she loves her. Jen threatens to shoot her in the head. After agreeing to disappear, we see Judy played by Linda Cardellini withdraw all the money from the joint bank account she has with her ex-boyfriend Steve Wood, played by James Marsden.

Dead To Me Season 1 Recap

Credit: Dead To Me/ Netflix

Despite being flabbergasted by Judy’s manipulation, Jen still misses their friendship. A friendship she tries to recreate with a neighbor. It doesn’t work but Jen did learn how to use a gun. She also made an earnest attempt was made to patch things up with her teenage Charlie for being a terrible mother. The money that Judy withdrew without Steve knowing was found in the form of a cashier’s check rolled up inside a gift left for Jen’s son.

Dead To Me Season 1 Recap

Credit: Dead To Me/ Netflix

Shortly after, the check is discovered Jen also finds out that Steve was in the car the night Ted was killed. She asks him, “after she hit him, what did you say?” We flashback to the night of the hit and run when Steve said to Judy they have to get out of there. He yelled, “drive the car stupid!” In the present, we see Jen holding Steve at gunpoint beside the pool. He insists that he’s a good guy. She tells him to leave.

Judy is found at the memorial site where Jen’s husband was killed, headlights show in the distance, and Judy decides that she should die there too. Thinking it’s the only way to atone for the life she ended. Slowly she steps to the center of the road and closes her eyes. The headlights shine brighter. The tires screech. The next sound is the driver chastising her for standing in the middle of the road. A moment later, a moment Judy almost did not have, her phone lights up with a call from. “I need you to come home,” she said.

Steve is seen floating in the pool facedown. From the surface, Jen and Judy look at his body. “yes, it’s a good day for singing’ a song and it’s a good day for moving along..” Peggy Lee sings the same cheerful tune heard in the beginning.

What happens now for these two? Will Judy be arrested or will Jen try to stop that now that she is a murderer too. Season 2 of Dead To Me, streaming on Netflix

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Dead to Me

Watch: Someone Knows What Jen and Judy Did on ‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Trailer



Dead to Me Season 2 Teaser Netlfix

A husband for a husband.

Covering up a murder tends to bring even the biggest of enemies closer together. You’re bonded by a secret, and you’ll do anything to keep it. 

Take for example Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) on Dead to Me, a couple of suburban moms who are crumbling under the pressure of keeping their murderous hijinks a secret. 

In the season 2 trailer of the Netflix show, someone seemingly catches on and figures out what they did. And in true Pretty Little Liars ‘A-style,’ they send the message publicly written on the garage in red paint. 

But is someone messing with them? Or does someone know about the two murders? Will the FBI close in? Do they have the dots connecting it all back to Jen and Judy?

And will the kids get involved? Cause that’s a whole other level of messy. 

Watch the trailer below but be warned — you’ll be addicted. 

Dead to Me season 2 premieres May 8! 

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