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90210- Bride and Prejudice



“The fact is the only reason someone wouldn’t tell you the truth is because the truth would destroy you.”

There is a runaway bride on the loose!!! Rainstorms always create a more dramatic and intense moment in a T.V show and this weeks storm on 90210 did not dissapoint. The episode “Bride and Prejudice” challenged the characters into facing their deepest fears. It made them question if love was real and admit to the things that scared them. Even if the truth was brutal, it was necessary.

Naomi is no stranger to relationships. She switches boyfriends like she switches gloves, which makes it hard for us to believe that she even understands the concept of love. Yet, her engagement did come as quite the shocker, especially when she ignored the fact that P.J had to get married within two weeks or else he would loose all of his money. Normally, when one is presented with such evidence the answer becomes obvious, yet Naomi closed a blind eye because she was infatuated with the idea of love and marriage. Love is a tricky thing and marriages are scary, which is why they shouldn’t be done rushed. Naomi should have taken an excerpt out of the Ivy and Raj book. Although their love story had a tragic ending, their marriage worked out because they loved each other. Naomi’s love story would be tragic because she would have everything in the world but she would be alone. In order to test P.J’s faith she could have postponed the wedding and had a longer engagement. If he didn’t agree to her terms than she would know that the only reason he was with her is to get his money.

Watching Ivy deal with Raj’s death is tragic, but it also seems rather ignorant of her that she would be so reckless with her life. After realizing how precious and short life is, she shouldn’t be doing things that could potentially hurt her. Seems she missed the whole lesson of life that Raj tried to teach her. Although the story with Caleb is twisted (because he’s a priest and he’s trying to mack on Annie), he did do one thing right and thats protect Ivy from possibly hurting herself. Is he doing the right thing with Annie? Maybe, maybe not. Thats the tricky thing with religion. You might have a calling and you might be so passionate about your beliefs and what you do, but what happens when you fall in love? Now that the option has presented itself, do you guys think that Caleb will resign from priesthood and embrace the feelings he has for Annie. This could be a potentially dangerous decision because relationships can be short term and than he gave up his dream for a fling. Plus, we aren’t 100% sure if Annie is over Liam and we won’t know until she finds out that Silver has been secretly hooking up with him.

Which brings me the next topic. If Silver really loved Navid the way she claims to, than she would have told him the truth about Liam. As convinced as she was that their hook up was just a one time thing, she knows that its not true. Navid is the perfect guy and he’s always going to be the right guy; the one she ends up with in the end. But Liam is that guy that challenges her. Once again, we can refrence this back to The Vampire Diaries and the Stefan, Elena and Damon triangle because it is so dead on. The thing is that Silver needs to choose between love and lust. If there is an option B, than she should go with that cause there would never be and option B if she was satisfied with option A.Liam was an asshole for trying to tell Navid to go back to college and than kissing Silver after he heard Navid confess his love to her but Silver should not think that the “I have the cancer gene” line is an excuse to keep Navid in the dark. Moral of the story is that no matter who ends up with who, the truth is the key to everything, no matter who gets hurt by it. The truth might hurt Navid, but it’ll also hurt Annie (see paragraph above).

Seeing Ade take her music career back after Dixon left her for his was inspiring, but could it be the beginning of a new relationship? The writers sent us mixed messages as they let us believe that Ade and Austin might be teaming up personally and professional, but than they let Austin and Naomi talk privately which led to Naomi ending her engagement. The question is did she end it because she wasn’t sure if P.J was the right guy or did she end it because the possibility of her and Austin still exists? I have a simple solution for everyone on this show; stop intermingling and hooking up with everyones ex’s!

Memorable Quotes

  • Liam: About last night.
    • Silver: Something we are never going to talk about ever again right?
  • Annie: You guys are meant for each other like me and Liam but in a good way.
  • Naomi: Honey we have a problem.
    • P.J: You don’t want the Rolce Royce?
    • Naomi: No, thats fine.
    • P.J: So what’s the problem?
  • Annie: I mean what do you get the girl thats about to have literally everything?
  • Ivy: Love find you, you know. You don’t get to choose.
  • Ivy: I’ve heard about guys marrying for money, but never their own money.
  • Naomi: But I love him.
    • Silver: The more important thing is does P.J really love you?

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90210 Series Finale: We All Fall (5×22)




We All Fall Down

The two-hour final episode looked back on 90210 and touched on everything we hoped it would. The different places the cast has shot at, like the playboy mansion, the Hollywood sign and even the Hollywood Bowl. The fact that it was a “California show” echoed out of each episode, even when critics said it was a spinoff of its predecessor.

Naomi insulted Kim and Khloe Kardashian on an episode, Perez Hilton mended fences being on the show, Denise Richards made an appearance and even Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo made appearances.

We All Fall Down

Annie was the conscience of the show. No matter what she always kept everyone on track. Her writing the blog that turned into the book “Undressed” was her way of continuing her innocence and admitting to everything out in the open.

We’ve seen Dixon always getting himself into trouble, whether it was gambling or drugs addictions. Last season we had to go through his car crash and grew with him as he learned to walk again.

Silver showed that being bipolar was not something that was out of the ordinary or should be looked down on. Her fertility issues and manic episodes were all things that she overcame and made us all realize that nothing is too hard to go through.

450x254x90210-series-finale-promo_450x254.jpg.pagespeed.ic.f9qpLBeVCOThe saying “good guys finish last” was proved wrong by Navid. That poor guy was punched in the face more times than Naomi switched relationships. From the porn industry to trying to have Silver’s baby, Navid was always there.

Liam, our bad boy turned rich kid. Who knew the guy that Naomi was crushing on would turn into such a heartthrob. He had his problems though too with his motorcycle accident and Vanessa pretending to be dead.

Queen Bitch Naomi. We met her in high school bossing everyone around and we grew to love her as she started to grow a heart and mature. Her many relationships were always entertaining, yet her rudeness continued to make us laugh.

Adrianna was always the one that was pegged for anything bad that happened although it was mostly her doing. When she switched out Silver’s pills, we hated her. When she was pregnant and tried to peg Navid as the father, we couldn’t stand her. But as we grew older, she started to change and now we can’t imagine going on without her.

The past few seasons were full of shock. It made us double take and think “Did that really just happen?” Naomi ran into Max’ wedding and called it off. Teddy came out of the closet. Vanessa falling off the balcony. Teddy and Silver having a baby. Annie becoming an escort. All of these things shaped the cast and the way we ended our journey with them.series_finale_90210_Monday_at_7pm_on_CW__924710000_20130508081613_640_480

Although we may have joked about how almost every cast member dated one another, the 90210 writers touched on some real social issues. We had the rape story line with Naomi and her teacher reached out to fans that may have been struggling with the same issue. There was sexual harassment, addiction, lying, and the gay story line. All these connected with fans and were used as helpful advice in their lives.90210 gave so many memories that will continue into our lives.

On the final episode of 90210, we’re brought to the theatre where the stage collapsed. The excruciating wait of finding out who is injured is finally over. Navid, Annie and Dixon all made it out alive, but where’s Adrianna?

Navid plays the knight in shining armor and goes to find Ade. After climbing through the rubble, he finds her stuck under debris. While both Navid and Adrianna are stuck under the pieces of the theater, life is still going on outside of them.We All Fall Down

Just like any other Naomi relationship, Naomi and Jordan break-up and then get back together within hours. She begs to have a “normal” relationship where they can just jump on a private jet and go to Cabo whenever they feel like it. The only problem is his mother still stands in the way. In an attempt to clear her name, she throws a rescue relief with the Goo Goo Dolls performing, but still that doesn’t cut it. She finally settles with selling her “Night With Prince Harry” story to the Examiner, and it does more good than she could have ever imagined. Doing this, Jordan’s mom is in debt to her and let’s her be with Jordan.

We All Fall DownAde calls Silver from the rubble and apologizes for everything that she’s done. They both realize that no matter what, they’ll always be there for each other. Silver keeps her cancer news quiet, but ends up spilling to Dixon and decides that she needs to take care of it if she wants to go on with her life.

Liam and his girlfriend are awkward throughout the whole episode and she realizes that Liam isn’t really in love with her. His fresh start may not be in Australia. When Annie starts to go to Paris, Liam realizes that he can’t go on without her. He chases her plane down with his motorcycle and tells her that what they have is worth it and that he’s in love with her. Their engagement is sent out throughout the group of friends via text message and everyone goes crazy with excitement.90210-matt-lanter-liam-dixon-season-5-finale-we-all-fall-down-cw

Before the final episode fades out and the ending credits are played, we find out that Ade and Navid will have a future and grow old together. “It’s never over, it’s always just the beginning.”

And then just like that it’s over. No more Monday night episodes, no more sappy love stories or back stabbing bitches. That’s the end of 90210, until the next spinoff. We at CraveYou TV will miss the series, and hope all the best for the writers and actors in their future endeavors.

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90210: Series Finale Predictions




Long gone are the days of 90210. Reality has set in and the realization that there are two more days until the last 90210 episode ever. This calls for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and a bottle of wine. Five years of watching faithfully each Monday and growing older with the cast is finally coming to a close.

I’m sure you are all wondering how the CW’s writers are going to tie up so much story that has been thrown at us the past few weeks, but no worries we at CraveYou TV have a few predictions of what we see happening in the final episode.

  • “Lannie” will survive! Liam and Annie are going to end up together, it has to happen. That gorgeous ring has to make an appearance and when it does it needs to land right on Annie’s left hand.
  • Michaela and Dixon were perfect for each other the moment he started taking her to doctor’s appointments. Michaela will realize that Dixon will always be there for her and she’ll come back running into his arms.
  • Dixon’s record label is going to sky rocket after the accident. His war will Adrianna will end the moment he realizes he really cares about her and he’s going to sing her to his label.
  • Ade and Navid are timeless. No matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other. There’s no way Adrianna is going to die before it all ends. It just can’t happen. The accident is going to bring everyone together and make them realize how close they all are.
  • Teddy. Oh Teddy. He’s going to realize that he’s not in love with Shane, that’s why he’s been putting him off all this time. He’s really in love with Silver. It makes sense too, because he was so adamant to help her have her baby.
  • Naomi is where we get stuck. She’s flown through so many guys these last couple seasons that we don’t know where to start. Max doesn’t deserve to come back into Naomi’s life after he left her and Jordan has too much baggage. His conniving mother and sister have made Naomi’s life this past season hell.

What do you think is going to happen this Monday? Tune in at 7/8c on the CW to close this chapter of 90210.

…Until we’re fifty and it’s brought back and remade. 🙂

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90210: Scandal Royale (5×21)




The last episode ended with Jordan getting orders from him mother never to see Naomi again. This carries into this week’s episode where Naomi finds that in exchange for getting her brother Mark out of jail, Jordan had to leave his publishing company and Naomi.

Liam is still in dreamland, where he thinks life is going to be perfect if he moves to Australia with his new girlfriend. But before he leaves, he wants to sell the Off Shore. Annie offers to buy it and after going through a box of keepsakes where he finds their engagement ring, he realizes he still loves her.

Adrianna and Navid come back to reality and realize the repercussions from their relationship. Michaela is missing and if they don’t find her Dixon’s career as a record label will be over. When Adriana offers to sing the song, Silver’s claws come out.mqdefault

Soon enough Michaela is found, but another twist to the story is unfolded. Silver’s baby no longer has a heart beat. Michaela found out at her last doctor’s appointment, but didn’t know how to tell Silver.

The finals moments of the episode could be life changing. The burning set is collapsing around Adrianna, Annie rushes towards the flames and her friend, Liam is on her way to find Annie and Silver is put in an MRI. What will become of next week? Will Ade make it out alive? Will Annie and Liam get back together? What about Silver, will her cancer return?

Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comment section. Tune in next week for our recap of We All Fall Down (5 x 22)!

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