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90210- Till Death Do Us Part



One life lesson we could all learn from the season premiere of 90210 is that we should have our cellphones with us at all times. Otherwise bad things happen. In past episodes, the story line has started getting very elaborate and hard to believe. Yet this season premiere was one of the better ones.

As they jumped right into the story, we continued exactly where we left off. The directors played it well, building up extreme tension as to whether or not Dixon would survive. Ultimately, he’s still alive but with a high chance of paralysis from the neck down. That doesn’t seem like a good fate for someone who was chasing his dream, that being music as well as the love of his life. Bad things come to good people. At least we got to see a softer side of Annie, one that wasn’t still weeping over her love affair with the priest. Oh wait, she still was.

It was painful to watch Ade try to get over Dixon and sleep with some other guy, without knowing what was actually happening. This is another lesson. Never assume. Although things seemed hopeless for them both, in actuality Dixon couldn’t reach Ade because he had no service. So much happens because of miscommunication these days. Although I am not much of an Ade fan, especially because its so easy for her to get into bed with a stranger, which by the way we see can be very serious cause he can turn out to be some crazy psycho, I  do admire her for leaving Vegas and most likely killing any hope for a future career, the minute she found out Dixon was in an accident. 

Naomi and Max are such an awkward couple but that’s what makes them so awesome. So Naomi has been in jail once or twice, the girl just gets herself in the messiest situations. This happens mainly because she thinks with her heart and not her head. And for someone as stuck up and prissy as Naomi, I applaud her for actually getting married in a Nevada court house without all the glitz and glamour. This literally proves that she is in it for the long haul. Although I do think they should have waited maybe until her engagement jitters wore off and until Max changed out of his failed wedding tux. Sometimes love can wait. Sadly, they cannot even find 5 minutes in bliss. Naomi always has to have someone out to get her. If it isn’t her sister, than its competition from school, and now its her husbands best friend. Game on. 

Navid and Liam really need to get over Silver. There isn’t anything special about her. Especially because she can’t decide which guy she’s really in love with and she want’s to have a baby with her gay best friend. Yes, Teddy has great genes and that baby would be precious, but I just can’t seem to think that this whole process doesn’t have to be so rushed. She was in love with Liam. Let that love grow. Let it endure hardships and struggles and ultimately what’s meant to happen will happen. There’s definitely a time span on her window of opportunity, I just don’t think there should be such an emphasis on having the baby right now. Its actually quite selfish of her. 

Unfortunately, Vanessa didn’t burn in the fire. Having the crazy psychopath disappear is all I’ve ever dream of during each episode. Her manipulative ways are disgusting and Liam of all people doesn’t deserve that. But don’t expect her to go anywhere because she knew he didn’t have the money to pay her off and conveniently his bar burned down. Although yeah it was sort of an accident, Liam didn’t really light the place on fire, he was still there and he still let it happen. If this gets out it means a lot of trouble for him. And I’m sure it will get out, with the help of crazy one. 

This was a very strong season premiere, hooking fans with compelling story lines and introducing a wide variety of new characters that are opening up the doors to many new plots. Lets just pray that Annie will get out of her slumber, Ade will stop being, well easy, Dixon will make a full recovery, Navid and Liam will get over Silver, Naomi will take down Max’s best friend and live happily ever after and Silver and Teddy will become two great looking parents, Vanessa will die, and Carly Ray Jepsen will never make another appearance, or sing another song.

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AnnaLynne McCord Reveals Sexual Assault and Suicide Thoughts



AnnaLynne McCord is done keeping quiet and bottling it up inside. The 90210 actress is opening up about her suicidal thoughts after a sexual assault. Her essay, penned in the July issue of Cosmopolitan and heartbreaking, as it comes in the wake of the #YesAllWomen trend. 

She revealed that after a sexual assault by a friend she was staying with after moving to L.A, she was on the brink of suicide. Then 18 years old, she bottled it up inside, but now at 26 she’s “done staying quiet about my sexual assault.” She hopes her efforts will aid other women living in silence.

She never identifies the man who raped her, but explains she has known him for some time and let his stay over at her apartment. 

“He said he needed a good night’s sleep for a meeting, as he’d been crashing on someone’s couch. I had known him for some time, so I said to come over and I set him up with a clean towel,” she writes. “We sat on the bed and talked for a while, then I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was inside me.”

“At first, I felt so disoriented and numb, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I wondered if I had done something to give him the wrong idea. I felt afraid of making him angry. Believe it or not, I didn’t want to offend him. I just wanted it to be over. My childhood had come back to haunt me again: Because of the physical abuse, I didn’t believe there were borders between other people’s bodies and my own. I didn’t believe I had a voice.”

Suddenly her thoughts got  clearer. I said, ‘Please, don’t!’ He stopped and went in the bathroom and finished. I lay there and stared at the ceiling for the rest of the night, frozen. At dawn, I wrote a note to him and left. I sat outside in a car and waited for him to leave. When he did, I went back inside, took a shower, and pretended it hadn’t happened.”

At first, she kept the rape a secret, ashamed of what had happened. She turned very dark and began cutting, but after a friend told her the man was telling people that she was in love with him, she told her friends and family of the incident.

Unfortunately, as with most cases, it would “take an outright breakdown to truly turn things around.” She was in her 20’s, just landed the role of Naomi Clarke in 90210 and in an unhealthy relationship with a man she broke up with about 45-times. (Could she be referring to Kellen Lutz?) The torment was getting to her and a fight with then-boyfriend led her to thinking suicide was the solution.“I had pills and water in hand and thought seriously about killing myself,” she writes. “I didn’t fear death—it felt like a solution.” Thankfully, she resisted the urges and soon got professional help. 

In 90210 her character Naomi was a victim of rape and when AnnaLynne filmed the scene she broke down. Her cast mates thought she did such a good job, not knowing that she really was sexually assaulted by someone she knew. 

McCord finally got some professional help and credits much of her strength from working with abuse and sexual slavery victims in Cambodia. She admits she enjoys “profound intimacy” with her now partner, Dominic Purcell of Prison Break. She also admits that she would endure everything all over again. “It has led me to my own revolution.” 

In the article, she also opens up about her troubled upbringing with very strict parents, who would discipline her and her sisters. She knew they thought they were doing the right thing, but in her eyes it was just abuse. She admits their abuse, strict views on sex caused her to have dysfunctional relationship and becomes promiscuous as she got older. 

“I became sort of promiscuous but didn’t actually have sex. I’d get right there with the guy and then stop, thinking I’d go to hell,” she shares, adding that she also “pushed men to be violent” toward her. “My sexual relationships were dark and violently dramatic.”

McCord admitted to being sexually assaulted at a Love Is Life event in 2012, stating that the worst part was not having a voice. Not having the ability to say no in a situation that involves you and your body.

This comes around the same time that #YesAllWomen has become a trending Twitter hashtag. Men and women are joining into the conversation after the shooting at Santa Barbara college where a young man killed several over his anger at not being able to get a woman and still being a virgin at 22. Many celebrities have joined in on the conversation standing up for women and their rights. Women are people too and in this day and age, we should definitely be treated as more than a piece of meat. #YesAllWomen allows us to have a voice. To not be subject to what men want. So go on and join the revolution. Maybe you’re also a victim and Anna Lynne’s story has inspired you. Or you know someone who has been raped/abused/ a victim of sexual assault. It’s our time to stand up. No women deserves this! 

As for AnnaLynne’s confession, well that was the braves thing she could have done and kudos to still having a successful career and living out her dreams despite the constant torment that was suffering on the inside. “Most of all, I have my message for women and girls: You have a voice,” she said. “Don’t put yourself in a box. Don’t let the polite lies of society silence you.”


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90210 Series Finale: We All Fall (5×22)




We All Fall Down

The two-hour final episode looked back on 90210 and touched on everything we hoped it would. The different places the cast has shot at, like the playboy mansion, the Hollywood sign and even the Hollywood Bowl. The fact that it was a “California show” echoed out of each episode, even when critics said it was a spinoff of its predecessor.

Naomi insulted Kim and Khloe Kardashian on an episode, Perez Hilton mended fences being on the show, Denise Richards made an appearance and even Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo made appearances.

We All Fall Down

Annie was the conscience of the show. No matter what she always kept everyone on track. Her writing the blog that turned into the book “Undressed” was her way of continuing her innocence and admitting to everything out in the open.

We’ve seen Dixon always getting himself into trouble, whether it was gambling or drugs addictions. Last season we had to go through his car crash and grew with him as he learned to walk again.

Silver showed that being bipolar was not something that was out of the ordinary or should be looked down on. Her fertility issues and manic episodes were all things that she overcame and made us all realize that nothing is too hard to go through.

450x254x90210-series-finale-promo_450x254.jpg.pagespeed.ic.f9qpLBeVCOThe saying “good guys finish last” was proved wrong by Navid. That poor guy was punched in the face more times than Naomi switched relationships. From the porn industry to trying to have Silver’s baby, Navid was always there.

Liam, our bad boy turned rich kid. Who knew the guy that Naomi was crushing on would turn into such a heartthrob. He had his problems though too with his motorcycle accident and Vanessa pretending to be dead.

Queen Bitch Naomi. We met her in high school bossing everyone around and we grew to love her as she started to grow a heart and mature. Her many relationships were always entertaining, yet her rudeness continued to make us laugh.

Adrianna was always the one that was pegged for anything bad that happened although it was mostly her doing. When she switched out Silver’s pills, we hated her. When she was pregnant and tried to peg Navid as the father, we couldn’t stand her. But as we grew older, she started to change and now we can’t imagine going on without her.

The past few seasons were full of shock. It made us double take and think “Did that really just happen?” Naomi ran into Max’ wedding and called it off. Teddy came out of the closet. Vanessa falling off the balcony. Teddy and Silver having a baby. Annie becoming an escort. All of these things shaped the cast and the way we ended our journey with them.series_finale_90210_Monday_at_7pm_on_CW__924710000_20130508081613_640_480

Although we may have joked about how almost every cast member dated one another, the 90210 writers touched on some real social issues. We had the rape story line with Naomi and her teacher reached out to fans that may have been struggling with the same issue. There was sexual harassment, addiction, lying, and the gay story line. All these connected with fans and were used as helpful advice in their lives.90210 gave so many memories that will continue into our lives.

On the final episode of 90210, we’re brought to the theatre where the stage collapsed. The excruciating wait of finding out who is injured is finally over. Navid, Annie and Dixon all made it out alive, but where’s Adrianna?

Navid plays the knight in shining armor and goes to find Ade. After climbing through the rubble, he finds her stuck under debris. While both Navid and Adrianna are stuck under the pieces of the theater, life is still going on outside of them.We All Fall Down

Just like any other Naomi relationship, Naomi and Jordan break-up and then get back together within hours. She begs to have a “normal” relationship where they can just jump on a private jet and go to Cabo whenever they feel like it. The only problem is his mother still stands in the way. In an attempt to clear her name, she throws a rescue relief with the Goo Goo Dolls performing, but still that doesn’t cut it. She finally settles with selling her “Night With Prince Harry” story to the Examiner, and it does more good than she could have ever imagined. Doing this, Jordan’s mom is in debt to her and let’s her be with Jordan.

We All Fall DownAde calls Silver from the rubble and apologizes for everything that she’s done. They both realize that no matter what, they’ll always be there for each other. Silver keeps her cancer news quiet, but ends up spilling to Dixon and decides that she needs to take care of it if she wants to go on with her life.

Liam and his girlfriend are awkward throughout the whole episode and she realizes that Liam isn’t really in love with her. His fresh start may not be in Australia. When Annie starts to go to Paris, Liam realizes that he can’t go on without her. He chases her plane down with his motorcycle and tells her that what they have is worth it and that he’s in love with her. Their engagement is sent out throughout the group of friends via text message and everyone goes crazy with excitement.90210-matt-lanter-liam-dixon-season-5-finale-we-all-fall-down-cw

Before the final episode fades out and the ending credits are played, we find out that Ade and Navid will have a future and grow old together. “It’s never over, it’s always just the beginning.”

And then just like that it’s over. No more Monday night episodes, no more sappy love stories or back stabbing bitches. That’s the end of 90210, until the next spinoff. We at CraveYou TV will miss the series, and hope all the best for the writers and actors in their future endeavors.

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90210: Series Finale Predictions




Long gone are the days of 90210. Reality has set in and the realization that there are two more days until the last 90210 episode ever. This calls for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and a bottle of wine. Five years of watching faithfully each Monday and growing older with the cast is finally coming to a close.

I’m sure you are all wondering how the CW’s writers are going to tie up so much story that has been thrown at us the past few weeks, but no worries we at CraveYou TV have a few predictions of what we see happening in the final episode.

  • “Lannie” will survive! Liam and Annie are going to end up together, it has to happen. That gorgeous ring has to make an appearance and when it does it needs to land right on Annie’s left hand.
  • Michaela and Dixon were perfect for each other the moment he started taking her to doctor’s appointments. Michaela will realize that Dixon will always be there for her and she’ll come back running into his arms.
  • Dixon’s record label is going to sky rocket after the accident. His war will Adrianna will end the moment he realizes he really cares about her and he’s going to sing her to his label.
  • Ade and Navid are timeless. No matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other. There’s no way Adrianna is going to die before it all ends. It just can’t happen. The accident is going to bring everyone together and make them realize how close they all are.
  • Teddy. Oh Teddy. He’s going to realize that he’s not in love with Shane, that’s why he’s been putting him off all this time. He’s really in love with Silver. It makes sense too, because he was so adamant to help her have her baby.
  • Naomi is where we get stuck. She’s flown through so many guys these last couple seasons that we don’t know where to start. Max doesn’t deserve to come back into Naomi’s life after he left her and Jordan has too much baggage. His conniving mother and sister have made Naomi’s life this past season hell.

What do you think is going to happen this Monday? Tune in at 7/8c on the CW to close this chapter of 90210.

…Until we’re fifty and it’s brought back and remade. 🙂

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