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90210- Vegas Maybe?



“And I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Weekend in Vegas- Hey guys wait for me!!!!! No matter if the gang stays in Beverly Hills or goes away for a weekend in Vegas the drama follows them everywhere!


Naomi got a brilliant idea and planned a trip for the whole gang to go to Vegas after her boyfriend Austin told her he was going there for his birthday weekend. Ignoring the fact that maybe he didn’t invite her to go with him for a reason she grabbed the gang (except for Adrianna and for some reason Ivy) and off they went. Things didn’t stay calm for long. After obsessively calling and texting Austin he came by their hotel and was obviously not too pleased with Naomi.  He mentioned that his father was a huge country star and he was throwing him a party. He told her to stop by and they would ditch the party and spend some time together but when she got to the party she wasn’t on the list!!! Being Naomi she paid off a Marilyn Monroe impersonator and got inside. She ended up singing Happy Birthday to Austin (a la Happy Birthday Mr. President) style and we learned one thing. Naomi Clark cannot hold a tune to save her life! Ok maybe we learned two things. Austin’s dad is a self absorbed a-hole who thinks that his son will never amount to half the man he is and the only reason he can score a girl like Naomi is because he brags about who his father is. After embarrassing his son and calling him out on not wanting to spend time with his old man, Naomi leaves the party. You actually feel for Austin in this episode because it gives you insight on why he is the guy he is. I hate that they make Naomi so clingy and annoying when she has a boyfriend because it completely contradicts the independent bitch Naomi. Anyways, she goes to get drunk with the rest of her friends and decides to give Austin’s dad a piece of her mind. Too bad she attacked the wrong guy! Oh those darn lookalikes in Vegas. That doesn’t mean the real guy didn’t hear what she had to say, and from the looks of it she only made the father-son situation worse.


Annie got what was coming to her. After getting into a serious relationship with someone who she met through an escort service, did she really expect anything else? He was in Las Vegas, she is like 19 so he probably thinks of her as a hit and miss, and this is his lifestyle. He is a rich guy who pays people to hang out with him. He probably wouldn’t have had any problem to pay Annie to sleep with him but little Annie has morals. If I was in her place I would have went up to him as he was walking out with his escort and spit in his face, but that’s just me.


Silver needs a new job. While on vacation she shouldn’t have even picked up that damn phone and she should have left her laptop at home and had fun. Her boss continues to rub me the wrong way too. I can’t place my finger on it quite yet but there is something really weird about her. She’s also hurt by Navid, who she saw making out with another girl in the hotel room. Go do the same thing girl! Let loose and live up your college years. Silver is always acting like she is much older than everyone and she just needs to loosen up. I would say that its rude of Navid not to even realize Silver is hurt but he has bigger things on his mind. He is trying to bring down a criminal which he has a really close connection too. He must earn his trust and be discreet about it because if he got caught he could end up dead or in serious danger. I do believe that Navid and the undercover police officer are going to develop a relationship. Once a cheater always a cheater right?


Give a poor guy some money and he runs wild. That’s exactly what happened in Liam’s case. The whole group can basically thank Liam for sponsoring their awesome Vegas trip (I wish I had friends like that). He met a guy (Oddly it was Vinny from the Jersey Shore. Unlike Perez though, Vinny actually had a legit part in the episode, and proved his acting skills outside the Shore) at the pool who recognized him from the ad and gave him an invite to an exclusive gambling match. Liam was way too confident in his poker skills and lost 80 thousand dollars!!! He spent half his night trying to win back that money and then got the hell out of there. Not too big of a loss on his part in the end thankfully but definitely a lesson to be learned.


Addict Dixon was probably the only person who didn’t enjoy his trip to Vegas. Freaking out from the beginning of the episode he was worried that going to Vegas with no one by his side would make him cave and turn to using. The whole time all that was on his mind were drugs and everywhere he went he tried to find a way to get some. Eventually all the friends split up to take care of their own things and he got his hands on some good stuff. If it wasn’t for Adrianna, who flew to Vegas only to check on Dixon after Ivy mentioned that she shouldn’t have Raj go to treatment by himself, she found him in the hotel room about to use. One thing led to another and Ade and Dixon were baby making in the bedroom only to be interrupted by Annie who assumed Dixon went on a gambling spree (his previous addiction). A little delayed there sister Annie. Say what you want about Ade but she was the only one who realized Dixon had a problem and the only one who cared enough to do something about it. She also finally stood up for herself to Annie and I actually believed that Ade was realizing her worth. Good for you.


Teddy is my least favorite character only because I think a wax figure is more interesting then he is. His facial expression never changes, his tone of voice never changes and I find him irrelevant to the show. He got fake married to that guy who is on the opposing campaign. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I doubt that will happen because happiness cannot last forever and since Silver accidentally sent the wedding footage to her boss I bet it’ll erupt in a huge nationwide scandal revealing to everybody that he is gay and breaking everyone’s trust in each other.  I could care less.

Memorable Quotes
-Annie: Hmm absolutely. Just because you guys started off having hate sex motivated by revenge doesn’t mean you’re not legit.
      Naomi: Did he really just take the waffle to Vegas instead of me?
      Naomi: We’re all going to Vegas!!
o  Annie: Full disclosure Naomi’s chasing Austin who just left to spend his birthday with his family.
o  Silver: Oh his family how dare he!
      Naomi: I want to bring my sad and pathetic friends with me.
      Silver: How two guys ever figure out how to date is just beyond me.
      Naomi: Don’t thank me. Thank the guy with the million-dollar abs.
      Dixon: I knew being friends with you would one day pay off.
      Naomi: Find a tall dark and handsome stranger. Do the sickest thing you could possibly imagine. If you wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and not be completely disgusted I’ll be totally disappointed.
o  Silver: I was thinking more along the lines of Cirque de Soleil or a Celine Dion concert but I forgot I was asking an insane person.
      Security: I’m not saying your not his girlfriend but are you sure you’re his girlfriend?
      Austins dad: Your girlfriends got brass balls son maybe you could learn something from her. 

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90210 Series Finale: We All Fall (5×22)




We All Fall Down

The two-hour final episode looked back on 90210 and touched on everything we hoped it would. The different places the cast has shot at, like the playboy mansion, the Hollywood sign and even the Hollywood Bowl. The fact that it was a “California show” echoed out of each episode, even when critics said it was a spinoff of its predecessor.

Naomi insulted Kim and Khloe Kardashian on an episode, Perez Hilton mended fences being on the show, Denise Richards made an appearance and even Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo made appearances.

We All Fall Down

Annie was the conscience of the show. No matter what she always kept everyone on track. Her writing the blog that turned into the book “Undressed” was her way of continuing her innocence and admitting to everything out in the open.

We’ve seen Dixon always getting himself into trouble, whether it was gambling or drugs addictions. Last season we had to go through his car crash and grew with him as he learned to walk again.

Silver showed that being bipolar was not something that was out of the ordinary or should be looked down on. Her fertility issues and manic episodes were all things that she overcame and made us all realize that nothing is too hard to go through.

450x254x90210-series-finale-promo_450x254.jpg.pagespeed.ic.f9qpLBeVCOThe saying “good guys finish last” was proved wrong by Navid. That poor guy was punched in the face more times than Naomi switched relationships. From the porn industry to trying to have Silver’s baby, Navid was always there.

Liam, our bad boy turned rich kid. Who knew the guy that Naomi was crushing on would turn into such a heartthrob. He had his problems though too with his motorcycle accident and Vanessa pretending to be dead.

Queen Bitch Naomi. We met her in high school bossing everyone around and we grew to love her as she started to grow a heart and mature. Her many relationships were always entertaining, yet her rudeness continued to make us laugh.

Adrianna was always the one that was pegged for anything bad that happened although it was mostly her doing. When she switched out Silver’s pills, we hated her. When she was pregnant and tried to peg Navid as the father, we couldn’t stand her. But as we grew older, she started to change and now we can’t imagine going on without her.

The past few seasons were full of shock. It made us double take and think “Did that really just happen?” Naomi ran into Max’ wedding and called it off. Teddy came out of the closet. Vanessa falling off the balcony. Teddy and Silver having a baby. Annie becoming an escort. All of these things shaped the cast and the way we ended our journey with them.series_finale_90210_Monday_at_7pm_on_CW__924710000_20130508081613_640_480

Although we may have joked about how almost every cast member dated one another, the 90210 writers touched on some real social issues. We had the rape story line with Naomi and her teacher reached out to fans that may have been struggling with the same issue. There was sexual harassment, addiction, lying, and the gay story line. All these connected with fans and were used as helpful advice in their lives.90210 gave so many memories that will continue into our lives.

On the final episode of 90210, we’re brought to the theatre where the stage collapsed. The excruciating wait of finding out who is injured is finally over. Navid, Annie and Dixon all made it out alive, but where’s Adrianna?

Navid plays the knight in shining armor and goes to find Ade. After climbing through the rubble, he finds her stuck under debris. While both Navid and Adrianna are stuck under the pieces of the theater, life is still going on outside of them.We All Fall Down

Just like any other Naomi relationship, Naomi and Jordan break-up and then get back together within hours. She begs to have a “normal” relationship where they can just jump on a private jet and go to Cabo whenever they feel like it. The only problem is his mother still stands in the way. In an attempt to clear her name, she throws a rescue relief with the Goo Goo Dolls performing, but still that doesn’t cut it. She finally settles with selling her “Night With Prince Harry” story to the Examiner, and it does more good than she could have ever imagined. Doing this, Jordan’s mom is in debt to her and let’s her be with Jordan.

We All Fall DownAde calls Silver from the rubble and apologizes for everything that she’s done. They both realize that no matter what, they’ll always be there for each other. Silver keeps her cancer news quiet, but ends up spilling to Dixon and decides that she needs to take care of it if she wants to go on with her life.

Liam and his girlfriend are awkward throughout the whole episode and she realizes that Liam isn’t really in love with her. His fresh start may not be in Australia. When Annie starts to go to Paris, Liam realizes that he can’t go on without her. He chases her plane down with his motorcycle and tells her that what they have is worth it and that he’s in love with her. Their engagement is sent out throughout the group of friends via text message and everyone goes crazy with excitement.90210-matt-lanter-liam-dixon-season-5-finale-we-all-fall-down-cw

Before the final episode fades out and the ending credits are played, we find out that Ade and Navid will have a future and grow old together. “It’s never over, it’s always just the beginning.”

And then just like that it’s over. No more Monday night episodes, no more sappy love stories or back stabbing bitches. That’s the end of 90210, until the next spinoff. We at CraveYou TV will miss the series, and hope all the best for the writers and actors in their future endeavors.

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90210: Series Finale Predictions




Long gone are the days of 90210. Reality has set in and the realization that there are two more days until the last 90210 episode ever. This calls for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and a bottle of wine. Five years of watching faithfully each Monday and growing older with the cast is finally coming to a close.

I’m sure you are all wondering how the CW’s writers are going to tie up so much story that has been thrown at us the past few weeks, but no worries we at CraveYou TV have a few predictions of what we see happening in the final episode.

  • “Lannie” will survive! Liam and Annie are going to end up together, it has to happen. That gorgeous ring has to make an appearance and when it does it needs to land right on Annie’s left hand.
  • Michaela and Dixon were perfect for each other the moment he started taking her to doctor’s appointments. Michaela will realize that Dixon will always be there for her and she’ll come back running into his arms.
  • Dixon’s record label is going to sky rocket after the accident. His war will Adrianna will end the moment he realizes he really cares about her and he’s going to sing her to his label.
  • Ade and Navid are timeless. No matter what happens, they always find their way back to each other. There’s no way Adrianna is going to die before it all ends. It just can’t happen. The accident is going to bring everyone together and make them realize how close they all are.
  • Teddy. Oh Teddy. He’s going to realize that he’s not in love with Shane, that’s why he’s been putting him off all this time. He’s really in love with Silver. It makes sense too, because he was so adamant to help her have her baby.
  • Naomi is where we get stuck. She’s flown through so many guys these last couple seasons that we don’t know where to start. Max doesn’t deserve to come back into Naomi’s life after he left her and Jordan has too much baggage. His conniving mother and sister have made Naomi’s life this past season hell.

What do you think is going to happen this Monday? Tune in at 7/8c on the CW to close this chapter of 90210.

…Until we’re fifty and it’s brought back and remade. 🙂

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90210: Scandal Royale (5×21)




The last episode ended with Jordan getting orders from him mother never to see Naomi again. This carries into this week’s episode where Naomi finds that in exchange for getting her brother Mark out of jail, Jordan had to leave his publishing company and Naomi.

Liam is still in dreamland, where he thinks life is going to be perfect if he moves to Australia with his new girlfriend. But before he leaves, he wants to sell the Off Shore. Annie offers to buy it and after going through a box of keepsakes where he finds their engagement ring, he realizes he still loves her.

Adrianna and Navid come back to reality and realize the repercussions from their relationship. Michaela is missing and if they don’t find her Dixon’s career as a record label will be over. When Adriana offers to sing the song, Silver’s claws come out.mqdefault

Soon enough Michaela is found, but another twist to the story is unfolded. Silver’s baby no longer has a heart beat. Michaela found out at her last doctor’s appointment, but didn’t know how to tell Silver.

The finals moments of the episode could be life changing. The burning set is collapsing around Adrianna, Annie rushes towards the flames and her friend, Liam is on her way to find Annie and Silver is put in an MRI. What will become of next week? Will Ade make it out alive? Will Annie and Liam get back together? What about Silver, will her cancer return?

Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comment section. Tune in next week for our recap of We All Fall Down (5 x 22)!

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