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Abbott Elementary Recap Season 2 Episode 18 Teacher appreciation Abbott Elementary Recap Season 2 Episode 18 Teacher appreciation

Abbott Elementary'

Abbott Elementary Recap – Teacher Appreciation (218)

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - “Teacher Appreciation” - It’s Teacher Appreciation Day. When the district gives Abbott two courtside tickets to a 76ers game, the teachers must decide who deserves them. Later, Janine invites the teachers to her house for game night and her sister, Ayesha, comes to visit. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Gilles Mingasson) CHRIS PERFETTI, QUINTA BRUNSON, TYLER JAMES WILLIAMS



Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 18 was a well-executed episode that provided plenty of laughs along with a more serious topic as fans got a deeper glimpse at Janine’s relationship with her sister. 

I know that the whole point of a workplace comedy is that it takes place in the workplace—and it’s especially important for a series that serves as a reminder about the important work teachers do for the children—but for the sake of character development, it’s nice to see them outside of the classroom so that we can get a full picture of who they are, even Janine, who lives and breathes Abbott. As her sister said, the elementary school gig is her whole life. 

As we praise teachers, it’s also nice to see that they don’t live at school—my younger self was convinced that they did. 

We know that Janine and her sister, Ayesha, have a bit of a tense relationship, but we truly go down to the core of it when she visited and things escalated during game night. 

Who knew that Jacob’s favorite game, Drought, would cause so much tension? And the poor guy didn’t even realize that everything blew up over some repressed feelings from childhood. Oh, Jacob. 

The truth is that both Janine and Ayesha hold a lot of resentment for each other for various reasons—for leaving and for staying, for being the fun one and for being the perfect one, etc. They are polar opposites, so it makes sense that they had a hard time understanding each other and seeing eye-to-eye. Janine was hurt by Ayesha’s decision to leave and felt as though all the family problems were dumped on her to handle, meanwhile, Ayesha felt inadequate and as though she was disappointing everyone by not living up to the expectations Janine set, so she decided that leaving would be beneficial for everyone.

However, they found a way to understand where the other was coming from and salvage their relationship, even if Ayesha didn’t find any of Janine’s jokes funny much like the rest of her colleagues. 

Game night was chaotic enough before Erika decided to grill Gregory about the teacher’s conference. Tyler James Williams continues to carry scenes with his facial expressions, and this reaction was top-notch. As one Twitter fan wrote, I love a messy friend.

Back at school, the teachers all began turning on each other after Ava explained that the school district only sent two court-side tickets to a Philadelphia 76ers game. Claws came out—it was vicious. More vicious than the jokes about Gregory’s hat, which definitely gave park ranger meets Pharrell vibes.

He felt so confident in his decision to try something new, so I hate that all the teachers ruined it for him, but there’s no denying that Mr. Johnson really just rocked it better than anyone. Also, Gregory took it in stride when they made fun of his hat, but the way he stood up when someone came for his cut. I truly wish we could’ve seen that play out. Here’s a clip because—gold.

It’s time to admit that Mr. Johnson truly is the star of the show. Not only did he score the highly coveted tickets and take his podiatrist with him to the game, but he then won an addition $1,000 and a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. The look on Barb’s face was… well, let’s just say she might want to have a few words with Jesus about why she didn’t score a gift card. Also, let this be your reminder to give your child’s teacher a gift card to BWW—they clearly have enough lotion. 

And while the teachers desperately wanted to be acknowledged in a more meaningful way by the school district during Teacher Appreciation Week (and who doesn’t want a raise? we know teachers deserve it!), they were eventually reminded why the week was so important—it was a reminder that the true magic lies within their colleagues and their students. It’s not much, but they really are a family that sticks together and goes above and beyond for each other, and it’s important not to lose sight of that. 

While there were plenty of heartfelt moments—and comical ones from Ava, as well—you know things are going to be hitting the fan when she’s that concerned about a letter from the school district, informing her that the board is going to meet about making Abbott a legendary charter school. This is one battle those dedicated teachers will not stand to lose as their number one priority is the children.

What did you think of the episode? 

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Abbott Elementary Recap Season 3 Episode 3- Gregory’s Garden Goofballs



Abbott Elementary Review Season 3 Episode 3- Gregory's Garden Goofballs

Amid the plethora of laughs delivered in any given episode of Abbott Elementary, the sitcom always finds a way to weave in a poignant lesson about the efforts of teachers to come through for their students.

The effort was evident on Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 3 in more ways than one. The obvious one was Janine’s devotion to finding Jacob Hill’s hard-of-hearing student, Imani, a qualified ASL interpreter. And though the red tape and logistical loopholes almost made her give up, she was swiftly reminded why she’s in the position at the district in the first place—Ava nudged her by stating that they do what they have to do for their kids, while Manny encouraged Janine to look at less conventional ways to do what needs to be done. After all, as he pointed out, she got the position for her creative problem-solving skills.

So, Janine did just that—she got Imani’s parent’s number, encouraged them to go public with the district’s failure to provide accommodations and the threat of bad press was the perfect amount of pressure for them to green light all of Janine’s requests.

As a teacher, or a former teacher who now wants to invoke change from the top, Janine can’t bring herself not to care, and it’s teachers like this, who don’t do it for the money, that are so needed. They advocate for the children, the schools, the teachers, the needs, and everything in between.  One small ripple can make a big change!  

Gregory’s contribution may have been on a smaller scale, but his impact was just as effective, if not more, as he found himself dubbed the “cool” teacher—one that kids looked up to for advice and guidance. While his first attempt at providing relationship advice didn’t go over so well (but, quite honestly, I think it was right on the money to tell boys to focus on school rather than girls), he ended up finding the right balance and offering up himself as a mentor to those who needed it. Yes, even if that meant a safe space to pass gas!

In fact, before Gregory came around to the idea of being a “cool teacher,” he needed a little push from his peers, namely Melissa and Mr. Johnson, who both gave their all for the kids. And we love to see it. 

And fans who were bummed when Janine and Tariq broke up because it meant he wouldn’t be around as much, have no fear, because the sitcom knows just how much we all love him, and he’s here to stay, for now. 

Tariq hilariously appeared several times throughout the episode dropping his “son” to and from school, before seeking out Barbara’s advice on how to connect with his stepson. Giving life advice as a teacher seemingly never stops—and neither does Barbara’s impact as a “step-teacher.”

While the “performance of the week” award would hands-down go to Tariq’s Zack Fox, the moment of the week had to be Mr. Johnson popping in to state “be gone, Satan” when he sees a young girl crying, all while telling everyone he’s going to grab his “holy mop water.”

Mr. Johnson remains a scene-stealer, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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‘Abbott Elementary’s Season 3 Promo Goes Viral With Jeremy Allen White Joke



'Abbott Elementary's Season 3 Promo Goes Viral With Jeremy Allen White Joke

Imagine a world in which Abbott Elementary and The Bear exist in each other’s orbit.

The former almost made it happen with its brand new promo for the upcoming third season went viral following a joke about Jeremy Allen White.

In the snippet, Ava (Janelle James) calls Gregory (Tyler James Williams) “Jeremy Allen Black” after he whips out his muscular arms to try to convince her to loosen up on the new rules she’s introduced after spending the summer at Harvard. 

Someone said that the scene alone deserves an Emmy, adding, “writers are writing.”

That Jeremy Allen Black joke at the end. Yeah another banger semester incoming,” someone else quipped, as another added, “give quinta the emmy, pulitzer, all of them!”

Plenty more memes piled in on X (or what we all still call Twitter): 

“so if in the abbott universe jeremy allen white exists does that mean that ayo edebiri also exists and if so how does ayesha fit into this equation,” someone else questioned referring to Janine’s (Quinta Brunson) sister Ayesha (Ayo Edebiri)—and we have to admit, they have a point. 

“Ok so if Jeremy Allen White is in this universe does that mean Ayo Edebiri is? And does Quinta think her sister looks like her?” another user pointed out. 

And if the joke was somehow lost on you, don’t worry, we got you—it’s a play on Jeremy’s recent viral (and steamy) Calvin Klein underwear ad that he people talking, retweeting, resharing, and gawking. 

The actor, who is also known as Lip from Shameless, nearly broke the internet by flaunting his muscular physique—arms and all. 

Abbott Elementary’s new promo promises plenty of laughs right from the start on Feb. 7, as Janine considers adding vulgar language to her vocabulary (stopping Gregory in his tracks) and Gregory and Janine swear that things aren’t odd between them despite their near-romance last season, to which everyone’s favorite janitor Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) simply replies, “interesting,” totally unconvinced. 

Oh man, it’s great to have television back again! 

2024 Midseason TV Schedule—All the Network Premiere Dates You Need to Know About

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Abbott Elementary Season Finale Review – It’s a Slow Burn After All (222)



Wowie… that was a bummer. That was my initial reaction after Janine turned Gregory down on Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 22. But it wasn’t actually a bummer at all. 

Fans expected the duo—who has been crushing on each other since their first day at Abbott (love at first sight!)—to finally make a move on each other in the season finale, but when has Abbott ever done what was expected?

The mockumentary may be your typical workplace comedy on the surface, but it colors outside the lines, which is what has made the show so relatable, realistic, and most of all, unlike any other on television. 

And Janine and Gregory’s slow burn has been the best part of it. There are so many TV couples we ship that lose their magic the moment they get together—the chemistry only lives in the “will they or won’t they.”

Abbott is making sure that isn’t the case with Janine and Gregory. 

However, Janine’s selfish decision also prioritized something much more important than what fans want (because we know shows sometimes give into fan demands, which actually cheapens the storyline)—they led with the plot that made the most sense for the characters. 

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY – “Franklin Institute” – Abbott Elementary takes a field trip to the Franklin Institute. Gregory is eager to spend time with a reluctant Janine who is avoiding him. Ava teaches the students about aliens, leading to chaos when someone spots an extraterrestrial in the museum. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric Liebowitz)

It couldn’t have been easy arriving at this pivotal point with Gregory and Janine and then deciding not to give into that storyline, especially when they both admitted that they have deep feelings for each other (and they were pouring their hearts out to each other in a literal heart display that could be heard subtly beating in the background making for a perfect moment), but it was necessary for Janine’s character growth. She’s been having a bit of an identity crisis this season, and her brief but life-changing chat with Maurice, and surprisingly, later Ava, put things into perspective for her.

She went from one very long and serious relationship with Tariq to another one with Maurice, but she hasn’t been in a healthy or promising relationship with herself. She needed to explore that a little bit more before throwing herself into another relationship, especially one that was so real.

In addition to realizing the importance and necessity of being selfish sometimes (putting yourself first), Janine also knew that this wasn’t a relationship she could ever risk not working out. There was no going back, and if she was going to make that jump, she needed to be fully ready. They love each other so much, they can’t risk hurting one another.

It takes a lot to turn down the person that makes your heart skip a beat, gives you those flutters, and puts a smile on your face daily, but Janine knew it was the right call. And we haven’t seen her be so confident in her decision, like, ever. 

Janine and Gregory’s Franklin Institute moment proves how important the timing is; it wasn’t the right time now, but I’m confident it will be in the future when they are both ready, and it will only be that much sweeter. 

Gregory was heartbroken, but he found the positive in the situation as well, and he got a huge relief from not having to carry around those feelings for Janine anymore now that it was all in the open. 

And there’s a reason why “if it’s meant to be” is so fitting here—if it’s meant to be, they will find a way back to each other.

But for now, they’ll spend the summer brunching as the after-school crew and finding themselves. It’s clear that Gregory has a lot to figure out as well because otherwise he wouldn’t have pursued two relationships this season that he wasn’t fully invested in or getting anything out of. 

It was also nice to see the moment between Janine and Gregory happen outside of school walls. They weren’t coworkers or teachers but two friends trying to navigate their complex feelings. The choice to have that conversation in pajamas was key, and while they weren’t on their own turf, per se, the change in attire was so much more personal, alluding to a comfort level between the two of them. 

The rest of the episode was pure Abbott magic—from Ava scaring the children with her conspiracy theories to the children panicking after thinking that Barb was an alien because of her CPAP machine and right down to Gregory and Jacob’s bro hug. Some might say, the real romance was blooming in Gregory and Jacob’s friendship. 

Abbott always strikes the right chord, blending the comedy into the emotional beats of the series. 

As for the best moment of the episode? Look, the way Gregory just laid out his feelings for Janine was everything, but his love for her has always been evident in the nuanced moments, so my vote goes to Gregory informing her that he took her recommendation to watch Night at the Museum seriously because he wants to know what she likes. SWOON! Also, the way he smiled after telling Jacob about their kiss was also very adorable. 

Am I in love with Gregory? *Stares nervously into the camera*

What did you think of the Season 2 finale? Do you wish they just let Janine and Gregory have their moment or did you like how they explored this new shift in the dynamic?

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