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Abbott Elementary Recap Wrong Delivery Season 2 Episode 2 Abbott Elementary Recap Wrong Delivery Season 2 Episode 2

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Abbott Elementary Recap – Wrong Delivery (2×02)

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY - ÒWrong DeliveryÓ Ð After Janine gets a look at the new charter school down the street, she becomes determined to fix up Abbott and make it just as good. As Gregory goes out of his way to avoid Barbara due to an awkward situation with his personal life, and Ava takes to the school library to host a ÒShark TankÓ-style pitch to decide what to do with the rest of the funds from the grant on ÒAbbott Elementary,Ó WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Gilles Mingasson) QUINTA BRUNSON, JANELLE JAMES, LISA ANN WALTER, TYLER JAMES WILLIAMS, SHERYL LEE RALPH



Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 2 is on a mission to underscore exactly why it deserved that Emmy for outstanding writing. 

“Wrong Delivery” might be the funniest episode to date solely because of the bit about Barbara confusing Black actors with white ones. The delivery from the cast, the perfectly chosen names, the way everyone tried to figure out who she was actually talking about, and the way they all let her go out misidentifying because it was “easier this way” made for some hilarious moments. 

And honestly, I can’t even blame Barbara for confusing Milly Bobby Brown and Bobby Brown! She can get away with anything and everything in my book.

The rest of the episode dug deeper into the issues plaguing public schools and their dedicated teachers, as the staff at Abbott took a little trip to the nearby charter school, Addington Elementary, and got a firm understanding of how underfunded they are. 

Janine, mostly, took the comparisons to heart, setting out on a mission to better Abbott with the grant money they received. While everyone agreed to spend it on the basics—cleaning supplies—Janine wanted to find a way to make the children feel special by buying a computer for the library since Addington had a whole computer lab for their kids.

Ava figured that the only way to settle this debate was to stage Shark Tank with each teacher and professional presenting their case. Not only was it a smart opportunity for ABC to promote one of their other shows, but it also allowed for some hilarity to ensue as Ava’s fellow sharks were Mr. Johnson and little Ava, Courtney.

Janine over delivered with a very over-the-top presentation (on brand for her), but once again, Barbara and Melissa proved that they knew what they were doing better than anyone. After years of teaching at Abbott, they understood that the key to success was to take care of the basic and fundamental needs of their students; everything else was the fluff on top that wasn’t exactly necessary.

Janine may have convinced the sharks to give her the money, but her efforts were wasted when a mouse outbreak in the cafeteria prompted them to use up the funds to pay the exterminator. Hey, at least it wasn’t rats!

Ava may not always have the school front of mind, but she heard Janine’s plea to make the kids feel special and ordered a water ice truck, which, in turn, made the Addington kids jealous of Abbott’s students. People always want what they don’t have. And Abbott’s students were perfectly content with this one special day. Because, while a computer lab with new tech is nice, it doesn’t necessarily measure up to caring teachers who have your best interest at heart. 

Janine has a good heart and wants to help the students, but sometimes, she gets caught up rather than seeing the big picture, so it’s good that she has Melissa and Barbara around to keep her grounded.

Elsewhere, Gregory dealt with his Taylor situation. His romance with Barbara’s daughter was fizzling out, but he didn’t know how to end things without upsetting Barabara. The duo ignored each other in the halls, which made for some tense and awkward moments before Jacob suggested that Gregory “peters out” of the relationship, which is slightly nicer than just ghosting someone. He was on board until Janine helped him realize that he’s more of a straightforward shooter rather than the guy who skirts around the truth.

When Gregory confronted Barbara about Taylor, she, in turn, informed him that she was sorry that her daughter chose to “peter out” of the relationship, noting that she felt he was a “broke boi.” Harsh. He’s just trying his best while uplifting the youth!

Overall, it was a hard day for Gregory, who was also dealing with a malfunctioning AC unit, but in the end, the breakup leaves the door open for Gregory and Janine to finally get together. Well, first they have to be honest about their feelings for each other, but you know it’s coming!

Other highlights from the episode:

    • Melissa starting with her doppelganger at the charter school before revealing it’s her sister. 
    • Ava’s comment about the 2021 Khloe K and the 2022 Khloe K being unrecognizable.

What did you think of the second episode of Abbott Elementary season 2?



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    Abbott Elementary Recap – A Very Abbott Festival (219)



    Abbott Elementary Recap Season 2 Episode 19 Festival

    The fight to save Abbott was in full swing on Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 19. 

    With Barbara’s former student, Draemond, going full steam ahead with his plan to make the elementary school a charter school, the teachers were forced to suit up, step up, and give it their all. 

    When they realized the moral approaches weren’t going to yield the success they needed, they resorted to some frowned-upon methods—tricking the parents into signing the petition unknowingly. Surprisingly, it was Barbara’s idea, and while she made sure to emphasize that this isn’t how she usually lives her life, it was a special case—the future of Abbott was on the line. 

    Barbara is an OG Abbott teacher, so you honestly don’t want to mess with her. And it’s nice to see her tiptoe on the dark side ever so briefly, including when she surmised that Draemond was a “jackass.” 

    The teachers rallied together to come up with a fun open house to get the parents invested, Janine’s idea that Ava stole, but who’s keeping score? Though, we have to give her credit for coming up with AVA Fest—no, it wasn’t a nod to her as principal, it stood for A Very Abbott Festival. She just gets it. 

    The one thing that’s clear is that the teachers are very much aware of each of their strong suits and flaws. They knew that despite Ava coming through to secure a “headline” for the event—Yasmine Sullivan—they needed a backup plan in case she proved to be unreliable. And she did. When they said to trick the parents, Ava took it to the next level, even lying to her staff about booking the local yet global R&B singer.

    Thankfully, Gregory anticipated this flub, so he took one for the team and reached out to Tariq, Abbott’s original legend.  You know it had to take a lot for Gregory to make this sacrifice, but in the end, he saved the day by riling up the parents and showing them just how devoted Abbott was to their children. When Janine and Tariq broke up, it seemed as though his appearances would be limited, but the series truly finds creative ways to involve him which is so fun. And there’s no bad blood with Janine and Tariq so that’s good. 

    Abbott Elementary Recap Season 2 Episode 19 Festival

    ABBOTT ELEMENTARY – “Festival” – Abbott Elementary rallies together to fight the threat from Legendary Charter Schools. Ava pitches a festival to draw parents to school and collect their signatures for a petition. However, Draemond shows up with the intention of derailing the event. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15 (9:00-9:32 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Gilles Mingasson)

    And when it mattered most, the community also stepped up, basically ensuring that Mr. Johnson could mop the floor with Draemond after his speech to convince everyone to embrace the Legendary Charter brand flopped and the parents saw right through it all. 

    The Open House proved to them that Abbott is a good, nurturing, and fun place for their kids, with incredible and caring teachers. And despite not having all the necessary resources, they always find a way to make it work—they’re resourceful. One of the parents made a great point—if Draemond cared so much about Abbott, why wouldn’t he invest in the school they already had instead of trying to make everything better, which simply meant that half of the students and teachers would get cut. 

    At the end of the day, it was Abbott 1 – Draemond 0. They’d put that up on the scoreboard, but unfortunately, that didn’t survive the hurrah. 

    Other Noteworthy Moments

    •  For someone who really identifies with the Black experience, I was surprised Jacob didn’t know who Lee Daniels was. 
    • There were plenty of sweet moments between Gregory and Janine, including their blissful gaze once they realized that Abbott was saved. Also, Gregory saying “I’ll do it with you after school, Janine,” and Barbara’s “ohhh,” was fantastic.

    • Erika is the definition of a good friend, and she sees between the lines. Hopefully, she’ll be the one to talk some sense into Janine because Gregory is not fine being just friends. 
    • Her offer to get Gregory roped into Herbalife tickled me.
    • Ava is always one foot in one foot out. She clearly cares about the school but she always does what’s best for Ava, including going to a job interview for Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary Schools. You have to respect her hustle.
    • “Just trying to dunk a white dude” wins as the best quote from the episode. At least Jacob’s aware, right? Nut-ass suit was a close second. 

    • Amber made an appearance and good news—not only did she get the bag, but she also moved on already with a new man!
    • Gregory’s dancing brings me joy… more joy than his deadpan stares into the camera. 
    • Tariq is truly unstoppable… points for creativity and his desire to make raps for national parks. 

    The episode, though comical and heartwarming, took an important stance, emphasizing the need to cherish, celebrate, protect, and fight for our public schools and the teachers who go hard for their students. If we don’t, who will?

    What did you think of this week’s Abbott Elementary

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    Abbott Elementary Recap – Teacher Appreciation (218)



    Abbott Elementary Recap Season 2 Episode 18 Teacher appreciation

    Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 18 was a well-executed episode that provided plenty of laughs along with a more serious topic as fans got a deeper glimpse at Janine’s relationship with her sister. 

    I know that the whole point of a workplace comedy is that it takes place in the workplace—and it’s especially important for a series that serves as a reminder about the important work teachers do for the children—but for the sake of character development, it’s nice to see them outside of the classroom so that we can get a full picture of who they are, even Janine, who lives and breathes Abbott. As her sister said, the elementary school gig is her whole life. 

    As we praise teachers, it’s also nice to see that they don’t live at school—my younger self was convinced that they did. 

    We know that Janine and her sister, Ayesha, have a bit of a tense relationship, but we truly go down to the core of it when she visited and things escalated during game night. 

    Who knew that Jacob’s favorite game, Drought, would cause so much tension? And the poor guy didn’t even realize that everything blew up over some repressed feelings from childhood. Oh, Jacob. 

    The truth is that both Janine and Ayesha hold a lot of resentment for each other for various reasons—for leaving and for staying, for being the fun one and for being the perfect one, etc. They are polar opposites, so it makes sense that they had a hard time understanding each other and seeing eye-to-eye. Janine was hurt by Ayesha’s decision to leave and felt as though all the family problems were dumped on her to handle, meanwhile, Ayesha felt inadequate and as though she was disappointing everyone by not living up to the expectations Janine set, so she decided that leaving would be beneficial for everyone.

    However, they found a way to understand where the other was coming from and salvage their relationship, even if Ayesha didn’t find any of Janine’s jokes funny much like the rest of her colleagues. 

    Game night was chaotic enough before Erika decided to grill Gregory about the teacher’s conference. Tyler James Williams continues to carry scenes with his facial expressions, and this reaction was top-notch. As one Twitter fan wrote, I love a messy friend.

    Back at school, the teachers all began turning on each other after Ava explained that the school district only sent two court-side tickets to a Philadelphia 76ers game. Claws came out—it was vicious. More vicious than the jokes about Gregory’s hat, which definitely gave park ranger meets Pharrell vibes. 

    He felt so confident in his decision to try something new, so I hate that all the teachers ruined it for him, but there’s no denying that Mr. Johnson really just rocked it better than anyone. Also, Gregory took it in stride when they made fun of his hat, but the way he stood up when someone came for his cut. I truly wish we could’ve seen that play out. Here’s a clip because—gold. 

    It’s time to admit that Mr. Johnson truly is the star of the show. Not only did he score the highly coveted tickets and take his podiatrist with him to the game, but he then won an addition $1,000 and a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. The look on Barb’s face was… well, let’s just say she might want to have a few words with Jesus about why she didn’t score a gift card. Also, let this be your reminder to give your child’s teacher a gift card to BWW—they clearly have enough lotion. 

    And while the teachers desperately wanted to be acknowledged in a more meaningful way by the school district during Teacher Appreciation Week (and who doesn’t want a raise? we know teachers deserve it!), they were eventually reminded why the week was so important—it was a reminder that the true magic lies within their colleagues and their students. It’s not much, but they really are a family that sticks together and goes above and beyond for each other, and it’s important not to lose sight of that. 

    While there were plenty of heartfelt moments—and comical ones from Ava, as well—you know things are going to be hitting the fan when she’s that concerned about a letter from the school district, informing her that the board is going to meet about making Abbott a legendary charter school. This is one battle those dedicated teachers will not stand to lose as their number one priority is the children. 

    What did you think of the episode? 

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    Abbott Elementary Recap – Sick Day (209)



    Abbott Elementary Recap Sick Day Season 2 Episode 9

    Abbott Elementary always knows exactly how to touch on serious topics affecting teachers while adding a dash of much-needed humor. 

    And that was the case with Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 9, which found Janine taking a sick day after she ate a tuna sandwich that was left out and heated up by the sun, er, “nature’s microwave.” 

    Jacob warned Janine not to eat the sandwich, reminding her of the time he got food poisoning in Zimbabwe, but she didn’t listen, and she suffered the dire consequences—food poisoning and her first-ever sick day.

    Of course, it happened at a time when the educational system is going through a substitute/teacher shortage, a memo (which stands for memorization, in case you didn’t know) that Ava conveniently overlooked. Despite her best efforts, she wasn’t able to track down a sub for Janine’s class and was forced to take it on by herself, which, as you can imagine, was a disaster in the making.

    Ava rarely takes anything seriously, but this time, she was finally called out on it in a way that she couldn’t ignore—by fine Gregory. He insisted that Ava follow Janine’s sick day binder to a tee, noting that they work hard on the curriculum and that the students need structure in order to function. Deviating from the way things are on done on a daily basis sets the kids up for failure. After Gregory’s pep talk, Ava took her responsibilities as a sub in a slightly more serious way, making sure to write the date on the chalkboard, reading a book during story time, and finding a way to print out the sheets for their weekly spelling test. 

    Of course, when all was said and done, she said it was easy and didn’t understand why the teachers “whine” so much, but in reality, it was a huge wake-up call for Ava. So much so that she even ordered more printer paper, which wouldn’t be necessary if she didn’t use it all up for her pyramid scheme fliers, but I digress. The point is, Ava acknowledged that not everyone is cut out to be a teacher; it takes a special person who wants to dedicate all their time and love to help children flourish.

    Her pyramid scheme of selling eye masks also backfired as all of her customers reported getting freezer burn, which surely wasn’t a user error. When she realized how much backlash she was getting, she immediately closed up shop. Unfortunately, Jacob didn’t get the memo when he treated himself to one of the masks… and suffered the consequences. 

    There was a subplot involving Melissa and Barbara relishing in the silence in the teacher’s lounge upon Janine’s absence, and when another co-worker, Tasha arrived and made it clear that she wasn’t the kind of person who enjoys Janine’s peppy personality, they all bonded. I’ll admit, the storyline was a little cold-hearted as Janine genuinely loves and looks up to her colleagues, particularly Barbara. Their comments and complaints about her were a little mean-spirited, even if they were blowing off some steam. If it wasn’t for Jacob and Gregory, but particularly Jacob, no one would have stood up and defended Janine, when the reality is, she’s the kind of person that helps Abbott Elementary function. She’s a dialogue starter, and not to mention the person who will “fix” anything that’s broken. Does it backfire sometimes? Yes, but they’re all better off because of her presence. 

    Jacob is a truly great friend for sticking up for Janine, as for Gregory, well, his love for her is undeniable. He checked in on her through texts, he made sure her class was running smoothly, and he even brought her electrolytes the following day to make sure she stayed hydrated. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. 

    What did you think of the episode? And are you excited about the holiday special? 

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