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Everything You Need to Know About the Shows You Crave

CraveYouTV was started on October 14, 2011 by Lizzy Buczak. Originally on blogger, CraveYouTV was a blend between Lizzy’s obsession with TV and writing. Three years later, the blog expanded into its very own website. With the expansion of the website came the addition of more writers, who are just as passionate about their TV shows as Lizzy. (Meet The Team here)

CraveYouTV represents a bond between people; a moment when complete strangers connect and talk as if they’ve known each other forever about people they watch on TV who they consider their “best friends.”  Have you ever gone to an interview where suddenly the interviewer forgets for a moment that she’s interviewing you and screeches, “Oh my god, do you watch ‘Revenge’?” Do you ever get excited to go to work just to talk to your co-workers about last nights insane episode? That’s what CraveYouTV is — the instant bond between TV lovers.

What used to be an “in-between classes” gossiping session about the programs on TV the night before became a medium of expression, review, and analysis.

In short, CraveYouTV focuses on shows worth talking about. The shows that are making millions of people at home happy, sad, confused and angry all at the same time. We strive to bring you the most accurate reviews, episode synopsis, TV recaps, music insights and iconic quotes from each of your episodes. We are the number one destination for you to find out everything you want to know about the shows you CRAVE!

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