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American Horror Story

American Horror Story-Freak Show “Curtain Call” (4×13)




 The curtain has fallen on our freakish friends, and last weeks season finale of American Horror Story Freak Show, left me pretty disappointed. Before I get into the recap I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it to end this way. The freaks we’ve all come to love and know all have their finale moments and I wanted it done better.

Dandy goes on a killing spree, before he is killed himself. All of the freaks we come to love, Seal Boy, The Strongwoman, Meryl Streep Jr, and more are shot by Dandy. Desiree is the only one to survive. Jimmy and his now claws comes back to the campground to see the massacre. He Bette and Dot and Desiree plan to kill Dandy for what he has done. I felt like it was a pretty weak plot to have Dandy kill off the characters, especially since it was the finale.

Once they find him, the only thing they can think of is torture. They let him drown in Houdini’s tank, making his farewell as the ultimate freak in a jar. Did I like the way he died, not really. I felt like they could have done more to him, I was expecting some crazy stuff.

Elsa and Massimo are off to hollywood to start Elsa’s grand career. She is fame hungry, but when Hollywood rejects her, the only thing left for her is to find love. She can’t get that with Massimo since he doesn’t have a soul, so she offs herself to Edward Mordrake. Remember in the halloween episode when Mordrake was looking to make his own dead freak show, well now she is part of it.

I felt like they didn’t do Elsa justice either. This was Jessica Langes last year on AHS, and I needed more. I didn’t want to see her end just by sining songs to the dead, I wanted to see her die in a crazy way, or live up to the damage she did with her freaks. Overall we saw everyones story come to an end, and its crazy to admit but I will miss my fellow freaks.



Photo Credit: FX/AHS

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WATCH: “American Horror Story” Invites You To The Cult for Season 7



AHS Season 7 Cult

Ryan Murphy is taking some inspo from R. Kelly for the upcoming 7th season of American Horror Story.

Sorry, we had to.

The director revealed the show’s new theme…. drumroll, please…. CULT.

Ryan, who is super secretive about show themes, dropped clues leading up to the reveal on Instagram, which included creepy clowns, American flags, and a person being eaten alive by a hive of bees. Not creepy at all.

While fans still don’t really know what “Cult” signifies but in his announcement, Murphy asked fans to “join the cult.”


Here’s what we know so far:

  • Twisty the Clown is back for the season.

  • So did Billie Lourd


If I were to take a guess, I would say the series will be set in a colonial town and everyone will be blindly in a patriotic, pro-America cult.

And maybe the cult is run by clowns? I’m definitely getting Purge movie vibes!

guess we’ll find out when the series debuts on Sept. 5!

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American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Freak Show- Show Stoppers (4×12)



My fellow freaks, our favorite television show is coming to an end.  It’s crazy to think that we’ve come this far, but tonight the curtain will come down and it will be the season finale of the freak show. Before we get into tonights episode, last week left our jaws dropped when a magic trick went HORRIBLY wrong. Everyone finds out about Elsa killing Ethel, and Jimmy is having a hard time realizing he has no hands. And if things weren’t freakier, Marjorie (Chester’s Doll) confesses to Bette and Dot that Chester killed his wife and her lover. Bette and Dot are not okay with this, but I guess the show must go on.


Chester has his first meeting as owner, and wants to change up his finale so that Bette and Dot are cut in half. They are completely thrown off and decline the offer. This is when things start to get a little crazy. Chester begins to hallucinate, and thinks that Maggie is his former wife and so he locks her feet in place so that they can’t be pulled into the box. He then saws her in half and all of her guts spill out onto the stage. I WAS MORTIFIED.

Chester then looses it, and starts stabbing Marjorie. He thinks he “Killed her” but we all know she is a dummy. He takes her to the police station and turns himself in. He is then sent to an asylum for the crazy. Back at the camp, everyone is on the hunt of Elsa, so much that they don’t even mourn Maggie. They all know what Elsa did, and want to punish her for it. Bette and Dot warn her about everyone coming for her, and she fleas. She is then seen with Dandy, who has now bought the show. As he is taking a look around his inventory, he hears something in the tent. In a cage, he sees Stanley, who has been transformed, from what looks like amputations. It looks like a creepy little version of Meep, and I was very disgusted. I can’t wait to see how the freak show ends, since this episode was the scariest all season long.


Photo Credit: American Horror Story/FX

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American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Freak Show- Magical Thinking (4×11)



Hello my fellow freaks, its been awhile. While life kept me busy, our favorite television freaks have been up to a lot. We have a new freak that joined the cast, and he’s played by Neil Patrick Harris. The episode starts off by showing us how Jimmy’s hands ended up display at the Morbidity Museum. The story is that Stanley convinced him into sacrificing his left hand in order to pay for a lawyer. Jimmy ended up agreeing. After giving him crazy meds that made him pass throw up,  Jimmy passes out, and by the time he wakes up in a real hospital, Stanley has already sawed off both of his hands. It doesn’t make it any better because the nurse thinks Jimmy is a crazy murder, and refuses to give him any medicine.

Back at the freak show, Bette and Dot have finally made peace with being stuck together. After growing through all the craziness of wanting to be separated, they are okay with being together. While they are happy being together, they decide they are ready to loose their virginity. The only problem is the boy factor is lacking at the freakshow. Jimmy is gone so that leaves their options slim to none. That is until a traveling salesman named Chester appears at the camp (Played by NPH).


Chester is not only a salesman, but also an amateur magician/ ventriloquist with dreams of performing at the carnival. Elsa isn’t interested in his act at all, until Chester drops a hint that he may have a lot of money at his disposal. After that Elsa agrees to have him in the show.  Let me just say that Chester has to be the freakiest freak I’ve seen on the show. He believes his dummy is real, and even has visions of it talking. Like I stated early the twins are ready to get their freak on, and want to have sex with Chester. he agrees but demands that his dummy is there as well. The girls  don’t decline.

We learn a lot about Chester in this episode. We learned that he was a veteran who returned from the war with a serious case of Shell Shock aka PTSD. He was also married at a point in time, but came home to find out his wife was cheating on him with another woman. Chester would just sit and watch his wife and her lover have sex, but the freaky part is he would watch with his dummy. He then came home one day to the dummy killing his wife and her lover, which I believe was just  a vision and he really killed them both.



-Elsa announces she is selling the freak show to Chester, but I have a feeling that will end badly.

-Dandy is still around and still obsessed with the twins. He actually hired a private investigator on them and he took pictures of the girls having sex with Chester.

-Dell and Eve managed to help Jimmy escape out of jail, and Dell gets shot during the process.

-Elsa kills Dell! He confesses to killing Ma Petite, and while he is talking to Desiree about it, Elsa has been watching him from behind the bushes and shoots him.


Photo Credit: FX/Michele K/American Horror Story

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