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Arrow: Heir to the Demon (02 x 13)



26695b035abe4ba6cbec5dbb4c0b74d0Just when we forget how hot everyone in Arrow is, they give us an episode like Heir to the Demon to remind us. Not only is the ever-so-sexy Black Canary back in her leather, but Mrs. Lance has decided to come home. It’s a shame she’s just going to be kidnapped. Oops! Did I just let that slip?!

Our Black Canary is proving to have a bad girl side. When we meet this weeks villain, Sara rushes at her as if about to take her out, but instead they start kissing! Yes, you heard me right! What the heck Sara! I know it must have gotten lonely on the island, but couldn’t you find someone other than Ra al Ghul’s daughter?!

Nyssa al Ghul’s sole mission is to bring Sara back into the League. But Sara has chosen the path as Starling City’s female vigilante. She can’t leave her family and Ollie just yet, especially to take over the world with the League. So when Sara refuses, Nyssa threatens to kill off her family. Some girlfriend, huh?!


When Sara takes the League-poison to demonstrate that she would rather die than go back to into the League. Oh hey! Nyssa actually has a heart! After Sara is revived, Nyssa decided that Sara can be officially released from the League.

Then we have Moira causing trouble as usual. She needs to tell Thea who her real father is and quit hiding behind the fact that, “we all have our secrets”, before it gets out and hurts someone. Oh, wait. It did. Felicity can’t hold a secret for shit. Right before Oliver goes to endorse his mother for mayor, Felicity spills the beans.


SAR-ILVER! YESSS! The final scene brings us what we’ve all been waiting for. After being hurt by his mother and Sara’s emotional day with Nyssa, Oliver and Sara wind up in each others arms. BOUT FRICKEN TIME!

Where will this rebutting romance go in the next episode? And how heartbroken will Felicity be? Find out Wednesday at 8/7C on the CW!


Steven McQueen Leaving TVD for Arrow?



Is Steven McQueen leaving The Vampire Diaries?! Maybe. Possibly. Actually, probably not, so no one panic! 

Steven McQueen, who plays Jeremy Gilbert on the hit CW show, has been campaigning to play Nightwing on Arrow, another CW drama.

And the picture on his Instagram with Stephen Amell, proves that his wishes might just come true…. eventually. At least he’s talking to the right people!



Photo Credit: Stephen McQueen Instagram

The two were hanging out and supporting hockey’s L.A Kings for the NHL finals. The photo does however include #nightwing in the caption, which makes it clear that McQeen is not giving up on his dreams anytime soon!

Nightwing is a DC comics character who is a later incarnation of Batman’s sidekick Robin. As of right now, Nightwing hasn’t even been introduced on Arrow mainly because there hasn’t been room for him on the show’s complicated storyline. No word on whether the producer plan to introduce him in season 3 either. Maybe this is already a done casting and McQueen is subtly trying to give us all a hint?

Or maybe he would be better trying his efforts at the new Fox show, Gotham, which focuses on a time before Batman existed, although the producers have said the show is set so far in the past, Nightwing might have not even existed yet.

What are your thoughts?


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Arrow: “Suicide Squad” Preview



Opposites attack. How will the Arrow team hold up against everyone enemy they have ever let go? Find out Wednesday at 8/7C on the CW!

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Arrow: The Promise (02 x 15)



The PromiseWe come back into Arrow right where we left off last week. Slade is in Oliver’s house and he’s getting pretty friendly with Moira Queen. Turns out that he’s now making donations to Moira’s mayoral campaign. Well played, Slade Wilson, well played. Slade even digs the knife in deeper when he suggested opening a bottle of rum and having a drink toward “friendship”.

Normally I’m not a big fan of the flashbacks as you’ve learned from my reviews of Season One, but this episodes flashbacks were actually crucialto the storyline. Oliver and Slade were brothers on the island. Slade taught Oliver everything he knew, especially when it came to the bow and arrow. Which puts in perspective how dangerous Slade actually is.

The PromiseWhile trying to take over the cargo ship, Oliver allowed for himself to be caught by Ivo and his men and thrown into a cell. Ivo, not being agentle man, puts Ollie in his torture chair. After realizing that Oliver won’t give up the coordinates of his friends easily, he injects him with a truth serum. The location of Slade and Sara flows easily from his lips the moment the serum goes through his system. No, Ollie, No!! But wait, another flashback, Sara created a serum that would fight off the truth serum and give Oliver a clear head. He gave Ivo the wrong information and now Sara and Slade can come take over the ignorant ship. After a long fight, Ivo lets it slip that Oliver is the reason that Shado is dead, that Ollie chose Sara over Shado. The anger that flashes in Slade’s eyes is mystifying. His “brother” betrayed him and is the reason the woman that he loves is dead. Slade turns on Oliver and Ivo escapes. More truth starts coming out when Slade reveals that he kept the Mirakura. He makes Oliver a promise that he’s not going to end his life until he has known complete and utter despair.

Back in Starling City we find Roy training with Sara, Diggle and Felicity. He looks pretty hopeless. When Oliver alerts them that Slade is in his house, they all devise a plan. Diggle sets up outside the mansion to take a shot at Slade as he leaves, Roy heads into the house to get Thea and Moira out of the way just in case anything goes wrong, and Sara is just ready to fight. Everyone is there except for Felicity.

Just before Slade leaves, he tells Oliver that he made a promise a while back, and he’s now here to fulfill it. Diggles goes to take his shot and someone comes behind him and knocks him out. What?!! Slade gets away free.


Moira takes Slade’s side when Oliver goes back in to talk to his mother. She can’t overlook the way he was treating her benefactor and if that’s the way he’s going to act, maybe he shouldn’t live with them anymore. Bold move, Moira. Especially since a few months ago, you tried leveling the city.

The last scene shows Slade watching several video screens. His trip to the house wasn’t for nothing. The tour Moira gave him provided plenty of time to plant cameras throughout the mansion.

Slade is set on making Oliver pay, but who will be caught in the crossfire? And who knocked out Diggle? Could it be Felicity? What do you think? Tweet @brittanydebaltz and keep the conversation going.

Arrow Wednesday at 8/7C on the CW

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