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Away Space Dogs Review Season 1 Episode 5 Away Space Dogs Review Season 1 Episode 5


Away Review – Space Dogs (1×05)




This Christmas is not like the others!

Christmas in space can get pretty lonely. After all, you’re a billion miles away from the people you love. 

The distance was made worse by the fact that all voice communication would soon cease because the Atlas was almost halfway to Mars. Email and text communication would still be possible but even those times would be delayed with messages taking as long as an hour to get delivered.

For the first half of the season, the crew has struggled with the sacrifices made to man this mission, but they’ve held it together because of their ability to stay connected with loved ones. It’s not the same as being there, but you could still be there in real-time with your family or friends. 

That’s no longer going to be an option and they are going into the dark and into the unknown.

Therefore, much of the episode focused on everyone saying their goodbyes as if they were their final goodbyes. Emma is certain they will make it back home from the mission, but there are no guarantees and space has proven to be tough on even the most experiences of astronauts.  

With Emma’s close connection to her family, she took the goodbye the hardest. And while it’s understandable, Lu’s advice couldn’t be more brilliant.

Yes, losing time with your family is heartbreaking. She wouldn’t be there to see Lex grow up, become a senior, fall in love, etc. She also wouldn’t be there for Matt during his recovery. However, she was gaining something that no man or woman has ever accomplished — she was going to Mars. 

Lu’s advice of keeping your eye on the prize is the only thing that will get them through these tough times. 

As previously mentioned, space is taking an emotional and physical toll on everyone. Well, everyone except for Lu who is somehow in better shape than she was when they left Earth. 

Kwesi began losing parts of his body due to atrophy. While it’s interesting to learn just how space affects your body, that scene an the beginning of the episode where his skin just peeled off from his foot and began floating around in space was nauseating. 

Misha is also suffering from a loss of eyesight. There’s apparently a term for your eyesight being severely compromised in space — “space blindness,” but unfortunately, there’s no known cause and thus, no known remedy.

This will obviously complicate things for the crew as their survival depends on everyone being of sound health and mind. 

Instead of tackling the issue head-on, Misha is avoiding the problem because he’s scared and knows that it could sabotage everything he’s worked his entire life for. Can you imagine dedicating everything to conquer space and finally reaching Mars but not being able to see anything?

Those floating high above weren’t the only ones struggling. 

On Earth, things were just as tense as Matt made it home in time for Christmas. With the home outfitted with ramps to accommodate his wheelchair, home didn’t feel very home-y.

The problem with both Matt and Lex is that they’re bottling up their emotions and trying to keep a sense of normalcy for one another. The harder they try to be normal, the more it’s evident that it’s anything but. 

And we all know what happens when you bottle up your emotions. Eventually, they explode. 

Lex did a better job of venting all of her frustrations to her mother during their last call. She continues to find ways to create a new normal and is looking for ways to cope with the changes. Isaac has been a huge help with that. 

For Matt, it’s not as easy. He doesn’t want to burden Emma with his physical disabilities and is also avoiding the real issues at hand just like Misha because he wants things to return to normal so badly.

His “explosion” finally happened after he struggled to pull down the holiday decorations from the shelf and toppled over as his legs gave out under him. 

It’s incredibly hard to accept that you’re no longer able to do the things you once were, but part of growing and accepting change is acknowledging the new limits imposed by your body.

By trying to fix things quickly, I fear he’ll make things worse for himself. 

Without Emma, the only way Matt and Lex are going to get through this is by communicating openly. 

She snuck out and didn’t even do anything bad — she went to midnight mass for Christmas. Obviously, she’s a good kid that just needs to find her way and breath. And Matt needs to realize that she’s becoming her own person and needs her space. They’ll get it down, eventually.

The first step was simply accepting their new reality and going to Melissa’s for the holidays. I have this weird feeling that Matt and Melissa will form an intimate relationship. I know Matt loves Emma and don’t think he’d ever cheat on her, but I can’t shake this feeling whenever I see them interact. Let’s hope I’m wrong. 

The scene between Emma and Ram was also strange. During Away Season 1 Episode 4, I never got the sense that Ram was trying to hit on Emma or overstep any boundaries, so it was weird that she reminded him “not to get the wrong idea.” Was he ever getting the wrong idea?

Three years is a long time, but I never got the sense that Ram was trying to move in on her or mistook her kindness for anything other than friendship and her loyalty to the mission. 

The best part of the episode was watching the Atlas crew celebrate the holidays together. 

There are plenty of things that they’ll have to deal with, but one night of Christmas cheer is good for the soul. And that Christmas cheer included Misha’s homemade vodka, the first real food in months as Kwesi presented everyone with the first greens grown on the Atlas, and dancing!

Misha also put on a puppet show for his grandchildren, and it was sweet to see the whole crew get involved to help him out with the production. 

Misha topped off the night by apologizing to his daughter for abandoning her, and while one apology won’t erase years of pain, it’s a start and the only thing he can do while floating in space. If they don’t make it back — and for the sake of a second season, let’s hope they do — at least she got to hear her father’s side of the story. 

No one ever just abandons a child without reason. In Misha’s case, he thought that his daughter would be better off being raised by her uncle and aunt and he was better off in space rather than drinking away his sorrows every day. It may not have been the best decision, but it was the one he thought would give her the best life. 

No one can fault him for that. 

Slowly but surely, the crew members are beginning to open up and trust each other. It’s lovely to watch. 

Kwesi remains the only crew member that we don’t know all that much about, but his celebration of Hannukah with his “mum” seems to indicate he was adopted. 

I’ll be interested to see how his storyline plays out moving forward. 

What did you think of the episode? Will the crew make it without relying on communications with their loved ones?

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Is ‘Bridgerton’s’ Regé-Jean Page Going to be the Next James Bond?



Is Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page Going to be the Next James Bond?

From duke to 007!

If you binge-watched Netflix’s Bridgerton in one sitting, you’re more than familiar with the dashing Regé-Jean Page.

Rumor has it that the breakout star made such an impression on audiences and executives that he’s in the running to be the next James Bond. 

British betting firm Ladbrokes has been closely watching 007 predictions in the U.K. ahead of the upcoming No Time to Die premiere, which marks Daniel Craig’s final run as the notorious agent. 

And Page is climbing the ranks! 

Since the Shondaland series premiere, Page’s odds jumped to 5/1 in the betting after previously being at 40/1 before Christmas.

While Page’s chances of snagging the coveted role are high, he isn’t the only one in the running. 

“Tom Hardy still leads the way as favorite, with James Norton close behind in second place. But it really is all to play for in the race for 007 and [Regé-Jean Page] has a great chance if the odds are anything to go by,” Ladbrokes rep Alex Apati told Variety

“What strengthens RJP’s chances somewhat more is that an announcement feels seemingly imminent [around] Daniel Craig’s replacement, so the timing of ‘Bridgerton’s’ success may well have worked in his favor,” Apati noted.

Fans of the series were quick to “ship” the potential casting with many noting: “If @regejean is the new James Bond… I’ll actually watch a James Bond.”

However, not everyone was convinced with some noting that Page seems to young for the role of the MI6 agent. 

To put it in perspective, Page is 31 while Craig was 38 when he 38 when he starred in the first Bond film.

Page, who also starred in the short-lived For the People, plays Simon Basset, the charming Duke of Hastings in the first season of Shonda Rhimes’ breakout series for the streaming service. 

TVLine announced that Bridgerton is said to be Netflix’s fifth biggest original series launch of all time with a projected reach of 63 million households in the first four weeks of its debut. 

The next installment of the Bond franchise was delayed a year due to the COVID pandemic and is set to debut on April 2, 2021, so it’s likely a new Bond won’t be officially announced until then. 

But till then, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for Page. 

Here’s the betting breakdown for the role:

Tom Hardy – 6/4
James Norton – 7/4
Idris Elba – 7/2
Regé-Jean Page – 5/1
Sam Heughan – 6/1
Richard Madden – 6/1
Jack Lowden – 8/1
Cillian Murphy – 10/1

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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Season 4 Easter Eggs and Nods to ‘Riverdale’



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review

Since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was cancelled by Netflix, the series was never able to deliver a crossover with Riverdale, or its now-cancelled spinoff, Katy Keene.

However, that doesn’t mean the fourth and final season skipped on the fun Easter Eggs and nods. 

The series fully embraced its connection to Riverdale, R5 (Ross Lynch’s former family band), and Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Here are some of the best Easter eggs from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4!


Season 4 Episode 1

Roz raises issues about the lack of sex education at Baxter High, especially after the adulterous pagans blew into town on season 3. She points out that Riverdale has condom machines in the bathroom in the first reference of the season. It’s a bit of an odd comment, but honestly, fitting considering how much hooking up happens in the small town bordering Greendale. 



Season 4 Episode 3

After Sabrina is possessed by The Weird, an octopus-like eldritch terror, her new lab partner and the dude she went on one date, Lucas Hunt, doesn’t show up for class. When she asks the teacher why, he informs her that he “transferred to Riverdale High,” which Sabrina deems is probably for the best. It seems like she doesn’t truly know what goes down in the halls of R.H. though because it’s genuinely just as weird as Baxter High. I wonder if we’ll be seeing Mr. Hunt in future episodes of Riverdale?



Season 4 Episode 6

As Harvey, Roz and Theo get ready for band practice, they have a tense confrontation with a new band called the Stoned Philosophers, who claim they booked the practice rooms. Riverdale fans will immediately recognize band leader “Tobey” and his friends as Stonewall Prep’s Bret, Donna, and Joan. Yep, the same trio that went after Jughead and caused him to fake his own death are now bullying Harvey and friends! We may not have a full-on crossover, but this is one thrilling surprise!

In the same episode, Satanic Panic, a heavy metal band from back in the day resurrects to cause havoc in Greendale and compete in the Battle of the Bands. The lead of the band is played by Ross Lynch’s (Harvey) real-life brother, Riker Lynch. They were both in the band R5! 


Season 4 Episode 7 

Fans of The WB sitcom which gave us the OG Sabrina Spellman, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, will recognize Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick as Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. The actresses replaced Sabrina’s “Aunties,” played by Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis in the Netflix adaptation, in the parallel realm in which Sabrina Morningstar finds herself stuck in a diabolical sitcom as part of the Endless terror prior to the culmination of the Void. In addition to Rhea and Broderick guest starring, there’s also a laugh track and a Salem that talks… just like in the sitcom!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Recap Deus Ex Machina Season 4 Episode 5



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9 Biggest Moments from ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Season 4



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina wrapped up its run with the fourth and final season on Netflix.

Sabrina and friends faced their biggest threat to date – the eldrtich terrors. 

You can read recaps of each episode and a full season review right here!

Here are the biggest moments from the eight-episode season.


The Eldritch Terrors… obviously

The whole season revolved around the ancient entities that culminated with the arrival of the Void – the end of all things. Fitting for a final season, right? Sabrina, the coven, and her mortal friends teamed up to defeat each other terrors – The Dark, The Uninvited, The Weird, The Perverse, The Cosmic, The Returned, The Endless, and finally, The Void. 


Hilda and Mr. C Get Married

Nothing was going to stand in the way of Hilda and Mr. C’s big day, not even a terror threatening humankind. The odd couple agreed to have a wedding reception and ceremony as dictated by Zelda and the Academy, which ended up being kind of downer when The Uninvited crashed the party, killed Dorian, and then threatened everyone else because they refused to extend him an invite to the party. Sabrina served as mediator by swooping herself and The Uninvited to Hell for another wedding, where she then married him and trapped him in a prison existing outside of time and space on their wedding night. And she made it home just in time for the private ceremony at the Spellman house in which Hilda and Dr. C exchanged vows dressed up as their favorite movie monsters. 


Sabrina Gets Married to Caliban 

That other wedding I mentioned? It was Sabrina Morningstar’s! The 16-year-old wed Caliban, yeah, the same one that tried to kill her and Sabrina Spellman. She promised her was reformed and loved her and all that, but Caliban will always be Caliban… and he had his eye on that throne. Of course, this didn’t take away from Sabrina’s stunning red lace dress. Though, she did have to share the spotlight with Sabrina Spellman, who used the wedding as an opportunity to marry The Uninvited and trick him into captivity. All in a day’s work for these witches!


Roz is a Witch 

Roz always had powers, better known as “the cunning,” which essentially gave her psychic abilities, but this season, she learned that she’s a full-blown witch. Her ancestors, who were proud Christian women, didn’t want to be persecuted for witchcraft so they simply didn’t call themselves the W-word. However, once Mambo Marie proved that Roz had powers, she was welcomed into the Academy to join Mambo Marie and Prudence – and later Agatha – as the newest Weird Sister.


Sabrina Morningstar Perishes

With the realms in peril because of the existence of two Sabrinas, one of them had to go to the parallel realm to restore balance. Sabrina and Sabrina Morningstar played rock, paper, scissors to decide, and Morningstar lost. She walked through the mirror (wish it was a closet like on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to be honest) in hopes of restoring balance in the cosmos and found herself in an eldritch terror known as the Endless. Basically, she was stuck in a diabolical sitcom and Salem is the eldritch terror. When the Void arrived, she managed to convince Salem that they had to escape and they ran back through the mirror. While she made it back to Sabrina’s realm, she died shortly after without telling Sabrina how to defeat it. 


Easter Eggs Galore 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is known for throwing in little Easter eggs to sister show Riverdale, but they had a ton of fun with it in the final season. There were a few mentions of Riverdale High School and a cameo by Bret, Donna, and Joan, who played characters in a punk band. Riker Lynch, the brother of Ross Lynch (Harvey), also had a role as an undead leader of a rock band. 

And lastly, one episode replaced Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda and Zelda with Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, who played the original roles in the WB sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch

See all the Easter eggs here


Lilith Destroys Lucifer

Lilith has been wanting to reign in Hell for years. After killing her newborn son, Adam, to protect him from his father, Lucifer, she negotiated to get her powers back. She then turned on Lucifer and stabbed him with the sword she used to kill Lazarus, drank his blood, embraced his powers, and banished him to the Mortal Realm. Payback’s a b….


Agatha Returns to Normal

Crazy Agatha is crazy no more! After Dorcas returned to the land of the living due to an eldritch terror, she forgave her sister for murdering her. When that happened, Agatha snapped back to reality and clearly, had no recollection of what happened in the months prior. As Prudence said, it’s good to have her back, but she needs to be clued in on a lot. 


Sabrina and Nick Are Endgame… Literally

When Nick took responsibility for the demise of  his relationship with Sabrina on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, it was a big step. He promised to wait until she was ready because they were “endgame.” Sabrina likely didn’t think she would be ready as soon as she was, but when there’s a chance you might die, you kind of have to follow your heart. And her heart said that she loved Nick. From then on, they were inseparable as they fought side-by-side to defeat the eldritch terrors. 

When Sabrina embodied a piece of the Void and sacrificed herself to save everyone, it was heartbreaking to watch Nick mourn his girlfriend and the life they would have had together. But two people who are destined to be together will always find their way back to each other. As Sabrina chilled out in heaven, she was surprised to see Nick, who explained he went swimming and there was a “wicked undertow.”

The two kissed as he declared that they had forever and ever together. 

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