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The Bachelor Fans Call Barb Manipulative Peter Weber The Bachelor Fans Call Barb Manipulative Peter Weber

The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Believes Barb’s Manipulative ‘Crocodile Tears’ Explain Peter’s Choices This Season

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There are some brutal tweets floating around about Barb, Peter Weber’s mother, after part-one of The Bachelor finale.

It was the emotional moment heard around the world (or, at least, Bachelor Nation) and the one fans thought they were looking forward to, but when it played out during last night’s two-hour episode, it was simply annoying.

To quote our girl Tyra Banks, we were all rooting for you, Barb.

Barb urging Peter to “bring her back to us” turned out to be about Hannah Ann and more manipulative than anyone could’ve imagined.

Many fans referred to her tears as “crocodile tears” to convince her son that Hannah Ann, simply referred to as Hannah by Peter’s dad and an “angel” by his mom, was “the one.”

Peter was already struggling with his decision because he has two really great women to choose including Hannah Ann and Madison.

He was able to get over all the “ultimatum” drama and see past it because he sees a future with Madison. He knows it’ll be hard because they aren’t exactly on the same page, but nothing that’s worth it is ever easy.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the support of his family, who, particularly momma B, couldn’t get over it. It’s actually quite disturbing to see how much the family knows about Peter’s sex life and how they demeaned Madison for sticking to her guns and beliefs.

While being open about sex is one thing, in this case, it was as if the Weber family looked down on Madi for being a virgin.

She immediately became “wrong” for Peter and his mother tried to insinuate that she wanted to control or change him by simply voicing her concerns and wants.

Bachelor Nation previously brought up why Madi joined a show like The Bachelor that isn’t exactly religious or family-friendly, (and neither is windmill Peter), but at this point, we can’t fault the girl for wanting to find love and a true partner.

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She found it with Peter, but unfortunately, his mother got in the way, and many fans pointed out that even if they got married, she’d continue to get in the way and his parents would always butt into his relationship.

The fandom went even further and said that Barb’s manipulative actions were the reason why Peter kept choosing the women that were very obviously wrong for him. (See: Victoria F keeps gaslighting Peter on ‘The Bachelor’ and It Needs to Stop)

When she saw that Peter was struggling with the decision, she broke out the tears to get her way, and fans pinpointed this moment as the explanation for all of The Bachelor Season 24.

It’s why Peter kept being drawn to the women who cried and were either toxic or manipulative — it’s all he’s ever known.

One user commented on the ABC video writing, “Now we know why Peter is attracted to manipulative women who victimize their egocentric behaviors.”

Another wrote, “No wonder Peter equates a woman crying with love. That’s how his mother has manipulated him to do her will his whole life. I hope this experience teaches her to let her son be his own man.”

Another user summed it up perfectly:

“Peter’s mom is a narcissist. She:

1. Manipulates her son by crying so dramatically and tries to blackmail him saying she will welcome Hannah Ann home (the inverse means she wouldn’t do the same for Maddie)

2. Projects herself onto her son – when she said that she sees her and Peter’s dad in Hannah Ann and Peter, and she seemed 100% convinced of it and believed it

3. She feels threatened by Maddie because Maddie might change Peter into being NOT “spiritual” like her, as she said that Peter and her are both spiritual and she doesn’t want that to change…”

Fans went as far as stating Barb has been the true villain of the season all along and even joked she should be the next woman to be sent home.

In a healthy situation, what should have happened was the family, Barb included, should have given their advice but supported Peter as he followed his heart regardless of which woman he chose to be with.

Peter is 28-years-old, at some point, they have to let him go and trust that he’ll do what’s best.

While Barb was given the “villain” title, fans praised Madi for standing up for herself when his mother tried to shame her for her beliefs.

In case you missed it, she offered up this amazing quote (and it’s in caps because it deserves to be heard over and over again): “MY FEELINGS ARE VALID JUST AS MUCH AS HIS. THIS IS HIS JOURNEY BUT IT’S MINE TOO.”

Tell ’em, girl.

Madi is a strong, independent, self-aware, and confident. And it seems like the Weber family just wasn’t ready for her to be Queen.

Regardless of the outcome of The Bachelor finale, hopefully, Peter reflects on his journey and makes the necessary changes in his life.

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The pilot and the lawyer were seen cozying up in her hometown of Chicago on Wednesday afternoon.

The duo was spotted hitting the riverwalk and cuddling up. At one point, Peter even picked Kelley up over his head, which isn’t surprising because all the girls loved to jump on Peter when they greeted him this season.

TMZ reports that Peter was very handsy with Kelley.

All of this might have been cuter if not for the fact that Chicago is currently under a “stay at home” order to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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If Kelley is giving Peter a second chance, if they’re soulmates, if they’ve figured it all out, it’s all great, just please stay indoors and stay away from other people!

I’m sure they can find something productive to do.

And if you gotta walk the pooch, make your walk quick and 6-feet away from other people.

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