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Batwoman A Secret Kept From All The Rest Review Batwoman A Secret Kept From All The Rest Review


Batwoman Review – The Contents of Lucious Fox’s Journal Revealed, Safiya Sohail Teased (1×19)

Batwoman -- “A Secret Kept From All The Rest” -- Image Number: BWN119a_0517r -- Pictured: Gabriel Mann as Hush -- Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.



The battle for Lucious Fox’s journal continued on Batwoman Season 1 Episode 19.

Kate was determined to get the journal back while Alice was determined to crack the code so she could know how to kill Batwoman. 

Considering everything in Gotham revolves around Alice, Kate should’ve figured that it was her sister who snagged the book, especially when Reagan explained that she stole the book to help her sister, Magpie, buy her freedom out of Arkham. 

Who else could Magpie be conspiring with on the inside if not Alice?

However, Kate was too focused on fighting with Luke and expecting the worst from Julia to see the answers that were right in front of her.

Her baseless fight with Luke not only put him and Julia in danger, but it resulted in Batwoman not having the tools she needed to go after the new villain, Hush (just Tommy with his face bandaged up because he was awaiting his new face from Alice who never delivered on her promise), when he began snatching codebreakers to decode the journal.

Kate really needs to recognize when her pride is doing her a disservice and getting in the way.  

If she put her ego aside and owned up to her mistake, Luke would’ve never been out there investigating Julia and thus, wouldn’t have been easily snatched up by Hush. 

However, this unearths a bigger problem within the fresh #TeamBat — the lack of honesty and trust. 

A villain can easily infiltrate a group that doesn’t have a sturdy foundation. Honesty is always key, but in this case, it also eliminates a lot of shady areas that can be exploited by Gotham’s most dangerous criminals. If everyone is on the same page, no one can be manipulated! 

When Kate found out Julia approached Reagan to get intel about the book, she was convinced that Julia wasn’t being truthful about her return to Gotham and job with the Crows. Similarly, her fight with Luke sent him to investigate Julia despite fiercely defending her and he learned that there was some merit to Kate’s concerns, but it wasn’t what everyone thought. More on that in a minute.

Alice was way too trigger happy when Professor Carr and the undercover NSA agent, Tony Kim, were of no use to her forcing Hush to pursue the third codebreaker, Parker, the teen we met earlier this season who inspired Batwoman to come out as part of the LGBTQ. 

Parker may have been an “easy target” because Hush ambushed the poor girl after she left school, but she wasn’t stupid and informed her girlfriend over Facetime to reach out to Kate Kane. 

At this point, Kate should’ve figured out that only Alice would think to rope in Parker. After all, she was one of the few people who witnessed Parker’s talents. 

But it wasn’t until she saved Parker, who successfully traced Carr’s pacemaker back to Arkham, for her to realize that Alice was behind everything. 

By that point, Alice already had her hands on Luke Fox and was motivating him to crack his father’s journal by giving Julia some powerful bolts of energy. 

Batwoman A Secret Kept From All The Rest Review

Credit: Batwoman/ The CW

Mary, whose jealousy was in full swing after Parker was allowed into the Batcave (they really just let anyone in there nowadays), stumbled upon some glasses that decoded the journal, which Kate took as ammo. 

She then busted into Arkham — and unintentionally let loose a ton of criminals including Alice and Mouse — and offered her sister a deal: the glasses in exchange for Julia and Luke. 

Luke was right that her idea was stupid. Batwoman didn’t put up much of a fight and gave Alice the recipe to kill her. It’s a secret Lucious Fox died protecting, it’s one that Luke and Julia were both ready to die protecting, and she gave over the keys to the craziest and most dangerous person in Gotham. 

Of course, I don’t doubt that Luke can whip up something that would counteract the kryptonite since it took him less than 15 minutes to crack the complicated code, but it’s still disappointing that Kate didn’t have a better plan in place to save herself and her friends.

Alice had a plan that worked and allowed Alice to run free once again. 

I hate to say it, but Alice is Kate’s kryptonite. 

As long as Kate feels any morsel of connection to her sister, there will always be a way to destroy her. 

But since the weapon to destroy Batwoman is kryptonite in the hands of her kryptonite, wouldn’t it be fun if this led to a mini-crossover with Supergirl since we know the little green rock exists in National City? 

Sophie and Julia celebrated her return by locking lips (Kate shouldn’t be surprised, she gave them the go-ahead), and then Julia revealed she was previously working for Safiya Sohail, a villain and Kate Kane’s ex from the comics. 

Safiya was mentioned in Batwoman Season 1 Episode 7 as the boss of The Rifle and apparently made a deal with Julia not to kill Batwoman. Julia terminated the deal the moment she realized that she was played because of what was inside Lucious’s journal, which she was fetching for her “boss.”

In the comics, Julia helps Batwoman deal with Safiya, so it seems the series is adapting the storyline in some capacity. Will Safiya also be in charge of the terrorist group “Many Hands of Death” like in the comics?

Since Batwoman/Kate didn’t have any connection to the name when Julia mentioned it, it’s unlikely they’ll offer up the ex-girlfriend route, and maybe it’s for the best. How many ex-girlfriends can Kate have?

Gotham has no shortage of villains, and in the same vein, Batwoman has no shortage of enemies who want her dead.

And those enemies include her own father. Commander Kane promised Batwoman he’d wage war if she didn’t step away and stop putting the people of Gotham at risk. 

Usually, I wouldn’t agree with him, but what went down at Arkham wasn’t pretty. 

However, Kane has absolutely no idea he’s waging war on his own daughter. If it’s any consolation to Mary, at least she isn’t the last person to find out that Kate is Batwoman.

Other Gotham Thoughts

  • Since Parker has now been brought into the Batcave, can we bring her on permanently? You can never have too many hackers/ coders. 
  • It goes to show you how deranged Mouse is that he truly thought Arkham was his Wonderland. Is he going to punish Alice for destroying his happiness?
  • How is Sophie still in the dark about Batwoman?!

What did you think of the penultimate episode of Batwoman?

Are you ready for the finale next week? Will it offer us a glimpse at Safiya? And yep, we’ll get a showdown between Batwoman and Commander Kane! 

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Batwoman Premiere Review – What Happened to Kate Kane? (2×01)



Batwoman Premiere Review What Happened to Kate Kane Season 2 Episode 1

The Batwoman Season 2 premiere answered two pressing questions: “What happened to Kate Kane?” and “Who is Ryan Wilder?”

When Ruby Rose announced that she was leaving the show, many fans questioned how the series would move on without its main heroine, especially when all the plotlines leading up to season 2 were heavily revolved around her. 

Those questions only intensified when it was announced that Javicia Leslie was cast as Ryan Wilder,  a woman who embraces the cowl and cape of Gotham’s masked crusader. 

Though my hopes weren’t high for the series, it seems that hitting the “reset” button during the premiere episode was in the show’s best interest. Seeing all the familiar faces brought a sense of familiarity, but introducing Wilder’s backstory into the existing narrative still gave the series a fresh vibe. It may look like the same show, but things are shifting in the right direction. All the series needs to do is ensure that it continues on that trajectory and doesn’t fall into the same manholes as the freshman season. 

Ryan’s character brought me to a realization I hadn’t had prior — I didn’t care for Kate Kane. Despite being the titular character, Batwoman can and did exist without her; the series didn’t feel incomplete without her likely because the supporting cast has always done much of the heavy lifting while Rose coasted by.

Rebooting a series, however, always posed the question of how they were going to write Kate off. While death by plane crash wasn’t exactly what I expected, it’s a sure-fire way for the series to move on permanently while providing fans with much-needed closure. (As I said to myself during the episode: “that’s one way to do it.”)

Some in Gotham may think that Kate’s still alive somewhere out there, and usually, I tend to err on the side of caution because the rule of television is no body = no death, but considering the batsuit was on the ground at the scene of the crash, it’s safe to say Kate wasn’t wearing it and didn’t survive the impact of the crash. Realistically, it wouldn’t make sense to have the audience hoping for her survival when Rose made it very clear she’s no longer interested in the role. 

Javicia Leslie makes her debut as 'Batwoman' - Check out the Batsuit!

Batwoman/ The CW

Ryan was at the right place at the right time and was the first at the scene of the accident, which meant that she found the batsuit and immediately saw it as an opportunity to turn her life around. 

Amid the grieving and mourning of Kate’s death and the tying of loose ends, the series never lost sight of Ryan’s story, and the way they factored her into the narrative felt believable. 

There’s not much that make Ryan your all-American hero; she’s a victim of a broken system, she’s been let down, and she’s flawed. But she also has a good heart and a passion to change the world for the better, which already makes her the perfect choice to carry the mantle, not to mention compelling and way edgier than Kate.

She doesn’t exude Kate’s level of entitlement and even acknowledges that she doesn’t deserve to wear the suit if her only goal is revenge. She realizes that being a hero is more than the outfit, and while it’s unclear if the show will take its time to properly carve out a heroine with Wilder, she already seems to have the spunk and fire that Gotham needs. 

Through flashbacks, we learn that Ryan’s biological mother died while giving birth to her and her adoptive mother, who kept her grounded, was killed by a group of squatters that ran with Alice. 

Right off the bat (pun intended), she already has it out for Alice, which gives her something in common with Kate. She’s also impressed with all that Kate’s done for the LGBTQ community. 

And there’s no one who understands the anger of losing a mother to Alice than Mary, which may be why the latter is silently rooting for her by the end of the episode. 

Ryan’s desire for revenge reveals how Alice will remain an integral part of the story without Kate around. 

A concern that surrounded the introduction of a new lead was that there would be no use for certain characters anymore or ways to fit them into the story organically, which would be a huge loss with Alice, who is one of the strongest parts of the series. It would be damaging to lose her, so I’m glad that there’s still someone in Gotham who she’ll be able to bump heads with. 

And with Kate out of the picture, we’ll at least get to see a different side of Alice’s deliciously unhinged mind. Kate always had a soft spot for Alice despite everything she did, but that won’t be the case with Ryan. Consider Alice enemy number one. 

Referring to Alice as “unhinged” is a bit of an understatement. We’ve seen her in some pretty deranged moments, but she truly spiraled after Kate’s death, which is hilarious if you think about it considering her whole plan with giving Tommy Elliot Bruce Wayne’s face was to kill Kate. 

She wasn’t upset by the fact that Kate was dead so much so as she was upset that she wouldn’t be able to execute her psychotic plan. And I’d have to agree, it is a shame. I would have loved to see the Commander shoot Batwoman with the Kryptonite only to find out he killed his daughter. 

With Kate gone, Alice wasn’t going to let all the plotting be a complete waste, so she clued her dad in on Batwoman’s identity by simply spelling it out for him. And crushing him with the realization that his daughter died as he was waging a war against her will have to suffice for Alice (and me).

Somehow, I feel like he always knew the truth deep down inside. As did Sophie. Come on, learning that Kate was Batwoman in the goodbye letter couldn’t have been such a shocker or much of an “aha-moment.” If it was, that’s the series dumbing down an agent we know is highly intelligent and skilled.

I guess that was the only way to bring closure to the Kate and Sophie relationship with Kate off-screen, but I just wish it was a more impactful moment on Sophie’s part. 

Also, it’s a bit of a low blow that her final interaction with the love of her life is Kate confessing that she’s been lying to her this time. Sorry, my bad.

Hopefully, this allows Sophie to embrace her feelings for Julia fully because they make a good couple and could really do some damage in town with their badassery. And they’ll need each other if they’re going to go after Saifya.

Safiya introduction doesn’t just give Julie and Sophie a new purpose, but it also gives Alice a new arch-enemy – aside from Ryan – as she has taken responsibility for Kate’s demise. 

Alice will want vengeance for not getting to kill her sister, and we know how dedicated she becomes when she sets her sights on something…. or someone. 

Also, yeah, she was totally cuddling up to Mouse’s dead and decaying body as if it was completely normal. That’s our Alice!

Tommy Elliot’s arc as “Bruce Wayne” was short-lived, which I’m pretty content with. Kate’s disappearance gave Bruce Wayne a legitimate excuse to return after all these years, but Tommy should have been better prepared if this was meant to be a long-term ruse. 

I was curious who the first person to figure out that Bruce wasn’t as he seemed, and let’s be honest, Luke should have caught on when Bruce didn’t know how to get into the batcave. However, I’m willing to give him some slack because he did just find out about Kate’s death.

But it made sense that Julia got to the bottom of it almost immediately. She is a spy of the Special Reconnaissance Regimen… it’s literally her job. 

Not only did she follow her gut feeling, she acted on it by running his prints and wrapping up the whole case. 

Tommy/Bruce’s showdown with Ryan/Batwoman was interesting and paralleled each other as they were both pretending to be someone they weren’t. The only difference is that Ryan proved in that moment that she has what it takes to be Gotham’s new hero. And though she may not have had the suit down pat — it’s not like it came with instructions or anything —  but her martial arts skill sure came in handy. 

And that wound from the kryptonite, well, it’ll bring Ryan right back to Wayne Enterprises to continue her journey. 

Batwoman Season 1 tried and tried again to find its footing, and while there were some gems, it always remained the least liked of the DC/CW shows. 

Rose’s exit as Kate offers the series a much-needed clean slate. And if the premiere episode is any indication, that’s for the best. 

What did you think of the Batwoman Season 2 premiere?

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WATCH: Javicia Leslie Suits Up in Powerful New ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 Trailer



Javicia Leslie makes her debut as 'Batwoman' - Check out the Batsuit!

A new hero has arrived as Javicia Leslie is officially putting on the batsuit. 

The CW gave fans a look at the upcoming second season ahead of its 2021 premiere. 

Thursday’s trailer shows the God Friended Me actress as Ryan Wilder, suiting up to protect Gotham City. 

“Time to be powerful,” she says in the 10-second clip. 

Wilder is described as: “She’s likable, messy, a little goofy and untamed. She’s also nothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the batsuit before her. With no one in her life to keep her on track, Ryan spent years as a drug-runner, dodging the GCPD and masking her pain with bad habits. A girl who would steal milk for an alley cat could also kill you with her bare hands, Ryan is the most dangerous type of fighter: highly skilled and wildly undisciplined. An out lesbian. Athletic. Raw. Passionate. Fallible. And very much not your stereotypical All-American hero.”

Leslie replaces Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, who announced her exit back in May

The transition is exciting because Leslie will become the first-ever Black Batwoman! 

Leslie stated: “I love the fact that Ryan is becoming her own Batwoman — it’s her style, her swag, and her moment! It was an honor to be able to collaborate with Caroline and Maya. I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl. With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it!”

Watch the trailer below:

Ahead of the January 17, 2021 premiere, read our review of the Batwoman season 1 finale now. 

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Javicia Leslie Makes Her Debut as ‘Batwoman’ – Check out the Batsuit!



Javicia Leslie makes her debut as 'Batwoman' - Check out the Batsuit!

2020 is getting the Batwoman it deserves. 

The CW released two first looks at the redesigned Batwoman suit!

Following the exit of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, God Friended Me star Javicia Leslie will be suiting up as Ryan Wilder. 

According to TVLine, by the third episode of season 2, Wilder will put on the new Batsuit to send a message to Gotham that a new hero arrived. 

Who Is Ryan Wilder? ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 May Cast New Character in Superhero Role Following Ruby Rose’s Exit

The transition is exciting because Leslie will become the first-ever Black Batwoman! 

Leslie stated: “I love the fact that Ryan is becoming her own Batwoman — it’s her style, her swag, and her moment! It was an honor to be able to collaborate with Caroline and Maya. I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl. With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it!”

Check it out now:

Due to the COVID pandemic, The CW delayed most of its primetime show’s to early 2021. Batwoman Season 2 will likely premiere in January. 

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