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Batwoman Drink Me Review Guest Star Kayla Ewell Batwoman Drink Me Review Guest Star Kayla Ewell


Batwoman Review – [SPOILER] Learns Kate’s Secret Identity (1×13)

Batwoman/ The CW



The bat is out of the bag as one character on Batwoman “Drink Me” has figured out the masked vigilante’s identity.

Collectively, Batwoman fans are saying “it’s about time.”

It may have taken Mary Hamilton-Kane a lot less time to piece together Batwoman’s identity than it did for Lena Luthor to figure out who Supergirl is, but it was still overdue.

Mary is intelligent and sharp, and well, none of them went out of their way to protect Kate’s secret.

Kate’s biggest mistake was going to Mary to get her blood drawn after being “bitten” by Nocturna as it revealed Ketamine in her system.

Once Sophie told Mary about Batwoman getting bit by Nocturna and almost dying, the pieces started falling.

She realized Luke isn’t just Kate’s assistance but Batwoman’s right-hand man, which explains the earpiece, and she understood Kate and Batwoman’s complex relationship with Alice.

However, the confirmation was that both Batwoman and Kate are lesbian.

I guess it standing up for what you believe in is the clue that can connect Kate to her alter-ego.

It’s unclear what Mary will do with this information, but she’s already proven that she’s worthy of being on #TeamBat.

Mary was helpful in dealing with the Beth vs. Alice situation (which is where she should have figured out Kate is Batwoman but whatever) and didn’t ask too many questions.

She’s also stuck by Kate’s side this whole time despite Alice killing her mother and putting targets on her back almost weekly.

Even this week, she sent Nocturna to feed on Mary’s blood in order to save herself. And poor Mary got caught up while trying to drunkenly help a friend.

Not to mention Mary isn’t afraid of going rogue; she’s proven that with her undercover clinic.

The biggest giveaway to Kate’s identity that should’ve tipped Mary off was that Batwoman was always there to save her.

Gotham City doesn’t seem like a tiny town, and yet, Batwoman personally gives her plenty of attention. It’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Kate hasn’t been the best at keeping her secret.

At this point, the only one that doesn’t know is her father, Commander Kane, who was exonerated for Catherine’s murder and jumped right back into leading the Crow’s.

For someone who was accused of murdering his wife, the storyline was glossed over rather quickly.

And instead of being grateful to Sophie for holding down the fort and doing her best as interim-Commander, he threw a hissy fit and suspended her for working with Batwoman.

The town is big enough for Batwoman and the Crow’s, especially when Sophie has proven they can have a successful partnership and help each other out.

Batwoman even let the Crow’s take the win for capturing Nocturna because she’s fine hiding in the shadows and doesn’t need the public praise, which the Commander really wants.

Maybe he should focus on why the Crow’s are losing favorability with the public because if he were to listen to the people, he’d realize it has nothing to do with Batwoman.

It’s also much easier to root for a modern woman who is doing good deeds for the city than a whole force of cops who not too long ago made it a police state.

However, we can’t blame the Commander for being weary as he has absolutely no inkling as to Batwoman’s identity as opposed to Sophie, who basically has gotten confirmation over and over again that her ex-lover is the badass in the nanotech suit and red (or pink? it’s hard to tell, The CW is too dark sometimes) suit.

If she had any doubts about it all, well, those should have been put to rest when she confided in Batwoman for getting fired and then kissed her.

If Sophie didn’t pick up on Batwoman’s identity via the kiss then Kate needs to move on, but I think it was Sophie’s way of acknowledging that she’s finally ready to pick a team.

Sophie has lived in the closet for too long to stay devoted to a job that just ousted her for doing what she thought was right.

When told to pick a team – Batwoman or the Crows, she also decided to own her sexuality.

If Sophie and Mary join Batwoman’s super squad, #TeamBat will be unstoppable.

All of this and I didn’t even dig into the fallout from Beth’s death, which was felt by everyone. The wrong sister survived, unfortunately, but it’s more fun this way.

Kate stood by her decision to save Beth while Alice felt betrayed. That betrayal was only fueled by Mouse’s disappearance.

She initially thought Kate took Mouse before eventually figuring out that Dr. Campbell, a man who became a specialist in reconstructive face surgery of burn victims 6-years ago, was their thought-to-be dead father and her captor, August Cartwright.

Alice will likely need Batwoman’s help in saving Mouse and killing August, and the “your enemy is my enemy” angle will force them to work together and make amends.

Kate’s putting on a brave front right now, but she still wishes that she could have changed her sister.

We’ve said it before, but the fact that Alice continues to stick around and play this “cat and mouse game” is because she doesn’t want her sister to give up on her. She finally voiced that out loud, which was a big turning point for her character even if she remains deliciously psychotic and talking to mannequins.

Another major step for Alice was saving Mary from Nocturna. Sure, she’s the one who sent Nocturna Mary’s way, but she didn’t have to come and help.

It was her way of proving to Kate that there is a redeemable quality tucked in somewhere deep, deep, deep down inside, and I can’t complain about seeing Kate and Alice work together because that was so much fun.

And hey, the last thing I expected was Alice helping Kate and Mary after they made a conscious choice to kill her.

The villain-of-the-week was a faux vampire named Nocturna (fittingly played by The Vampire Diaries‘ Kayla Ewell), but there was nothing about her character to really sink your teeth into.

This isn’t Mystic Falls and real vampires don’t exist, so Nocturna was just your “run-of-the-mill mortal with a skin condition and dental implants” who preyed on club-goers because they were polluting their bodies with toxins.

Clearly, Natalia Knight (Nocturna’s real name) wasn’t into having fun.

But hey, you can’t blame her — medical conditions are a real thing and she was just trying to survive. It doesn’t excuse becoming a serial killer but you have to, at the very least, appreciate the way she went about it.

Hopefully, Arkham gives her the care she needs… until we see her again. We’re bound to, right?

As for now, Batwoman has some explaining to do to Mary and Sophie, and she has a new enemy: her own father.

How long till Commander Kane finds out the truth? And will he be anti-Batwoman then?

Imagine how much good everyone could do if they all just worked together!

Share your thoughts on tonight’s Batwoman now!

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Batwoman Review – Introducing Circe Sionis (2×12)



Batwoman Review Initiate Self-Destruct Season 2 Episode 12

The Alice and Batwoman team-up is one I never knew I needed… or would enjoy so much. 

Rachel Skarsten does not disappoint… ever. No matter what, she nails every scene, beat, and emotion. 

After Black Mask took her beloved Ocean, she decided to join forces with Batwoman, who was on the prowl to save Angelique. 

And their brief alliance made sense since both Angelique and Ocean were being held together at the same place. 

However, despite some moments where it seemed like Batwoman and Alice were actually bonding, the former wasn’t ready to forgive the latter, who murdered her mother in cold blood. 

She wasn’t even phased when Alice admitted that she remembered Cora. 

I know that Ryan has a personal bone to pick with Alice, but it’s unlike Batwoman to just leave someone for dead. 

Kate Kane would never, and since I typically find myself thinking that Ryan is a much better Batwoman than Kate ever was, her decision to walk away and leave Alice to fend for herself after she just came to help her was wildly out of character. 

It’s also slightly frustrating because doesn’t Ryan want to know why Alice and her Wonderland Gang killed Cora? I’m convinced there’s plenty more to the story. 

Plus, there’s no doubt in my mind that Batwoman and Ocean will have to team up eventually to save Alice from Black Mask and the False Face Society. 

This was the first time Alice was also confronted by someone more deranged than her.

When Circe Sionis (and her Michael Meyers-inspired face mask) got in her face, Alice actually looked afraid, or, at the very least, disturbed. 

And who can blame her? Circe, who is actually Kate Kane under the mask, has been hypnotized into this killing persona, so she’s pretty unpredictable. She has no free will or thought process of her own — she’s simply loyal to her father, Roman. 

I love that Alice was looking right into her presumed dead sister and had no idea. I can’t wait for her to unmask Circe and find out the truth! That’s definitely going to send Alice on a bender.

The comforting thing is that we know Dr. Rhyme’s hypnosis and memory-erasing powers can be undone. We’ve seen it with Alice and Ocean. 

Maybe spending enough time with Alice will trigger some memories that will bring Kate Kane to the surface?

Also, will we find out how Circe died? Was it really at the hands of Kane’s Batwoman?

The series also confirmed what we all knew was coming — Roman Sionis is Black Mask. Shocker, shocker! 

After Ryan risked it all to save Angelique, she had to get her heartbroken and stomped on… again. 

This time, Angelique was making the right call by working with the feds and entering witness protection, but there was no way Ryan was going to go with her. 

Even without the ties to Batwoman, Ryan has built a life in Gotham that she’s not ready to throw away. 

Quite frankly, Ryan and Angelique were a love story that was always doomed to fail, but at least Ryan could finally move on without harboring the guilt she felt for getting Angelique caught up in this mess in the first place. 

And with Angelique out of the picture, there’s no doubt that the series will try to link Ryan and Sophie romantically, especially now that Sophie has figured out that Ryan is Batwoman.

After the initial shock, Sophie realized that if Agent Tavaroff’s DNA sample was put through the system, he would positively identify Ryan and Batwoman.

She then risked everything to prevent The Crow’s from finding out Batwoman’s identity, which is interesting. 

Who’s side is Sophie really on? 

She has never seemed too confident in The Crows’ mission, but now, she’s sabotaging her own people to help Batwoman. 

She should probably just join the Bat team at this point, especially after the way she’s been treated by the Commander. 

I’m also curious as to why the Commander and The Crow’s still hate Batwoman? Why do they want her in jail when she’s helped them on countless occasions. 

You’d think he’d have changed his mind considering his daughter was the first vigilante to help the city. 

The hatred towards Batwoman doesn’t really make all that much sense anymore; they’re on the same side. 

The Commander’s angry outbursts seemed strange at first, but when Sophie stumbled upon a used vial of Snake Bite, she realized that the leader of The Crows has become addicted to the dangerous drug coursing through the city. 

I think it would’ve made more sense for Sophie to simply confront the Commander about it, but then she would have to explain why she was in his office in the first place. 

And considering his state, he probably wouldn’t have been receptive to her concerns anyway. 

So, taking the issue to Mary was her next-best option, especially since Mary is a doctor who can help him with the withdrawal he will undoubtedly go through. 

Mary didn’t want to believe that he father could be using, but the proof was right there. He was acting erratically (even though she wanted to believe he was truly being supportive of her underground clinic) and sweating profusely. 

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12 was one of the most action-packed and entertaining episodes this season. In just one hour: Batwoman’s identity was spared once again, Sophie took a win against Tavaroff, Ocean and Angelique were freed from False Face’s grasp, the Commander’s secret was exposed to his daughter, Black Mask’s identity was revealed, Kate Kane’s storyline has taken shape, and Alice is being held captive once again. 

What was your favorite moment?

And what are you most excited about moving forward?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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Batwoman Review – Sophie Learns the Truth About Batwoman (2×11)



Batwoman Review Arrive Alive Season 2 Episode 11

Mission save Angelique was on and it turned Batwoman into an episode of Fast & Furious.

Ryan and Sophie (the fact that she has her saved as “Crowphie” still cracks me up) teamed up to save the girl, but their efforts were fruitless. 

Black Mask proved that he’s always one-step ahead of them, and when they confronted him, he threatened to shoot Angelique on the spot. 

It’s unclear if he really would’ve done it considering she’s his only shot at making the Fear Toxin the way Ocean did previously, but it convinced Sophie and Batwoman to back off. Ang revealed she didn’t know the drug’s recipe by heart, but she bought herself some time by promising Black Mask that she’d track down Ocean. 

Is anyone else annoyed by Sophie’s decision to take on this big bad all by herself? Why does she think she’s invincible? 

I get not wanting to put a civilian like Ryan in harm’s way, but there was absolutely no reality in which she would’ve survived that confrontation alone. 

Luke warned Ryan against getting too close to Sophie because he was worried she’d figure out her secret identity. 

To be honest, I’m surprised it took her this long. Sophie’s smart, so she should’ve realized that Batwoman is always involved when Ryan is. Then again, she never pieced it together when Kate was Batwoman, so I guess this is progress.

After confronting Black Mask, Sophie found the AI in Mary’s car that Ryan left behind. which included her to listen to Ryan and Luke’s conversation. 

It was the equivalent of Ryan ringing her up and saying: “I’m Batwoman.”

What happens now? Will Sophie confront Ryan? Will she be upset? Will she be more inclined to work with her?

This is the first time a Crow knows Batwoman’s identity!

But she might not be the only one. The new agent, Agent Tavaroff, who seems to have some bad blood with Sophie, watched surveillance footage from the Black Mask’s lair and took some of Batwoman’s blood to get tested. 

We know the Crow’s have all of Ryan’s information on file, so it would likely come back as a match. 

And while Sophie might not be the kind of person to expose Batwoman’s identity, Tavaroff wouldn’t hesitate. 

Is Jacob Kane still taking Fear Toxin? It’s unclear, but it has turned him into a grade-A jerk so there’s that. 

Alice spent much of the episode trying to erase Kate from her mind, but the more she tried to prove that she’s a heartless monster, the more her subconscious bubbled up to the surface to prove that she does have a heart and feelings. 

Not only was she unable to erase Kate, she also couldn’t shake her feelings for Ocean. 

And it didn’t help that he waltzed right into her little therapy session with Enigma to get his revenge on her for “killing him.”

Alice lives in such a delusional state half the time that she struggled to distinguish if what was happening was real, but Ocean made it very clear that stabbing him with Safiyah’s blade spared him from death. 

And that seems to be a good thing because the moment Enigma returned their memories, they were back in each other’s arms and locking lips. 

I’ve said it in past review, but I’ll say it again — I’m really looking forward to seeing who Alice is when she’s “in love.”

Kate, and now Ocean, are her two tethers to humanity. Kate was obviously the do-gooder, but Ocean is no saint; he’s still involved in this Fear Toxin mess. 

Will they become Gotham’s newest power-couple?

Also, why did Enigma choose to return their memories? Was she just tired of being held captive by Alice (she looked pretty terrified of her at times), or will she benefit from their “love story?”

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below. 

Batwoman goes on hiatus until May, so we’ll catch you back here on the same night, new time! 

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Batwoman Review – Ryan Declares War on Black Mask (2×10)



Batwoman Review Time Off For Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 10

Batwoman’s fight with False Face Society is only getting started. 

And now, it just got personal as they’ve taken one of the only people Ryan Wilder cares about – her on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend Angelique.

Ryan convinced Sophie and the Crows to get Ang transferred after she gave up the names of those responsible for killing Commissioner Forbes. However, no one anticipated that Black Mask would figure out exactly when they were transferring her and take her back.

Obviously, Ryan thinks it’s because Black Mask wants to tie up loose ends, but it’s really because aside from Ocean, who is now MIA, Angelique was the only one who knew the secret recipe to produce Snakebite.

And obviously, Snakebite is what makes FFS go round. 

It was easy for the Black Mask to infiltrate the Crows as they already have someone on the inside.

Dr. Rhyme is a “Snakebite consultant” for the Crows, but we know she’s working with Black Mask and keeping Kate a prisoner.

She was also all too eager to get Commander Kane hooked on the product after he was attacked by one of her men because it discredits the Crows. 

Once word gets out that the Commander is using Snakebite, the Crows’ credibility is shot.

And it goes to show you just how powerful the drug really is. After one hit, Jacob Kane was addicted and wanted to get lost in the “do-over” that the hallucinogenic drug provided. 

I thought that once Alice heard his therapy session with Dr. Rhyme and realize how remorseful he was for not trying harder to find her when she was captured by Cartwright would stir up something in her, but Alice is too far gone. 

As she noted herself, it’s easier to forget than forgive, which is why she wants to find Enigma, who we learned is Dr. Rhyme, so that she can wipe her memories of Kate and start anew.

This drug really is all too popular in Gotham. 

The series didn’t exactly confirm that Roman is Black Mask, but it did allude to Roman Sionis of Janus Cosmetics, which has been my theory since Batwoman Season 2 Episode 9.

Not only is her working alongside Enigma, but he was all too eager to slip the Commander two vials of Snakebite. 

Black Mask told the new Batwoman that he wanted revenge because the previous Batwoman killed his daughter.

Batwoman Review Time Off For Good Behavior Season 2 Episode 10

Credit: The CW

We know Kate’s Batwoman had a no-kill policy, which Luke emphasized, so I wonder if they’re getting close to the Commander to frame him in some way?

Or does he blame Batwoman and the Crows, with the Crows being the ones behind his daughter’s murder, which is why he’s taken hold of Kate?

Agent Pennyworth’s memory-lapse came into clear focus when she teamed up with Alice — yet, another unlikely partnership — to find Enigma. 

It turns out, her search for Kate led her to the root of Kate’s disappearance, but she forgot it soon after. 

And when she confronted Enigma this time around, she had her memories wiped again and was convinced to transfer to Berlin, which obviously didn’t sit well with Sophie.

Sophie always knows something’s up, and the most annoying thing is that she’s always a few steps from figuring out the truth about everything. 

Will she put all the pieces together? After all, everything seems to be connected. 

The Bat team also took on a case involving a new villain named Kilovolt, who targeted the opening of  Jordan Moore’s community center, which Ryan and Mary are helping to spearhead. 

The reason was profit-based, of course. The CEO of Edgewater Prison, Ellis O’Brien, was letting out criminals for one night to target community programs in exchange for early parole. The idea was that shutting down these programs allows kids to continue to fall through the cracks and fill up the prisons thus making them money.

It’s disgusting, of course, but not exactly unheard of. 

Thankfully, Batwoman squeezed out just enough energy to deal with O’Brien while dealing with hunting down the Black Mask and his goons. 

The episode set up some pretty important elements and got us one step closer to finding out exactly what game Dr. Rhyme and Roman are playing. 

Isn’t it crazy how the people you need to take down are always looming in your circle? In this case, they’ve infiltrated the top leader of the Crows without even lifting a finger!

What’s their final game plan? And is Horten Spence the Lois Lane of Gotham?!

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