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Batwoman Drink Me Review Guest Star Kayla Ewell Batwoman Drink Me Review Guest Star Kayla Ewell


Batwoman Review – [SPOILER] Learns Kate’s Secret Identity (1×13)

Batwoman/ The CW



The bat is out of the bag as one character on Batwoman “Drink Me” has figured out the masked vigilante’s identity.

Collectively, Batwoman fans are saying “it’s about time.”

It may have taken Mary Hamilton-Kane a lot less time to piece together Batwoman’s identity than it did for Lena Luthor to figure out who Supergirl is, but it was still overdue.

Mary is intelligent and sharp, and well, none of them went out of their way to protect Kate’s secret.

Kate’s biggest mistake was going to Mary to get her blood drawn after being “bitten” by Nocturna as it revealed Ketamine in her system.

Once Sophie told Mary about Batwoman getting bit by Nocturna and almost dying, the pieces started falling.

She realized Luke isn’t just Kate’s assistance but Batwoman’s right-hand man, which explains the earpiece, and she understood Kate and Batwoman’s complex relationship with Alice.

However, the confirmation was that both Batwoman and Kate are lesbian.

I guess it standing up for what you believe in is the clue that can connect Kate to her alter-ego.

It’s unclear what Mary will do with this information, but she’s already proven that she’s worthy of being on #TeamBat.

Mary was helpful in dealing with the Beth vs. Alice situation (which is where she should have figured out Kate is Batwoman but whatever) and didn’t ask too many questions.

She’s also stuck by Kate’s side this whole time despite Alice killing her mother and putting targets on her back almost weekly.

Even this week, she sent Nocturna to feed on Mary’s blood in order to save herself. And poor Mary got caught up while trying to drunkenly help a friend.

Not to mention Mary isn’t afraid of going rogue; she’s proven that with her undercover clinic.

The biggest giveaway to Kate’s identity that should’ve tipped Mary off was that Batwoman was always there to save her.

Gotham City doesn’t seem like a tiny town, and yet, Batwoman personally gives her plenty of attention. It’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Kate hasn’t been the best at keeping her secret.

At this point, the only one that doesn’t know is her father, Commander Kane, who was exonerated for Catherine’s murder and jumped right back into leading the Crow’s.

For someone who was accused of murdering his wife, the storyline was glossed over rather quickly.

And instead of being grateful to Sophie for holding down the fort and doing her best as interim-Commander, he threw a hissy fit and suspended her for working with Batwoman.

The town is big enough for Batwoman and the Crow’s, especially when Sophie has proven they can have a successful partnership and help each other out.

Batwoman even let the Crow’s take the win for capturing Nocturna because she’s fine hiding in the shadows and doesn’t need the public praise, which the Commander really wants.

Maybe he should focus on why the Crow’s are losing favorability with the public because if he were to listen to the people, he’d realize it has nothing to do with Batwoman.

It’s also much easier to root for a modern woman who is doing good deeds for the city than a whole force of cops who not too long ago made it a police state.

However, we can’t blame the Commander for being weary as he has absolutely no inkling as to Batwoman’s identity as opposed to Sophie, who basically has gotten confirmation over and over again that her ex-lover is the badass in the nanotech suit and red (or pink? it’s hard to tell, The CW is too dark sometimes) suit.

If she had any doubts about it all, well, those should have been put to rest when she confided in Batwoman for getting fired and then kissed her.

If Sophie didn’t pick up on Batwoman’s identity via the kiss then Kate needs to move on, but I think it was Sophie’s way of acknowledging that she’s finally ready to pick a team.

Sophie has lived in the closet for too long to stay devoted to a job that just ousted her for doing what she thought was right.

When told to pick a team – Batwoman or the Crows, she also decided to own her sexuality.

If Sophie and Mary join Batwoman’s super squad, #TeamBat will be unstoppable.

All of this and I didn’t even dig into the fallout from Beth’s death, which was felt by everyone. The wrong sister survived, unfortunately, but it’s more fun this way.

Kate stood by her decision to save Beth while Alice felt betrayed. That betrayal was only fueled by Mouse’s disappearance.

She initially thought Kate took Mouse before eventually figuring out that Dr. Campbell, a man who became a specialist in reconstructive face surgery of burn victims 6-years ago, was their thought-to-be dead father and her captor, August Cartwright.

Alice will likely need Batwoman’s help in saving Mouse and killing August, and the “your enemy is my enemy” angle will force them to work together and make amends.

Kate’s putting on a brave front right now, but she still wishes that she could have changed her sister.

We’ve said it before, but the fact that Alice continues to stick around and play this “cat and mouse game” is because she doesn’t want her sister to give up on her. She finally voiced that out loud, which was a big turning point for her character even if she remains deliciously psychotic and talking to mannequins.

Another major step for Alice was saving Mary from Nocturna. Sure, she’s the one who sent Nocturna Mary’s way, but she didn’t have to come and help.

It was her way of proving to Kate that there is a redeemable quality tucked in somewhere deep, deep, deep down inside, and I can’t complain about seeing Kate and Alice work together because that was so much fun.

And hey, the last thing I expected was Alice helping Kate and Mary after they made a conscious choice to kill her.

The villain-of-the-week was a faux vampire named Nocturna (fittingly played by The Vampire Diaries‘ Kayla Ewell), but there was nothing about her character to really sink your teeth into.

This isn’t Mystic Falls and real vampires don’t exist, so Nocturna was just your “run-of-the-mill mortal with a skin condition and dental implants” who preyed on club-goers because they were polluting their bodies with toxins.

Clearly, Natalia Knight (Nocturna’s real name) wasn’t into having fun.

But hey, you can’t blame her — medical conditions are a real thing and she was just trying to survive. It doesn’t excuse becoming a serial killer but you have to, at the very least, appreciate the way she went about it.

Hopefully, Arkham gives her the care she needs… until we see her again. We’re bound to, right?

As for now, Batwoman has some explaining to do to Mary and Sophie, and she has a new enemy: her own father.

How long till Commander Kane finds out the truth? And will he be anti-Batwoman then?

Imagine how much good everyone could do if they all just worked together!

Share your thoughts on tonight’s Batwoman now!

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Batwoman Review – Gore on Canvas (2×05)



Batwoman Review Gore on Canvas Season 2 Episode 5

An unlikely partnership formed on Batwoman Season 2 Episode 5 between the Batwoman and The Crows.

The organization and the vigilante (and her team) put aside their differences to pursue a common goal: nab the Jack Napier (Joker) painting and get information on Coryana, the mysterious island where Safiyah is reportedly holding Kate hostage. 

The whole save Kate motivation is pretty whatever in my opinion since I’m convinced that Kate (played by Ruby Rose) is no longer part of the show, but it’s nice to see these unlikely characters work together in a way we’ve never seen before. 

It has also set up some pretty intense confrontations that question everyone’s morality.

Batwoman was against working with the Crows initially, and for good reason — they’ve ruined her life for their enjoyment. 

We see the way Sophie talks to her when she’s just Ryan, and it’s a stark difference from the way she treats her when she’s the Bat. 

But when it came down to it, Luke’s “I hate the Crows” reason trumped Ryan’s as the organization was literally responsible for his father’s death. 

If he could put that aside to save Kate, Ryan could surely look the other way for one night. 

However, that ended up blowing up right in her face as she learned the most important lesson: always trust your gut. All of her concerns about the authoritarian-like organization come to pass. 

We knew the Crows were a corrupt and dangerous organization, but we’ve never seen it pan out in such a way where two of Sophie’s men run over the Wolf Spider who nabbed the painting before Batwoman could, retrieve the painting, and leave him for dead. 

What’s worse is that one of the men is reluctant to go through with it while the other doesn’t want to be dragged for excessive force. It’s evident this is the series’ way of working in real-life issues stemming from the Black Lives Matter movement in a subtle way, and it works. 

Batwoman basically gives Sophie an ultimatum — me or them, and Sophie tries to explain that she wants to be the change within the organization. Again, it’s a subtle depiction of the Black versus Blue situation we watched play out all summer, and it also works in the context of the story. 

Ryan has never been a fan of Sophie, and vice-versa if Sophie knew Batwoman’s real identity, but knowing Sophie will stand by such corruption just escalates Ryan’s feelings. 

It’s an interesting dynamic because both women have so much in common and yet are so different.

Sophie’s a Black woman who is intelligent and has a high-level job, but she’s still choosing to fight for the “bad guy” with no redeeming qualities.

When will it get to a point where she can no longer defend them and the injustice they dish out? 

Ryan’s anti-Crows sentiment makes sense, but it’s unclear why Jacob Kane still holds so much resentment towards Batwoman. You’d think that after finding out his missing daughter used to be the caped-crusader and now, another brave soul has taken the mantle in her absence, he’d be more welcoming to the idea of working with her. She’s only saved his life twice already. 

And why isn’t he a better fighter? For a “Crow at the top,” he didn’t even seem to know how to throw a punch when confronting one of Coryana’s men in the alleyway. 

You’d think that after everything that’s transpired, Jacob would want to evoke a change within the organization, but he’s still allowing his ego to get in the way of any true progress.

It was obvious that the Wolf Spider was Evan, and I’m kind of glad it was. He wasn’t just some other villain being introduced as he told Mary that his motivation was to get the painting for Kate. 

I love that there’s someone outside of Kate’s immediate circle who feels like they owe her because she helped them become their true selves. I kind of hope Evan becomes involved in the series in some way! 

Everyone’s efforts proved to be futile because the Jack Napier painting turned out to be a fake in the long-run. 

But the original isn’t missing at all — Ocean has it. Remember the guy that Alice was tasked to kill before she had a vision that revealed she knew him during her time on Coryana?

Well, she successfully tracked him down at a bar, and who would have thought I’d enjoy Alice toning down the theatrics for a week to down five tequila shots with an attractive man while having an ulterior motive?

I can’t blame Alice for being intrigued by Ocean because I too want to know more about him and his time on the island. 

For starters, why can’t either of them remember that they knew each other? Or most importantly — that they were in love?

Giving the show’s resident psycho a love story is one way to shake things up. 

But is it going to cause Alice to go soft? It’s already happening as she opted against killing Ocean despite having so many chances, as he so graciously pointed out.

While I don’t think she’s ever going to let up on being completely unhinged, we’ve never seen Alice actually in love with someone. Love changes people!

The two of them made a great team as they took out Safiyah’s men, and their time together unveiled some of the most crucial bits of information: he has the painting (which we know is a map to Coryana hidden under the guts of one of the Joker’s victims), they have amnesia for some reason, and Ocean referred to Safiyah as his “sister.”

What does this all mean? Safiyah must have erased their memories for a reason, but wouldn’t she know that bringing them together would unlock them? Unless that’s what she wants. 

There seems to be a larger game at play here for Safiyah than just returning Kate Kane. It’s almost as if she’s the cat and Alice, Ocean, Batwoman, and the Crows are her little missing, which, you know, fitting.

Other Batty Moments

  • Angelique and Ryan rekindled their relationship, which gave us insight into the past. Ryan took Angelique’s drugs when she was spiraling and was caught with them by the Crows, which led to her 18-month stint for something she didn’t do!
  • We know Angelique was at Ocean’s apartment, and seeing as though she was at the Collective party and still selling drugs (despite being sober), it’s safe to say she’s working for someone who is looking for the Napier painting. This leads us to believe that she’s wrapped up in something that’s going to make her relationship with Ryan quite difficult. 
  • Nothing better than Alice telling some cocky man at the bar that she killed her mouse. It was a joy to watch him run off. I’ll have to try that line next time!
  • Can Ryan take care of that injury like for real? I know she doesn’t want Luke and Mary to think she’s not capable of being Batwoman, but she really doesn’t understand what she’s dealing with her. How does she expect them to trust her or be honest with her if she doesn’t return the favor? And the Kryptonite is already causing her to fumble while she’s trying to nab the bad guys! 
  • How stunning did Javicia Leslie look in that borrowed couture?! 

What did you think of the episode? What do you think Safiyah truly wants?

Are you digging Ocean and Alice?

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Batwoman Review – Sweet Neighborhood Candy Lady (2×04)



Batwoman Review Fair Skin Blue Eyes Season 2 Episode 4

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 4 dug into Ryan’s past and proved that she’s much more connected to the happenings of Gotham than we previously believed.

The search for Kate continues as Commander Kane announces at a press conference that he thinks his daughter is alive. The million dollar reward lead many to believe this is a futile attempt to right the wrongs of his past, but he’s adamant he’s just a dad looking for his baby girl.

And he is… but he’s unaware that there’s so much bubbling below the surface, which becomes more evident as the search for Kate continues and is revealed to be very layered.

Everyone in town has some kind of ulterior-motive. 

For starters, Alice and Sophie team-up because of the deal Alice made with Safiyah. This isn’t a partnership I’d ever thought we’d see, but it brings a new dynamic to the series.

When you share a common goal, the enemy of your enemy is your friend and all that. These two need each other, but they also have to keep each other at arm’s length. 

Sophie isn’t totally on-board with helping Alice as she double-crosses her and learns that it’s not so easy to pull a fast one over Alice; she’s too quick and informed. 

Sophie and Alice may have the same goal of finding Kate, but the endgame is much different. Sophie, like the Commander, wants to bring Kate to safety. Alice, on the other hand, still wants to kill her sister. 

And thus, the race is on. Who can get to Kate first? (I’m over here still wondering if there’s even a Kate to save!?)

Sophie wasn’t the only one making poor decisions to find Kate. Commander Kane followed a lead without backup, which almost cost him his life as he came face-to-face with the False Face Society, a new gang producing a psychedelic party drug that induces visions of fear and fantasy and has been taking over the streets of Gotham. 

My guess is that whoever is at the head of the secret society is somehow involved with Kate’s disappearance and linked to Safiyah. 

After all, all the roads seem to be intertwined here. But for now, it’s uncleared how this new drug or gang fits into the bigger picture. 

The society was working with the Candy Lady, quite possibly the scariest villain to ever grace our TV screens because she was an inconspicuous white woman hiding behind her perfect suburban life. 

Batwoman Review Fair Skin Blue Eyes Season 2 Episode 4

Batwoman — “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes” — Image Number: BWN204b_0106r — Pictured (L – R): Rachel Skarsten as Alice and Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

No one batted an eyelash at a middle-aged woman in a minivan because there’s no reality where she could be perceived a danger. In the same way, no one batted an eyelash when a black kid, especially a black kid in the foster system, went missing, which is who she preyed on for her child trafficking ring. It was a heartbreaking look at how isolating the foster system is, and how easy it is to prey on a foster child’s biggest fear. 

In this case: wanting a family. The Candy Lady was able to break these children down by making them realize no one cares for them and forcing them to want a family that much more. 

As Ryan aims to find the Candy Lady’s latest victim, Kevin Johnson, she’s forced to relive the most brutal moments from her own kidnapping at the hands of Candice Long. 

Who knew jelly beans could be so terrifying?

Ryan’s an intriguing character because she’s gone through hell and back. She has every right to be corrupt, to do bad things, or to give up, and yet, she never does. Instead, she fights for the people who couldn’t fight back; she fights for those in the same helpless situations she once found herself in. 

Peeling back her layers gives us a better understanding of the character, the trauma she endured, and the motivations to fix things and do better. 

When she faced the Candy Lady this time, she was still caught off-guard, which was kind of annoying, but at least she could fight back in a way she couldn’t when she was younger. 

Ryan’s past isn’t just connected to the present through the Candy Lady — it’s how she escaped the Candy Land that matters also. 

Her ex, Angelique, who we knew was going to come into play sooner or later, was responsible for rescuing her. In the beginning of the episode, Ryan is hesitant to reach out because they’ve drifted. In previous episodes, she alludes to the fact that Angelique rolls with a bad group now.

However, when she does finally reconnect with her ex, Ryan calls a truce and says she misses her. Is this part of a larger plan? Or does Ryan really want to find common ground with her ex again?

Regardless, it seems like Ryan didn’t do her due diligence as Angelique is the same woman we saw Sophie and Alice fending off when they arrived at Ocean’s place. 

Angelique made it seem like she was just trying to case the place, but it’s obviously not a coincidence that she was looking for the same man that the two women working for Safiyah. 

What’s the deal here? And is Ryan’s new relationship with her ex going to cause a problem for her?

There’s also Alice’s flashbacks to meeting Ocean in Coryana, which she’s seemingly blocked out. Was there a romance here? I can’t blame her if there was because he’s one good looking man. 

Is Safiyah betting on the fact that Alice won’t be able to complete the mission to get her sister back because of the suppressed feelings for Ocean?

And what does Saifyah want from Ocean? How is he connected to Kate?

What does the Joker’s painting have to do with Kate’s disappearance? 

There’s also the possibility of a Bat-Crow team-up, which naturally makes sense. The Commander always saw Batwoman as a villain when, in reality, they’re both fighting for justice and taking down the same criminals. 

They could accomplish so much more if they just worked together and shared resources. 

Mary is much more involved this season, which is probably the best thing about the season next to Alice’s snark. Mary is the only one who has been open and welcoming to Ryan — heck, she even offered her a place to stay. 

While she’s likely trying to fill a Kate-sized void, Mary also admitted that in order to get closure, she needs to figure out what happened to Kate and that involves embracing the possibility that Alice is right and Kate is actually alive. 

If anyone is to unearth the truth, my money is on Mary! 

Other Notable Moments

  • Ryan and Beth had another thing in common — they were both kidnapped around the same time, and they both had to look out for themselves. This makes it that much more impressive that Ryan went down the “hero” route, while Alice went down the rabbit hole and wants to dish out revenge to everyone who “gave up on her.” Especially because Kate never gave up on Beth, while Ryan didn’t have that many people looking out for her. 
  • Luke Fox’s reaction to learning that Sophie and Alice were working together was great!
  • I love that Batwoman isn’t above helping the kids who feel invisible. She’s an equal opportunity hero who cares about everyone! 

The episode was interesting, but the series is weaving quite a tangled web with very few explanations for now. Let’s hope they don’t get caught up in it and it all begins to make sense sooner rather than later. We all know that the audience begins to lose interest the moment the narrative loses them! 

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Batwoman Review – Bat Girl Magic! (2×03)



Batwoman Bat Girl Magic Review Season 1 Episode 3

For a show centered around a vigilante hero, the supervillains sure do steal the spotlight quite frequently. 

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3, the mystifying Safiyah was finally introduced as the show took a little getaway trip to Coryana.

But while Alice and Sophie were away, a highly-skilled assassin by the name of Victor Zsasz was creating havoc back at home in Gotham.

The episode kicked off with a pretty gruesome scene featuring the prolific killer wiping out a man and his mistress. While the murders were simply for dramatic effect, they helped paint a clear picture of Zsasz’s specialized skills and ruthlessness — he’s a man who logs his murders by carving a tally onto his body. 

Watching him self-inflict cuts offered up one of the most disturbing moments of the series despite the show’s attempt at injecting some humor about there not being enough room on his body for any new kills.

Is there a qualification for the assassins/villains to be chatty and jokey? He reminded me of Alice’s male counterpart. 

Zsasz then infiltrated Hamilton Dynamics — in broad daylight, might I add — to steal a drive filled with names of regular people. At first, it didn’t make much sense until Mary discovered that one of her patients with stage 4 cancer is now cancer-free. And the patient was treated for bat bites with the dessert rose, which seems to be a universal cure-all for every single illness and disease. 

Yeah, no wonder Safiyah isn’t pleased with Alice for exposing her miracle plant.

Batwoman Bat Girl Magic Review Season 1 Episode 3

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203a_0189r — Pictured: Alex Morf as Victor Zsasz — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

While it’s not clear if the Batwoman team went out of their way to protect every person on that list, it did tie in the events happening in Coryana. 

Safiyah may not look like a cold-blooded killer, but she seems to play more of a mental game. And those are usually the ones you have to look out for. I haven’t gotten a firm reading on her vibe just yet, plus, I felt conflicted with everything that transpired between her and Alice.

Alice’s plan to kill Safiyah as revenge for killing Kate didn’t really go as planned. Instead, she found out that Safiyah wasn’t responsible for killing Kate… because she said Kate is on the island! 

It seems as though the series keeps wanting to sell the narrative that Kate is still alive and somehow making it back to Gotham City, but we know Ruby Rose exited the series permanently. So, what’s the deal here? Was Rose’s exit simply part of the story-arc?

After their little trip, which took up a good chunk of the episode but did little other than provide calming spa music in the background, Sophie and Alice now have a renewed sense of hope that they’ll find Kate. Sophie even transferred that hope over to the Commander.

However, Mary is the only one being semi-logical by breaking it down for Luke that if Kate was on that plane, there’s no chance she made it out alive. 

Of course, the caveat being “if” Kate was on the plane, which according to Safiyah, she wasn’t. Who knows, honestly. But if she is out there somewhere, Mary is going to feel rather guilty for giving up hope so prematurely. 

However, Kate’s cell phone was definitely on the plane and the Commander learned she was looking into artwork by Jack Napier aka the Joker?

What’s the connection here? 

You would think spending a whole episode in Coryana with little to no action between these friends-turned-nemesis would unearth more intel or give fans some kind of insight as to what the series has planned. 

Even if Safiyah is telling the truth, why does she have Kate? We know she wanted the weapon capable of penetrating the Batsuit before, but what could she want this time? And what does she want Alice to do in Gotham?

And I’m not convinced she didn’t blow up the plane, even if Kate wasn’t on it. Because if you were to get away with a successful kidnapping, you’d hide your tracks by blowing up said plane and making everyone believe the person you kidnapped died. Right?

The trip did give us a little background into Alice, who we now know ended up being Safiyah’s apprentice on the island for five years before going to Gotham to reunite with her sister. And it seems that for a time, Alice wasn’t as vengeful as she is now. 

Sadly, the stunt she pulled with Dessert Rose cure has now made Mary a target, and I’ll be damned if anyone hurts a hair on sweet Mary’s head. Not only is she insanely fashionable lately, but her performance is stellar. 

Batwoman Bat Girl Magic Review Season 1 Episode 3

Batwoman — “Bat Girl Magic!” — Image Number: BWN203b_0358r — Pictured (L-R): Rachel Skarsten as Alice and Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Back in Gotham, Ryan was doing her best to perform Batwoman’s duties, but since the suit wasn’t outfitted for her, she struggled quite a bit. Why doesn’t the thing come with a manual?

Despite the stumbles and fumbles, Zsasz’s critique of her sense of self-identity and confidence inspired her to debut a brand-new look that was more her speed. 

Even a superhero needs to feel confident in her body!

And by now, the residents of Gotham are not only realizing there’s someone new under the cape and cowl, but they’re also embracing the diversity and just glad to have someone watching their back again.

It’s not surprising that Ryan is feeling a bit like an imposter as everyone, aside from Mary, thinks she’s just a temporary place holder, but as she begins to own this new role and feel more secure in it, I think she’ll prove them all wrong. 

She’s also getting back on her feet and had landed a job at The Hold Up to cover for her vigilante work. Though, I couldn’t help but chuckle at her parole officer raving about Batwoman yet looking down on criminals who seem to follow the same code. A classic case of rules for me, not for thee. 

There was a lot going on that it was easy to miss the subtle introduction of Snakebite and False Face Society. The Crows are looking into the new drug laced with Scarecrow’s fear toxin, and they may already have the man at the top of the command chain: the Black Mask. 

Of course, this makes that Jack Napier reference all the more interesting because on Earth One, the Joker was the leader of the False Face Society. 

How does it all connect?

And we can’t forget that Zszasz and Ryan, who somehow run in the same circles, by the way, mentioned her ex, Angelique Martin. It was easily missed, but if she wasn’t important, they wouldn’t take the time to clue us in on her. There’s no doubt she’s going to appear sometime soon and create a mess for our hero who is slowly getting her life on track.

We’re now three episodes into the rebooted season, but it still feels like the season is setting up its play versus actually digging into the material, which has the potential to alienate a lot of fans, especially if you’re not familiar with or are loosely familiar with the comic-book canon.

What did you think of the episode? Did Safiyah make an impression on you? Are you worried for Mary? Do you think Kate is alive?

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