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Batwoman O Mouse review season 1 finale Batwoman O Mouse review season 1 finale


Batwoman Season Finale Review – [SPOILER] Dies, Batman Revealed (1×20)

Credit: Batwoman/ The CW



A season is only as strong as its season finale, and Batwoman capped off season 1 with a major feud brewing, a new villain, and the return of Batman to Gotham City… kind of. 

The number of people who want to kill Batwoman just ticked up with the addition of Commander Kane. 

Kane has never approved of the vigilante taking matters into her own hands in his city, but he took his hatred for her to new levels after on the penultimate episode by declaring war. 

Despite Mary, Sophie, and Julia’s best efforts, there’s no changing Kane’s mind. War means he’s going to go out of his way to take down Batwoman even if it means going back on the truce they called. 

Kane is motivated by a personal vendetta, which is clouding his judgment. 

He keeps asking what people see in Batwoman, and even when everyone tells him that she’s a symbol of hope and a person who defends and protects others selflessly without asking for anything in return, he doesn’t understand it. In his eyes, Batwoman is a criminal who released Arkham’s worst criminals and killed his wife. 

Kane is unable to see the flaws beyond Batwoman — yes, she may have contributed to the prisoner’s escape, but only because Alice pulled the trigger and was running things inside the institution. The problem isn’t Batwoman, it’s a flawed system that tortures Gotham’s worst and makes them despise the city and its officials even more than they already did. 

In the case of the villain-of-the-week, Titan was turned into a monster, but there was some part of him that could be rehabilitated. He was savagely enacting revenge on those who wronged him, but the violence stemmed from head trauma endured by football and doctor’s who falsified scans so that these players could continue on and win championships. Props to Batwoman for also attempting to expose a deeper seeded issue with contact sports.

Titan should have been punished, but he should have been offered a punishment that allowed him to get real help and possibly reverse the damage that led to his vicious state in the first place. I know this is a comic, superhero series but good and evil tend to bleed into the grey area, and if we’re going to be modern and inclusive in storytelling, then it’s fair to say that there’s a huge issue with Arkham including treatment of prisoners and security.

Back to Commander Kane, though. The only way he could ever “understand” and even consider that he’s on the same side as Batwoman is if he knew her identity. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like this anger towards her will ever subside. The fact that he cannot kill her is making him despise her even more. 

It’s a complex relationship because although Kate and Batwoman are two separate entities, at the same time, Kate is Batwoman. She feels what Batwoman feels. Kane’s betrayal hurt Kate a billion times more than it hurt Batwoman because he’s her father. She looked him in the eye and believed him when he said they could be a team. 

Batwoman O Mouse review season 1 finale

Credit: Batwoman/ The CW

Honestly, it’s a bad look for the Crow’s to be pursuing a vigilante this aggressively. Aside from Kane’s personal issues, Batwoman has only ever tried to help out her community. Instead of support, she gets pushback, which obviously makes things harder. 

Kane is so laser-focused, but he really should consider that if his own daughter doesn’t trust the Crow’s to their jobs, then it’s incredibly difficult for the public to trust them.

Kate and Kane’s team-up on the subway was made that much more special because it’s one of the only times these two can fight side-by-side for the greater good. 

Also trying to kill Batwoman/ Kate is our dear Alice. Considering how easy it was for her to kill the only remaining family member she had left, Alice is a pretty dangerous enemy to have. 

Her decision to poison Mouse was shocking but not entirely unexpected. Commander Kane probably wouldn’t like to hear this, but he has a lot in common with Alice — they’re both fueled by revenge and personal vendettas. 

Mouse was trying to steer Alice away from risking their freedom to kill Batwoman and thus, she had to eliminate the obstacle. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. She’s a cold-blooded killer, so no one is spared not even the ones she’s always loved. 

Alice may have felt extreme sadness and grief, but she also showed absolutely no remorse. If it was that easy for her to kill Mouse, she wouldn’t hesitate to take out Kate. 

Mouse hindered Alice’s plan and her character development; he was this side-kick that she could never shake and one that always wanted to steer her in the right direction. 

They dabbled in a few twisted plans together, but Mouse didn’t make Alice any better or worse, he just weighed her down. In terms of a storytelling perspective, it’s probably best that he’s gone. 

When Alice failed to find the kryptonite, one would have thought she exhausted all of her options, but Alice is cunning and she always has another plan. 

This time, her plan exceeded all expectations as she added the most powerful weapon to her arsenal — Bruce Wayne (played by Warren Christie). 

Of course, it isn’t the actual Bruce Wayne, but no one knows that, and Alice hopes it’ll stay that way. 

There’s no one better to impersonate Bruce than Tommy Elliott, the man who was obsessed with him and his biggest rival. Tommy likely knows everything about Bruce including his mannerisms, so he can easily fool #TeamBat. If you’re a fan of the comics, this likely wasn’t a huge surprise as Hush, Tommy’s faceless alter-ego, sometimes wears Bruce Wayne’s face. 

I would hope that Luke, at the very least, would be able to figure out that something is amiss, but a man who has been missing in action for years, they might just expect that he’s changed. Their guards will be up because Alice has pulled the face switcheroo before, but the shock of the return and of wanting to know where he’s been, what he’s up to, and why he’s back, might lower those very guards at the same time.

I can also see Tommy enjoying being Bruce Wayne/ Batman too much, which would sabotage Alice’s plan. And depending on where the real Bruce Wayne/ Batman is, if Gotham’s media get wind of his return, the real one might be forced to come out of hiding to thwart the danger being imposed on his city by this imposter. 

Then we have the villain that’s very much around but remains in the shadows — Safiya Sohail. 

Julia has a target on her back, and while we haven’t seen Safiya yet, she’s making herself known by sending Julia photos of her and Sophie around town. 

Julia hasn’t been forthcoming about who she really is or what she’s involved in with Sophie, but now that it involves her, she’s going to have to be. Especially if she wants a relationship with her.

And then, there’s the secret that will always drive a wedge between them: Batwoman. 

At this point, it’s safe to suspect that Sophie knows Kate is Batwoman, but it’s never been confirmed and thus, we’re assuming that she’s still in the dark. I was fully expecting her to out Batwoman’s identity on the football field, but I’m glad she didn’t. 

It does make you wonder how blind Kane is to the truth when all three women — Julia, Sophie, and Mary — who are close to Kate are also Batwoman’s biggest cheerleaders. If only Kane put two-and-two together. 

As for the kryptonite, Luke managed to destroy the only remaining piece (so he thought), but little did he know that Kate actually had a piece in her possession from the Arrowverse crossover that she promised to hold onto for Kara in case she ever needed to use it. And until she gets Kate’s blessing, that powerful little green rock is going to cause a huge problem. 

While there were so many fantastic twists and moments in the Batwoman season 1 finale, my favorite had to be Kate realizing that her tribe is her family and she can no longer keep secrets from them. All heroes and vigilantes need a team to fall back on when things get tough or they dislocate a shoulder. Luke is the tech brains and Mary, she’s the one that keeps them grounded and provides medical attention. With all the punches Kate throws and takes, Mary is essential and the perfect addition. The Bat-team has evolved, and they’re stronger together. 

What did you think of the Batwoman finale? Were you surprised by the cliffhanger? Sound off in the comments. 

Batwoman Season 2 will premiere in 2021 (see The CW’s schedule here), but when it does, it’ll start-up where the abbreviated season 1 finished, which means plenty of juicy drama coming at us right out of the gates!

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Batwoman Season Finale Review – Goodbye Kate Kane, Hello Batwing! (2×18)



Batwoman Season Finale Review Power Season 2 Episode 18

Batwoman wrapped up its second season with two Batwoman’s, Batwing, Alice, and the #BatTeam aligning for a common goal. Who would have thought?

Much of the season was building up to the very moment where Roman Sionis aka Black Mask declares war on Gotham and orders its citizens to overthrow the government. 

It was essentially the PG-13 version The Purge

While there were plenty of people who were more than happy to wreak havoc, the city was also filled with scared souls hoping to give Batwoman the faith she needs to continue fighting for them.

And so she did. 

Ryan wasn’t confident to take on Circe without the Batsuit, and who could blame her? Without the suit’s protection, she was a mere mortal who could get seriously hurt. 

But the fire that she had to protect the city from the bad guys never came from the suit, and thus, she found it in herself to step up for all of those who were relying on her. 

In order to make any real progress, she needed to join forces with her sworn enemy: Alice. 

I know there’s beef between them since Alice and her Wonderland Gang killed Ryan’s adoptive mother, but they make such a great team. It’s truly enjoyable to watch them work side-by-side.

The goal has always been to save Kate, so when Mary managed to snag an aerosol of Snakebite, they needed to get close enough to Circe to spray her with it and hopefully trigger some permanent memories. 

And it worked… but not before Alice and Circe went overboard into the river in what seemed to be a repeat of Beth’s death. 

Was Alice hoping that Kate’s memories would bubble up to the surface and she would get a second chance at saving her thus bringing Kate back permanently in Circe’s body?

Instead, Alice pulled Circe/Kate to the surface where she and Ryan performed CPR. Kate recognized Beth immediately just as she was pulled away by the cops. 

For a night that was supposed to destroy the GCPD, they managed to lock up the leader of The False Face Society and the Wonderland Gang at the same time. I’d call that rather successful. 

Kate realized the irony of always wanting to bring Beth out of Alice and having Alice bring Kate out of Circe instead. It didn’t matter how much Alice did or sacrificed to bring her sister back, however, as Kate determined that until she wanted to be Beth again, she couldn’t be saved. I’m going to have to agree with Ocean that Kate never deserved Alice’s love.

While I’m not too happy that Alice is back in the orange jumpsuit and behind bars just as she was making a sliver of progress, I know she isn’t going to stay there for long. Alice always gets out, especially since she has a key piece of information that Ryan is going to want. 

In the final moments of the episode, Alice informed Ryan that her biological mother, the one Ryan thought died during childbirth, was actually alive. 

Alice always has a card to play — it’s impressive. Is Ryan’s mom in Arkham?

Or does it have something to vines growing, which would indicate the appearance of Poison Ivy! Safiyah did mention that Ivy helped with the creation of the Desert Rose, so could this be connected somehow?

And the floating top hat and black-and-white umbrella that has belonged to Penguin wasn’t lost on me either! 

I don’t know about you, but this makes me super excited for season 3!

Hopefully, the revelation about her mother, while jarring, isn’t going to undo all the progress she’s made to better herself. 

In the season finale, Ryan finally found her power — she no longer saw herself the criminal she was painted out to be, she was released from parole, and Kate handed over the reins to Batwoman officially. 

I didn’t mind the new Batwoman, but I’m glad the whole Kate Kane debacle is over. As I’ve said, she’s overstayed her welcome. Not to mention, Ryan made a much better Batwoman. 

It seems almost pointless that the series would waste so much time on flip-flopping between having Kate missing, dead, and alive again, but I guess it does give her storyline closure in a way that doesn’t cheapen the character. It was a solid farewell that allowed her to say goodbye to her team, her sister, and Sophie while passing on the baton to someone who is more than worthy. 

As Kate embarks on a mission to find Bruce Wayne, Ryan and the team will stay behind to protect Gotham, give the youth a community center, and provide free healthcare to those in need. It’s all coming up Millhouse!

And who knows, maybe one day she’ll come back to assist with the Bruce Wayne story. He’s such a presence in the series despite being off-screen. 

Batwoman Season Finale Review Power Season 2 Episode 18

Credit: The CW/ Batwoman

Prior to having his face permanently burned with one of Joker’s acid flower and seeing his plan to become the city’s hero fail, Black Mask pumped Tavaroff full of Snakebite. His body seemingly gave out as he flatlined, and Roman didn’t hesitate to dump his body in a dumpster. They bring him to Mary’s clinic, where she notices the Snakebite and steals it to save Kate/Circe. 

This, however, triggers Tavarrof, who goes into full rage mode. He’s beefed up and honestly, looking really Hulk-ish. It’s scary, but Mary manages to fight him off (looking truly fashionable, I might add) as he pursues her in the alleyway before Luke suits up and rises to help her as Batwing! 

Luke has always been part of the action, but now, he’s going to be in the thick of it! 

Two vigilantes in Gotham? Yes, please! 

Since Ryan didn’t have her suit and was preoccupied with the Kate situation, it was awesome that Luke could’ve stepped in. There’s no one that knows more about this operation than he does, plus, his father specifically designed the suit based on his imagined renderings of a Black Batman.

Also, that suit is much more impressive than Batwoman’s! 

Batwing, Penguin, Poison Ivy… it’s truly shaping up to be an exciting third season. 

One person that won’t be coming back in Commander Kane. Dougray Scott will not reprise his role in the upcoming season as showrunner Caroline Dries admitted that his character has “run its course.”

I’d have to agree considering the Crows have been dismantled and Kate’s continuing on with her journey. I’m sure they could still find ways to involve him in Alice and Mary’s lives, but even towards the end of the season, it felt as though they were running out of storylines for him. 

Overall, it was an action-packed finale that changed the trajectory of every major character for the better. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them! 

What did you think of the finale? Were you a fan of this rebooted second season? Are you rooting for Ryan and Sophie to become a couple? What about Mary and Luke?

And what’s the situation with Ryan’s mother? Sound off in the comments, and see you all next season! 

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Batwoman Review – A Storm Is Brewing in Gotham (2×17)



Batwoman Review Kane, Kate Season 2 Episode 17

Thought Kate Kane was back?

Think again.

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 17, the Bat Team welcomed Kate — with a new face — with open arms, but in their desperation to have her back, they didn’t consider the possibility that it wasn’t her at all. 

Honestly, Sophie even mentioned that they didn’t know what state Kate would wake up in after her hangover, so why didn’t they even stop to think that it might be Circe pretending to be Kate?

Luke basically handed her the blueprints that she needed to infiltrate the Bat Cave, lock them up, and steal all of their weapons. 

Rookie mistake. 

They also needed to get Ryan Wilder out of the way, so the GCPD rounded her up by framing her on a drug possession. 

Once again, the drugs weren’t Ryan’s, and thankfully, this time she was able to convince her parole officer that she was being wronged by spilling the secret that she’s Batwoman. 

While it was a hard sell, Ryan was able to back up her claims by taking down several officers. It takes a lot of skill. 

Ryan may have been able to break out, but she’s now a woman on the run. She’ll be limited in what she’s able to do, which will usher in Luke as Batwing. Two vigilantes are better than one! Does this also mean she’s getting a new batsuit!?

It was always possible that Circe was still working with Roman Sionis, but the betrayal still blindsided me. 

Sionis is ruthless, however, so it wasn’t surprising that part of his plan also included rounding up ex-Crows to do his dirty bidding. 

Those guys are so desperate to fit in. Plus, the fact that they were so easily swayed to join the bad guy means that they were always corrupt from the getgo; they never had the people of Gotham’s best interests at heart. 

And of course Tavaroff is going to be Roman’s right hand man! 

Batwoman Review Kane, Kate Season 2 Episode 17

Batwoman — “Kane, Kate” — Image Number: BWN217a_0101r — Pictured (L-R): Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox and Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Circe made off with bioweapons that Bruce snatched up from Gotham’s most dangerous villains, but what does he intend to do with them? Build a superweapon?

And where does Circe fall into the plan? She obviously has no interest in being Batwoman, but there’s a part of Kate Kane inside of her that I have no doubt will bubble up to the surface. 

If there’s anything we know about Kate it’s that she’s persistent, especially if her friends are dedicated to saving her. 

We know the Bat Team won’t give up on her, but the person that’s most motivated is Alice. 

After losing Ocean, Alice has no one left, which means she can fully invest herself into saving Kate. 

I’m just as heartbroken about Ocean’s death as Alice is. He was the one person that was able to ground her and proved to her that she was worthy of love. He made her a better person — as good as Alice could be. 

She’s already lost so much, and she continues to keep getting pushed to the edge. 

Sure, she may have burned down Coryana, but Safiyah deserved it for what she did to her and Ocean. 

And she more than deserved getting stabbed with the dessert rose dagger. Alice ripped that play right out of Safiyah’s playbook. 

In order to weather the storm, Alice is going to have to work together with the Bat Team. 

Thankfully, she’s starting to make some real progress with everyone including Mary. 

Will the inevitable faceoff between Ryan and Circe lead to Kate’s demise? I can’t see Circe’s storyline continuing on for too long and there’s clearly not enough room for two Batwoman’s.

Plus, who’s to say that Kate would even want to take up the mantle if she were to come back?

All this Gotham drama would make me want to escape to a deserted island… no, not that one!

I hated how Ryan felt as though she were pushed to the side with Kate’s return. She’s proven that she’s worthy of wearing the cape, while the series proved that they can tell incredible stories without Kate. Even Ryan and Sophie’s connection is more convincing than Ryan and Kate’s at this point, so really, Kate’s return would just be messing up tons of personal and professional relationships. 

What did you think of the penultimate episode of Batwoman

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Batwoman Review – Rebirth (2×16)



Batwoman Review Rebirth Season 2 Episode 16

Roman Sionis, Circe, Kate Kane, and Safiyah are all connected. 

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 16, Safiyah makes her return as it’s revealed that she worked with Roman aka “Black Mask” to deliver him Kate. 

But when she finds out that “Circe” and Alice came into contact, she informs him that Alice is Beth Kane. Safiyah knows that Alice would be able to identify her sister even if her mind was been wiped. 

By the time Roman’s people get to Circe/ Kate, Alice and Commander Kane have made impressive strides with forcing her memories back. 

Considering there was so much focus on the keyword to trigger Kate’s memories, I feel like they returned a little too easily, but I won’t complain too much cause the team-up between Alice and her father, albeit short-lived, was such a treat. 

Alice may no longer be the Beth she remembers, but she’s still in there somewhere. 

Jacob seems grateful to get any time with Beth at all, plus, he’s learning more about what led to her Alice persona and he’s surprised that it wasn’t all Cartwright’s doing and Enigma played a huge role in pushing her over the edge. 

I feel like Alice will always be Alice, but they’re at least on their way to having some sort of relationship, especially after it was publicly revealed he is the father of one of “Gotham’s most notorious monsters” and he came to her defense. 

Alice has done her fair share of terrible things, but she is a victim of her circumstances. She’s a victim of a kidnapping, of trying to forge a new path on Coryana, and of Enigma’s brainwashing. It doesn’t make all the things she’s done right, but it helps to see her in a new light. 

With Jacob arrested for aiding and abetting Alice/Beth, he asks Mary to save both of her sisters, who he believes can become who they once were again. It’s a huge ask of Mary considering Alice/Beth killed her mother, but if there’s anyone who has the heart and will to do it, it’s her. 

After Roman’s people captured Jacob, Circe/Kate was able to escape to the Batcave where she endured an inner struggle between the two entities inside her mind. 

At times, Kate was able to recall things. And while she doesn’t have any memory of her sister, Mary, she does recognize Sophie. 

Honestly, Mary always gets the short end of the stick. I guess the point is to showcase how deep Kate and Sophie’s love was, but it’s a low blow not to recognize the sister who was always in your corner!

After Circe resurfaces, she manipulates Sophie in order to escape and confronts Roman about who she really is

Safiyah then tells Roman to tell her the truth and allow her to decide for herself. Roman’s plan is to re-introduce Circe into society as the face (ha, get it?) of his Rebirth line of cosmetics (and even had the perfect millennial story about Malibu and rehab to explain her disappearance), but will Kate/Circe be interested in that. 

Or will she try to become part of the #BatTeam again?

 Safiyah created a world of chaos when she visited Gotham and made sure that Alice paid the price for burning down her entire field of dessert rose. 

She didn’t even attempt to look the other way when Batwoman gave her the only remaining plant to rebuild her empire. 

When it came down to it, she took what mattered most from Alice — Ocean. Is he dead for real this time?

Aside from actually enjoying his character and what he brought to the story, I enjoyed his dynamic with Alice. 

Who would have thought we’d ever see Alice introduce a man to her dad? And how sweet was it that Ocean wanted to make a good impression?

Plus, I don’t want to see what happens to all the progress Alice has made if the love of her life is taken from her permanently. 

We saw how she spiraled by losing her family, and Ocean was one of the few people who accepted her and loved her for her; he didn’t try to change her into something she wasn’t. 

Roman may have revealed Alice’s true identity to the world, but it’s time someone reveals him as Black Mask. He’s done enough damage in Gotham. 

The episode also focused on Luke’s recovery post-shooting. He was looking for trouble by confronting Tavaroff, who proved that he’s quite the tool who can’t even play poker without cheating. And he’s a sore loser to boot. 

Luke may have lost his way temporarily, and it was interesting to see his “bad boy” side come out, but he’ll come around eventually. 

While he wanted to reconnect with his father, he’s needed in Gotham. In a city full of bad men, they need all the good guys they can get. We know this is going to lead to Luke becoming Batwing, which was ushered through a guest appearance from Arrow’s John Diggle (David Ramsey). Yay for a mini-crossover! I wouldn’t mind if he stuck around to become a mentor for Luke! 

Luke’s always been a superhero to his friends, but with the Crow’s dismantled, the city needs another vigilante more than ever. 

And I love that Ryan gave him the space he needed while refusing to apologize for saving his life. 

No one should ever have to apologize for that. 

What did you think of the episode? Can Alice/Beth truly be redeemed, especially now after Ocean’s murder? What will trigger Luke’s decision to become Batwing? Will Kate return or will she go to the dark side and become Circe?

And does Kate’s return mean a Ryan and Sophie relationship is out of the realm of possibility?

Share your thoughts below! 

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