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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (02 x 07)



Can you say, worst Thanksgiving ever?

Since the Thanksgiving drama was continuous, let’s start from the beginning. Our least favorite FBI Agent, Bob Reynolds wants to spend some quality time with his daughter. He invites Catherine and her boyfriend to a quiet Thanksgiving dinner in Montauk. His plans for the dinner were all, but quiet.

Reynolds wants to finish off Vincent and he has no problem putting a hit on two of his guests. Catherine has more problems than just her father wanting to kill her friend and her boyfriend. She and Vincent have been growing apart since he ripped out that poor man’s heart on an instinct.

Not only is Vincent changing, but someone is after him. As if we didn’t already suspect that CW! Gabe’s files are gone from his computer and someone blew up the warehouse hoping that Vincent would be inside.

So who is Vincent’s handler. We as an audience know, but Catherine and the rest of the beast-loving crew has no idea. The phone calls from the handler prove to be a dead end…and can we mention the moments between JT and Tess?! About damn time! JT does have enough time to catch his breath to figure out that the only people that could have erased Gabe’s files could be the FBI.

Catherine and Vincent fall right into Reynolds trap and run to him for help finding the handler. Catherine’s father doesn’t answer many of her questions, but he does agree to help find the handler…except Reynolds IS the handler.

Her father tries to be disapproving of her jobless boyfriend and subtly drops hints that his daughter could do better. Most likely trying to get them unattached, so his death or disappearance wouldn’t be missed too much. In order to help find the handler, Reynolds wants to see some of Gabe’s files and get the team on teh right track. Gabe drives on our to the quiet, lovely Thanksgiving dinner and brings the girl-beast, Tori.

Tori and Vincent don’t hit it off. The tension continues when Reynolds tells Vincent to get out of Catherine’s life. When Vincent leaves the table, Tori goes crazy and flips the table. Vincent runs after Tori to calm her down and they end up kissing. Vincent! Ugh. Never trust a beast. While he and Tori are making out, Catherine and her new dad are arguing. When Catherine storms out to find Vincent, she sees what’s happening and starts yelling at Vincent. What could happen next you as?

Vincent dumps her.

Yes. Vincent, the guy that was cheating, dumps HER. Gosh, Catherine, grow a pair and stand up for yourself. He better have had a good reason for kissing another girl.

Well our perfect father gets even better, he has his hitman take Tori back to the city. Then he lies to Vincent and tell him that the handler’s name is Tucker and he’s probably after Tori at that very moment. Father of the Year award goes to Reynolds again when he offers Vincent his car to chase after him. What a man.

Catherine and Gabe start to head back, and just as they walk out the door….the hear church bells. Yup, the church bells that JT and Tess heard as they were decrypting the voice of the handler. We only see the shocked look on their faces for a split second when the scene swaps over to Vincent who finds not only Tori, but a bomb.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We’ll find out Monday at 8/7C on the CW if Vincent makes it out alive.

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Catherine now holds all the cards with our desperate beast. Vincent wants Catherine back in his life and she knows it. She may seem all sweet and innocent, but she is totally playing both Gabe and Vincent like a bad poker game.

Vincent refuses to give up. You’ve got to admire the guy for it. He knows he’s a better choice for Catherine and he knows she doesn’t want the perfect relationship that Gabe is offering her.

Gabe…oh boy. I don’t even know where to start. Jealousy is not becoming on you, buddy. Quit being the needy significant other. We already saw where that got Tori — dead. He’s threatened by Vincent and he does not like that Cat’s old flame is still a major part of her life. His threatening Vincent was laughable. To tell Vincent that he’s a better option for Catherine, is not going to make him back off, it’s only going to make him try to be a better person to prove Gabe wrong. Gabe is fighting a losing battle.

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