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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: Reunion (02 x 05)



Cat wants girl time?! What?!

It was almost unbelievable until she kicked her boyfriend beast right out of her window. But Catherine should have known that any get together she throws ends up in chaos.

As all of her guest leaves, her journalist friend stays behind. Can we point out how she cleverly forgot her purse and then was fixing her hair as Catherine went back into her room to retrieve it? It looks like Gabe and Vincent have a little competition.

When one beast leaves, another comes. While Catherine was innocently grabbing her friends bag, she’s attacked. Luckily for her, Beth comes to her rescue, but not without questions. Who was that man that jumped five stories out a window? Why were his eye glowing yellow?

Sure enough the cops that arrived to the scene before our beast squad think she’s crazy.

The beast, Zach Hayes, turns out to be one of Vincent’s soldier buddies. He was also a Muirfield experiment that survived. Vincent ends up taking him out to a bar with JT and it is quickly revealed that Zach wants more than just a buddy, he wants revenge.

Gabriella was a woman that Zach was in love with before he was deployed and sure enough both Zach and Vincent slept with her before leaving for war. Vincent tore out Zach’s heart, so Zach tore up the girl.

But he isn’t finished.

He wants to make Vincent feel the same pain that he felt years ago.

Conveniently enough FBI Bob finds out about the DNA test that Tess and Gabe ran on Zach and warns Vincent. Now everyone, not only Catherine, is headed to her ten-year reunion.

Another party goes wrong as both beast, Vincent and Zach tear up the dance floor….literally. After the big beast fight, Zach ends up dead with a broken neck.

After consoling his girl, Vincent take the back door only to find Gabe walking in to check on Catherine. Give up Gabe, she’s all for the bad boys!

Cat starts showing Gabe some pictures of her high school days and sure enough Bob is in the background of her graduation picture!

It looks like Catherine found her biological father. Now what wills she do with that information?

Find out Monday at 9/8 C!

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: “About Last Night” Preview



Will Gabe and Vincent duke it out for Catherine’s love? Find out on the spring finale Monday at 9/8C on the CW!

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: Catch Me If You Can (02 x 14)



Beauty-and-the-Beast-Season-2-Episode-15-Recap-and-Review-Catch-Me-If-You-CanThis episode was centered all around the Gabe-Catherine-Vincent love triangle. I’m pretty sick of Catherine and her love life to say the least. The fact that a whole episode was spent on her terrible decisions was quite annoying, especially when we all know the outcome.

Catherine now holds all the cards with our desperate beast. Vincent wants Catherine back in his life and she knows it. She may seem all sweet and innocent, but she is totally playing both Gabe and Vincent like a bad poker game.

Vincent refuses to give up. You’ve got to admire the guy for it. He knows he’s a better choice for Catherine and he knows she doesn’t want the perfect relationship that Gabe is offering her.

Gabe…oh boy. I don’t even know where to start. Jealousy is not becoming on you, buddy. Quit being the needy significant other. We already saw where that got Tori — dead. He’s threatened by Vincent and he does not like that Cat’s old flame is still a major part of her life. His threatening Vincent was laughable. To tell Vincent that he’s a better option for Catherine, is not going to make him back off, it’s only going to make him try to be a better person to prove Gabe wrong. Gabe is fighting a losing battle.

"Catch Me If You Can"And the last scene of the episode confirms all of our ideas. Catherine and Vincent cannot stay away from each other. I mean, Gabe, do you really think she “accidentally” fell into bed with him? No. She’s in love with him and though she may regret hurting Gabe, she knows what she wants in the long run. She wants Vincent. But is that what she really wants? With one episode left, where do you think the love story will end? With Gabe or Vincent? Tune in Monday at 9/8C on the CW!

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: “Catch Me If You Can” Preview



Are you with me or are you with him?

Can Vincent prove to be more man than Beast? Or will Gabe win the fight for Catherine’s heart? Find out Monday at 9/8C on the CW!

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