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Big Brother All-Stars Episode 12 Review Big Brother All-Stars Episode 12 Review

Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: All Bark, No Bite (22×12)

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Big Brother has always been about strategic gameplay, blindsides, and deception. For All-Stars, we are getting a game of “follow the leader.” No one wants to take risks in this game, play safe, and hope that no one will target them. It’s turning out to make the season quite a dud.

With Enzo as HOH and Kevin and Kaysar on the block, some of the skeptics of the house approach the HOH in his room about where he stands with things in the house. Kaysar brought up the excellent point to Enzo that now that Janelle is gone, he’s completely alone, a free agent. He wants to work with Enzo in the future. He’s not floating like Kevin is. Enzo said in the Diary Room that he just wants to get Kaysar out because he’s never talked game with him. WELL, Enzo, that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing. It’s not hard. Take advantage of the free vote you have with you and use it. That could have happened last week with Janelle but it didn’t. It’s a similar situation with conversations Enzo had with Ian. Ian talked about wanting to not use the Veto if he won, or who Enzo would replace him with, but Enzo wouldn’t have it. It’s so dumb that no one wants to take risks in this game. It’s All-Stars, play the game!

Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bayleigh, and David were selected for the Power of Veto competition. This is Tyler’s fourth Veto pick in a row, which made everyone in the fan community wonder why not many of the women are being picked for competitions.

Before the competition, Enzo, Cody, and Tyler celebrate that people from their alliance are playing the Veto, and they can continue to work to eliminate Kaysar from the house. Again, so dumb, Kaysar isn’t associated with anyone anymore, just use him as an extra vote.

For this week’s Power of Veto competition, it’s the FIRST endurance competition! There usually is an endurance competition every couple weeks, but this is the first one the entire season! The players were held up in the air by thin ropes making them look like marionettes, and only had small footholes to hold onto. Every once in a while, the ropes would move, putting the players in different positions, stretching their strength to their full potential. Whoever lasted the longest wins the Power of Veto! They also had mysterious blue and green goop splashed in their faces to throw them off. Kaysar fell off after 12 minutes, devastating the hearts of every Big Brother fan out there, as it’s highly possible he’s headed home. Enzo fell off shortly after, failing to grab the rope after losing his grip. Tyler fell off after about a half hour, making Enzo nervous about who is going to win the competition. Bayleigh fell off shortly after that, losing her footing on the rope. Kevin tried to make a deal with David to throw the competition so he can stay safe, but David wouldn’t have it, wanting to prove himself to the group. It didn’t matter, as David slipped and fell, and Kevin wins the Power of Veto!

Kevin obviously will use the Veto to take himself off the block, so Enzo begins scrambling on who to put up in his place. Cody wants to put up Ian, since he won the game in the past, and is probably the most intellectual in the house. Enzo brags that he’s not playing around this season and is here to play (as the title of this article says, all bark, no bite).

Dani wants to arrange a meeting with the Slick Six alliance (which is her, Tyler, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Enzo, and Cody), but almost slipped up exposing the alliance with Nicole in the room, which is starting to make Tyler question her loyalty to the alliance, making Enzo consider putting her up on the nomination block. Enzo brags to Tyler that no one can get sneaky with him (huge eye roll).

At the Veto Meeting, Kevin takes himself off, and Enzo fills the seat with Christmas. He does this to hide his secret alliance with her, and so that it’s guaranteed that Kaysar will go home. It’s a waste of a Head of Household for Enzo, and it’s clear that he wants to make big moves, but is too scared to do it, because the biggest “target” in the house is Kaysar.

It’s sad seeing the season play out in the way that it is. It’s gotten to the point that the fans have taken matters into their own hands. It’s nothing new that fans will try to shout things over the Big Brother walls, or fly planes with messages to the players to tell them what they’re doing wrong. CBS tries to shut this down, and sometimes locks the players inside the house so they don’t see it. On the live feeds this week, someone shouted “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone!” This lead to the feeds instantly shutting off for close to four hours so that production could fix the matter. I know they want as little as possible from the outside to interact with the game, but I can only HOPE that people listen to the infamous wall-yeller (thanks Twitter, for the great name), and work to get Cody or Nicole out. Cody and Nicole do not play the game well at all: Nicole sits in her room all day and plays victim to drama, and Cody manipulates to the point of it getting personal and borderline problematic (the feeds have shown him saying some pretty demeaning things to Dani, and she had none of it).

Prediction for Eviction
(Another huge, deep, sigh) Kaysar. These All-Stars are so idiotic for not playing and going all out. This may be the last time they play the game, so why not just go all out? It’s ridiculous to me. I’m hoping Kaysar can pull something out, but because the house is being micromanaged by Cody, it most likely won’t happen.

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Big Brother All-Stars Review: The Seventh Eviction (22×22)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 22 Review

Misreads and miscommunication continue to plague the house, and it all culminates in tonight’s latest eviction, where either Da’Vonne or Kevin will be shown the door, and join Ian in the jury house.

At the Veto meeting, Tyler decided not to use the power, leaving Memphis’ nominees the same. Da’Vonne figured that this would happen, but felt very optimistic that Dani and Nicole could work with her to gather the four votes needed to evict Kevin. The frequent thing that caused Da’Vonne stress was confirming whether or not Nicole voted to evict Tyler or Ian in the previous week. Nicole lies to her face saying she voted to evict Tyler (she didn’t), but said quietly that she will tell Day the truth, but has to find the right moment to do so.

Head of Household Memphis decides to shift his focus onto the next phase of the game, and created two sub-alliances within the Committee. He lets Enzo know that he is going to form two final 3 deals, but have Enzo in both, so that his final 2 deal is with Enzo. That way if the Committee crumbles, he has people to back him up. Enzo takes this deal, thinking that he can beat Memphis in the final 2 should they get that far, and decides to work with Memphis. The first group has Memphis, Enzo, and Cody, and the other has Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas. Memphis calls both alliances “The Wise Guys.” All I have to say is that even though Memphis should not win this game, this is pretty smart. He has a feeling that the Committee is falling apart, so finding smaller groups to take to the end could help him. I hope it all falls in his face, because that jerk (putting it lightly) needs to go now.

Dani believes that keeping Da’Vonne is what’s best for her game, so she starts going around trying to get the votes. Christmas sees right through the campaign, and believes that Dani, Nicole, and Day are working together to destroy the Committee from the inside. She then goes to David and lets him know that she knows that David voted out Tyler, and that Nicole is lying to Day, so that Day can target him, and the only way to stop it is to send her out. David is happy that someone finally agrees with him, since his vote was seen as a lie throughout the entire week. Now David wants to work with Christmas which is dumb, because Christmas is a horrible player, and she’ll vote him out without losing any sleep.

Before the vote, Da’Vonne gave a brilliant speech about how no Black women has ever won this game, except for Tamar Braxton, who won the celebrity version of Big Brother a few years back. She declared that she wants to continue to fight to be the first African-American woman to win the show and credits previous HouseGuests Cassandra (season 1), and Danielle Reyes (season 2), as some of the greatest influences to her, and why she loves the game she’s played three times. Kevin had to keep his speech short for time, but had a similar speech, saying that companies and corporations need to do more than a Zoom representation and diversity training, and start practicing what they preach. Both speeches were incredible, and I’m glad that these two took the opportunity of this platform to spark conversations in a world that is much bigger than the house.

Powerful speeches aside, Da’Vonne was evicted from the house by a 5-2 vote. Dani and Nicole were the two votes for Kevin. After Nicole almost tore Day’s earring out while giving her a hug goodbye, she put on her mask and joined Julie outside. When Julie asked how she was feeling, Day said that she was relieved because she was sick of those people. My reaction to that: me too, Day. Me too. When Julie showed the goodbye messages, Nicole revealed that she is a part of a big alliance, and that she voted to evict Ian to protect the alliance. In that moment, Da’Vonne lost all respect for Nicole, saying that if she had just told the truth from the get-go so she didn’t have to attack David, she would’ve been okay with the decision. She now heads off to join Ian in the jury house, where they will wait the next evictee.

Before the episode ended, Julie revealed not one, but two large twists coming for the week. As teased, a BB legend is moving in next door, and that legend was revealed to be Dr. Will Kirby, the winner of season 2, and one of the first villains to play the game. He said he’s living next door, and will be tempting the HouseGuests with power and prizes, and it’ll be up to them to decide what they want. I’m very excited for this, because Dr. Will is a great player, and will hopefully bring some drama and tear up the house.

Julie then revealed a twist that has never happened before. A week from today, the first ever TRIPLE eviction will occur in a special 2-hour episode. That’s right, 3 people will be sent out the door next week, which will cause a lot of stress through the house. I can’t WAIT for this. Double evictions happen every year, but a triple is a first. I hope this will be a time for someone from the Committee (cough, cough, MEMPHIS) to go home.

My New Winner Pick: 
Because I changed my winner pick to Da’Vonne, I now have to pick a new prediction for the winner of BB22. With so few people I genuinely want to root for, the pickings are slim. However, my pick is going to lie with Enzo. He has great relationships with everyone, and joined the Wise Guys with Memphis. He also has won competitions, and no one has come for him in any capacity. I think he has a good place in the house, and I think he could take it to the end.

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Big Brother All-Stars Review: Zing! (22×21)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 21 Review

It’s hard being a Big Brother fan. It’s a great game, but when players are problematic, they target people for no reason (or internalized reasons), and there’s hardly anyone to root for anymore, it’s just hard to really enjoy a season. This sort of thing continued through this week of All-Stars, getting to the point of questioning the legitimacy of these so called “all-stars.”

Starting from last episode, Memphis nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction (his fourth time there). However, his real target is David, because he serves no purpose to his game (some racially aggressive things were apparently said on the feeds from Memphis towards David). Regardless, he made his fake deal with David in an attempt to backdoor him at the end of the week. Da’Vonne and Kevin meet privately to discuss what to do about the Veto, and Day knows that Nicole will help them (even though Nicole said she voted to keep Ian, when she didn’t). It got to the point that Memphis went to his nominees and let them know that they are not being targeted this week, but it’s all just a big ploy to evict David.

When it came time to pick players for the Veto competition, Memphis pulled Tyler’s chip, and both Day and Kevin selected a HouseGuest choice chip, meaning they can pick whoever they want. Da’Vonne selected Nicole, and Kevin picked Dani. Each nominee had a feeling that either of them would remove them from the block should they win the veto. Memphis pulled Nicole, Dani, and Tyler aside and informed them of his plan, which Tyler doesn’t understand. After Tyler talked to Cody about Memphis’ plan, Cody said in the Diary Room that David is no threat to anyone; his alliances are destroyed, and if anything, he’s an extra vote for the Committee.

With all hope for an entertaining season gone, a hero rose from the ashes. The iconic Zingbot has returned! This giant robot with a Dalek-like voice visits Big Brother every year to roast the HouseGuests, and it was NEEDED. They walked out to the backyard, and Zingbot was dressed like the original meme of quarantine, Joe Exotic, with a mustache and all. He made old jokes to Enzo, jokes that Memphis and Tyler were runner-ups in their seasons, dumb jokes to Cody, jokes that David was eliminated first last year, and so on. It was fantastic. Zingbot went after Christmas saying that her personality and attitude is completely opposite than what her name implies, which sent everyone over the edge with laughter, and Christmas was ANGRY, saying that she will remember that everyone laughed, and on the live feeds, she was livid. The last joke went to Nicole, where Zingbot sang “Here Comes the Bride,” acknowledging her upcoming nuptials with former BB player Victor, but insulting how her constant whining and crying is annoying. It was the best moment to happen to this season, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the Veto Competition, the players went individually through a maze to find three exotic stuffed tigers, and put them in their properly labeled cages. Whoever completed this in the shortest time wins the Power of Veto. Each player had different strategies: some rushed through it, while others went slow and steady to win the race. At the end of the competition, Tyler narrowly beat out the rest to win the competition, and the opportunity to save one of the two nominees.

Since Tyler won, Da’Vonne believed that there was never a plan to save her and Kevin and backdoor David. She now believes that Tyler is working with David and Memphis in a large alliance to get her out. Memphis informs her that it isn’t true, and that he wanted everyone in the competition to throw it so he could take one of them off. Tyler approached Memphis angry, saying that he wants to send David packing. But Tyler doesn’t want to use the Veto, because he thinks keeping David is good for his and Memphis’ game, and truly doesn’t understand why Memphis wants him out so bad. Memphis makes it clear that he never wanted to spread his plan around because he knows that people talk way too much, and begins to grow suspicious that maybe Tyler is forming side alliances from the Committee to try and go after him. As Tyler contemplates his decision, he thinks that maybe Da’Vonne and Kevin are forming side deals with Nicole and Dani to advance further.

At the Veto Meeting, Tyler let the nominees try to convince him to use it on them. Kevin gave a short and sweet speech, while Da’Vonne blamed Christmas, Tyler, David, and Memphis, accusing them of this being a long and convoluted plan to evict Bayleigh and her. This speech was a little much, because it wasn’t entirely true, but Tyler heard none of it, and chose to not use the Power of Veto, meaning Kevin or Da’Vonne will be sent to jury tomorrow night.

Prediction for Eviction: 
I think this will be Da’Vonne. I think that speech brought a little fire into the Committee and they will see that she is slightly on to their plan and the outing of the alliance could blow up in their faces, which they don’t want. If Nicole was a smart player (which she hasn’t really been), she will convince Dani, Enzo, David, and Tyler to keep her, but this is highly unlikely. Additionally, with a new twist coming tomorrow night, with a BB legend coming in to tear it up, it’s possible someone could come back into the game!

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Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: Another Boring Week (22×20)



Big Brother All-Stars Episode 20 Review

I really truly thought that after last week’s insanity, maybe, just MAYBE, we could get another one just like it, where the possible target could be someone in the Committee alliance, but it doesn’t seem so. Controversy surrounds the house, and it causing the place to implode in completely boring fashion.

After BB14 winner Ian was sent packing by a 5-3 vote, confusion ran around the house, leading to the 3 dissenting votes wondering who flipped. It was revealed that David, Kevin, Da’Vonne, and Nicole teamed up to try and tie the vote, causing Dani to break the tie. However, with Nicole being a part of the Committee, as well as a mean person to her friend in the house, voted to evict Ian. Kevin was nervous that David might be lying to keep Ian since he likes Tyler so much, but David only wanted to tie it so that all the blame could go on Dani, making Dani and Nicole furious with David. They plan to convince the rest of the house that David was the one that flipped, rather than Nicole

This week’s Head of Household competition was a 3D puzzle of a fire hydrant. Kevin, Day, and David know that they could be set up on the block if they don’t win, so it comes down to this puzzle. Dani says that she didn’t use her power to compete for HOH again because she wants to sit in the shadows and spread seeds around, rather than be in the forefront. The only people who seemed to be doing well on the puzzle where David, Memphis, and Tyler. After failing and misplacing pieces, Memphis put the puzzle together the fastest, and became the new Head of Household. Dani didn’t see too enthused to hand the key to him, but she knows that she’s safe.

Before moving on to the rest of the episode, I just want to say that Memphis does not deserve to win this game. He was overheard on the feeds saying various racial slurs about some of the HouseGuests. After last season’s fiasco, it’s insane that nothing has been done about this. The fact that a week after open racism as said in the House, he gets all the power, is just so stupid. I don’t have much to say about it anymore, other than I hope that CBS does better in their casting.

When the competition was over, David, Day, and Kevin are the most nervous, considering they do not talk a lot of game with Memphis in the first place (Memphis also doesn’t try to talk to them…). Da’Vonne believes that David was the one who did not vote to his word, confiding in Nicole about this, even though it’s Nicole who flipped.

Nicole has revealed on the live feeds that she couldn’t care less about Ian, pretty much pretending to be his friend, and making fun of him behind his back. Yet the edits make her look like a deceiving and great player and making Day and David look stupid. I’m over the edit on the show this season. I’m just done with it.

Day and David continue to fight over the “rogue vote” that David cast. Day doesn’t believe him at all when he says that he voted out Tyler. It turns into a game of he said, she said, since Nicole says she kept Ian, but didn’t. This causes David to have a mini breakdown, screaming that even no one who looks like him believe him in the game. It’s kind of insane how David, who is the most inexperienced in the game, knows that he’s set up, but it’s sad seeing that no one will believe him.

What follows next was the selection of the Have-Nots. Da’Vonne selected Christmas, and Christmas was angry and confused as to why she was picked….Does she not realize that she nominated Da’Vonne and almost sent her home?! She assumed she was going to pick Kevin, and I’m confused why she would POSSIBLY think that. David selected Cody, and he was sad because he was about to eat some tacos that he made for the house.

There then was a segment where Christmas, Nicole, and Dani were chilling in the hot tub, and Nicole slipped and fell out. It was insanely pointless and I didn’t need to see it.

While Kevin and Da’Vonne were wondering who Memphis was going to nominate, David walked into the room, causing Da’Vonne to immediately leave the room. It was super uncomfortable, and I hate that they don’t understand that David is telling the truth.

Memphis reveals in the Diary Room that he wants to target David, but only through backdooring him in case he wins the Veto. Memphis makes a deal with David to try and make it happen, by saying he wants to go after someone else, not play the Veto, or keep the nominations the same. David believes him, but it’s a clear lie.

At the nomination ceremony, Memphis says he didn’t tell anyone his plan, because he’s scared that someone in his alliance will spread it around. He nominates Da’Vonne and Kevin for eviction, which is the first step in his plan to backdoor David, since he’s not in the Committee (neither are Day and Kevin). So he’s only going after the people of color left in the house, and I’m livid. The show has always been controversial for its treatment of people of color, and here is a prime example. Before the episode ended, the announcement voice said that ZingBot will be making his yearly appearance in the house to roast the House! Hopefully he’ll rip them to shreds.

Best Player of the Episode: 
Probably Enzo. He’s in a good position in the house, and I think he’s playing a solid game.

Worst Player of the Episode: 
Memphis. I don’t like the way he’s playing, and it’s getting to a point where I want the production team to take him out. He’s being hateful on the feeds, and it needs to be taken care of.

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