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Big Brother All-Stars Episode 23 Review Big Brother All-Stars Episode 23 Review

Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: Putt-Putt for Power (22×23)

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After seven grueling evictions, it looks like we are in for an eighth. Da’Vonne’s exit from the house last week means that the Committee alliance moves a step closer to wiping everyone out, and after tonight’s Head of Household competition, the group moves in closer to their targets.

The nine remaining HouseGuests immediately wonder who cast the two votes to evict Kevin (Nicole and Dani). Nicole lied to Christmas saying that it might have been David that threw the vote over, but Christmas saw right through it, since she’s been manipulating David into doing the Committee’s dirty work, only to cut him later on. Nicole also feels like she made good on her word with Da’Vonne, having not voted for her, and telling her that she ended up voting for Ian (even though it was in her goodbye message). Whatever helps her sleep at night, Da’Vonne didn’t like the way you told her about Ian. Also, the whole Ian vote has been plaguing Nicole for weeks, and if she knew this would happen, she would’ve voted out Tyler. Oh well, she’ll see her bad gameplay later on.

The other thing that plagues the house is Dani’s Replay power. With this power, the HOH who is leaving power can play in the next HOH competition and get the power again. Nicole and Cody both know that she has this power, and aren’t sure if she’ll use it, because if Kevin or David win HOH, the Committee won’t be in power, and they’ll have to turn on each other. Dani tells Memphis that she wants to use it on him, and that no one knows who uses the power. Memphis says privately in the Diary Room that he doesn’t want to compete; he’s done his job with getting Da’Vonne out, and doesn’t want to get too much blood on his hands. Dani uses the power anyway, thinking that if she uses it, she can show the alliance that she is loyal to them, when she’s really wanting to start turning on them. A big announcement is played in the house, letting Memphis know that he can compete in the next HOH competition. The announcement also said that all BB Basement powers are now expired, meaning Christmas’ power she obtained is now gone.

Dr. Will Kirby teased at the end of the last episode that both power and prizes will be given to tempt the house, and it stayed true during the new Head of Household competition. One at a time, the HouseGuests went to the backyard to a giant putt-putt course. They had the option to putt for 2 things: $10,000, and the title of Head of Household. Each person got 3 chances to shoot a golf ball into targets labeled 1-20 for either prize. Since it’s golf, they wanted to try and get the lowest score. The catch was if they got one number, and shot again, that number replaced the previous one, whether the number was higher or lower. This affected a lot of people because Kevin shot a 5, but then shot the ball out of bounds, so he was given a score of zero. When it came to the money, if people tied, then the money gets split, but no one knows who won it.

Some people went for both, while others just went for one. People who felt safe in the house (Enzo, Dani, Tyler), went for the money, while everyone else tried to go for the Head of Household. Once everyone went, it was revealed that there was a tie for the $10k, which was Tyler and Dani. Both were upset on their own terms, since they would have rather had the full cash prize, but hey, something better than nothing. Memphis then announced that Cody won Head of Household with the lowest score of 2. I groaned a large groan after this, because that means that the Committee is in power once again, and Cody has been going crazy on the live feeds with power, and I’m so sick of it.

After the competition, Dani pointed out to the new HOH that Christmas looked visibly upset that Cody won, planting the seeds into his mind to possibly nominate her for eviction. Cody said that despite that, he wants to nominate David and Kevin, the only people that he’s not aligned with. This is typical new-school Big Brother: those nominations would be so boring, and it’s been done. Flip on the alliance, and get rid of the targets! Enzo tries to get Cody to nominate Christmas and Kevin, because of the Wise Guys deals that he made with Memphis. If Enzo could get Cody to break up one of those final three deals, Memphis would most want to stay connected with Enzo and Cody to the end. Cody then says he wants to get rid of Kevin first, then Christmas, David, and Dani, so WHY is he wanting to not nominate Christmas right away? I know there’s a veto to be played, but if you don’t have beef with David, don’t throw him up.

Nicole asked Cody what he wants to accomplish for the week, and he said his main target is Kevin (without giving a reason why…insert eye roll), but if Kevin wins the Veto, he wants to put up Christmas and send her out. Nicole tells him that that’s a ridiculous thing to do, and to not do Dani’s dirty work. Nicole tells him to do what he feels is best for the game.

Much to his chagrin, Kevin goes to talk to Cody to try and persuade him to not nominate him. In a way, Kevin threatened Cody saying that if he targets him, he may not give him his jury vote. Cody jumped on the defensive saying that Kevin is personally attacking him, and to stop making digs at him. Kevin retaliated at him saying the world doesn’t revolve him, and to stop whining and playing victim. This was great for me to watch for two reasons: I strongly don’t like Cody as a game player, and Kevin stuck it to the HOH. Kevin will probably go home because of this, but it was hilarious to see this little banter happen between them, and Cody throwing a complete temper tantrum while Kevin just sat there.

At the nomination ceremony, Cody stuck to his “safe” plan and nominated Kevin and David for eviction. Cody said he nominated them because he got into the fight with Kevin, and that he hasn’t been able to really reconnect with David recently. He wants the nominations to stay the same, but is prepared to put up Christmas if he needs to. Kevin and David both know that they only have to rely on themselves to win the Veto and take themselves off, since they know that the house is not there to support them.

What makes me the saddest about this episode is that they teased showing Dr. Will Kirby living next door, but never showed him. So hopefully they show him in Wednesday’s Veto episode or before the triple eviction night.

Best Player of the Episode:
Enzo. My winner pick is planting small seeds into the HOH’s mind. He outed the other Wise Guys alliance to Cody to get Christmas out of the house, and it’s pretty smart that he did that. Enzo sits in a great spot in the house: he’s friends with everyone and hasn’t done much to upset people.

Worst Player of the Episode: 
Cody. His temper tantrum to Kevin was immature and embarrassing to watch for me. Kevin showed a lot more maturity in that conversation, and Cody took everything personally. He also has been saying a lot of cruel things about the reasons why Da’Vonne, David, and Kevin played the game this year (they all came in to be the first Black person to win). He’s been mean, and a bully, and it’s affecting how people outside the game are viewing him.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Eviction Night #2 (23×07)



Big Brother Preseason

16 days into the game, and this season has been better than the entirety of last year. Frenchie’s first HOH reign will go down in the BB history books as one of the wildest use of power the show has ever seen. Julie even said this was the most “enormous fall from power” she’s ever seen. And it came to an end on tonight’s live eviction.

The opening minutes of the show showed two very different nominees. Frenchie continues to flop around, saying he’s given up, while also referencing the infamous Dan Gheesling’s strategy of moping around while he’s on the block. He’s not very good at acting, and he tries to campaign to a lot of the house. On the other hand, you have Britini, who’s optimistic personality has gotten onto the good sides of the house, as they all talk about how much they love her. Sometimes you have to just be yourself and ignore the game, and odds are it’ll save you.

Sarah Beth opened up to Kyland tonight about her relationship with her father, who passed away from COVID last year. I’ve grown to really like Sarah Beth as the game has progressed, and her opening up about her story helped us see the real Sarah Beth; she looks like such a down-to-earth person.

With the eviction pretty much secured, Kyland starts to think ahead to the future. With the Slaughterhouse, well, slaughtered, the soon-to-be outgoing HOH gathered all the teams together to see where everyone’s head are at, and the formation of a brand new alliance was born. The Kings and Queens team formed together to make the Royal Flush. Consisting of Kyland, Claire, Tiffany, Christian, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Xavier, and the wild card of Derek X., this group is ready to take on the post-Frenchie game. The general consensus lands on Brent, who over the last week has been shown to be a real sexist. His belief is because two guys are targets, then two women should be targeted, just to “even it out.” That’s the mildest part of what he’s done, compared to the feeds…I agree he should be the next target.

Britini rapped her eviction defense speech, which was something we’ve never seen. It certainly was interesting, but I hope that doesn’t become a trend. Frenchie kept his speech fairly tame, saying that he wants to stay and continue the memories so far. Not much of a defense from the messy country boy, but he knew he was done.

The votes were made, and the votes were counted, and shockingly Britini went home!!

I’m just kidding, but wouldn’t that have been insane? I would’ve thrown my computer out the window if that were the case.

Derek F. decided to ruin his game and throw one vote, making him the only person who has yet to be on the majority side of the vote.

By an 11-1 vote, Frenchie was the second person evicted from the house. The man kept it classy, making everyone do a group hug, then proceeded to hug everyone. Julie asked him about his gameplay, and he proceeded to do his usual pandering, saying he wanted to not send the old guy home first, because he wanted to “make a change, and not send the old guy home first. Oh well, guess the old guy can go second!

Kyland is officially no longer HOH, and it’s time to crown a new one! This competition was the first question and answer competition of the season, and it featured comedian and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Tom Green doing a Billy on the Street like videos, talking to people on the street about the show. The players then had to answer questions based on the videos, and if they were wrong, they were out. It came down to Derek X., Hannah, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier, but one questioned caused all but one to be eliminated, and now Xavier is the new Head of Household! This also means the entire Kings team is safe, leaving Christian, Sarah Beth, and Alyssa immune for the week.

Before signing off, Julie revealed the new Wild Card twist could throw the teams into disarray, but didn’t fully disclose, because we have wait until Sunday to know the full details.

Who will Xavier Nominate?
He’s part of the Royal Flush alliance mentioned earlier, so it’s possible that he’ll continue on the path that everyone wants, and target Brent. There’s also a target on Whitney’s back from the Frenchie association, so it could be the two of them. I personally would even consider Derek F., but with him aligned with Xavier in the Cookout alliance, his safety seems pretty secure.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Smells Like French Toast (23×06)



Big Brother Preseason

Frenchie’s two weeks in the Big Brother have been nothing been chaotic; probably the most chaotic in the show’s history. I personally have never seen a quicker rise and fall of a player ever. The show’s edit is only a fraction of what we get in the feeds. But that could change when the Power of Veto is up for grabs.

After being nominated, we got to see the reactions of the nominees, Britini and Frenchie. Britini cries in utter confusion, not realizing that by her not throwing Frenchie under the bus to Kyland, that gave the HOH the wrong impression. Frenchie, fully aware he is the target, even insists that if he wins the Veto, he’s going to use on Britini. He knows that if he stays, everyone will be gunning for him.

Not only that, but he tried to take himself out of the game, and has gone on rants by himself thinking he needs another chance at playing the game on a future season. Yeah, uhm, don’t see that happening at all.

Frenchie and Britini both talk to Kyland separately to talk about the nominations. Kyland bluntly told Frenchie that he’s the target and that there is no other plan but to get him out. Kyland then informed Britini that she’s only on the block because she didn’t say throw Frenchie’s name out. Britini then told Frenchie that everyone threw him under the bus.

Frenchie’s downfall continues as he then “admits” the Slaughterhouse alliance (that HE created) to everyone in the house. He starts posing all of these empty threats to everybody that this big alliance is running the house, and he was a part of it before they turned him away. But because he’s been playing so horribly, everyone knows that Frenchie is the epicenter of all of these alliances. The man is trying to stir the pot, in the pot that has already been stirred…by him.

The Veto players for this week were Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Derek X., Alyssa, and Claire. These selections didn’t bode well for either nominee, as none of the randomly drawn players would help them out if they win.

For this Veto competition, players competed separately and had to catch a bucket of suntan oil from giant sprayers, and fill up a container to retrieve a whistle at the bottom of it. The sprayers were set in a predetermined order, so they had to memorize it to get the most oil, and whoever had the quickest time was the winner. As the oil got everywhere, it made the floor slippery, which caused for some good wipeouts. Kyland had a good strategy, using his body to catch any lotion that missed the bucket, Britini however, figured out the pattern rather quickly, and was able to fill her container quite quickly from there. Derek X. and Claire didn’t have high stakes, feeling very safe with Kyland in power. Frenchie looked like he was slipping and sliding on purpose, to play it up for the cameras.

Everyone did a pretty good job, with the highest time being Alyssa with 7 minutes. However, it was Derek X., who had 4 minutes and 40 seconds, giving him his second Veto win of the season! Great on him for proving to be a big comp beast.

Frenchie has all but given up, and his team rallies around him to raise his spirits. Sure it was good for team spirit, but Frenchie ruined their game, so, it was kind of counterproductive in my opinion.

Derek X. calls the Veto Meeting to order, and it was a no-brainer, and he did NOT use the Veto, leaving Britini and Frenchie on the block for eviction night.

Prediction for Eviction:
You’re kidding, right? This is a question I’m really getting right now? Frenchie. I don’t think it’ll be a unanimous vote, as I think Derek F. will throw one vote on Britini so he never betrays his Final 2 deal. It was an entertaining two weeks with a personality like Frenchie in the house, but for the sake of the game, he’s gotta go.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: A New Week Begins (23×05)



Big Brother Preseason

Frenchie’s Funhouse is over. Travis has been evicted. Kyland is the new HOH. Everything’s normal, right? Right?? Not necessarily. The shift in power means a shift in gameplay, and the house is still in disarray, with Frenchie at the center of it all.

After the show’s three minute long recap (way too long), the house was discussing who threw two rogue votes on Alyssa. Derek F. revealed in the Diary Room that he threw a vote as a joke, because he wanted anonymously stir the pot. Tiffany revealed that she made a deal with Frenchie that if she threw a vote on Alyssa, Frenchie cannot tell a soul it was her. Tiffany knows she won’t tell anyone it was her, so she has the leverage over him. Tiffany even caught Frenchie talking to Brent and Whitney running his mouth about the votes.

Nervous about Frenchie spilling the beans, she goes to Kyland and warns him that Frenchie is not a man of his word. However, Kyland reveals (with the footage to prove it) that right before he was sent out the door, Travis told Kyland everything that Frenchie promised and didn’t hold onto.

Unlike with the previous HOH, Kyland got to have his “who wants to see my HOH room” moment. This is a large montage where the whole cast will see the HOH room. The room doesn’t ever change, just the personal items and a letter from home. This was heartwarming to watch Kyland miss his family so much and what being in the game means to him.

I also need to acknowledge that Tiffany showed a strategy that she uses with Azah, where she pretends to cry and Azah pretends to console her so she can eavesdrop on any conversations that might be happening around. It’s a strong strategy that works out well for Tiffany and Azah, but hopefully they don’t overuse it.

Tonight’s episode brought the second Wild Card Competition. The Queens team, Hannah, and Christian were all not allowed to compete, since the Queens are safe, and Hannah and Christian already played. Frenchie wanted to play for the Jokers team because he wants to stay safe, because he feels everyone is coming for him (and he’s right). For the Aces team, they left it up to fate, and Brent was selected to play. Sarah Beth decided to volunteer for the Kings team, because she wanted the chance to take a chance at leaving Frenchie vulnerable.

After a hesitant conversation with Kyland, Frenchie gets a feelings that Kyland may not want to be in the Slaughterhouse alliance anymore.

This sends Frenchie into the beginning of his week-long downward spiral. He stormed to Brent saying that he’s done, he bombards into Whitney’s room saying he’s done with the alliance. He gets one bad read, and he disintegrates his entire game, and the ones he’s said he’s aligned with. Even Brent said that if Frenchie were a passenger on a plane he’s a flight attendant on, Frenchie would be escorted off the plane by the police. The destruction of Frenchie’s game has been mind-boggling to watch on the feeds, because he doesn’t have any fun and gets mad when other people are playing the game the way they want to play it.

With a mystery offer on the line, it’s time for the Wild Card competition! The players were put in separate “art galleries,” and they were shown paintings and then a had to answer a random question about the colors on the painting. They had to be the first to get the question right to get a point, and the first person to three points won the competition. The players would know they got a question right if they got doused in paint. It was a tie between all three players after three rounds, but it didn’t matter, because Sarah Beth’s quick thinking and fast memorization, she was blasted with paint, making her the winner of the competition.

The Wild Card decision that came with this win, however, was a very brutal one. In order to have safety for the week, Sarah Beth had to trade places with someone on the Queens team, meaning selecting either Claire or Tiffany to go to the Kings team. If she trades, the person traded will be vulnerable.

It’s a very daunting decision to make, but Sarah Beth knew that if she traded, she would lose trust in a lot of people in the house. Plus, she has a final 2 deal with Kyland, so there’s no need to trade around. Finally, the power isn’t in Frenchie’s hands, and that’s what convinces Sarah Beth to NOT take the safety, and stay with her team.

With nominations looming, Tiffany sits with Kyland to go over everything. She subtly suggests that Frenchie should be the main target, with Brent or Whitney as the second and third. not only that, but we got to see almost every other HouseGuest sit with Kyland, throwing Frenchie’s name under the bus. It was WILD to see everyone in the former Slaughterhouse turn on its former leader so fast.

Britini also throws out Frenchie, but Kyland was getting a bad read on her, thinking that she might be holding back a little extra information that she was giving, making him a little suspicious.

The Nomination Ceremony commences, and Kyland throws Britini and Frenchie on the block to begin the week. Kyland feels that Britini is a little too loyal to Frenchie considering they’re on the same team. Britini is furious because she feels guilty by association, and not aligned with Frenchie at all. Frenchie is not surprised, but said he’s never going to quit.

For the feeds people, Frenchie said he was going to quit the game yesterday, causing the feeds to go down for an hour. So…what was that about not quitting?

Best Player of the Episode:
Tiffany. We got to see a lot of her strategy, and the way she’s able to mingle through different groups of people is incredibly strong. I think we’re watching the growth of a phenomenal Big Brother player.

Worst Player of the Episode:
For the second week in a row, Frenchie. The man has all but ruined his game, and everyone around him is trying to not associate with him anymore. The way he plays is aggressive, and remains furious at people who try to play it their way. He’s also made way too many promises that he never kept.

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