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Big Brother All-Stars Episode 35 Review Big Brother All-Stars Episode 35 Review

Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Review: A Look Back (22×35)

Big Brother All-Stars/ CBS



Remember yesterday, when Julie said that we would get a special episode? Well that episode is the annual retrospective episode. This happens every year at the final 3 mark, where the finalists get to feast on lobster, drink champagne, and reflect on the game so far. This has happened every year and serves as a staged filler episode, where true “acting chops” are shown, because all of the dialogue is set up. Things like “Wow, what a CRAZY journey this has been,” and “Hey, remember when THIS happened?” It’s not an ideal episode, especially with the finale so close, but hey, it’s done every year, and sometimes new footage is shown, that was on the feeds, but never made the edit.

Nicole, Enzo, and Cody sit at the table and begin their celebratory feast. The first reflective segment showcased various pranks that happened throughout the season. Dani pranking Cody, Enzo pranking Cody to the point that Nicole peed her pants, Cody pranking Memphis, etc., etc. Enzo then said his favorite “prank:” when Nicole made Janelle a Have-Not solely because she doesn’t like her. That wasn’t much of a prank more than it was strategy, and also very personal, but it was nice to show that scene again, with Janelle being very passive-aggressive to Nicole. The queen of BB still makes an impact to this day.

Enzo, while eating steak at the feast, forgot for a minute that he became a vegan in the house, which lead to a moment I wanted to make the edit and didn’t! Flashback to day 48, where David nearly burned the house down trying to make French Fries. This happened on the feeds, and it was hilarious. It was mostly great to watch David’s dumbfounded face as he stared at the destruction that he almost caused.

Then we got to a moment that tore my heartstrings: Janelle and Kaysar, AKA Jaysar. Two best friends who met 15 years ago on BB6 and BB7, and now playing together again on BB22. It was an entire segment about their friendship, how it’s grown, and how amazing it is that they can play the game one more time with their best friend. These two are two of the most popular HouseGuests of the season (Da’Vonne with them), so it’s sad we will probably never see either of them play again. They were a great addition to this overall slow season.

Cody then reveals that he didn’t know what the word “ripe” meant until this season. I have no words beyond that. I’m just going to let that hang there.

There then was a segment where different HouseGuests were shown in the Diary Room requesting things from the producers. Wanting drinks, the AC to be turned off, the hot tub on, new insect repellent. A pretty okay segment, since they can’t do the shopping themselves.

They three then reflect on their fallen comrades. They mostly talk about Ian, and how open he was about being on the autism spectrum, and how it has affected his life since winning BB14. While the moment they showed was inspirational, because I love Ian, but I couldn’t help but think of the moment that Memphis, Nicole, Dani, and Christmas made of him for that on the live feeds. It was atrocious, inhumane, and I hope they understand what they did to him after the show is over.

They replayed the moment of Kaysar talking to Da’Vonne talking about racial injustice in the country, and what playing this game means to them, and the platform that they represent to inspire change. Da’Vonne subtly called out the fact that not many people of color are on the show every year, which inspires her to come back whenever she gets the call.

A segment gets played showing off all of the punishments from the season, from Ian performing space movie scenes, to Nicole’s slop costume, to Janelle’s star costume. And how could we forget Christmas’ all-star babies? They also showed (f0r the first time) Bayleigh’s triathlete punishment that she got during a Veto competition, where she had to do 500 laps around the yard on a tricycle. This punishment was shown on the feeds, but never made the edit, which I found weird because regardless of the punishment, they almost always show punishments on the edits. Bayleigh even finished the laps with one pedal, since one fell off, but celebrated with the HouseGuests after it was over.

While talking about things they will miss about the house, Nicole points out that she will not miss crying in the Diary Room, which prompted a full 2 minutes of the HouseGuests crying in the Diary Room with melodramatic violin music playing. I know the game is shown online 24/7, but that moment felt the most intrusive. I was uncomfortable watching it.

Before the episode ended, each finalist shared their thoughts on the end. Nicole wants to be the first two-time winner, Cody wants to avenge his BB16 loss, and take the win, and Enzo wants to win the game for his dad. The first part of the final HOH competition begins Monday, with finale night coming next Wednesday!

Cody, Nicole, and Enzo. The final 3. Not the final 3 I would’ve wanted, not in the slightest. These three were probably the most boring final 3 in recent years, probably sitting close with last year’s atrocious season. It was an all-star season, and we’re getting some all-duds getting to the end. If I had my way (and I’m sure the BB fans would agree), we would see Janelle, Da’Vonne, and Kaysar sitting with each other on finale night. Alas, we get these three. Maybe next year. Anyway, Da’Vonne for America’s Favorite HouseGuest!

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: The Final Four (23×32)



Big Brother Preseason

The dust has barely settled on last night’s disappointing Double Eviction, and we already had another episode to take care of that showed the fallout of the Double, as well as the latest Head of Household competition.

We started the episode showing everything that was happening during commercial breaks in the Double Eviction. Hannah was fighting to stay, saying that she’s a strong competitor, and Kyland wanted to play with strong competitors. Kyland and Xavier, who have a final two deal, wanted to stay true to their final three deal that they made with Derek.

Derek was freaking out the whole time, saying in the Diary Room that he deserves to be in the final two, because of all the moves he made to get there. Well…he didn’t make any moves, and barely deserves to be in the final four. He thinks that the other guys have pulled a fast one on him, by nearly evicting him from the house, rather than keeping nominations the same and evicting Hannah anyway. Derek’s delusion continues to astound me, and I can’t even believe that he thinks he deserves to win.

Azah was not entirely sure that sending Hannah out the door was best for her game, which is clearly obvious, since she’s playing for fourth place at this point in the game.

With four people left in the game, this HOH was the most crucial one of all, since it’s a guaranteed spot in the final three, and the ability to compete in the final HOH competition to end the season.

This competition was themed around the new CBS show, CSI: Vegas, with the winner of the competition getting a special sneak peek of the show.

The players went one at a time in a crime scene. They had to use a blue light to find pieces of evidence like a fingerprint, chemical markings, tire tracks, DNA, and footprints. Once they found it, they had to memorize the details of the evidence, and match it on a wall that had a bunch of the same evidence pieces with small differences. Whoever found all the pieces the quickest won.

It was just the men competing, since Azah was ineligible. Kyland only took one try to find everything, but he took too long to find the specific parts of the fingerprints. Derek had a strategy to focus on one at at time, which everyone followed. Xavier found the specific details in the fingerprints, which everyone couldn’t quite figure out.

That was all that mattered, because Xavier won the HOH competition, finishing it in just over 10 minutes. Xavier won his second HOH competition of the season, and a guaranteed spot in the final three.

Kyland was incredibly angry at himself for not winning, since he gets paranoid about…everything. Xavier has a final two deal with Derek and Kyland, but feels more loyal to Derek, since the deal was made on day 13, and he knows that he would sweep through the jury sitting next to Derek, and instantly be $750,000 richer.

While thinking over his options, Xavier realized that it’s possible that Kyland should be the target, because he knows how strong Kyland is, and then Derek gets all the blood on his hands by voting him out. Derek isn’t entirely sure if this is the best idea, since Kyland is part of that final three deal he has with Xavier, but if it gets him closer to the end, it may be time to cut Kyland out of the game before its too late.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Xavier nominated Kyland and Azah for eviction. It’s Day 72, and Azah has found herself on the block for the first time, which is actually pretty insane, because it’s rare someone gets so far in the game without getting nominated at least once.

The nominations do not hold a whole lot of power this week, as the Power of Veto practically decides who the sole vote will be for next eviction night. That competition’s results will be on the feeds, but the competition will be played in full after the long-awaited premiere of Survivor next Wednesday.

Best Player of the Episode:
This goes to the latest HOH (and most likely the winner of the season) Xavier. He knows the threat level that Kyland has, and he will let Derek take the shot at Kyland without ruining his relationship with him, pulling the strings along the way.

Worst Players of the Episode:
Derek, Kyland, and Azah. All three of them are filled with delusion that they are the strongest players in the house, while they are all going to lose to Xavier. Derek believes he founded The Cookout (when he didn’t), Kyland thinks he’s a social mastermind (which he isn’t), and Azah hasn’t fully started playing this game until last night. I know she’s my winner pick, and I’m proud of her for making it this far, but Azah the Big Brother player hasn’t lived up to my expectations sadly.

With the evictions of Tiffany and Hannah, it’s hard to really find people to root for in the game, even though there’s still two full weeks left, but we’re almost there!

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Surprise Double Eviction (23×31)



Big Brother Preseason

Tonight was a special surprise 2-hour Double Eviction night in the BB house, as six became four. As the Cookout has begun turning on each other, everyone’s true colors and alliances are starting to show.

The beginning of this pre-taped episode (compared to a live eviction) began with Tiffany campaigning her butt off trying to get enough votes to stay in the game. It’s a shame that the founder of the Cookout is the first one to go, because if it were not for her, not many of the Cookout members would be sitting in that final six, with the players pursuing their own agendas, rather than that of the Cookout’s. Tiffany talked to Azah that she needed to flip Derek around, but since Derek doesn’t like Tiffany at all, it might not happen.

There were two hilarious segments in the first hour, with Kyland and Xavier joking that they wouldn’t bring Derek on a trip to Vegas, but would bring the “intelligent” Brent, and Derek took it incredibly personally, which was so funny to watch. The second segment showed Kyland going on a long, weird tangent to Azah about how he’s thinking about the “philosophy of the game,” which was great because Azah was just smiling and nodding her way through it until Kyland got tired and left the room.

Xavier talked to Kyland about how his brother passed away, and he promised his brother that he would take care of his nephew, which is why he’s playing the game.

After sowing some seeds of doubt, Xavier and Derek compared notes about Tiffany. They know that Hannah is a fierce competitor, so maybe getting her out before she gets them out may not be a bad idea.

Julie talked with the Cookout about their historic run. All the personal stuff aside, history is made, and it’s been great to see. Each member of the Cookout explained the struggles to get this far, because they knew their mission was important, and they risked a lot of game moves to make sure that mission came to fruition.

We got to see the jury continue to grow as Sarah Beth joined Britini and Derek X. in the jury house. She showed them the footage of her eviction week, with Claire taking over with the Coin of Destiny, and sending her out the door. They even showed Kyland and Azah’s goodbye messages to her, and how they talked about the goal that they are secretly a part of. Slowly but surely, they’re starting to put the pieces together that there was a controlling alliance the whole time they’ve been there.

With Claire and Alyssa joining the jury as well, the shock that Tiffany sent Claire out the door sent an earthquake through the entire jury house. However, Claire was never mad about it, saying that she respected Tiffany’s character with the goal to get the Cookout to the end. After Alyssa showed the footage of her eviction, the whole jury knows that the Cookout exists, but they give the utmost respect to them for making it this far.

Back to tonight’s double. Tiffany gave a great speech about the legacy that they are leaving in this game, and complimented everyone in the game. Hannah said basically the same thing, since the deal was practically signed, sealed, and delivered.

In a sad, unanimous vote, Tiffany was the first person sent out the door tonight. With one last Cookout cheer, Tiffany joined Julie outside the house. She talked with Julie about the downfall of her game, when winning that last HOH competition sealing her fate. Julie acknowledged Tiffany’s contribution to the creation of the most successful alliance in BB history, which was GREAT, put the respect on her name. Tiffany said that she knew she had to plan out her game strategically, while also keeping up with the plan of the Cookout.

Julie surprised the final 5 with the news of the Double Eviction, and began the HOH competition. Each player had 12 silver balls at the end of a ramp. They had to take a different colored ball, and roll it down the ramp, and knock over the silver balls. It was played in two rounds. The first two people to get the balls knocked over advanced to the second round, where it was a head to head competition.

Xavier made quick work of the first round, advancing fast, and Azah joined him in the second round. For the second round, the two players had to roll the balls carefully so that they stayed on the grassy patch at the end of the ramp. Whoever had the most balls on the grass won the HOH competition.

They each had 10 balls to roll, and the score was tied after five rounds 1-1, since there was quite a learning curve to the competition. But Azah took a very fast lead and Azah won her first HOH of the season!

Azah decided to nominate Hannah and Xavier for eviction, sticking with a deal to never nominate Kyland and Derek.

For the Power of Veto competition, called What the Bleep, showed the players statements that previous players made with bleeped out words. Julie then asked a true or false question of what the bleeped out phrase might be, with the person who had the most questions correct winning the competition.

After the seven questions, Kyland and Xavier were tied, meaning they had to do a tiebreaker round, where they had to answer a question. They had to write how many seconds the Cluckster competition was from start. Kyland was the closest to the correct number, giving him the Power of Veto for the second Veto.

Kyland decided to use the Veto on Xavier, leaving the only nominee to put up being Derek. This all but sealed Hannah’s fate, as she was sent out on another unanimous vote. A clearly upset Hannah joined Julie outside and talked about her threat level, and how Xavier and Kyland are going to roll their way to the end.

What Now?
With all the entertaining people out of the house, it seems all but probably that Xavier and Kyland will steamroll their way to the end of the game. It’s sad to see, but with a special episode tomorrow (because of the Emmys postponing Sunday’s regular schedule), we will see who takes the power next.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: BB Comics (23×30)



Big Brother Preseason

It’s another depressing week in the house, as fan favorites Tiffany and Hannah sit on the block, completely unaware that a Double Eviction is 24 hours away. The rest of the house are now hyper-aware of everything going on, especially since they now have to turn on each other as well.

Kyland’s third HOH reign is proving to be just as sloppy as the others. He’s targeting Tiffany because of her “selfish” gameplay, and how big of a target is, regardless of a final two deal he made with her.

For some odd reason, Derek is incredibly happy that Tiffany is on the block, celebrating in the Diary Room about it. He’s had it out for her the whole game, as well as all of the women (which I’m sure he’ll be called out about later on).

Hannah thinks that Kyland’s move was cowardly, but knows one thing for sure: if the girls are being targeted, they can easily win the Veto, so Kyland has to nominate a guy. Hannah explained this to Azah, saying that she has to win the Power of Veto, so that all the women are safe.

Hannah talked with Tiffany about this plan for Azah to win the Veto to keep everyone safe, and Tiffany fully agreed. She was very heartbroken about being on the block, especially because it was her son’s birthday, and her son is the biggest reason that she is playing in the first place. She knows that she’s going to play hard in the Veto to hopefully win and ensure that she stays.

This week’s Veto competition was the classic BB Comics! Each HouseGuest had two sets of a comic book with minor differences in each. The competing players went down a zip line that showed a case of the right comics to place in the correct order. The player who finishes it the fastest won.

My favorite part of this competition is when the players reminisce on the eliminated players comic books. Hannah made so many shady remarks about not remembering who Travis is. Derek made comments about Whitney’s outfit choices on her comic (which were kind of rude, actually so I wasn’t a fan of that), and Xavier continued to crush on Alyssa’s comic despite the showmance she was in with Christian.

The strategies were pretty much the same throughout: put the comics in their order first, see if they’re right, then look for the differences in the comics. Some people took a little longer considering the comics than others, which was losing precious time for them.

It was a two man race between Derek and Kyland but it was Kyland who took over the competition the quickest, and beat Derek’s time by over three minutes!

An upset (and delusional) Derek said that he wants to win a competition, but doesn’t want to be seen as a comp beast. Here’s the thing, Derek. You have to WIN competitions in order to be considered a comp beast. Kyland is the big comp beast now with all the power for the week.

Tiffany talked with Kyland, saying that she will be fully loyal to him throughout the rest of the game, because she’s been loyal the whole time to the Cookout, but she will stick to him the entire rest of the way. Kyland was strongly considering it, but he said that Tiffany has almost always made decisions for herself. Right, the selfish decision to create a six person alliance that successfully made it to the final six? The person who evicted her own ally to keep that six alive? Yeah, she’s real selfish, Kyland.

At the Veto meeting, Kyland decided NOT to use the Power of Veto, leaving Hannah and Tiffany sitting on the block for the first half of tomorrow’s surprise Double Eviction!

Prediction for the Double Eviction:
The first one will sadly be Tiffany. The founder of the Cookout will be sent packing in the first half, probably unanimously. She will go down as one of the greatest to never win, and it’s sad to see her go so quickly.

I would love to see Hannah win the second HOH so that she can send Kyland or Derek out of the house. Their delusion that they are strong power players is getting out of hand, and their superiority is getting to the point where it’s hard to watch.

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