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Big Brother All-Stars Episode 37 Review Big Brother All-Stars Episode 37 Review

Big Brother

Big Brother All-Stars Season Finale Review: We Have a Winner! (22×37)

Big Brother All-Stars/ CBS



We did it, folks. After 85 long days, nearly three months, little to no drama, predictable evictions week after week, we have made it to finale night. One of the most boring, and uninteresting seasons in recent memory comes to close, with the final 3 clashing for the last eviction vote. Then they face the jury, who will vote for the winner.

I thought the 2-hour live show would at least have the family members of the finalists, but once again Julie addressed an audience that wasn’t there, though they had the families zoom in during commercials showing their support. She introduces the second part of the final HOH competition, which is Cody vs. Enzo. The winner of this round faces Nicole in part 3. The contest was both physical and mental. They were shown a large postcard with a clue involving two or more evicted HouseGuests, like “who has been evicted exactly twice.” They then had to find large cardboard cutouts of the HouseGuests and arrange them in front of the postcard. The catch was that there were these “camera hogs” that swung back in forth in front of the postcard. They had to push them out of the way and time it right to press a button, and take a picture of the postcard. The “camera hogs” were across a large balance beam that they had to navigate.

Enzo was first, and he started out pretty strong. His timing was pretty off for the first portion, but once he got the hang of it, he did well. However, he messed up horribly when he misread one of the clues, and it added a significant amount of time to his total. Cody had a much simpler time, going on the balance beam to move the hogs, but jumped off to save time. At the end, Enzo finished the competition in 37 minutes, and Cody finished in less than 5. Enzo threw a temper tantrum after it, mostly because he was mad at himself for doing so poorly. I think this was a long time coming, because he started ranting about how he’s going to get third place again. He’s been saying for weeks that he regrets not sending out Nicole during the Triple Eviction, and it’s coming back to bite him.

Enzo’s frustration continued after the competition, throwing out the fact that he’s content with third place, and he’s “happy” Cody and Nicole will be ones to win money at the end. While he was laying on the literal floor in a heap, Cody and Nicole discussed what’s going to happen after they face off in part three of the competition. Having formed final 2 deals with both of the people left, he is at a crossroads, while Nicole doesn’t think that she’ll win again no matter who it is.

Enzo finally did some decent gameplay! He was saying to Nicole that no matter who he is sitting next to, Cody will win at the final 2. Enzo points out to Nicole that Memphis and Cody were the strongest players in the game, and if she evicts Cody, she will have gotten rid of them both. Nicole starts to hear him out on this, but doesn’t want to betray Cody, only to lose to Enzo. Regardless, there is a lot to think about for whoever has to make the decision.

During a non-COVID year, Dr. Will Kirby hosts a jury roundtable where he talks to the jury about where they stand on the final 3. This time, it’s just the jury going through everything. Christmas joins them, and they talk about their criteria on how they will vote for a winner. As usual, they say very vague statements about whether or not each one deserves the win. Does Cody winning seven comps deserve the win? Is Nicole as a previous winner a factor in her passive game? Because Enzo had a phenomenal social game, does that mean it’s okay that he didn’t have any competition wins? Everyone is hit or miss on the finalists, and they each pointed out the pros and cons of each person, but the highlight was discussing Cody. With Cody being such a comp beast and strategic threat, does that hinder or benefit him? And the one thing that they agreed on was the fact that if Nicole or Enzo cut Cody, then they will get a lot of respect for them.

The mood then shifted over to the final part of the HOH competition. Cody and Nicole were shown a series of videos about each juror. The videos were played like album commercials, with three statements about the juror as the tracks of the album. They had to identify which statement was false about the video. Nicole missed the first questions and couldn’t recover, and Cody took the final win of the season, giving him the final Head of Household.

Now that Cody won, it automatically puts Enzo and Nicole on the block, and Cody has to make the choice to evict one of them. Teary-eyed, Nicole said that Cody was her ride or die from minute one, while Enzo said that every choice he made in the game was because of Cody, even keeping Nicole. Cody stood at the front of the room, and said that he needs to do what he needs to do to win, and that was by evicting Nicole. This shocked me, the BB community, and Nicole herself as she met Julie outside the house. She told Julie that she was not prepared to leave, and thought that she was closer to Cody than Enzo. She even said that it’s going to take her a while to forgive Cody for this. Come on, Nicole, it’s a freaking game. He was simply playing it, and felt that if he wanted to win, he had to get her out.

We now get the jury interrogation segment, where the nine jurors get to ask a question to the final 2. Tyler asked if Cody played a more well-rounded game than Enzo, and Cody said he did by winning competitions, forming his alliances, and playing socially better than Enzo. Ian asked the same question to Enzo, and Enzo didn’t have a great answer, but said that this is only the second time he’s been on the block ever in his two seasons of playing, because of his social game, and how he jumped on Cody’s back and used him as a shield throughout the entire game. Kevin asked Cody to name things that the jury may not be aware of that he did. Cody responded with secret alliances he made, knowing what as happening on the other side of the house, and spearheading Ian’s eviction. Da’Vonne asked Enzo what his strategy was, and he simply replied, “I just wanted everyone to like me, yo!” Which was a fair argument, honestly. He had a great social game, no one targeted him the entire time he’s been in the house, and made friends with everyone.

Christmas asked Cody how his game changed from the first time he played, and Cody replied that rather than blindly following Derrick (who won that season), he wanted to position himself to a high power, so he can manipulate the targets. Memphis asked the same question to Enzo, and he said that he actually tried to win competitions, having only won one competition on season 12. Dani went to Cody and asked how he manipulated the game when he wasn’t HOH, and he went to talk about shifting targets from David to Ian, and shifting targets from Kevin to Da’Vonne, and Nicole to Christmas. David asked Enzo about his cryptic goodbye messages about how he wanted to keep them in the house, but couldn’t. He said he had to so he didn’t show all of his cards on the table, and how he knew he had to stop winning competitions so that he could hide his true strategy.

Nicole then got to ask whatever she wanted to whomever she wanted, and she went to Cody and asked him why he evicted her and not Enzo. Nicole was being a very bitter juror, not even looking at Cody as she asked her question. Cody said that he wanted to give himself and Enzo the chance to win once, before giving her the chance to win twice.

Overall, I think Cody had the better jury performance, and Enzo did as well as he could. I don’t think Enzo was fully prepared, having thought that he would be sent out, but he owned his game by basically admitting he hid behind a shield the entire time. Cody admitted to everything he did, and stuck by it.

Before the votes are made, they each got to make one final statement to the jury. Enzo’s speech was more about supporting Cody than he was his own game, but did talk about how he wanted to be here for his kids and for his dad. Cody had a more structured speech, saying that he was never on the block, and that he played the game for other people, not just himself, and that he had a more well-rounded game than anyone. It made sense, Cody did a great job for this, and it was a great performance for the jury. The jury then made their cryptic statements while putting the key of who they think should win into the classic Big Brother box.

Before the votes were read, we got to have a reunion! The pre-jury players were called in through Zoom to talk about the game. Julie asked questions of everyone, and when she asked Janelle who she would’ve nominated if she won first HOH, she replied, “Before the season started, I wrote down Cody and Enzo.” It was pretty lighthearted, and everyone could begin to bury the hatchet with anyone, however they completely ignored Nicole Anthony, which was odd, I’m not sure if it was for time or not.

Julie then approached the box, and pulled out the keys for the winner of Big Brother All-Stars. It only takes 5 votes to win!

After the winner is revealed on the show, they reveal America’s Favorite HouseGuest, but for the sake of DRAMA, I’m revealing it not before the actual winner. Just as I predicted, Da’Vonne won with over 1 million votes! I’m so happy for her, and she genuinely deserves it.

The winner, with a unanimous vote of 9-0 is CODY! This is only the second time in Big Brother history that the winner was chosen unanimously, the first being in season 10. While the season was extremely boring, he played a very good game, and this win is very well deserved. Congratulations, Cody!

Before signing off, Julie revealed that the show has been renewed for a new season next summer!

Kudos to CBS for putting on a season during these insane times. It was a great distraction from the world during this uncertain times with the pandemic and election, and they did a great job of keeping their cast and crew safe.

I also want to thank you all for tuning in, and for reading my recaps and analysis of this season! While the season wasn’t my favorite, it was fun to reflect on everything that has happened, as well as talk about a game that I love. See you next summer for BB23!

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Pawn Material (23×08)



Big Brother Preseason

Big Brother has entered week 3, and with the most chaotic player in history gone, the game might actually head down a new direction. Xavier holds all the power, and we got to see a little bit of insight into his reign, plus the third Wild Card Competition!

Xavier is the HOH this week, and he has a lot of promises that he plans on keeping. He’s in the Royal Flush alliance with the Kings and Queens teams, plus the Cookout alliance. These make his only nomination options Britini, Brent, and Whitney. Everyone wants Brent gone, and we were shown a montage of him saying a lot of weird, sexist things about women, as well being way too in love with himself. This gets to the point that even his team captain, Whitney wouldn’t mind if he walks out the door this week. Hannah even got a fantastic Diary Room session where she totally hated on Brent’s uncomfortable behavior.

Tiffany took the opportunity to try and persuade Xavier to put up Brent and Whitney, since they’re on the same team, and Britini was just on the block, and it would be cruel to put her there two weeks in a row.

It isn’t a BB season without a couple of showmances. The two that are currently forming in the house are Derek X. and Hannah, and Christian and Alyssa. The latter group has been more indiscreet than the former, since they’re being caught cuddling and talking together, plus they started making out secretly on the live feeds.

Hannah reveals that she and Derek X. threw the HOH competition so that their team wouldn’t be safe, making Brent vulnerable. Nothing brings players together more than one collective target. It gets to the point that everyone is throwing competitions just to leave one person available for eviction.

Brent’s arrogance and behavior has skyrocketed him to target number one. He had Diary Room sessions of him saying that he feels safe with Xavier in power, and he wants to revive the Slaughterhouse that imploded last week (wow, Frenchie hasn’t even been gone a week).

With Christian, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier safe for the week, they were not allowed to play in the Wild Card comp for the week. Hannah, Kyland, and Brent have all played before so they were also not allowed to play.

Tiffany volunteered for the Queens team, because she wants to make sure that the safety does not fall in anyone else’s hands. Britini volunteered for the Jokers team, since she was on the block, and feels like she needs the safety. Derek X. volunteered for the Aces team for the exact same reason as Tiffany, so that no one can get the safety that could possibly keep Brent safe.

Before the competition started, Derek X. talked to Tiffany and let her know that he wants to throw the competition to her, so that Britini doesn’t get the safety and possibly remove herself from being placed as a potential pawn.

For the Wild Card competition, called “Unlucky 13,” the players had to take giant playing cards across a wobbly balance beam to a station of one of the other players, where they had to make the cards equal 13 on someone else’s station. They could place cards on their own station, and also replace cards so that their scores could go away from 13. It was pretty obvious that Tiffany and Derek X. were going after Britini, which she noticed rather quickly. The high-stress situation of the competition made everyone’s math skills go out the window. It was a two against one game; I almost felt bad for Britini when Derek X. replaced the last card, eliminating her from the competition.

After Britini was gone, Derek X. quickly slowed down his pace, giving Tiffany the victory in the Wild Card competition!

Winning the comp means that Tiffany gets the choice that comes with it. To earn safety for the week, she would’ve played a game of chance that would’ve made one person from every team safe for the entire week. She was not told what the game of chance was, but it did not matter, because Tiffany declined the offer, leaving everyone vulnerable, especially Brent.

The person who was the happiest with Tiffany’s decision was Brent, because he is living in ignorance, thinking that he is the safest.

Azah was confused about why Derek X. and Tiffany were targeting Britini in the competition, and approached Xavier about it. Xavier said that Britini is the easiest pawn, because she isn’t a big threat at all compared to Brent. If he puts up Brent and Whitney, Brent will know immediately that he is the main target, and they want that secret under wraps for the moment.

This sent Azah into a flurry of anger, saying that it’s unfair to treat someone as a constant pawn where there are other people to put up. She then volunteered herself to go up on the block next to Brent. Xavier was very adamant that he was not putting anyone from the Cookout on the block, ever, and let Azah know that he doesn’t want Britini gone, but putting up Whitney would be way more suspicious.

Right before nominations, Xavier talked to Brent to try to convince him that going up on the block gives his “alliance” with him will work to get Britini out. Brent hates the idea, saying that he’s not pawn material, and that he would do more damage than good to the overall game.

The Nomination Ceremony begins, and Xavier turns the keys of Brent and Britini as the official nominees to start the week. Xavier had a different kind of nomination speech, implying to the whole house that Britini is the target. Britini was clearly angry and upset, and Brent threatened to show what he’s really capable of in competitions, as we eagerly await to see the Veto Competition this Wednesday.

Best Player of the Episode:
Once again, Tiffany takes the top spot of the week. She won a competition that she needed to, and she is doing a fantastic job of knowing what each side of the house is feeling about different situations. This gives her the chance to look at all possible options as she progresses in the game. We are watching a BB legend in the making.

Worst Player of the Episode:
I can’t say Frenchie anymore, can I? The farmer’s presence is still felt around the house sometimes. Oh, well. The worst player of the episode is actually two people: Brent, and Azah. Yes, my winner pick is in this category because she is playing more emotionally than she is strategically, and then volunteered herself to be on the block, which is never something anyone should do, ever.

Brent is just genuinely clueless right now, both on the episode edit, and the feeds. He is currently living in a fantasy that he is safe, and if he is still on the block come Thursday night, he won’t be the one going. This is coming from the guy who still thinks that the Slaughterhouse is still a thing, when its founder just walked out the door. Sometimes I question whether or not Brent even knows the game he signed up for.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Eviction Night #2 (23×07)



Big Brother Preseason

16 days into the game, and this season has been better than the entirety of last year. Frenchie’s first HOH reign will go down in the BB history books as one of the wildest use of power the show has ever seen. Julie even said this was the most “enormous fall from power” she’s ever seen. And it came to an end on tonight’s live eviction.

The opening minutes of the show showed two very different nominees. Frenchie continues to flop around, saying he’s given up, while also referencing the infamous Dan Gheesling’s strategy of moping around while he’s on the block. He’s not very good at acting, and he tries to campaign to a lot of the house. On the other hand, you have Britini, who’s optimistic personality has gotten onto the good sides of the house, as they all talk about how much they love her. Sometimes you have to just be yourself and ignore the game, and odds are it’ll save you.

Sarah Beth opened up to Kyland tonight about her relationship with her father, who passed away from COVID last year. I’ve grown to really like Sarah Beth as the game has progressed, and her opening up about her story helped us see the real Sarah Beth; she looks like such a down-to-earth person.

With the eviction pretty much secured, Kyland starts to think ahead to the future. With the Slaughterhouse, well, slaughtered, the soon-to-be outgoing HOH gathered all the teams together to see where everyone’s head are at, and the formation of a brand new alliance was born. The Kings and Queens team formed together to make the Royal Flush. Consisting of Kyland, Claire, Tiffany, Christian, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, Xavier, and the wild card of Derek X., this group is ready to take on the post-Frenchie game. The general consensus lands on Brent, who over the last week has been shown to be a real sexist. His belief is because two guys are targets, then two women should be targeted, just to “even it out.” That’s the mildest part of what he’s done, compared to the feeds…I agree he should be the next target.

Britini rapped her eviction defense speech, which was something we’ve never seen. It certainly was interesting, but I hope that doesn’t become a trend. Frenchie kept his speech fairly tame, saying that he wants to stay and continue the memories so far. Not much of a defense from the messy country boy, but he knew he was done.

The votes were made, and the votes were counted, and shockingly Britini went home!!

I’m just kidding, but wouldn’t that have been insane? I would’ve thrown my computer out the window if that were the case.

Derek F. decided to ruin his game and throw one vote, making him the only person who has yet to be on the majority side of the vote.

By an 11-1 vote, Frenchie was the second person evicted from the house. The man kept it classy, making everyone do a group hug, then proceeded to hug everyone. Julie asked him about his gameplay, and he proceeded to do his usual pandering, saying he wanted to not send the old guy home first, because he wanted to “make a change, and not send the old guy home first. Oh well, guess the old guy can go second!

Kyland is officially no longer HOH, and it’s time to crown a new one! This competition was the first question and answer competition of the season, and it featured comedian and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Tom Green doing a Billy on the Street like videos, talking to people on the street about the show. The players then had to answer questions based on the videos, and if they were wrong, they were out. It came down to Derek X., Hannah, Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier, but one questioned caused all but one to be eliminated, and now Xavier is the new Head of Household! This also means the entire Kings team is safe, leaving Christian, Sarah Beth, and Alyssa immune for the week.

Before signing off, Julie revealed the new Wild Card twist could throw the teams into disarray, but didn’t fully disclose, because we have wait until Sunday to know the full details.

Who will Xavier Nominate?
He’s part of the Royal Flush alliance mentioned earlier, so it’s possible that he’ll continue on the path that everyone wants, and target Brent. There’s also a target on Whitney’s back from the Frenchie association, so it could be the two of them. I personally would even consider Derek F., but with him aligned with Xavier in the Cookout alliance, his safety seems pretty secure.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Smells Like French Toast (23×06)



Big Brother Preseason

Frenchie’s two weeks in the Big Brother have been nothing been chaotic; probably the most chaotic in the show’s history. I personally have never seen a quicker rise and fall of a player ever. The show’s edit is only a fraction of what we get in the feeds. But that could change when the Power of Veto is up for grabs.

After being nominated, we got to see the reactions of the nominees, Britini and Frenchie. Britini cries in utter confusion, not realizing that by her not throwing Frenchie under the bus to Kyland, that gave the HOH the wrong impression. Frenchie, fully aware he is the target, even insists that if he wins the Veto, he’s going to use on Britini. He knows that if he stays, everyone will be gunning for him.

Not only that, but he tried to take himself out of the game, and has gone on rants by himself thinking he needs another chance at playing the game on a future season. Yeah, uhm, don’t see that happening at all.

Frenchie and Britini both talk to Kyland separately to talk about the nominations. Kyland bluntly told Frenchie that he’s the target and that there is no other plan but to get him out. Kyland then informed Britini that she’s only on the block because she didn’t say throw Frenchie’s name out. Britini then told Frenchie that everyone threw him under the bus.

Frenchie’s downfall continues as he then “admits” the Slaughterhouse alliance (that HE created) to everyone in the house. He starts posing all of these empty threats to everybody that this big alliance is running the house, and he was a part of it before they turned him away. But because he’s been playing so horribly, everyone knows that Frenchie is the epicenter of all of these alliances. The man is trying to stir the pot, in the pot that has already been stirred…by him.

The Veto players for this week were Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Derek X., Alyssa, and Claire. These selections didn’t bode well for either nominee, as none of the randomly drawn players would help them out if they win.

For this Veto competition, players competed separately and had to catch a bucket of suntan oil from giant sprayers, and fill up a container to retrieve a whistle at the bottom of it. The sprayers were set in a predetermined order, so they had to memorize it to get the most oil, and whoever had the quickest time was the winner. As the oil got everywhere, it made the floor slippery, which caused for some good wipeouts. Kyland had a good strategy, using his body to catch any lotion that missed the bucket, Britini however, figured out the pattern rather quickly, and was able to fill her container quite quickly from there. Derek X. and Claire didn’t have high stakes, feeling very safe with Kyland in power. Frenchie looked like he was slipping and sliding on purpose, to play it up for the cameras.

Everyone did a pretty good job, with the highest time being Alyssa with 7 minutes. However, it was Derek X., who had 4 minutes and 40 seconds, giving him his second Veto win of the season! Great on him for proving to be a big comp beast.

Frenchie has all but given up, and his team rallies around him to raise his spirits. Sure it was good for team spirit, but Frenchie ruined their game, so, it was kind of counterproductive in my opinion.

Derek X. calls the Veto Meeting to order, and it was a no-brainer, and he did NOT use the Veto, leaving Britini and Frenchie on the block for eviction night.

Prediction for Eviction:
You’re kidding, right? This is a question I’m really getting right now? Frenchie. I don’t think it’ll be a unanimous vote, as I think Derek F. will throw one vote on Britini so he never betrays his Final 2 deal. It was an entertaining two weeks with a personality like Frenchie in the house, but for the sake of the game, he’s gotta go.

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