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Big Brother Recap: Chopping Block Roulette (23×20)

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We are officially halfway through this season, Britini is now the first jury member, and Sarah Beth is in power, but is she really? With the Cookout desperate to survive the week, the scrambling begins.

Sarah Beth is the first female HOH of the season, and she had no idea what to do. Her closest ally, Kyland, told her that he wants Claire and Derek X. gone, since he has to keep the Cookout safe. The rest of the Cookout declared their anger in secret about Sarah Beth winning the power. She was the alliance’s number one target going into this week, but with her in power, they have to change their tactics.

Derek X. is very nervous that he might be a potential target, because he put Sarah Beth on the block when he was power. He’s slowly starting to not feel very safe, especially with Kyland whispering in Sarah Beth’s ear.

Derek F. and Tiffany started talking out their differences in the BB Pantry, since they have never seen eye-to-eye at all in the game, despite their allegiance to the Cookout. It was mostly about the interaction that they had when Tiffany talked to Britini in the HOH room, and Derek demanded to be there. Tiffany was adamant that Derek just needs to trust her so that she could do the work that she needed to do to keep everyone safe.

While talking with Kyland about nominations, Sarah Beth said that she does not feel good with former teammates Alyssa and Xavier at all.

Needing to protect Xavier, Kyland starts using his smooth talking to get the High Roller’s Room power used this week, so that they can only look at the Veto competition for the week. Sarah Beth started using Kyland’s words to the rest of the house to get the power used, telling everyone to use their new BB Bucks to get the Chopping Block Roulette used.

We got a mini segment of Claire and Derek X. deducing the possibility of the Cookout’s existence. Every single day, they get closer and closer to figuring it out, and they tread carefully around everyone to make sure they don’t let anything slip.

Kyland said in the Diary Room that he wanted to sway Sarah Beth without pressuring her. This is a blatant lie, because he was pressuring her on the feeds by having an all-night conversation with her that she ends up doing his bidding! Sarah Beth may be the one turning the keys, but this week could also be known as “HOH Kyland 3.0.” As much as Kyland has been playing a little too hard lately, he’s doing a pretty decent job at keeping his core alliance safe.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Kyland….I mean, Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction. Wow, this looks oddly familiar! Even though Sarah Beth threw out everyone else’s names in the house, she’s doing Kyland’s bidding without even realizing it.

Speculations about the High Roller’s Room soon filled the house. The Cookout wants the power played so they can get Derek F. off the block, and others are hesitant about what to do. Derek X. has enough money to play the Chopping Block Roulette, but also wants to save his money to play for The Coin of Destiny next week, which overthrows the HOH. It’s a difficult decision for sure, but it might bite several people later on.

The High Roller’s Room officially reopened, and each player went in one at a time to receive their BB Bucks, as well as give the option to play for the Chopping Block Roulette, where the winner removes someone from the block, then a roulette wheel determined who the replacement nominee is. Based on America’s vote, here’s who received each amount of BB Bucks.

50 BB Bucks: Sarah Beth, Azah, Tiffany, Kyland
75 BB Bucks: Hannah, Xavier, Alyssa
100 BB Bucks: Derek F., Claire, Derek X.

The challenge to win the Chopping Block Roulette was a test of balance. The challenger balanced on a flimsy table, and had to spin a ball around the table as many times as possible within a two minute period. If the ball ever fell off, the competition was over.

Crazy enough, Alyssa was the only one who decided to play for the Chopping Block Roulette. Derek X. was considering to do so, but he wanted to save his money for The Coin of Destiny next week. The reason he didn’t was because he felt pretty safe with Sarah Beth in power.

The results revealed Alyssa as the winner by default (though they do not know that). Alyssa decided to remove Derek F. off the block, leaving him safe for the week.

Alyssa then spun the wheel the see who the replacement would be, and the ball landed on Xavier, leaving Alyssa distraught since Xavier is her closest ally, and the Cookout now has to shift their focus onto getting him removed from the block.

Best Player of the Episode:
Oddly enough, Alyssa. She has done a good job recovering from her showmance’s exit two weeks ago, forming stronger bonds with Xavier and Kyland. She also won last week’s Veto, and tonight’s High Roller’s Room power. It’ll be interesting to see if she ever falls into an HOH position.

Worst Player of the Episode:
Sarah Beth. She likes to believe that she is calling the shots this week, when it’s really Kyland that is in her ear and getting her to do the Cookout’s bidding. It’s ridiculous that she doesn’t see right through it, and here’s hoping that she can put a stop to it before she gets cooked.

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Two Jokers and a King (23×35)



Big Brother Preseason

Azah, Derek, and Xavier. The final three that not everyone saw coming. One of them will walk away with $750,000.

But before we get there, we have to do an annual tradition: the recap filler episode.

This is the episode where the final three reflect on their time on the house, and we see them eating a very staged dinner, saying very scripted things about things that have happened in the season. This would transition into showing montages of these specific moments. However, I was kind of excited for this one, because this season was full of fantastic people, with outstanding personalities that made this season so memorable.

Before all of that started, the finalists reacted to Kyland’s controversial exit, and Xavier was commended for keeping his cool while Kyland went on and on about Xavier’s nephew. It was incredibly admirable that Xavier stayed strong and calm, despite the fact that he was about to punch Kyland in the face. It’s a move that is going to bite him in the butt after the game is over, and according to Ky, he doesn’t regret saying those things.

Kyland’s gone, so it’s way more important for the final three to celebrate! While they dined on steak and potatoes, they talked about some of the people who left the show early. The biggest topic being the farmer himself, Frenchie. We basically got the whole rundown of Frenchie’s Funhouse, where he made the super Slaughterhouse alliance, destroyed the Slaughterhouse, tried to recreate the Slaughterhouse six more times, and targeted basically everyone in the house. Oh yeah, and it was only week one. It was great to reflect on him, because he was the craziest player that the game has ever seen, and it was fun to reflect on his crazy two weeks in the house.

We got to see the cast’s failed attempts at cooking, with the nightmare scenario being Hannah putting beans on rice.

There was a segment of everyone playing jump scares on each other, where people jumped behind couches, from behind walls, or sneaking up to others and scaring them. They showed each scare twice: once in real time, and once in slow motion.

With this regular episode also showed two regular staples: Diary Room exclusives. Diary Room sessions give the viewers the chance to know the contestants thoughts during the game, but there’s so much that they have to give us for the sake of fitting everything into an hour, so this gives us some of the leftovers! There’s always a montage of crying, because let’s be real, if you don’t cry in the Diary Room, you haven’t played Big Brother! The second montage is always when the players come into the room to ask the people behind the cameras for food, clothes, or any other amenities that they might want. Like every year, there’s usually an infestation of ants somewhere in the house, and the most popular request was for ant spray or bug spray.

The final three also reflected on the Cookout, and the impact that it had on the season. We got to see a segment of the famous alliance talk about how their life experiences being a person of color has fueled their fire to come to the game and make a change. It further solidified that this alliance has worked so hard to get this message out, and put an end to all of the stereotypes and norms that this game has seen in its 23 seasons.

To give them one final push to the end of the game, they were treated to video messages from home. Derek’s mom, Xavier’s parents and younger brother, and Azah’s parents sent a video to them congratulating them and wishing them luck as they enter this final stage of the game.

Part one of the HOH competition will play out on Sunday, with Wednesday’s finale soon approaching!

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: Eviction Night #13 (23×34)



Big Brother Preseason

Four became three tonight, as one more person was sent out the door, paving the way for the final three players to begin the battle for the final HOH competitions.

Tonight’s episode picked up where last night left off: the fallout of Xavier winning the Power of Veto, and trying to convince Derek to use his sole eviction vote to take a shot at Kyland. Derek has been conflicted about his personal relationship with Kyland as an excuse to not take him out, when Xavier and Azah will guarantee Derek a spot in the final two. It’s gotten to the point that Xavier has been thinking about using the Veto on Azah, because he knows that Azah would vote out Kyland.

There was also a lot more delusion than normal with Derek. He’s been thinking that he’s dragged Azah to the end, and “did more behind the scenes than any of us know about.” Does Derek know that we see everything he does on the live feeds? He’s been the one that’s been dragged through the game. He got into a fight with Azah about who’s done more in the game, and compared to Derek, Azah has done significantly more than Derek. She’s actually WON competitions. He’s been saying some very degrading things as well about Azah (as well as all of the women), which has been brutally awful to see both on the feeds, and on the edited episodes.

The jury continued to grow, and we watched Tiffany and Hannah join the jury house. Tiffany revealed the plot of The Cookout, exposing that she was behind it all, and the duo master plan that she set in tact. The jury absolutely loved her plan, even saying that they would’ve voted for her to win. It’s time for the campaign for Tiffany to win America’s Favorite Player!

Hannah arrived and showed the details of her quick eviction with how Azah’s gameplay wasn’t the way it really should’ve gone. Sarah Beth criticized Azah’s HOH reign too, saying that not taking the shot at Xavier or Kyland was not helpful to her overall game.

Julie then began the final Veto Meeting, where Xavier decided NOT to use the Veto, meaning Kyland and Azah had to pitch to Derek to keep them in the house.

Azah said she wanted to work to build the personal relationship with Derek, while Kyland said that he stayed committed to his deals, and hoped Derek did the same.

Derek then stood up, said that he needs to put game over personal feelings, and voted out Kyland with the sole eviction vote. Kyland was clearly upset and blindsided as he left the house. Before he left, he started trying to ask Xavier why he was voted out, and Xavier said that it’s the game.

Then the unthinkable happened. Kyland brought Xavier’s nephew into the conversation. Xavier has been looking out for his nephew and caring for him since his brother died. Kyland said that because of this, his nephew will grow up without a role model, and he’ll grow up learning to step away from challenges, and he won’t live up to his namesake (Xavier’s nephew is named after Kobe Bryant). Xavier looked like he was ready to sock Kyland in the face, telling him to stop talking about his nephew, but Kyland wouldn’t stop talking. It got to the point that Julie had to yell at Kyland to get out of the house before things got messy. Kyland tried to find other excuses to leave, but he wouldn’t, until Xavier merely said “Walk,” and Kyland left for the last time.

Julie did not discuss what happened during his exit, just asked him general questions about the game, that as per usual, he didn’t really answer well at all. Before signing off, Kyland exclaimed that he wants to play again, and wants to come back for a future season. I think after that exit, I highly doubt Kyland will step foot in that house again.

Now I have seen every episode of this show. I’ve seen all the fights, all the crazy blindsides, all the controversial people and moments that have gone in and out of those doors. But I have seen NOTHING like Kyland’s eviction. It’s one thing to leave the house bitter, or to try and find out why you were blindsided, so you don’t head to the jury bitter, but this was on a completely different level. Never have I seen someone bringing in a family member to try and destroy someone’s character in the game. That was absolutely disgraceful by Kyland, and I hope he never plays this game again. I’m sure he’ll regret saying that later on, but he’s got a lot of explaining to do once he’s out of the game. It’s completely unnecessary, and he better own up to it.

Back to the final three: Derek, Azah, and Xavier. One of them is walking away as the winner in next Wednesday’s finale. Over the next several days, they will do the first two parts of the final HOH competition, with those being shown to us over the coming days. We’re almost done. Stay tuned!

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Big Brother

Big Brother Recap: The Final Veto (23×33)



Big Brother Preseason

A lot of untrustworthy feelings are circulating throughout the house. With one week left in the game, the final four battled it out in the final Veto competition to secure their spot in the final three.

Kyland and Azah are sitting on the block, and Kyland is filled with paranoia, as he usually is no matter what is going on in the game. He feels safe, but if he’s sitting on the block on eviction night, Derek is the sole vote, and Derek could take that shot at him. Azah is incredibly worried that her best friend will send her home, so she knows that winning the Veto is more important than ever. Derek wants to honor the final three deal that he made with Xavier and Kyland, but Xavier has been hinting at the possibility of making a final two with Derek, so they can get Kyland out of the game. He’s a big competitive threat, and a lot of the jury likes him, so it would be a big move to eliminate such a big target.

Derek told Azah he is unsure of what to do because of these deals that he made with Kyland and Xavier, but then Kyland went on a long-winding rant to Derek about getting Azah out now. He was also practically inferring to Derek that he would want to take Xavier to the final two, and not him. They got into quite a big argument about this, and it began to give Derek some doubt about this final three deal.

We got a weird segment about how Xavier was noticing that Kyland deep smells everything, especially food. It was disgusting, because the editing turned up the sniffing sounds to their maximum volume so you could hear the gross sniffing as Kyland was smelling food.

For the Veto competition, the players were given an even of something that happened in the house. They had to take different colored balls with numbers on them (1, 3, 5, 10) that represented a different day in the game, and had to balance their value at the end of a see-saw. Once they had the correct number, they had to buzz in. Whoever rang in last received a strike, and if you get two strikes, you’re out of the competition. It was all about speed, but mental agility, since they had to remember the correct day that things occurred.

Such prompts included: the day that OTEV happened, the day that Christian won his second Veto competition, or the day the oven caught on fire.

Kyland knew the answers, but he was moving too fast and kept knocking the balls off the end of the see-saw, so he had to keep starting over. Because of how sloppy he was playing, he ended losing two rounds straight, and was eliminated quickly. I have to give these players credit, because everyone knew every answer, it just came down to ringing in at the right time, as well having good balancing skills.

Azah was also eliminated fairly quickly, bringing it down to Xavier and Derek. At the time, Derek already had one strike and Xavier had none, meaning Derek had to win two straight rounds to win the competition. However, Xavier turned it out to win the final round, giving him all of the power this week as HOH and Veto holder.

Kyland was incredibly upset that he didn’t win, and now worried that he might be going home, so he tried to talk to Xavier about the Veto. However, Xavier immediately said “let’s relax the rest of the night, let’s not talk game.” This sent Kyland into another huge fit of paranoia again, because that’s the type of thing someone says when they’re going home.

The Veto meeting was not held tonight, as I’m fairly certain they will show it live on the eviction show, or right before the eviction. Then we’ll be down to the final three!

Prediction for Eviction:
Xavier has said on the feeds that he does not plan on using the Veto on anyone, giving Derek the sole vote this week. That’s honestly pretty scary, since both nominees have no idea what’s going on in his head. However, I think that he will be persuaded by Xavier, and send Kyland out the door. It will earn some respect from the jury, and it gives Xavier the leeway he needs to get to the end, and most likely win.

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